SUN-loving scab site tries to re-write history

by Rupert Insider

On 1st December I posted an article on here entitled SUN “not sorry”. Boycott continues except on Koptalk

It was about the latest Kelvin Mackenzie admission that he was insincere when he had previously said he was sorry.

I noted that much of the day had already passed without comment from Duncan Oldham the sole owner of Koptalk. He was too busy making fart jokes about the name of the new Anfield stadium and discussing the relative merits of Pizza Hut and Dominos in his site’s Shoutbox.

oldhamglasses.jpgIt took him another whole day to figure out how he was going to handle it in one of his snarling editorials (no link provided to deny him revenue earning traffic. To see a copy go to Comments at the bottom of this page).

This was one of his opening paragraphs:

If you make such a cock-up in life and upset so many people – especially the Hillsborough families – whether you believe you’re right or wrong, surely you simply remain silent (if you refuse to apologise) for the benefit of those who will be affected by the disaster until the day they die. The fact that he continues to speak in such a manner shows zero respect for the families and others. There are few people in society that I can think of that act in such a way.”

Oh the irony!

Apart from Kelvin MacKenzie, I can think of only one other who has refused to apologise for his attempt to break the boycott of the S*n. But maybe that’s because he really isn’t sorry – just like Mackenzie.

Whenever he tries to defend himself he always tries to imply that criticism is based on his wearing a S*n promotional hat. It’s much more serious than that. But even in that incident he lies. Usenet records show that he knew about and discussed the boycott of the S*n long before he wore its promotional hat. Yet he says again today that he didn’t know. And it was some months after he wore the hat that he brazenly published the photograph of the incident on Koptalk.

Much more serious was his unusual refusal to promote the Hillsborough Justice Campaign on his site.

Nor is this ancient history. A few months ago, he pompously lectured his readers on the merit of his site being “neutral” on the issue and how it would not feature either the Hillsborough Justice Campaign or Michael Shields campaign because they were about “politics” and the people involved difficult to deal with.

He set himself up then and previously as spokesperson for all those who don’t support the boycott of the S*n.

He did try to make a distinction at that time between the policy of his site and his own personal beliefs and practices.

But he is the sole owner and beneficiary of his site. It is a one-man site. On that site, he frequently claims “Dunk knows best” , it’s his site, he repeatedly reminds us, and anyone who does not agree with how he runs it can “fuck off”.

He slipped up again at that time when he told us that he personally takes two copies of the S*n daily. When we pointed the contradiction he tried to cover by saying – well it was not so bad because he didn’t actually pay for the two – he bribed the paper boy to give him the second copy free. And when that went down like a lead balloon he cranked up his PR and produced a video showing a mock S*n burning ceremony.

His site is the only one about LFC that features stories lifted from the S*n. This is sometimes in the form of brief BBC summaries of what the papers say, but more often takes the form of stolen stories from the S*n which he tries to pass off as original or even “exclusive” Koptalk stories.

His usual technique is to alter the S*n headline and some of the copy and then have it placed on News Now as a Koptalk story. Because his site is the only one that breaks the boycott and carries the S*n crap (even News Now does not take feeds from the S*n) he benefits from the curiosity factor

He gets thousand of hits from his S*n stories on News Now and benefits directly from the advertising revenues this brings. It also gives him an opportunity to entrap vistors into paying for membership on his site on the grounds that he will provide them with similar “exclusive news directly from Anfield”.

Even more scurrilous was his attempts to sell dirt about LFC players to the S*n especially about Robbie Fowler and Steve McMananman.

And then there are his banner headlines advertising the S*n.

He ran them for over a fortnight earlier this month before we published a report on them. He then waited for two days to measure the reaction. When more than ten LFC-related sites condemned him, he made a weak statement to the effect that he didn’t know they were there and he took them off. Its difficult to understand how a one-man site which boasts about its 24 x 7 moderation of its content failed to notice the S*n banner headlines.

Taking them off, as he did, showed he had the ability to pick and choose which of the Fastclik ads were shown, despite what he said then and now. And several contributors to this and other sites, including the owners and webmasters, published excerpts from the Fastclick contract showing that site owners have complete discretion in which ads are shown.

Anyway that was all academic because after a few days of abstinence from S*n money, he started displaying the banner ads again on Koptalk. In the face of renewed protests he said that they earned only the equivalent of 13 cents so what was all the fuss about?

In his latest defence he says the the S*n ads don’t earn any revenue at all.

He would have us believe that he, the most money-grubbing of all site owners, is apparently the only one who runs advertisements for the S*n as a public service – something he won’t do for the Hillsborough Justice Campaign.

Attached below is one of his many banner headlines for the S*n. Click on it if you want to see how big it was when it appeared on Koptalk.

It also gives you an idea how big a liar Duncan Oldham is.


