LFC kids don't want gifts from this candy man.

by Rupert Insider

Koptalk is dominated right now with threads about Duncan Oldham’s latest publicity stunt – an appeal for cash and gift vouchers to allow him to waddle into our dear Alder Hey like the creepy candy man he is.

Alder Hey Children’s hospital is one of Liverpool’s finest institutions. I spent far too much time in it as a kid with acute infections and broken bones, as did some of my brothers and sister. I also know from family history how critical it’s Emergency Ward was in the post-war years when the National Health Service was in its infancy. So I know a lot about the deep affection in which it is held by the people of Liverpool.

alderhey.jpgOne of the bonuses for the kids who are patients there is that LFC and Everton players visit regularly – just to chat or to bring gifts. This is especially true at Christmas.

The last thing any young LFC supporter or their family would want is a visit from Duncan Oldham from the SUN-loving Koptalk business.

There’s no excuse for it. He’s not from Liverpool. If he wants to dispense other peoples charity at Christmas let him start at home in Wallsend, Tyne-and-Wear where his website is or in Scarborough, North Yorkshire where his kids live with his estranged wife.

We all know how he has used his own young kids to promote his business through the years. It’s one of his fall-backs when he is in trouble. Now he’s proposing to use our Liverpool kids.

I can already hear the howls of protest. Rupert the Scrooge denying kids Christmas presents.

I recognise the genuine generosity and trust of those who are considering a donation to this appeal. But ask yourself, why Oldham, why Koptalk?

He has nothing to do with Liverpool – he is a stranger to its people and culture and football clubs. His S*n-loving site is an insult.

If you want to contribute you can send gifts directly to the hospital. And you will have the pleasure of receiving a personal thank you from those looking after the kids or from the kids themselves. Why spoil it by making it part of Oldham’s publicity campaign for his site?

And can you really trust this dodger with your money? We still haven’t seen an accounting for the last appeal he ran for a kid – Lauren , who he claimed was his cousin.

(At this point I became aware that Insider Insider has just posted his thoughts on the subject. He has drawn out some concerns about the lack of transparency in Oldham’s handling of other appeals. So I’d refer you to that. Scroll back to: Concern as ticket tout tries to collect money for charity.


12 Responses to “LFC kids don't want gifts from this candy man.”

  1. Dermot Lally Says:

    Ok, now u just seem to be on a personal crusade.

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    But you posted a few minutes ago that you have been unaware of what’s been going on for the last three years that you have been a member of Koptalk. If you keep reading the blog you will realise that your snap judgment is not true.

  3. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Hey Dermot are the 1000’s of members who have left KT for Est1892 and for SCM all on personal crusades?
    The reason everyone has deserted is because this Blog speaks the truth about MR Manchester United.
    He is a con man. only this con man doesnt con little old grannys, he cons LFC fans.

  4. Insider Insider Says:

    Yes – send stuff directly to the hospital, or use that page I set up – http://www.justgiving.com/notdunk. Or don’t give anything to Alder Hey, give to a children’s hospital nearer to your own home instead. Just please don’t risk donating through Koptalk.
    Dermot – it’s not a personal crusade. I started the blog off because I wanted to take the piss out of Duncan Oldham’s made-up transfer rumours, but I didn’t want to interrupt other LFC forums too much with it.
    To start with it was probably getting 30 hits a day. It grew rapidly – the word started to spread. One day we got over 10,000 hits, our record. Last week we got over 8,000 hits in one day; the average these days is probably, off the top of my head, three to four thousand a day.
    It’s not just me that writes stuff now, “Rupert Insider” and “Sawyer Insider” also write. And we really do appreciate the comments we get, good and bad.
    As for Dunk’s charity scams – look at these two posts for example.
    Koptalk rethink their ill thought out charity appeal.
    Dunk shows how much he cares.
    The blog is full of examples of Dunk’s various scams. His hatred of Robbie Fowler, Peter Crouch and Craig Bellamy, to the point where he made up malicious rumours about them aimed at hurting their Liverpool careers. His love and support of The Sun. His banning of members who try to ask reasonably for him to own up to some of his shortcomings.
    And for other new readers – this blog isn’t here to report on Liverpool FC, it’s here to defend Liverpool FC and its supporters from someone who has no feelings for our club, he just sees it as a way to make money.
    Try reading the top row of articles, try using the search. Cancel any plans you had for the weekend and have a good long read. The only “rule” I’d give you – read it with an open mind.

