Kids hospital in Liverpool won't get the money, threatens charity conman

As expected, Duncan Oldham’s “Alder Hey Appeal” has turned into the “Duncan Oldham How Dare They Sabotage Us Appeal”.

How exactly have we sabotaged this then Duncan?

Have we told people they shouldn’t donate at all, or have we showed them how to donate in a much more efficient way?

Have we told people not to donate at all, or have we just pointed them to alternative ways of donating – ways which include a registered charity number?

Have we told people not to donate at all, or have we told people to consider whether or not you can be trusted with this money?

We’ve given our reasons as to why we don’t think you can be trusted.

You’ve actually given other reasons why you can’t be trusted too though haven’t you? Hacking into people’s user accounts to post as if you were them, and then pretending you hadn’t? This was this week. Over the past months we’ve shown you are a conman and a thief Oldham, and people who see why we say this will not donate a single penny if it has to go through your hands.

Is that what you mean by sabotage? Warning people about you? We’ve not told a word of a lie about you, Duncan.

Readers of this blog, current and former Koptalk members or not, might still want to give money to Alder Hey. I’ve set up a page on – for anyone who wants to donate now. Have a good look around that site to see how it all works. Thanks to the UK rules on “Gift Aid”, the first £25 donated was actually upped by an extra seven quid, so keep that in mind if you aren’t sure if you can afford much. Even one pound would be something, and if you’re British would be upped by 28%.

At the same time though, don’t feel pressured into giving to this particular charity. If you’ve got some new toys that you’d like to donate, why not get in touch with a hospital or other worthy cause near to home. If you’d rather give to a research charity for something that means more to you personally then again – give to that cause instead.

A lot of people left Koptalk over the course of this year – if you’ve not spent the membership money you saved yet then why not donate a little bit of it to this charity?

Whatever you do though, don’t trust Dunk. Seriously.

And Dunk, we know you read this (after all, you keep pointing it out on your site) – what did you do with all that money collected in Lauren’s name? Why were there no acknowledgements from Lauren or her family? You owe it to your readers and all those who donated, but instead you hide behind excuses that we are “attacking” you. We aren’t. And if Lauren does need any help, I’m sure a lot of ex-members of your site would still donate to her, as long as you and your mam weren’t near any of the money.

What I am going to ensure though, is that every penny that you collect gets handed over to Alder Hey. Every last one. If that happens, then I’m happy. I still think you set all of this up as part of some scam, but as long as you’ve got receipts for everything then who can complain.

And it’s not just me watching either.

Last night came Dunk’s pathetic and contradiction-filled post about his appeal…

#44172 – Yesterday at 10:32 PM
Sun 3rd Dec 2006 Alder Hey Update – PLEASE READ
Dunk Dunk Administrator

Registered: 20/08/04
Posts: 13090
Loc: UK

We’ve been inundated with support so far but our net stalkers from other sites are now trying to sabotage the appeal. (See above. Show us proof that you didn’t steal from your disabled cousin’s appeal and we’ll be able to consider trusting you. Simple really, if you’ve nothing to hide)

As made perfectly clear in advance, we don’t want any publicity for this collective event. (Even though it’s the only part of the “members” area open to non-members.) It has also been made perfectly clear that nobody can contribute to the appeal unless they state and record their donation on the site. (We’ll come back to this.) This protects both the donator and ourselves and makes it impossible for anyone to suggest any wrongdoing as receipts would be obtained from Alder Hey. (It doesn’t make it impossible to suggest any wrongdoing. However, there are further steps you can take to minimise those accusations. And where are the receipts from the Lauren appeal?)

With them now targeting the kids (Oh – targetting the kids? We are targetting you and you alone Duncan. We even wonder if your mum is just an innocent victim in your scams, getting her name tarred with your corrupt brush. Poor Steve and Katie are also blind to what you are doing. If every penny you get goes to Alder Hey, without you taking anything out for yourself, or borrowing it for a month or two to pay bills, or swapping vouchers and gift tokens you’ve already got for cash, we’ll be happy. We expect to see receipts for the purchase of gift tokens too by the way), we’ll have a word with Alder Hey to see what they want to do because the last thing we want to do is cause the kids and their parents any stress because of these people. (Alder Hey have already been warned about you.) It’s a shame because the only people that will suffer are the kids because we’ll have some great stuff to hand over. (The kids won’t suffer – as long as you hand over every single penny. The kids, and parents, won’t be near when you prove to the likes of the Charity Commission that you’ve got all the receipts for all that you collected. Simple really – unless you’ve something to hide – so stop panicking.)

