Fake and missing LFC memorabilia?

by Rupert Insider detectiveinglasses3.gif


A number of our readers have told us that they are uneasy about the authenticity of LFC memorabilia they bought or ordered from Koptalk in the last few years. It includes footballs and shirts. We want to help them establish the truth.


If you ordered memorabilia from Koptalk in the last 3-4 years please tells us what happened. You can write in strict confidence or post publicly in the Comments section. By sharing your experiences you may find out if they were unique or part of a pattern. It may be your contribution that encourages others to write in.



The Sales

Koptalk sold the memorabilia as being authentically signed by individual players or the entire team. Because of this they fetched prices up to £500 per item, perhaps more.

They were sold in a variety of ways:

  • promoted on the Koptalk website:
  • promoted by email offers sent by Koptalk to individual members:
  • by a Koptalk auction on E-bay.

Some of the sales were said to be in aid of charity – for Lauren, whom Duncan Oldham claimed was his cousin, or for other appeals. Because sales were for charity, bidders tended to bid more than they normally would.

Causes of Unease

The unease arises from a number of cumulative factors:

  • Some of the memorabilia was sent without certificates of authentication. In cases were the recipient repeatedly insisted on a certificate one was belatedly produced and signed by Steve, the 15 or 16-year-old (as he was then) step-brother of Oldham or by Oldham, himself:
  • In some cases no invoice was provided and there were other oddities about the transaction:
  • In some cases an item was offered at auction as a one-off. After Koptalk announced that it had been sold and delivered to the highest bidder, it sent private letters to other bidders offering them an identical item if they would repeat their failed bid.
  • In some cases, the money was paid but the item not delivered. Koptalk has not responded to enquiries from the buyer.
  • There was no satisfactory explanation of where and how Koptalk obtained the memorabilia and when it was signed.
  • In some cases there are questions about the authenticity of the signatures. These were reinforced when Oldham displayed a photograph of a shirt which he claimed Dirk Kuyt signed in his presence “To Dunk”. But some readers who are experienced in these matters think the photograph has been doctored. While that shirt has not been offered for sale, as far as we know, the possible doctoring of the photo is troubling. Click for the Kuyt shirt story.


  • Oldham has never published accounts for the Lauren charity and not everyone got a receipt for their donation. He directed that donations be made out to Koptalk or to his mother’s personal account. He is the sole owner of Koptalk and appears to mix business, personal and charitable revenues and expenditures. He has produced no public accounting of the revenues from the sales of the memorabilia for charity.
  • Some buyers have come to learn that Oldham used a football Usenet group to sell illegal Sky satellite cards using a false name, Del Johnson, and was accused by many of his customers of not delivering them and was investigated about it by Trading Standards in North Yorkshire. They have also learned that he has taken deposits for three years on a book he has still not written entitled Anfield Exposed. And they are aware of false representations he has made about direct dealings he said he had with executives of LFC, and other matters that raise questions about his reliability.


We ask those who have already written to us on this topic before the last two weeks, to write again. If possible give us hard information such as dates and prices and photos or links if you have them. If you give us permission to publish any of your information we would remove any detail that could reveal your identity.

Please let us know if any particular item you bought was sold by Koptalk for the benefit of the Lauren or any other charity.

Similarly, if you have subsequently proven the authenticity of any item you bought and were satisfied with the transaction, let us know that, too. We want to be fair.

We appreciate that not everyone would want to pursue a complaint even if our investigation does reveal something wrong. In that case we would write to you privately to see what you want to do.

Photo: Duncan Oldham of Koptalk and the cover of his phantom book.

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5 Responses to “Fake and missing LFC memorabilia?”

  1. Alan Says:

    Koptalk are again cheating an article to Newsnow top stories. Fat dunk himself has published a match report, 30 mins after everyone else from todays game, at 17.18, it is already in the top stories yet no one elses is.

    Newsnow are fucking cunts, they are not even bothered that this fat prick is using them to lie/cheat his way into money

  2. chunka Says:

    Simple way is to Manipulate newsnow ourselves. Just open the same story 20 times in tabs now and again

  3. scouse Says:


    Koptalk’s reply to advertising the sun. Blatant lies in there about not being able to disable specific advertisers and trying to turn the tables saying that “using the innocent lives of 96 fans to try and score brownie points which is shocking”

    Also admits to wearing a sun hat before he knew about the boycott – when there are usenet posts before that proving he knows about it.

    Sun loving scumbag trying to worm his way out again but it’s too late for that. Wonder what the people of Liverpool will say about the Sun supporting conman when he appears in the echo? I’m sure he’ll be welcomed with open arms next time he’s on a bin over the Melwood fence

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    When will he appear in the Echo?

  5. rupertinsider Says:


    News Now tell us they have a defence against multiple hits from the same IP. However they also admit that if someone has a way of using different IPs they have no defence. We believe this is what he is doing. We know how exactly it can be done.

    Even if opening 20 tabs worked it would still not be enough. For him to to shoot so quickly up the list he has thousands of hits in a short space of time. That is why it is such an obvious cheat.

    I already mentioned his “Starting Team for Today” post a couple of weeks ago. The words were exactly the same as those from another site which was on News Now before his. His not only shot up at a startling speed, but continued through the match and for two hours after. Obviously he forgot to switch off his clicking programme. As we all know thousands of people would not be clicking on starting team thread during and after the match. Even math commentary threads die quickly when the game is over.

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