Concern as ticket tout tries to collect money for charity.

Dear, dear me. Duncan Oldham can’t stop himself can he? Now that he’s turfed out his last remaining non-paying members he’s feeling safe. He thinks he can get away with a fresh charity appeal being paid straight into his paypal account. Now Dunk’s stupid, as we’ve proven week-in week-out, but surely even he’s not as stupid as to pocket money for himself from his latest “appeal”. He’s looking for some attention I think.

You’ll recall if you were reading this blog in the summer that we got more and more correspondence from people who were concerned about donations they and others had made to “charity”. Duncan Oldham had put various messages on his various forums asking for money for his cousin who had become disabled. There was never any doubt that his cousin had taken ill, just doubts that she’d ever got the money that had been collected for her.

Duncan Oldham would beg for money from his users to pay her parents’ mortgage, which they did. Duncan Oldham would beg for money from his users to pay for new equipment for her. His users were, in the main, decent folk who genuinely felt concerned. They paid thousands of pounds, either as donations or in payment for so-called merchandise. (We are going to come back to the merchandise issue in another post).

Some users started to realise that Duncan Oldham had been pleading poverty one minute (borrowing money off his mum for one thing or another) yet the next was bragging about upgrading his Merc. He bought numerous huge HDTV sets and became a subscriber to Sky HD – twice. Yet his readers were paying money to this cause.

The suspicion about the cause came from the way that money had to be paid. In the early days, he asked to have the money paid into the Koptalk PayPal account, fair enough as a short-term measure. Later on he started a website, asking for the money to be paid straight to his mum. “Cheques should be made payable to J Oldham” – and the address given was the Koptalk “head office”, their shed in Wallsend.

We made a few references to it, and then someone who was contributing to the blog at the time did some digging. He was told by the charities commission that was highly illegal, and that he should report it to the police. He did – then put it onto the blog. Within hours Duncan Oldham had pulled the site. And to this day, we are yet to see even one small piece of proof that all this money went to the cause its donators had intended. As far as we know, Lauren did not get one penny of the money collected for her.

So when I saw this morning that Dunk had launched his new appeal my heart sank. Were more people going to be ripped off? Was more money going to be taken for charity but used for Dunk’s own purposes? It’s nearly Christmas – is he buying his kids stuff with this money?

To be honest I fully expect he’ll give all this money to Alder Hey. He’s being watched, and this is a publicity stunt to make himself look good. Sorry stupid – it makes you look even more of a cnut (© Koptalk) than ever.

What pisses me off too is the way he’s gone about it.

First of all, look at the subject he chose for the announcement on his forum. “*+*+*+*+*+* READ ME – READ ME *+*+*+*+*+*” – stands out somewhat, don’t you think. Anyway, read on…

#41590 – Yesterday at 02:46 PM
*+*+*+*+*+* READ ME – READ ME *+*+*+*+*+*
KOPTALK.COM Administrator
Team Member
Registered: 28/07/03
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For Christmas 2006 we want to try and raise some cash from all of you to help put a smile on the faces of some of the ill children at Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool this Christmas.

We would like to buy a XBOX 360 gaming console for them and hopefully a game or two and if we can stretch to it, some kind of colour tv. When we have previously spoken to Alder Hey they have said that the older kids tend to get forgotten hence our decision of gift.

Now we’re not sure how we will collect donations for this at this time but we are open to suggestions. We do not want to accept cash, cheques or card payments for obvious reasons. Providing everyone who chips in posts on this thread what they donated and how then we should be able to track things without any question of any wrongdoing (you know what they’re like!) (What who are like? You see Duncan, most of your remaining visitors don’t know about this blog, and don’t know about the accusations of theft from charity that we have made against you. If they did, most of them would be long gone. And none of them would trust you with an old bent coin, let alone tenners and twenties. And you can’t accept card payments because you’ve never been able to get accepted by the banks to get the merchant account you’d need (or whatever it’s called these days). I don’t see how people chipping in (via PayPal) then posting their donation details differs from people chipping in (by other means) then posting their donation details. Whichever way they pay, there’s no difference. You’ve got to make sure Alder Hey get what your users claim to have donated. So this rouses my first suspicions.)

You could write cheques payable directly to the hospital but they would have to buy the gear and we think it would be nice if some members from here could take the gifts in for the site collectively. (That’s crap too. What if people can’t pay by other means, say they’ve not got a credit card or debit card at the moment? Would it hurt to accept cheques – payable to the appeal – alongside other methods? No, it wouldn’t, if this appeal was all it claimed to be.) We don’t want any publicity, this is just the members here and us trying to do something right. (No publicity? Well at one point I thought that may be true, I gave you the benefit of the doubt. Then I woke up and realised that you never do something for nothing. Never. Every so-called charidee donation you’ve pledged (or made if they are lucky) has been done amidst as much publicity as possible. Hasn’t it, Mr Manchester United?)

Sadly they cannot accept second hand goods because of hygiene and safety. We propose buying goods from Amazon or another similar chain. Again, you the community can decide the best way and we’ll do it. (Now this is where I get some more suspicions. Dunk has made it clear very recently that he does OK out of Amazon. Amazon pay “associates” in varying means, one of which is gift vouchers to be used on Amazon. Dunk gets his payment in gift vouchers, he told us last quarter. So – is he trying to turn those vouchers into cash? Say he gets £300 into his Pay Pal account, all he has to do then is buy £300 worth of stuff from Amazon with his gift vouchers and he can pocket the cash.)