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    Many of the people who donated to the Lauren appeal not only wish the blog had been around then but that we would have warned them before they gave.

  6. Hansi Says:

    Someone should ward alder Hey about this conman, using them to attract new customers.

  7. Pete Says:

    How can anyone in their right mind even think of giving money ( or time and support ) to this conman. You’d be better off giving it to Abramovitch.Or ManUSA.The Scum funding itself ought to be enough in the light of recent KM comments.
    Madness – let’s focus on supporting the club as true fans and boycott this disgraceful Kontalk site.

  8. BTB Says:

    What concerns me the most is that the total on the site is over £1000, they are talking about buying TV’s, XBOX360’s etc, all the wrong items to be buying to donate to the hospital/children, they will want small items that can be given to children.
    They should all donate directly as you say as this is a deserving hospital that needs support, the children also deserve support, but the right kind.
    I hope he doesn’t steal from this charity, it would be a step too far.

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    II has talked about one potential way of pro fitting – Oldham can exchange his own vouchers for cash from the appeal.

    There is another. He could buy goods with his own vouchers – or with cash – and then sell them at a mark-up price to the appeal.

    In fact he can buy goods at wholesale and sell them to the appeal at retail. (He must be getting his other “prizes” at a discounted price). That might be why he favours big ticket items.

  10. red from oz Says:

    doesn`t he have to be on the register of charities to be able to do this?i got this off the charties commission website, maybe a phone call to them wouldn`t hurt.
    “There are over 186,000 charities in England and Wales doing an excellent job and meeting real needs. Charity fraud is rare, but sadly there are cheats who prey on the generosity of people, and use this as an opportunity to line their own pockets. As the charity watchdog we aim to give the public confidence in the integrity of charity and protect the reputation of genuine charities.
    So if you are approached by somebody collecting for charity, and you’re not sure whether they are genuine or not, our Safer Giving code provides some tips that may help you feel more comfortable about giving. Remember – even if you don’t feel sure about the collector you can make a donation direct to the charity of your choice instead. The details of all registered charities can be found on our Register of Charities or via our helpline on 0845 300 0218.

    The Commission strongly recommends that all collectors should:
    be able to produce a valid local authority or police licence
    wear an ID badge (donors should look out for any ID that looks altered, photocopied or home-made)
    have a sealed collection container with the charity’s registration number and name on it – does it match the details on their ID badge? Collectors should also be able to tell you how to contact the charity direct
    be able to prove that they have the charity’s permission to collect. Collectors from professional fundraising companies must, by law, declare how much of the donation they will be paid, and they should be able to produce a copy of a written agreement with the charity. Thank-you letters and receipts from charities don’t count as permission to collect!
    If you are still doubtful about the collector:
    contact us to check the charity registration number or discuss any concerns – either via our helpline on 0845 300 0218 or by searching our online charity register
    contact your local authority or police to check whether the collector has been granted a licence or needs one to collect

    Genuine fundraisers will be happy to answer questions and won’t mind you checking them out. We want to make sure that donations go to legitimate charities and not fraudsters.

  11. what a whopper Says:

    I think he is playing double bluff here. He is hoping “officials” put an eventual stop on his collection. He can then blame the loons “you know who you are”, for putting a damper on his idea.

    The return of the collection would then be as long running as his book.

    He has even opened up the donation forum to non-members.

    Even if this is not his plan he will scam the collection somehow.

  12. rupertinsider Says:

    If he has opened the fund up to non-forum members that alone demonstrates a method of using it for publicity to attract people to his site.

    On the issue of the charities commission – could someone ring them? Be sure to point out that he is opening it the the public and give all other details about it. You might mention that there have been other enquiries and complaints to the commission about him before on other appeals and even to this day he has not provided an accounting of the money he raised for the Lauren and other appeals.

    He and his site does not claim to be a registered charity. As I understand it anyone can organise an appeal. But there are certain conventions about how you do it – such as publishing the name address and account number of a bank to receive donations – and an undertaking to provide hard copy receipts.

    The excerpt you have provided suggests that if the person who organises an appeal is doing it for a registered charity then they must show they have a licence to collect. I’m not clear if he is appealing for the Alder Hey registered charity or trust or for individual kids. At the very least Alder Hey should be made aware that he is using their name.

    One of the blog contributors has been preparing an article for some time on the subject including the latest changes to the law.

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