Honorary members are freeloaders – says rogue site

by Rupert Insider


Everyone knows that Oldham is glued to this blog. It’s probably the first site he visits when he heaves himself out of bed at 3 pm – the last he reads when he falls back in at 8 pm. In fact, the blog sets his daily agenda.

And right on cue, following our discussions and comments about honorary members, he has decided that he has enough of that lark.

He knows that some of the few ultra loyalist honoraries who are left are just paying lip service – waiting for an opportunity to denounce his site and leave. The trouble is they all sound like sincere sycophants. He doesn’t know which of them are acting.

So he’s decide to use the King Herod solution again. Remember that? In the summer he ordered the death of all the Newborn in order to get the bloggers. And it was all in vane. A terrible waste of perfectly good members. And the bloggers are still on his site every day.

But he never learns. He’s not very bright. And rather than suffer the stress of waiting for the next public defection by an honorary, like Johnnny’s yesterday, he has ordered the death of them all.

It’s his site, as he has often told us. If these freeloaders want to access it they can pay or “fuck off”.

He wants to sound tough but he’s not man enough to deal with the sacked honoraries himself. He hides behind his kids again. He wants Steve to deal with them – that’s his 17 year old step brother who was probably 13 or 14 when most of the honoraries first made their contributions to Oldham’s site.

So I was not surprised to see this notice from Duncan Oldham on Koptalk today cancelling the “honorary membership scheme” with immediate effect. He’s revised the history of the scheme and dressed up his decision but the brutal and cowardly message is clear.


KOPTALK.COM Administrator
Team Member
Registered: 28/07/03
Posts: 26056

Someone recently asked if they could be made a Honorary Member. This fun way of rewarding members in the former Insider & Gold Club features was axed some time ago as we found that some Honorary Members felt they had a divine right to ‘boss’ and in some cases ‘abuse’ other members. This was putting newcomers off which wasn’t acceptable.

The Honorary Membership scheme is no longer offered. Even friends of ours, modertaors and VIP contributors are no longer available to take advantage of HM’s. In fairness, many HM’s do still contribute by way of their subscripion to help us but a limited number do not.

If you are a non-paying HM, please contact steve@koptalk.com when you have a spareminute.

#41581Today at 02:36 PM


There have been diffences of opinion on this blog about the function of honourary members on Koptalk. I’ve taken the view that Dunk knows best. He’s often told us they were his paid helpers.

He has always said that despite the enormous personal wealth he claims his site has brought him, he cannot afford to pay cash to those who work for him but he can pay them with free membership and an honorary title. He has put a monetary value on it – adding the membership fee and the cost of the old SMS service. Honorary members also get free entrance to the competitions for free gifts.

They are subsidised by the paying members. Most of the paying members are newcomers from overseas who stumble on Koptalk and believe its sales pitch without knowing its history. Some honorary members assure the newcomers that the site, like them, is honourable.

Oldham demands that the newcomers pay him “donations” of £30 a year – or if he is in especially desperate need for cash on any given day – £15.

There have been a lot of honorary members through the years. Koptalk could not have survived without them. But most of them have now done the honourable thing. Johnny ‘s leaving yesterday, was only the latest of many who have left Koptalk since this blog started in the summer of 2006. As it happens, he started as a paying member and was one of the most honourable – in the true sense of the word.

But there are some left – still very active. What’s their function?

Well they help keep alive the pretence that Koptalk is a reliable source of insider information or investment advice, or, like barrack-room lawyers, they go about on other sites, including this blog, defending Oldham’s shady practices.

At least one of them acts as a moderator on Koptalk – standing just off centre-stage to add a deferential word to the Oldham family discussion of the price of coffee and cheese and wagging his tail whenever Oldham makes a smirking suggestion about the statuesque Katie, whom, he continues to tell us with a snigger “is only 18”.

I suggested only yesterday that the remaining honorary members could expect no more than the two minutes Johnny got yesterday to say his goodbyes – even less if Oldham can cut off their access before they are able to announce their departure.

Oldham’s sentimental talk about his “Koptalk family” can disappear mighty fast when his personal interests are threatened.

He is very nervous about those honourary members that remain. He knows they are criticised on this blog. He knows they post on Est 1892. He can read the tea leaves. And when his paranoia meets his sense of outraged greed something has to give.

In this case it’s the honorary members free lunch.

Off with their heads!



8 Responses to “Honorary members are freeloaders – says rogue site”

  1. BTB Says:

    Stupid fat Bas***d, he doesn’t know that this will mean most of them will leave, could be the last nail in the coffin for such a small amount of money.

  2. sawyerinsider Says:

    come on honouraries go out with a bang!! You know you want to, and it will give the blog a chuckle.

    This could be the final bad decision that ends koptalk.

    what i find interesting though is that he wants the remaining “unpaid” members to contact him so that he can kick them out. Basically they have such a poor system in place that they can’t locate and contact the existing honoraries, they have to be the ones that boot themselves.


  3. kopdan Says:

    It was sad to hear the comments. I am still a member there and am an HM.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    Are you one of those HM who contribute cash? If not he wants you to call his step-brother who was probably about 13 or 14 when you first started on Koptalk – I’m guessing.

    You’d think he would be man enough to deal himself with the people he made honorary members rather than pass it unto a kid.

  5. kopdan Says:

    no I dont contribute

    I helped with images and stuff so didnt feel obliged to. I miss the old days

  6. latestinsider Says:

    I reckon kopshite will be dead by xmas…..fagin (sorry i mean fat thief) has no more baubles left…everyone has left town

  7. Meursault Says:

    Kopdan, i remember old times. You were a good laugh and a decent contributor to that site, but stop supporting koptalk, they have all but lost their creditability.

  8. kopdan Says:

    woah there Neddy

    I’m not supporting anysite matey. I am now banned it seems or deleted anyway so it matters not.

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