Johnny be gone – cheesed off at "made up rubbish"

Yet another of Dunk’s key members walked out on him tonight.

Johnny H was one of those posters who in the past had provided correct “insider” information, thus giving him something of a reputation on Koptalk. Not any more.

I’m delighted for him; delighted he’s not a part of such a disgraceful site, delighted that his actions have matched his reputation. I’ve heard a lot of nice things said about him, and although I’ve said that before about Koptalk members, he’s one of the few not to have one or two bad things said about him too by way of balance. Now he’s left the site that does its best to hurt the club he supports. He’s a Liverpool fan, he shares his “insider” knowledge with his fellow supporters with the same excitement we all do if we hear something positive about our team. Unlike his former favourite site’s owner, who has no insider knowledge whatsoever. Duncan Oldham is that site’s owner, and even with the stuff he makes up or steals from other sites (claiming it as having come from one of his numerous imaginary sources), he only takes pleasure if the news is negative.

Duncan Oldham’s stories tend to be flaky and vague, unless he wants to have a dig at our club. Scouting reports are so vague that when I published one on here I had complaints from false-teeth owners that theirs had shot out when they laughed at the “report”. Ok, I made up the bit about false-teeth, but people did tell me how much they laughed at that particular piece of shite, and I think they used words to suggest something had left their body as they laughed. We get things like, “The boss would be interested in signing this player if the price is right and the player is prepared to accept the wages we offer him and if his agent gets in touch with us and if other targets aren’t available and if…” And although that’s exaggerated slightly, it’s not far off what Dunk usually says. It’s only if he’s accusing Craig Bellamy of a training ground bust-up (it didn’t happen) or Peter Crouch of having given an exclusive to the S*n (as if) that we get any detail.

Johnny might not get another piece of “insider” info ever again, he might be the one who reveals who the new investor is when it finally happens, he might already know who’s lined up in Rafa’s sights for the January transfer window. But Johnny knows one thing for sure. Duncan Oldham’s site does not do what it says on the tin, it does not give exclusive information from inside the Academy, Melwood or Anfield. It has not got anyone on the inside. It makes everything up, with the exception of what it steals.

Johnny says he’s found a new “forum” home, and whichever forum that is, he knows that he can post there without having to pay. He’ll not be helping someone who supports The S*n. He’ll not be adding value to a site that has very, very little value to start with. He’ll not be helping the conman to keep on conning.

And from what I’ve been reading on there of late, he’s not the only one to see that he shouldn’t be there any more.

johnny_h_goes.pngClick the thumbnail to see how Johhny H left Koptalk. (And a big thanks to the member who sent it to me – he had to be quick to get a copy of it before – yes you guessed – Oldham deleted it.) And look at Johnny’s choice of thread title too; regular blog readers will know the phrase well.


20 Responses to “Johnny be gone – cheesed off at "made up rubbish"”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    “And look at Johnny’s choice of thread title too; regular blog readers will know the phrase well – Shutting the door on my way out.”

    Are you trying to say that Johhny is really Robbie Fowler!

    (I just wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to start a rumour)

  2. what a whopper Says:

    Johnny H was one of a few genuine insiders on Koptalk. Glad he has seen the light.

    This must be one of the last nails in Oldham’s coffin.

    Judging by the ammount of people on the site, 26 a little while ago, 10 of them are probably family/alias members, I can’t see it lasting much longer.

    Good luck where ever you post Johnny.


  3. latestinsider Says:

    just wondering whether paypal has suspended his account yet? perhaps thats another angle we should be aiming for, with members complaining about recurring fees, poor service, ripped off etc etc

  4. DelBoyOldham Says:

    Is there anyway of getting a list of Oldham’s inside info and players he claimed we would buy? A definative list of players and what he wrote would highlight just how out of the loop he is regarding his apparent sources.

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    A few years ago I made a post on his free forums in which I listed all his exclusives in that summer transfer season. They came to 57. The only one he did not list was the one that actually happened.

    I posted the comment and within a few minutes he followed with a post “I’m watching you!”.

  6. sawyerinsider Says:

    rupert if you remember any details of that post and how bad his track record is, that’ a good story in itself.

    What about Milkmans post in the summer, i think it still lurks around est, maybe we can look at that and point out the pie in the sky stuff made up by Oldham to “excite” his members.