I really can’t believe that people passing themselves off as Liverpool fans could stoop so low but to target kids, some of whom are seriously ill, just to get at me, is really the lowest of the low.
(The only person passing himself of as a Red here is Duncan Oldham, childhood Leeds fans and current Newcastle season-ticket holder, who just weeks ago said he was neutral and wouldn’t care if Anfield was knocked down and turned into an Asda. Do any Reds reading this know any other Red who would say and do those things? Anyone? The predictions are true though. Dunk started this appeal knowing that we’d be concerned by his past dealings with “charity” and his public promises that weren’t fulfilled behind the scenes. The predictions made by others were that Dunk would wait for us to show our concern and then turn it into one his martyr moments. Again, how are we “targetting kids”, fatso? We are targetting you, and we’ve started an alternative collection point for anyone who wants to donate. If you aren’t looking for publicity and a few renewals on the back of this, then why can’t you see this? Watch those lies Oldham, because you’re already cracking under the strain of trying to tell so many.)

Please continue to support the appeal which we’ll run for the rest of the week (as we need to conclude it in advance of Christmas). If we don’t support Alder Hey, we’ll simply select another children’s hospice, proceed with the handover and then announce on site which hospice/hospital benefited. (The first signs of a get-out? Alder Hey might be wary of touching his money? He’s already been told he’s breaking the law? And he’s now talking about doing all this secretly? Oh dear Duncan. You are corrupt to the core and you don’t care who you exploit do you?)

Hopefully we’ll take some members with us when we take the prezzies in and we’ll get some photos purely for you guys and not for the local media! It is very important to us that we receive receipts from the benefiting hospice/hospital so that everyone knows everything was in order. (Hang on. You’ve just said that you’ll do it without announcing anything. Now you’ve got plans to take members with you. You can’t stop can you? )

Basically nobody is going to stop our attempt to try and make some kids happy over Christmas. It only strengthens and educates my way of doing things 🙂 (As we’ve said, make sure every penny that comes in is accounted for. Prove it. Make sure every purchase you make, whether it’s toys or gift vouchers, is recorded. It won’t take long. Send me the proof, and I’ll find a volunteer to check it all for me. If it all adds up we’ll report it on the blog. But while you’re at it, why not do the same over that Lauren money?)

This is one I said I’d come back to. He said, from the beginning, that he would only accept donations from people who left their name and the details of the amount on the Koptalk website. Above, in his Sunday rant, he says, “It has also been made perfectly clear that nobody can contribute to the appeal unless they state and record their donation on the site.” So why has he allowed this then?

#42999 – 02/12/06 10:30 AM
$500.00 donation
Dunk Dunk Administrator

Registered: 20/08/04
Posts: 13090
Loc: UK
$500.00 received from one of our members who wishes to remain anonymous

Pedantic that I raise the issue of an anonymous donation, which is against the self-imposed rules created by the one-time Sky Card condman? Possibly, but he said he won’t let anyone donate anonymously.

I hope he remembers to include this sum in the amount of cash he’s going to eventually hand over. What’s $500 in UK sterling?

That post was made on Saturday morning at 10:30am, but by last night at 10.55pm it still hadn’t been added to the list of donations. Why not? 36 hours later and the largest donation hasn’t been included.

Here’s the list as it looked last night (see the edited time at the bottom rather than the time of this post)…

#42446 – 01/12/06 12:40 PM
Team Member

Registered: 28/07/03
Posts: 26161

This list shows every member who has made a donation by way of Argos gift voucher, PayPal or other means. If you wish to buy your own gift for Alder Hey to take along with us or for us to take for you, you can do so but such gifts have to be new and they can only accept certain things. We can put you in touch with them for assistance.


