SUN "not sorry". Boycott continues except on Koptalk.

by Rupert Insider

kelvin-mckenzie.jpgToday the Liverpool Daily Post has published what it claims is an EXCLUSIVE story that shows that the Hillsborough Justice Campaign was right.

The editor of the SUN at the time, Kelvin Mackenzie, is now on record as saying he is not only not sorry for what his rag said but admits that his apology back then was insincere, forced out of him by his boss, Rupert Murdoch, and he now takes it back.

Some have criticised this blog for re-hashing criticism of the S*n’s lies about Hillsborough in order to get at Duncan Oldham because he has personally promoted the S*n, taken a copy daily, used its stories on his site and recently took paid banner advertisements from it including one that said “We Love the Sun” and, in general, done what he could to use his site to undermine the Liverpool based boycott of the S*n.

Let sleeping dogs lie our critics said. Some of them even went so far as to say they’re sure that all those involved at the S*n regretted what they had said at the time.

That’s what Oldham said, too. He refused to promote the Hillsborough Justice Campaign because he said it was about “politics” and the people involved were difficult to deal with. His site would not be part of the boycott.

What he meant was that the HJC insisted that the S*n’s half-asssed apology was not sincere. The boycott would continue until they received a genuine apology on behalf of the 96 dead and the many injured.

But today’s story proves that the HJC was right.

Its only 2.45 pm at the time of writing, Oldham might need another day before he decides how to comment – besides he’s busy cracking fart jokes about the name of LFC’s new stadium and disscussing the relative merits of Dominos’ and Pizza Hut in the Shoutbox.

But a few members of his site have put in their two cents. One of them, FrodshamRed commented : “ You have to be some sort of jerk to want to be Editor of The Sun – which is basically a downmarket comic claiming to be a Newspaper.”

Why not have a word with Oldham, FrodshamRed, about his practice of advertising the S*n and trying to break the boycott by being the only LFC-related site to publish the S*n “stories” after altering their headlines to make them look like original “Koptalk News” in order to get them to the top of News Now?



11 Responses to “SUN "not sorry". Boycott continues except on Koptalk.”

  1. Ian Says:

    I urge everyone to do something similar to the below. As Kelvin Mackenzie is Chairman of the company that runs Talksport, I have e-mailed Talksport with this. If we all take action we can put pressure on his resignation….

    Please see above link. I was at Hillsborough. I didn’t drink and along with thousands of other fans, helped injured supporters. I have friends who cannot ever talk about Hillsborough as they are so emotionally scarred. Kelvin Mackenzie is a disgrace and should be sacked.

    Talksport webiste address is and there is a contact us column at the bottom right hand side.

  2. mr denis grainger Says:

    mackenzie is a disgrace as a so called human being, where’s his compassion,anyone with 1 brain cell in his/her head would show some respect towards the dead and their families, this is not just scouse bashing by him, the dead came from alround the country from all walks of life both male and female, this proves mackenzie is not your average human being the man is sick in the head, poeple usually mellow with age but not this man, what other compassionate person would want to associate themselves with him,he’s the only so called high profile person I’ve ever known who after a large british tragedy has come out and savaged the dead and the living, the man belongs in the gutter with his comments, has he the guts to come face to face with the dead peoples relatives look them in the eye and repeat his gutter comments

  3. Mumsafan Says:

    I thought he’d left Talksport.

    The man is a lowlife. The Scum of the earth. I hate him immensely!

  4. Grant Kieser Says:

    Rubert insider Dude – do you even know what is actually happening at Liverpool football club? I access your site via Newsnow, and every single article I come to of yours is to do with koptalk and duncan oldham, and sometimes as a treat there is a little bit of news from the club.

    You are obsessed mate! Leave it alone and focus on the club.

    I swear you would think this Duncan guy had dumped you or something.
    The way you go on, i’d expect George Bush to accuse the koptalk site of sending Al’Qaeda messages to sleeper cells in order to activate them and i’d expect missiles to hit the koptalk headquarters any time now.

