Malta LFC supporter complains about rip-off.

by Rupert Insider

malta.gifI once cracked the weak joke on here: “How do you make a Maltese Cross – tell him you’re Duncan Oldham from Koptalk”.

Well it seems its not a joke at all, judging by the email I received just now from an LFC supporter in Malta, who has given me permission to publish it.

Oldham frequently boasts that he is loved in Malta. So much so that some of us speculated that he was preparing a bolt-hole there for when the tax inspectors and benefit fraud unit comes sniffing around his Koptalk shed in Wallsend.

I’ve made the point before that he survives these days on the mandatory “donations” he demands from LFC international supporters.

But why would they pay Oldham for information about LFC? There’s not an LFC supporter club anywhere in the world which does not have more genuine access to LFC than Oldham. In fact LFC executives have told us and at least one overseas supporters club that Oldham has never met or communicated with any executive of the club and he has no access to LFC whatsoever.

Recently he boasted that he and his sidekick, Steve, were going to Malta to be with his admirers. He also said that he would buy a property there for his Ma. It never happened. After a mysterious silence, he simply announced he had called it off.

It was about that time he was being interviewed for potential illegal trading activities by a government inspector in Wallsend and that might have caused the cancellation. But perhaps its letters from Malta that has convinced him that he is as unwelcome there as he is at Anfield. It seems he’d better look elsewhere for that bolt-hole.


First a letter signed by 17-year old “Editor” of Koptalk, Steve, who is Duncan Oldham’s step-brother.

In this letter he (or whoever actually wrote it) tells a few lies to disguise the fact that Koptalk was forced to close down its free forums in the summer because there was a massive exodus of users to other sites, and it was forced to re-organise its other sites because 85% of existing members defected, and because it signed fewer new members in the summer than in any summer since it began years ago.

I hope existing members of Koptalk note that Steve is offering a membership 50% off this year – ₤15 – and hinting that the same price will be available next year. So if you have paid Oldham 30 you can use this letter to demand a refund.

Here’s the letter:

Hi Elton

Thanks for contacting us.

We have closed down the Insider feature and are having just one member feature. We’re wanting to attract a more mature section of Liverpool fans, people such as yourself who just want to discuss Liverpool FC matters. We want to take the concentration away from ‘gossip’ although that will naturally continue as it’s what we all like best 🙂

We decided over the summer that we didn’t have enough time to run a members site, and and that we had to dedicate our time to members only. We were finding that most people were no just using the Gold Club forums and if they did use the Insider section, duplicate threads etc were taking place. It was ok in the early days but now it just doesn’t make sense, plus we had always hoped that we would just have one community of die-hards one day.

All annual members are to be upgraded at no extra cost until their subs expire so we’re currently upgrading them. People such as yourself who don’t have an annual sub and who want to remain with us can upgrade to an annual member with 50% off the annual £30.00 membership fee. At the end of the year we’ll be happy to discuss a further discount if you wanted to remain with us :)We’re really looking forward to the changes we have planned and we feel they will benefit everyone when introduced.

I hope you choose to remain with us.

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: RMH-884470
Department: KopTalk Membership
Priority: Urgent
Status: Open


This is Elton reply:

Hi Steve,

I have finally decided to e-mail you cos I really was not in the mood. I am very disappointed with your reply because whether or not you have closed the insider section is not really my problem.

The whole issue is that I paid a life time membership and I expect that to be honoured. However not to worry as I will neither pay the stg 30.00 nor the stg 15.00 you have mentioned. Your site has been going from bad to worse and I am not prepared to pay money to ” supposedly” get inside info about Liverpool FC. The truth is that Dunk knows absolutely nothing about what is going on and his comments and “inside” info are just a bunch of lies or information gathered from other more reliable sources that we would already know about anyway. I really think this is a disgrace and your site should not even be operating as you are taking money from genuine LFC fans and provide them with rubbish.

How many times have I seen posters on the main site asking to join so that we get investment about a hot topic. Then I log on and boom… nothing there. Well not until a couple of days when Dunk decides to move his big bottom and invents a few things to post. This is ridiculous. I have read info provided by Duncan that is supposed to be real insider info and then the contrary happens after a couple of days. One such incident happened just before Robbie Fowler re-signed and Dunk posted that he had officially phoned Fowler and the latter told him that there was no chance of him re-signing. Guess what happened after a couple of days…..Fowler does sign and the rest is history.

I really think you should wake up Oldham as people have started to realise that you are a waste of space. Your site will not last. You made me an honorary member when I offered to help you with your holiday in Malta. Where`s my honorary membership? Where`s my lifetime subscription? The reason why you removed the insider was so that members like myself with a lifetime membership will have to pay. I e-mailed you twice to try and help you with your holiday and even managed to get you some prices for the Hilton and you know what… you did not even bother to reply. To be honest I do not think that you can really afford it and your planned holiday in Malta never existed in the first place.

Oldham, I am a big Maltese LFC fan and I happen to be intelligent enough to understand your motives. You have the only LFC site where members have to pay and for what…..TOTAL RUBBISH.

