EXCLUSIVE: Inside story on LFC investors

by Rupert Insider

The inside story on LFC investment started in 2004 when Rick Parry, Executive Director of LFC set up a secret channel of EXCLUSIVE information to a number of anonymous LFC supporters who paid up to £30 each to be part of the privileged group.

Operating for security purposes under the code name “Wallet” he provided a steady flow of tantalising information. Early morning, late at night, direct from the boardroom at Anfield or from airports on his international travels – by telephone and text message and wherever in the world he could find an internet cafe he posted his information to a closely monitored , password-guarded site.

Others sharing their inside information with this exclusive group included Rick Parry’s son and Steve Morgan, the third largest LFC shareholder who wanted to force out the current Chairman and take control of the club, and Mike Jeffries a Hollywood write/producer who also expressed an interest in buying the club. Another in the group member was a shit-stirring member of the BoD known to be opposed to the Chairman, and an ex-player (recently voted the greatest Anfield legend) as well as the sister of a current player, then with a famous Spanish club, who had recently won the Ballon D’or – and two senior journalists – one from a major national tabloid and the other from the leading local newspaper – as well as a gatemen at the LFC training ground at Melwood. And there were others.

Neither Parry nor any of the other informants received any money for their services.

So why did they all risk their jobs, positions of trust, reputations, investment strategies and the future of LFC to supply valuable information to an anonymous group of people from all over the world whose identities they did not know and never would?

Because they all owed personal allegiance to Ducan Oldham – the ex-office cleaner and security guard and now sole owner of a web site run from a garden shed in Wallsend, Tyne-and-Wear.

Oldham leaves it to your imagination why Parry, in particular, is beholden to him. In August he said that Parry had asked him to come to a meeting at Anfield. He had something that Parry wanted badly. So he would keep him waiting and go to Anfield when it suited him before the season begun. And he would not give Parry what he wanted until Oldham got what he wanted – are you following this so far?

It was such a good story that its a shame we had to muddy it by contacting the club. In response Rick Parry said he had never had contact with Oldham and never would, and other senior executives told us that Oldham had never had any access to the club and never would. But they would say that wouldn’t they. We all know better – nod, nod, wink wink.

Oldham’s site is known as Koptalk and it supplies EXCLUSIVE NEWS AND WHISPERS FROM INSIDER ANFIELD, MELWOOD AND THE ACADEMY for only £30 a year.

But there’s no guarantee on that. No sir. If there were Koptalk members could claim their money back today.

Because when LFC and Dubai Holdings announced on Monday that they were at an advanced stage in restructuring the ownership of the club, the paying members of Koptalk were the last to know.

But at least some of them knew ahead of their Owner. In fact, he did’nt know until they told him about it by means of a thread on his own site. They copied the press releases carried by other sites, you see.

“What the fuck” just about sums up their collective reaction. They sounded like Jehovah Witnesses on 1st January 2001 – “What the fuck happened to the end of the world prophecy for yesterday! It was a JW exclusive!”

Some of them could not bring themselves to believe it. Their Owner said it would be Steve Morgan or the L4 group from Hollywood or anyone of an infinite number of other possibilties – but not this!

And what was that EXCLUSIVE story he wrote last week that shot to the top of News Now and earned him thousands of revenue earning hits – “Secret Jet flies Gillete to Melwood “ or something? What happened to the owner of the Montreal Canadiens!

And Kraft, dear old Robert, owner of the New England Patriots, who was virtually an honorary member of Koptalk, what happened to him?

And what about the two mysterious men Oldham met in the middle of the night at the Pier Head to talk about the takeover of the club. Surely they were’nt fake sheiks were they?

On Monday confused Koptalker loyalists were in denial. They scrambled for reasons why the good news about the Dubai investment could not be true – anything was better than facing the reality that their Owner had duped them.

If they had not been newcomers to Koptalk they would not have been so shocked. They would have known that Oldham was last to know when Robbie Fowler left for Leeds – in fact he said two days before that he was not leaving – and he was the last know when he came back – he said two days before that he would not. And he was the last to know about …………but I think you get the picture.

So what was Oldham’s personal reaction to the Dubai takeover story when he got off the lavatory late Monday morning?

Oh that ! Investment does me ‘ead in.

Let’s change the subject, let’s talk about my Alder Hey Christmas appeal. You see I’ve got these free Argos vouchers and if you suckers would give me cash for them, the poor sick kiddies would be so grateful.


There are French farces and there are Koptalk farces. And the longest running of these is “Investment does me ‘ead in!” by Duncan Oldham. Its been running on Koptalk since 2004 until the present. Its earned Oldham thousand (well hundreds) of new members and driven most of them away again.

Its a comedy. But it was’nt written that way. It was supposed to be serious. It was supposed to be his break-through to the big time. No more lurking in his Mercedes outside the Ladies in Wallsend, nor more fibbing to the benefits people.

In his Walter Mitty dreams he saw himself as the new power-broker at Anfield sticking it to the “suits” who had never given him the recognition he deserved. He would drink Bloody Mary’s again at the Premier of Mike Jeffries Goal III and IV and V. Maybe get on the receiving line to greet Her Majesty and talk her into giving him one of those Royal Warrant badges to stick on his site alongside his fake awards.

But the plot of this farce is too involved. The fun is in the details. Lets save them for another day. This post is already too long.

Meanwhile. Here’s a bit of nostalgia taken from the Koptalk site. It supposedly written by his “editor” the 17 year old step brother Steve – but Oldham wrote it himself. He often uses Steve’s name when he wants to talk about himself in the third person.


12 2003
Posts: 8191
Investment Update
#1652809 – Fri Sep 22 2006 11:05 AM Reply Quote

Dunk asked me to post a quick message.

He spoke to a couple of people yesterday overseas regarding potential investment and they were not convinced that the club have any firm offers.

They believe that the headline and exclusive reports in the Liverpool Daily Post earlier this week were fed to them by the club to get something in the news.

While it is obvious that Steve Morgan is interested in investing, he hasn’t made a fresh bid, neither has L4. Overseas sources have told KOPTALK that there is a strong possibility that Bob Kraft has been in talks with the club.

Just after midnight Dunk received a call from a concierge friend at a top Liverpool hotel to get himself down there as there were some key figures of possible interest.

To cut a long story short Dunk was at the hotel until 4am talking to a couple of individuals who he had been introduced to. These guys were brokers from a major London based company. They are meeting Rick Parry this morning before heading to Leeds to meet officials connected to Leeds United (no idea why).

Although they are currently talking to Liverpool Football Club about investment the main man gave the impression that nothing would come of todays meeting.

Dunk has a massive hangover as he didn’t get to bed until 6am so he apologises for his no show this morning. He will be on later today.



5 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Inside story on LFC investors”

  1. crazyhorse Says:


  2. Yorkie Says:


    All Dunk needed was connections to Bush, Blair, and Mandela and we’d be sorted. You can almost see the paper headlines now

    “Former wallsend office cleaner now world mover and shaker”

  3. Anonymous Says:

    you speak a lot of shite…and all your articles are rubbish!! what the hell you doing on this??!?!?!

  4. Insider Insider Says:

    Good stuff Rupert.

  5. Real Kopite Says:

    Excellent article!!

    Am still waiting for him to hang up his keyboard.

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