Dunk £10 Argos voucher – NOT RECEIVED YET
prfowler1000 £10 Paypal – £9.51 RECEIVED
Kop_5 £10 PayPal – £9.51 RECEIVED
Yorky_Red £21 PayPal – £20.19 RECEVEIVED
Gazami69 £20 Paypal – £19.22 RECEIVED
harvey £27.00 Paypal – £26.02 RECEIVED
christhepool £20.00 Paypal – £19.22 RECEIVED
vincelfc £21.00 Paypal – £20.19 RECEIVED
randyrhoads £21.00 Paypal – £20.19 RECEIVED
domdom £10.50 Paypal – £10.00 RECEIVED
danfrost £11.00 Paypal – £10.48 RECEIVED
bigfooty £10.50 Paypal – £10.00 RECEIVED
Monkey1974 £21.00 Paypal – £21.00 RECEIVED
lathom46 £21.00 Paypal – £20.19 RECEIVED
Frank2005 £12.00 Paypal – £11.45 RECEIVED
Newo £10.00 Paypal – £9.51 RECEIVED
Frodshamred £21.00 Paypal – £20.19 RECEIVED
Fox £51.00 Paypal – £49.32 RECEIVED
Joey £10.00 Paypal – £9.51 RECEIVED
niners £10.50 Paypal – £10.00 RECEIVED
salforal £10.50 Paypal – £10.00 RECEIVED
ADB86 £20.00 Paypal – £19.22 RECEIVED
philipbreen £25.00 Paypal – £23.95 RECEIVED
Andrew £21 – £20.19 RECEIVED
godersbe £15 – £14.36 RECEIVED
GIL33 £10 – £9.51 RECEIVED
DMHPioneer £10 – £9.51 RECEIVED
Barosx2 £10.50 – £10.00 RECEIVED
Lagos_Red £50 Argos – £50 RECEIVED
kawkijeff £10.50 – £9.94 RECEIVED
JD £50 – £49.45 RECEIVED
fatheadmurp 25 EURO £16.83 – £16.11 RECEIVED
se7ens £10.50 – £10 RECEIVED
rjroche559 £10.50 – £10 RECEIVED
Maltesekop £21 – £20.09 RECEIVED
drummeral £10.50 – £10 RECEIVED
Havmi65 £20 – TBC
oldstuff Nintendo Wii Console NOT RECEIVED YET
Slimie £10 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
Lucky £20 Paypal- NOT RECEIVED YET
son_of_kenny £10 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
Dan W £10 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
GetColin £20 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
TommySmith £10 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
Hall10 £20 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
Skellington Xbox 360 game – NOT RECEIVED YET
Riz £10 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
justino £10 – NOT RECEIVED YET
WeirdFish1 £30 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
slugfest £15 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
chrispy £10 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
funkyman £10 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
Istanbul05 £30 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
robp £10 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
irishredrover £10 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
Bunnifer £20 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
Coylie £10 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
Mimir £49 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
RedHuw £10 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
Bolthead £20 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
Stevonb £20 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
anfield33 £20 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
VinceL £50 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
muffer £20 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
Redand £10 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
McleanRichard £10 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
gagsy44 £10 – NOT RECEIVED YET
RedAllOverEd £20 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
jameslfc £40 Paypal – NOT RECEIVED YET
Marcel £26 Paypal- NOT RECEIVED YET
robbie5 £20 Paypal- NOT RECEIVED YET
keeon8 3 XBOX 360 Games- NOT RECEIVED YET
thomas £20 – NOT RECEIVED YET
Dicey64 £20 – NOT RECEIVED YET
Turnstiles £20 – NOT RECEIVED YET


Edited by Katie (Yesterday at 10:55 PM)

We’re keeping an eye on you Dunk, and we’re hopeful that by doing that we’ll stop you from turning this into a new scam. We’d love to hear the truth about Lauren’s money, but we know that we won’t, because you’ve stolen some of it. If we’d been around when Lauren’s fund first began then she’d have got every penny pledged to her, not you.

If anyone reading this is good with spreadsheets why don’t they store this information on one for us. Let’s keep an eye on things together. And you can access this appeal without being a member too remember (koptalk.coN/members). As many people as possible please keep an eye on it (watch out for posts being deleted with people having just paid via paypal for example).

One way or another, those people who’ve handed over their money must not be disappointed. Not again.


17 Responses to “Kids hospital in Liverpool won't get the money, threatens charity conman”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    In response to your comment on the Kelvin MacKenzie thread I received the following email from TalkSport.
    Dear Rupert,

    I hope this mail finds you well.

    Following Kelvin MacKenzie’s comments last week regarding Hillsborough, I would like to clarify that he is in no way connected with talkSPORT or its parent company UTV Radio.

    The Wireless Group, of which MacKenzie was Chairman, was purchased by UTV in the summer of 2005. This ended MacKenzie’s involvement with talkSPORT.

    If you could correct ‘Ian’ on the blog I would be most grateful.

