Watchdog blog gets 500,000 hits from Koptalk critics

by Rupert Insider

Early this morning this blog passed 500,000 total hits.

A good many of those would have been from Duncan Oldham, the sole owner of Koptalk. Since the blog started in the summer, he has been one of its most avid readers.

But he has never once mentioned the blog’s name on his site. That’s a bit odd isn’t it?

In the latest version of his sales pitch in which he tries to persuade unsuspecting net-surfers to pay him £30 for annual membership, he boasts that his site is the most controversial precisely because he publishes what others dare not. He says he allows his members to make up their own mind – which is very good of him.

The only thing he won’t let them read is a blog about his site, a blog that everyone else is reading!

Since the blog started 85% of his members have left and thousands of lurkers abandoned his free site forcing him to close them down.

Not to worry, he says. It’s so much better now. His few existing members are “more mature and more adult” than the “kiddies and numpties” whose money and practical help he took for years.

But evidently they are not mature enough to make up their own mind about this blog. If anyone so much as mentions it on Koptalk, their post is deleted within minutes and they are banned. In fact mentioning the blog is one of the ways they “ban themselves” – a kind of automatic ex-communication from the Oldham cult.

Of course he cannot help himself from talking about what’s always on his mind. So we do get snarling asides and melodramatic rants about “them” – clear evidence that he hangs on our every word.

But before he tells his readers what “they” have said about him he has to run it through his own mouth first before spoon-feeding them. Surely an odd way to treat “adults”.

We publish everything he says verbatim – even his rants against us. Our Comments section is open to everyone, even to Oldham – and we do believe he and his paid helpers post on the blog under pseudonyms.

But he has no need to hide behind psuedonyms on here as he does on Koptalk. The blog has given him a standing open invitation to get in touch with us privately or publicly. But he never has.

The blog is not about money – we don’t take any directly or indirectly – we don’t advertise. Its not about ego because we are anonymous. It’s not about personal issues with Oldham because we have never met him or had any dealings with him. Its not about rivalry because we are not a regular forum footie site and we will go out of existence when his site does. And its not about hits.

I mention hits today because Oldham and a few of our critics claim that we are loners and not representative.

Its true that the site was started by one man – Insider Insider. He says it used to attract 30 hits a day. We’ve had as many as 10,300 in one day and two weeks ago we had more than 8,000 in one day. Typically we have thousands every day. And all of this despite the fact that by the very nature of our objective we have to repeat ourselves for newcomers that come to the scene.

The blog’s readers and contributors are a broad cross-section of domestic and international LFC supporters and professionals familiar with Oldham. Many of them write to us privately to support the aims of the blog. Some of them use the blog as a clearing-house for information and for direct representations about Oldham to LFC or to various authorities.

The interest in the blog is proof of the deep loathing many LFC fans have for Koptalk and its owner and their desire to see him disassociated from their club.

If this is your first visit to the blog may I suggest that you start with the toolbar across the top. There is a short About Us section and then a brief summary of the issues in Blog versus Koptalk.



7 Responses to “Watchdog blog gets 500,000 hits from Koptalk critics”

  1. andyhanrahan Says:

    ive just said this on the koptalk site( 500,000 hits on this site) wonder how long it will last?

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    I wonder how long you will last when they find out!


  3. koppy73 Says:

    well done….here’s to the next half mill

  4. koppy73 Says:

    hey andy…what section did you post on kacktalk?

  5. Insider Insider Says:

    I’m hoping the Koptalk situation is resolved before we get to a million hits.

  6. andyhanrahan Says:

    my post about this site lasted around 2 mins don’t know if i’m booted might be a easy way to get my sub cancelled though!(posted it in the executive lounge( some fuckin executive!)

  7. Insider Insider Says:

    Never mind Andy – try joining one of the other sites on the right (under LFC Sites, funnily enough). And if you want to hear the latest from Johnny H, he’s posted a small nugget of info on

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