… KopTalk must be huge when you think about how many people who don’t like it talk about it every day on their own space in their own time? They say they pay no attention to what we say yet they debate EVERYTHING from here every day. Absolute class. It takes time to adjust to such attention. Even Steve gets it, Katie too… amazing how it started in Charlotte’s bedroom all those years ago.I wouldn’t change a thing if I could go back.Although I’ve fulfilled my dreams of meeting my heroes etc when I was younger, (as I don’t see players as heroes now) the best thing in the world to do with the site is when you get an email from someone saying how they’re glad to be back in (after they expired, say) because they missed the place so much.I agree, they must be mad but there’s some bloody good people here. It’s so much nicer and mature these days. I think I may toast a drink to everyone today