    Best regards
    Stephen Farmer
    Head of Press & PR
    P: 020 7959 7826
    M: 077255 88976
    A: 18 Hatfields, London, SE1 8DJ
    Listen to talkSPORT now….
    1089/1053am / DAB Digital Radio / Freeview 723
    homechoice 625 / ntl & Telewest 927 / Sky 0108

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    If he feels he is on such strong moral ground why does he not mention the blog?

    In his sales pitch he boasts that his site is the most controversial because he prints what others will not and he allows his members to decide the truth. He says his members are more adult and mature than the hundreds (thousands?) who have left. Yet he won’t let them read the blog – he spoon feeds them his own version of what we say.

    He believes that by never mentioning the blog by name his members and the public will never know about his dodgy history. He’s like an ostrich with his head in the sand.

    But he should know by now that the more he rants about us the more newcomers on his site say “who’s he talking about” and start looking. And when they discover the blog, sooner or later they leave his site – some of them demand their money back.

    And those that defend him – would you allow him to come near your kids? Would you introduce him to your family? If not why not?

  3. Scratch Says:

    Just out of curiousity, can you prove that Dunk took money from the Lauren fund? Or are you making assumptions based on purchasing of new cars etc, which could have come from other money sources (ie the large membership that he had at the time)? Yes, the money went to his mother, but where did it go from there? Do you know? Do you even care?

    Have you any proof? Legitimate proof that will stand up in court, and not spurious claims that could be put down to coincidence. Remember, it’s not up to him to prove his innocence, it’s you who has to prove guilt. And as yet, all your doing is twisting facts and making claims that have no backing.

    If he was as guily as you say, he’d be up in court on this one straight away, especially as all your followers will no doubt have written to official persons who will have access to information that you do not. And yet Dunk is still working, still running his site. You’d think if he was as guilty of fraud as you say someone would have shut down his site long ago.

  4. Scratch Says:

    And yes, if I had kids I’d let him near them. You gonna try starting rumours that he’s a kiddie fiddler now? Fucks sake Rupert, get a friggin life.

  5. Paul.S Says:

    Why is he taking payments to a PayPal account again?

    Why not setup a justgiving account like the blog has so that all payments go through with the minimal amount of money taken off and the addition of Gift Aid.

  6. Alan Says:

    If he takes all the donations himself, it looks like he will get the credit for it all if he hands over a cheque for xx amount rather than the online justgiving donations

  7. Insider Insider Says:

    Scratch, this isn’t a court of law. It’s a blog. Bit of a difference.

    We’ve had lots of worried emails and comments from those who donated substantial amounts to the Lauren collection yet never saw any kind of thank you. We shouldn’t be having to ask for proof – it should be automatically provided. Months have passed and he’s not shown us that he gave the money to Lauren’s family. Months.

    We’ve left the door open for him to prove it. Surely it can’t be that hard can it? If Lauren has received all of these thousands of pounds received from donations and dodgy auctions then she and her family are going to be grateful. She was supposed to be getting a bike with the last lot of money – did she ever get it? Where’s the photo? Dunk, despite what you might think, doesn’t do anything out of the goodness of his heart. If Lauren had got that bike with that money there’d have been a photo of her getting it. We did see a photo of her getting the car she’s entitled to from the DWP as part of the disability living allowance benefit, Dunk took lots of photos of that.

    But not one photo of Lauren accepting the bike that Koptalk readers bought for her.


    I’m not sure who you are Scratch, you’ve popped up a few times now, but you’ve never said anything positive about this blog. You obviously read it a lot though.

    Be honest – what would you do if you were Dunk and you were under fire and YOU HAD given all that money to Lauren? Be honest.

    The plasma tellies and so on could have been paid for out of the money he was taking under false pretences from members of the Insider and Gold Clubs. I don’t think they were. Something very fishy about the way his Lauren site was closed down as soon as someone pointed out about the Charities commission.

    And when you say about all of these “followers” going and reporting him, I don’t know if many have. And I think it will need some actual victims to report him before anyone does take any real action against him.

    As for kids and taking them near him. I’ve got kids and I wouldn’t want them anywhere near him. Why? Because he keeps making up sick stories about his own kids to make this blog (and other people who speak out against him) look bad. He once claimed his daughter had been threatened with rape. He claimed he’d had sickening photos sent to him containing manipulated images of his kids – I asked him to send them to us with any other info he had to see if I could help him catch whoever had sent them. He never did, because the pictures didn’t exist. After claiming his daughter had been threatened with rape, after claiming he’d had these sickening images sent, he was putting their pictures on his site again. He joked about sharing a bed with his daughter’s 12-year-old school friends. There’s loads of examples of why I don’t think he’s safe near children. Is he a “kiddy fiddler”? Not yet, and maybe he never will be, but I wouldn’t trust him with any children.