P.S By the way, I will be writing to my contacts in THE REAL LIVERPOOL FC CLUB and tell them the story and about your rubbish site. I seriously think something needs to be done about it.





11 Responses to “Malta LFC supporter complains about rip-off.”

  1. koppy73 Says:

    ok…thats the final straw….i’ve now cancelled my subs to fat bastards website. thnaks to all you guys for providing the proof to what i’ve been suspect about since i joined……just need to find a site with true insider info on.

  2. barry wom Says:

    I got the exact same email when my lifetime membership “died”. I thought I’d sent that onto you II.

    Anyway, we all know he was stupid enough to think that with a bit of flattery with all that “more mature fan like you”, he thought that would make people part with 15 quid … and then even funnier is the kind of offer at the end to keep the price at that level, when in fact you know before the 12 months is up he’ll invent to super-duper insider club at the bargain price of 80 quid and would then offer it to you at a reduced 40 quid 🙂

    Don’t you think another classic though is he says he’s moving away from “gossip”. What does he mean by this? I thought he was a genuine insider – so he got real info, not gossip? Or is gossip some new trendy word meaning “shit made up by a fat yorkshireman living in newcastle”.

  3. koppy73 Says:

    just complained to the club about koptalk using its reputation to con supporters of lfc. i await there response with interest.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    Oldham was quick to respond to the above article.


    Dunk wrote:


    I replied to your other ticket a few moments ago.

    I was unaware that you were the lad from Malta, had I known I would have instructed Steve to sort you out (no problem!). However, having read your comments it’s clear you don’t like the site so you’re not going to miss out.

    Your comments were really unfair and not nice but you are entitled to your opinions. While you will see criticism from other people on other sites this is usually because we have turned them away for similar abuse. Thankfully we have thousands of happy members who continue to support us each year.

    Take care

    To which Elton responded:

    Stop giving me crap. If steve is not competent enough to do the job you might as well get rid of him. This has already happened once before. You really should know who your members are especially if there is a payment involved.


    Don’t you just love the way he signs YNWA. The only one who walks alone is Oldham.

    Once again he refers to his “thousands” of members. Trouble is these thousands of members don’t post on his site. He would have us believe that they pay 30 quid just to lurk in order to read the kind of rubbish which the blog features in the verbatim transcripts from his site.

    But we don’t see them lurking either. His “online” figures are the lower than they have ever been since he started and are lower than almost all other unofficial sites.

    His Alexa stats show his site has dropped from No.1 nine years ago (when there was very little competition) and from No. 3 or 4 a year ago, to No. 12 or lower now.

    His “thousands” of members also disappear when he is asked about them by VAT and Tax inspectors. LFC’s Official Site charges 39 quid for an infinitely superior service but it is legal and includes VAT. Oldham avoids collecting VAT and by that ruse competes unfairly with LFC.

    Since these claims about thousands of members are such an integral part of his sales pitch – as shown again in this letter – why doesn’t he publish his accounts and receipts. Wouldn’t it be great if he could prove us wrong!

    As for his hoary old “this is usually because we have turned them away for similar abuse.”

    We know that there are literally thousands of ex-members and ex-users of Koptalk who bad mouth him and his site. They can be found on virtually every other LFC supporter site. Most of them left KT of their own free will. Some were banned by him when they voiced their criticism of him on his site. They can’t all be wrong, can they?

    And since he usually means this blog when he makes those comments it might be worth repeating than none of us have ever been banned from Koptalk and I, for one, have never been a member of any of his insider, silver club, gold club or any other scams.

  5. Phil Says:

    Get onto this. Never mind the name, even looks like him:

  6. Rashid's Pimp Says:

    Also, contact NetResult about Dunks links

  7. red from oz Says:

    good one phil, oldham must have evolved from this for sure, it describes him to a tee. “Even more surprising is the fact that Dunkleosteus could also open its mouth very quickly – in just one fiftieth of a second – which created a strong suction force, pulling fast prey into its mouth”
    the prey being pies,peas and unsuspecting LFCfans.

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    Just a footnote – notice how Oldham intended to “pay” Elton for his personal services in Malta with an honorary membership On Koptalk (even though he failed to deliver on his promises). It reinforces my point that active honorary members on Koptalk are “paid” helpers.

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    Anyone who wants to report for illegal downloads etc should address Tim Cooper at NetResult.

    It would be good if you can be specific and offer links.

    The address is:

    Call +44 (0)20 7471 1731

    Mulberry House
    583 Fulham Road
    SW6 5UA

  10. Yorkie Says:

    I alerted NetResult a while ago. I saw the article on the bbc and did a bit of searching.

    I really want him to rot in hell. I remember a couple of years ago when he started selling signed shirts by the team that won the UEFA cup under Houllier with the proceeds going to “charity”. I paid £200 for one, and never got anything. I emailed and emailed and never got a response. Well when fatty gets closed down I’ll raise a cold one to the karma gods.

  11. rupertinsider Says:


    I’d love to hear some more details about that bad deal. Could you email them in confidence to me? Any photos or other details?


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