  7. ZicoIsAJoke Says:

    Is the mighty Dj Sydney aka Dunks Cock Sucker still hanging around the site? He’s so in love with the mod status I’d find it strange if he hasn’t left to another forum to suck up to mod status!

  8. FGC Says:

    FAO: ZicoIsAJoke

    Dj Sydney now posts on est1892

  9. rupertinsider Says:


    After defending Oldham like Samson swinging the jaw of an ass, DJ quietly resigned – no fuss.

    His most memorable contribution from my point of view was his spirited defence on The Liverpool Way to the effect that Kotpalk was worth 5 million quid – according to private assurances Oldham had given him.

    He was reported to be keeping up his posting quota on Red Cafe for a time. And I see a reference on Six Crazy Minutes to him having registered there before being banned after one day – which is understandable given that at least one of his natural enemies on KT is one of the owners of SCM. But a bit vindictive? Many, including DJ, were victims of Oldham’s lies.

    I did see some references from folks on Est 1892 that he would be welcome – and believe he would be welcome on most other sites, including this blog even if his views were to be critical of us.

    PS. I’ve just seen the previous post which says he is now posting on EST 1892

  10. ZicoIsAJoke Says:

    FGC, Rupert

    Cheers for that tidbit. Used to post on Koptalk’s reserve and subsequently, first team forum. Back then the forums were great. Believe the rot first started when Fatman changed the software, merged the forums and started his bollocks Gold Club. Saw the light after awhile and left. But your blog has definitely cast much light on the machinations of fatman back even then.

    Thank you and I confess to being a staunch supporter of you and II….and I hope to see this blog inactive in 6 months time.

  11. Mumsafan Says:

    Looks like someone has been hacking into Johnny H’s KT account!

  12. Insider Insider Says:

    Hacking into accounts? This is a disgrace if true. I’ll be keeping an eye on it on here, on EST1892 and on Koptalk, but if anyone has any more info please let me know.

  13. Johnny H Says:

    Hi there.

    Looks like it’s happened. I was locked out of KT immediately after posting I was leaving.
    Today I was able to get straight in and look around the KT site. Not that there is much to look at.
    This made me curious so I checked my profile. It had changed.
    Same username, but my avatar had changed, as had my location.
    Also my email address was filled in with a hotmail address, which I do not use.
    I than checked my post history and spotted a post made yesterday morning – AFTER I had left. It was a nothing post in a nothing thread but to my mind, the message was clear;

    Duncan Oldham is now pretending that I have changed my mind about leaving, having seen the light – or, he is hoping that a limited number of viewers saw my leaving post and he is hoping no-one will notice if he carries on posting using my profile.
    He could even start using ‘Johnny H’ as the main January window poster.

    I changed the password while I was in there but not sure if this can be bypassed by Oldham.

    I’m keeping a close eye on postings under my profile.
    I can’t understand why he changed my avatar and location though – it’s almost as though he was in the process of deleting my profile but then thought better of it and decided to carry it on – except he had forgotten one or two of my details so he just winged them hoping no-one will notice.

    I’m tempted to post on there spouting about what’s going on but need more ammo.

    Since Desertscouser dropped the bombshell in the thread in which ‘Johnny H’ posted yesterday that he thought I’d left, several people have added their thoughts and comments that they too thought I was banned. Can’t believe the thread is still going. It’s like Dunc has fallen into a bacon butty-induced coma or something!

    Curiouser and curioser….

  14. rupertinsider Says:

    Why not go in and leave a reference to the blog or Est 1892.

  15. Johnny H Says:

    Done – this should be interesting!

  16. desertscouser Says:

    My post as well as all others that followed have been deleted without any explanation (shock!)

    I’ve just posted again asking for an explanation as to why the posts were deleted and how Johnny’s account was ‘hacked’ into. Thread will of course be deleted soon…

  17. desertscouser Says:

    Shock horror…my post’s been deleted AGAIN.

  18. desertscouser Says:

    The fat f*ck has just banned me!! LOL

  19. steve101 Says:

    Hi all
    Well i must admit i was a kt ‘member’ (oo-er) mof many a year, and did defend the site over various things a while back. I was suddenly locked out a while ago, for no reason, and thinking it was technica i e-mailed them, recieving an auto reply thing…and that was it. S, this is interesting, est1892 is my home, and i have seen the light. I just wish i could go back one more time to cause a bit of mayhem!!!!l

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