    So, out of interest Scratch, what’s your connection with Koptalk? Are you a member or former member, or just an interested bystander?

    You might need to be able to convict someone of a crime only if you can prove that they are guilty, but you don’t need that level of proof before you can question someone for a possible crime. Dunk’s raised a lot of suspicions, he’s a proven liar.

    And he can’t prove that ANY of that money went to Lauren.

  8. rupertinsider Says:


    He says on his radio show that he is sympathetic to the idea of rape of under age-girls. I didn’t invent it.

    And it wasn’t a joke. He took several minutes to read a story from the Sunday Mail or N.o W about a convicted rapist of children who was photographed in park looking at passing schoolgirls. Oldham responded with “whats wrong with that, they shouldn’t have been there” He then started into a serious lecture to Steve about how rape was understandable. He said that when a man gets to his age (31 at the time) he begins to notice how the younger girls ignore you.

    Its an unpleasant subject Scratch, I grant you that. Its made possible by those who are members of Koptalk, pay him money and do not criticise or question his conduct.

    You started on this blog claiming to be someone who had not noticed anything wrong in three years of membership of KT and accusing us of stalking.

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    You have it back to front again – demanding the blog prove what Oldham has to prove.

    He appealed for the money, he received the money, he dispensed the money. How much, where from and where to?

    These are the very basic of any public appeal.

    Money that goes into Koptalk gets mixed with Oldham’s business and personal revenues and expenses. This is highly irregular and should be questioned.

    In the three years you say you have been a paying him money as a member of his site have you ever seen reference to any regular bank account he uses? I don’t mean PayPal.

    Most if not all honest appeals will be very clear from the outset that money is to be sent to an independent recipient such as a bank and that accounts will be published. Most of them are headed by a trustworthy figure to reassure donors.

    Why do you continually argue that Oldham should be a special case? Not only does he flout all the conventions but he is not a trustworthy figure. He is a proven liar. He has been investigated more than once for fraudulent trading.

    And why do you assume that any criminal inquiry is over? First there must be a complaint then a strong, reasonable suspicion then investigation that produces proof that can secure a conviction. If Oldham is so clean why does he not keep records of his appeals or his business or his income? Why does he prefer cash or non-traceable instruments. Why does he try to confuse investigators by using false names, addresses and multiple sites and failing to use receipts or keep records?

  10. IanTheRed Says:

    Hi Rupert, with regard to the initial comment (from Stephen Farmer) was that directed to me? I certainly asked the question on the 6CM thread I started – “MacKenzie – It is still ‘The Truth'” – but was a bit shocked to see a reply here which could possibly be to me.

    As for Talksport, I’m glad they aren’t affiliated to that scumbag anymore, I was under the impression that they had indeed severed their ties to him, and not a minute too soon. I’m not a great fan of that radio station but I’m sure that if Kelvin were still associated then their listener numbers would fall dramatically.

    Anything else should be boycotted in my opinion, not only the S*n anymore. It appears to be a one man crusade to besmirch our supporters name (even the S*n itself would not go as far/low as he has) and therefore we should boycott anything that is affiliated to this odious little toe rag. The less money (which is all he truly cares about) he earns in the rest of his wretched little ‘career’, the better.

  11. fat_boy_fat Says:

    I have to say insider that the most frighting thing about your post is the amount of money that has already been donated.
    There a few names on there that we know are clued up about this blog and have still give money TO OLDHAM for this “appeal” (why do they do it? I think some have mental issues and need to feel they are loved or something)
    It also shows that some are still unaware of the blog and will most probably get their fingers burnt.
    I think the assumption that Fatty Twatty is going to turn his vouchers into cash is probably right. He knows he is being watched so will want to try a prove a point to us “stalkers” that he is a decent bloke and all the accusations made about him are wrong……… Well get this you FAT TWAT no-one will fall for it! Its gone to far now to use your get out of jail card. 4-5 months ago you could have used it, but being the idiot you are you blew it.

    Your a simple useless Loser.

  12. Insider Insider Says:

    Thanks for that FBF – and thanks for the donation too.

    The main aim now is to ensure that every penny that goes to Duncan is paid out for the charity it’s been collected in the name of – Alder Hey.