Maybe we could individually buy vouchers for a national store and do something that way? (Again, this seems dubious – maybe he (or another family member) also sells store vouchers – not through Farepak – and has told all his customers that they won’t be getting any vouchers this year, even though he’s got thousands of pounds worth safely packed up in his sock-drawer. Just a theory you understand, but would it surprise you? Again, it turns vouchers into cash for him. And one other thing – why is it vouchers ok but cheques aren’t? See Oldham, your stupidity trips you up every single time. Cheques or vouchers – the staff still have to go out and buy something. The kids can’t exactly nip down to Argos one afternoon can they?)

First of all we’d like you to respond to this thread with a pledge of any amount that you would be willing to chip in. We need to get this arranged as quickly as possible so please, especially if you are a parent, support this effort.

So he wants no publicity? Well what the hell is this all about then? This was posted today…

#42559 – 23 minutes 57 seconds ago
Would you like to visit Alder Hey with us?
Dunk Administrator
Registered: 20/08/04
Posts: 12990
Loc: UK
Ok people. As part of our Christmas appeal for Alder Hey, I’d like to see who would like to attend when we take in the presents for the kids.

We have no set date as yet as I want to get the vouchers and donations in first so that we can tell them what we have managed to do for them.

At that point we will ask them for a date that is helpful to them.

If you’re supporting the appeal and would like to pencil yourself in to attend with us, please reply to this thread.

Hopefully this date will be prior to Christmas but it really depends on the hospital.

What the hell is that if it’s not publicity? If he wanted no publicity he’d make sure the donations would be delivered quietly and with no fuss. He wants publicity. He wants to turn vouchers into cash. There’s probably more to it than this, but he’s up to something.

On a side note, his latest signature was snipped out of the above post. He’s now using this as a signature…

“I have derived continued benefit from criticism at all periods of my life, and I do not remember any time when I was ever short of it,” – Winston Churchill (1914)

Well we’re pretty sure Duncan has been getting plenty of benefits over the years, during his pretending-to-be-skint phases.

One other motive I’m concerned he might have is that he is about to let Koptalk go bust. He’s going to get this money in now, then let Koptalk die. He’ll pocket the money himself if he can swing it that way.

Whatever his motive is, it’s not worth trusting him. His track record and his continued lack of transparency over the Lauren situation makes that the case.

Alder Hey Imagine AppealObviously there’s no way I can collect anything for the hospital, but I have done the next best thing. I’ve set up a page on the “Just Giving” website and the money will go to the “Alder Hey Imagine Appeal”. Not quite the same cause, because this goes to the hospital, but important nonetheless. Because “Just Giving” are run properly and all above board, you can be sure that they will give the money to the charity. And they have the added bonus of the “Gift Aid” feature, meaning UK donors will have their donation boosted by 28%. Dunk can’t offer that, because he’s not registered. In fact he’s probably breaking the law, although I can’t be certain of that.

If you want to donate, please visit and you can donate as much as you feel you want to. I don’t get to touch the money at all of course, and if you use that page it should show you how much has been raised so far. You might be one of the first.

Alder Hey is a good cause – just not when the money has to pass through the hands of that ticket tout from Wallsend.


7 Responses to “Concern as ticket tout tries to collect money for charity.”

  1. Dermot Lally Says:


    I am deeply concerned with the accusations that you are making against Koptalk. I have been a member of Koptalk for 3 years now, and I have never heard nor read anything that you have published.

    Can you substantiate any of your arguements? If I found i have been ripped off for the last few years I will not be happy.

    Are there any other websites that you would recommend for me to check out for Liverpool?

    Dermot Lally

    A concerned Koptalker

  2. sawyerinsider Says:

    Hi Dermot,

    Like you we were all shocked by the behaviour of Duncan Oldham, and at some point we were all “customers” of his.

    All I can say if you are still unsure is to read the links at the top of the blog. Oldham has been ripping off Liverpool fans for many years and he prays on foreign supporters who are unaware of his bahaviour and his lies.

    For decent LFC sites I would recommend – all the old koptalk gang are there now – there is a list of liverpool fan sites on the right of the blog. TalkLFC, RAWK and YNWA are all really good sites, with a good crowd.

  3. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Rather than be one last pay day before KT sinks, i think this may be an attempt by Mcdonalds favorite customer to try and get a bunch of Newbies on board.

    He gets the Echo and daily post down to take a few photo’s of these wonderful owners and members of KT donating gifts.
    He gets a few coloum inches and a little influx of newbies as a result of a paper article

  4. sawyerinsider Says:

    fat-boy-fat you might have a point there, oldham does nothing altruistic, he always has his motives for everything.

    anyway i’ve donated £20. least I could do.

  5. scouse Says:

    Why didn’t Koptalk just setup a justgiving page.

    Is there anyone to contact at Alder Hey to give them advance notice of what Koptalk are up to, i.e a big publicity stunt.

    Presumably the echo would be there to get the ‘charitable’ photo too, maybe give Bascombe an advance heads up on this one?

    I think it’s time the Liverpool echo published the blogs URL, the people can then make up their own minds.

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    The Echo would never fall for it – and Bascombe least of all – since he is a reugalr reader of this blog. But that’s a good idea about the Echo posting our url.

  7. ScouseUK Says:

    wow what a sick fool he is,1 week he is promoting the Scum next he is raiseing money for a hpspital in liverpool,is there no end to his greed

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