2 Responses to “SUN-loving scab site tries to re-write history”

  1. sawyerinsider Says:

    It was a disgranceful editorial. If anyone is using the boycott of the S*n to score brownies points it’s Oldham, all we do is report on his behaviour.

    We vehemently support the Boycott, that goes without saying. Whereas Oldham will flaunt the boycott, because he doesn’t feel strongly about it, and use weak excuses to overcome his critiscm from the blog and many LFC fan sites.

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    This is Oldham’s editorial in full.
    I wasn’t surprised to see Kelvin MacKenzie standing by his infamous ‘The Truth’ headline which The Sun published at the time of the Hillsborough disaster. The man is clearly a tool and it’s what you’d expect.

    If you make such a cock-up in life and upset so many people – especially the Hillsborough families – whether you believe you’re right or wrong, surely you simply remain silent (if you refuse to apologise) for the benefit of those who will be affected by the disaster until the day they die. The fact that he continues to speak in such a manner shows zero respect for the families and others. There are few people in society that I can think of that act in such a way.

    Contrary to popular belief on some LFC websites, KopTalk doesn’t love The Sun. Anyone that claims such is using the innocent lives of 96 fans to try and score brownie points which is shocking. Shame on them. Some of these low lives we have ejected from our own communities and even someone who doesn’t like KopTalk can now see why we binned them in the first place. They can take shots at myself as much as they like but the fact that they need to use Hillsborough is very, very saddening indeed. Make a note of which LFC sites allow this. The LFC sites to be taken seriously don’t exploit the memories of the 96.

    As a publisher of adverts on we are supplied various adverts from advertising agencies. You do not receive notification of any ads that may offend as the agents do not inform you in advance of new campaigns. You have one particular advertising code that is inserted within the various pages on the site i.e. we do not manually publish ad codes for each advertiser. You can disable offending ads once they are appearing but you can only disable certain categories to prevent them from appearing e.g. gambling, tobacco, alcohol. Fortunately with Google Ads you can block certain ads before they appear but with our other providers you cannot.

    Recently ads from The Sun online appeared on but once the location of the ads that were appearing were passed on to us they were obviously disabled. KopTalk didn’t receive any payment from these ads. The ads weren’t disabled because of any boycott, they were disabled because I thought it was the right thing to do. I choose not to promote The Sun because of my own beliefs. Naturally on the sites I refer to it was a drama, our own members noted the incident and could see that it was dealt with exactly as it should be. Anyone with half a brain would know that no Liverpool site in the world would agree to promote The Sun and anyone who believes that we would must be extremely thick and gullible.

    You make mistakes as you’re growing up in life and you learn from them. In 1998 while in Marseille at the World Cup finals I was photograped by my wife wearing a Sun hat. Let me tell you what happened. It was a glorious sunny day and I was smashed off my face on cider outside the various bars down the harbour. The atmosphere was kicking, it was brilliant. Then these birds appeared from nowhere wearing very little and started putting England hats on all the lads. On one side was ‘Tango’, the other was ‘The Sun’. Across the top was the England flag. It was no secret, I actually put the photo on KopTalk myself because I didn’t really understand the Hillsborough-Sun thing. I wasn’t from Liverpool and didn’t really understand what The Sun had done. It didn’t take long though to be educated and that’s the key, ‘education’. Fortunately the grown-ups understand this.

    Despite all of this I will still not force a boycott view on anyone. I prefer to send people to the HJC website so that they can educate themselves and make their own decisions. Why anyone would want to read the rag regardless of Hillsborough is beyond me anyway. Personally I support the boycott but it’s not up to me to tell people what to do. Educate and hope yes but force the view on people, no.

    MacKenzie has chosen not to explain himself, I have chosen to but only because I cannot believe in this day and age that people who pass themselves off as Liverpool fans would use the 96 for self-gain. This really shouldn’t happen but if it continues, so be it.

    I have supported for many years both the HJC and the HFSG and continue to do so. Although KopTalk tries to stay clear of forcing views on people we continue to promote press releases and comment from either group for the benefit of all supporters.

    As MacKenzie and The Sun topic was in the news today I thought I’d chip in with my two cents. The attention I receive from some LFC sites – usually not the better ones I may add – is very, very flattering. It’s funny stuff but the Hillsborough disaster and the memories of the 96 isn’t.

    Those Liverpool fans responsible for this Sun-KopTalk nonsense should realise that they are only damaging the great efforts put in by the HJC/HFSG, the families and many online and offline Reds, because to outsiders they’re making a very sensitive issue lose it’s seriousness. That’s why I didn’t want to respond to this one and that’s why I won’t do so again.

    The stalking doesn’t concern me, the lies don’t concern me and even the threats my family have received since the summer from former (banned) members don’t concern me. I can look after myself. What does concern me though is the lack of respect shown by these idiots to the 96 and the families.

    Grow up and leave them be.


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