    If it doesn’t happen, we’ll be onto him.

    As for the donations so far through the site, we’ve got £55, but there’s that bonus added on the top of £15.51. If Dunk had set up a justgiving page instead of taking money through his own PayPal account he’d have been able to massively increase the actual money that went their way.

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    He once offered 1,000 quid to anyone who would get a “Koptalk” banner shown on MoTD or any TV programme. He pays 2,000 pounds for a small plane to fly an advertisement over the crowd at Cardiff. He understands the value of publicity. It brings in the punters, they not only give him cash they also bet and use his adult finder and click on his banner headlines and buy his fake memorabilia. Publicity = money.

    He also knows how to sniff out free publicity.

    With this stunt he thought he would kill several birds with one stone. First it would be paid for by his punters. It would bring free publicity for Koptalk if he could get an item in the mainstream press. Then ongoing publicity if he could get some photos to show on KT (he is still using the gerrymandered polls in 2001 as though they were honest and up to date). He would also try to stem the damage and deter investigations about his Lauren appeal fraud.

    Finally he thought he would acquire some some “Liverpool” cred. You see he has to try harder than genuine LFC fans. Just like he married at Anfield and never misses a chance to mention it. And how he would buy a house overlooking Melwood and a hotel – anything to foll the overseas members into thinking that this Leeds-Newcastle United fan was somehow connected with Liverpool. But he tried his Liverpool-credentials only after he was rejected by Manchester United fans. They didn’t buy it when he changed his name to Mr. Manchester United by deed poll.

    In the past all his Liverpool stunts were a pale imitation of Robbie Fowler of whom he was and is strangely jealous. Visiting Alder Hey is in that tradition. The big difference being that kids want scouse Robbie Fowler and they don’t want the pie man from Wallsend – and Robbie pays for his own gifts.

  14. rupertinsider Says:


    You ask why someone who knows about him would donate and support him and you hint that they may have mental problems.

    I said months ago that KT is a mini-cult. Some of its users are cultees. To be a cultee you do not have to be stupid. In fact, like hypnotism, sometimes the most intelligent make the best cultees.

    And it does mean that the cult daddy needs to be smart. He just needs to know how to exploit the psychological needs of his followers. It helps if he himself has profound psychological needs.

    One of the needs of the cultee is the the need to belong to a group. The more Oldham stresses the Us versus Them ideology, the more it is clear to them what the group is. The more he rubs their noses in the unpleasant details of his dysfunctional marriage and boorish life in his Ma’s house and Portakabin, the more they feel at home. The more he returns to the subject of his sexual frustration, hang ups and his recurring fascination with the subject of child sex, the more they feel they are trusted by him. The more he rehearses his emotional ups and downs, the more they feel a vicarious participation in a melodrama that is missing from their own lives. Its similar to addicts of soap operas.

    So how do cultees break out? Some never do until the cult leader absconds with the cults’s money or is arrested. Some just go down with the cult since they are long since passed acting independently. But for most, it usually comes with an insight – possibility into one small aspect of the cult – and when they lose faith in that small aspect the rest just cracks wide open. Or it may be that a sub-group in the cult breaks away – and they break away with it. In the end they are more loyal to a friend or a group of friends in the cult than to the leader.

  15. BTB Says:

    Just a minor point, when it comes to charities they should be like an open book, so it should not be about prooving guilt, they should be able to proove where the money went at a drop of a hat. They should also be registered and all accounts published, was the Lauren appeal? NO. Simple that. He should be trying toshow people where the moeny went, at least it would slow this blog down.
    The collection for Alder hey should be done so all know how much is collected and where it goes, it should go into a seperate account, not the one they collect subscriptions from.

  16. rupertinsider Says:


    You make a good point. Why after all this time and all the bad publicty does he not do it right this time? Its actually easier to do it right than do it wrong.

    I believe the answer is that he will always look for an angle to profit from even a charitable gesture by his members. He wants to control the money and the records – or the lack of records. He believes that despite the blog’s scrutiny he will squeeze something out of it.

    He has a fundamental contempt for oversight bodies. He has been been cheating on tax, benefits claims, ticket touting and sales of memorabilia for years – and has been lying about his relations with LFC – and he gets away with it.

    He would never volunteer to do charitable work which did not have a pay back – he does not even like working on his site.

  17. red from oz Says:

    US$500 is about 252 UK sterling, and $50 aussie dollars is about 199 UK sterling.

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