    Frikken small minded Idiot!

    Grant – LFC till I die, regardless of who else is too.
    South Africa.

  5. rupertinsider Says:


    I guess I know a lot about LFC club. I’ve been to more games and reserve games than most. I’ve probably had more acquaintance with people from there than most.

    But that’s not what this blog is about. This blog is about a conman who exploits LFC.

    We are on News Now partially because he uses News Now to promote his con. We are the News Now antidote.

    On the Al’Quaeda reference. Since you brought it up in that unfunny way of yours – yes he did once start a site on terrorism and advertise on the net for information on Islam – its paraphernalia. Why don’t you ask him about it?

    Are you the South African who fills his site with so many sycophantic posts – or is that another. He seems to have quite a few from South Africa – very few from the UK.

  6. latestinsider Says:

    Grant – sounds like your willing to be ripped off by continuing your kt membership? good luck to you….thats if you want to read about more lies. Hope u ain’t parted with 30 quid? oh dear…

  7. Grant Kieser Says:

    Sorry Guys. I am not a koptalk member. I just think it’s crazy to waste your time on this kind of thing. why not bring us the news on the club that we love?

    Anyways, don’t you think that posting a blog about this guy’s website is just giving him free publicity?

  8. sawyerinsider Says:


    This blog was setup as a means to expose Koptalk, a fansite run by a non-fan from Newcastle for profit. This guy, Duncan Oldham, is an outsider at LFC and every site, fan site and official, will never associate themselves with him. Liverpool football club have even taken steps for him to cease and desist on many issues.

    Basically Koptalk is a stain on our club.

    Although Oldham will like to pretend that we give him free publicity which results in further signups, this is very far from the truth. Actually this blog has been responsible for many great things, and reducing his signups by almost 87% is one of the greatest.

    People are now aware of Koptalk, and the fraud operating it at the expense of our fans.

  9. rupertinsider Says:


    I’ve already answered your point that the blog should be reporting football. Obviously you have a fundamental misunderstanding of what a blog is and what this blog is about. I can only assume you have not read 1. About Us or 2. The Blog v Koptalk at the top of this page.

    For others interested:

    We are not wasting our time.

    The argument about free publicity doesn’t work either. Since this blog started in the summer his site has fallen from about 3rd or 4th in traffic to 12th – well below the start-up sites.

    He has been forced to close down his free forums which were the original reason for KT. They used to attract many thousands of hits daily and from where he used to sell memberships and goods and services. He has lost 85% of his paying memberships. Many of those who remain are just waiting for their membership to expire.

    We have broken his crooked dominance of News Now, although he continues to cheat on it.

    LFC have disassociated from him as a result of our representations.

    He has been forced by the club and various organizations to stop making flase claims, stop selling stolen copyrighted materials.

    His lies about various players have been exposed.

    He is being monitored by various authorities for unfair and illegal trading practices, tax evasion and so on.

    In general he will never again be able to exploit for personal gain the good name of LFC in the way he has.

  10. rupertinsider Says:


    In response to your comment above I received the following email from TalkSport.
    Dear Rupert,

    I hope this mail finds you well.

    Following Kelvin MacKenzie’s comments last week regarding Hillsborough, I would like to clarify that he is in no way connected with talkSPORT or its parent company UTV Radio.

    The Wireless Group, of which MacKenzie was Chairman, was purchased by UTV in the summer of 2005. This ended MacKenzie’s involvement with talkSPORT.

    If you could correct ‘Ian’ on the blog I would be most grateful.

    Best regards


    Stephen Farmer
    Head of Press & PR
    P: 020 7959 7826
    M: 077255 88976
    A: 18 Hatfields, London, SE1 8DJ
    Listen to talkSPORT now….
    1089/1053am / DAB Digital Radio / Freeview 723
    homechoice 625 / ntl & Telewest 927 / Sky 0108

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