And Then There Were None. Johnny H Bids Farewell.

by Sawyerinsider 

As if things couldn’t get any worse for ripoff merchant Duncan Oldham, his only remaining Insider has had enough and bid his farewells. Needlesstosay though the thought police at Koptalk only let his message stay for a mere 2 minutes before being deleted as the mod powers went into overdrive.

Many Koptalk members reading this will not be aware that their one remaining reliable source for Insider information has set off for pastures new, due to the censorship in place at Koptalk. The end days for Koptalk are nigh.

Johnny H was, in my opinion, one of the few posters that had a decent track record, along with tom and one or two others. I, like many others, would wait patiently for any information Johnny could provide, and we were appreciative when it came along.

Here is Johnny H’s post in full.

Well, that’s me done I’m afraid.

I signed up as a paying member a few years ago before managing to make some good posts with solid information in them.

The odd bit of stick was worth it though, I felt I was contributing something on here. I even got made an honorary member!

However, and I mean this with all due respect, I think this site is on a massive downward spiral. The more interesting of the posters have left, there is no insider info on here anymore, no nothing.

I know the reasoning behind this, but would rather not become bogged-down on that subject.

I have enjoyed most of the time I’ve been a member here, but alas all good things must come to an end. I mean, reading chats between Dunk, Steve and Katie about coffee…. no offence but really? Is that what this site has become?

No sharp incisive wit, no gossip, just made up rubbish and the odd chat about the price of cheese. It’s not really what I’m after.

So, having found a site more suited to my needs, I will simply bid you a fond farewell.

I’ll close the door on my way out.

We won’t bother deconstructing Johnny H’s post, the words speak for themselves.

So when your last remaining genuine Insider leaves, and there is a cover up in operation to hide the fact that he has said his farewells, who do you believe has your best interests at heart? The blog or Koptalk?

Koptalks loss is once again Est1892’s gain.

Incidentally other members who also saw the post have been forcibly removed from Koptalk, i.e banned without notice, after they tried to post an FAO to bid farewell to Johnny. tut tut Duncan. tut tut. Another action by Oldham which is very consistent with his past behaviours, and one of many reason why he his so despised by most of his former members.

Time for Koptalk to pack their bags and say farewell to the Internet. 


13 Responses to “And Then There Were None. Johnny H Bids Farewell.”

  1. latestinsider Says:

    Great stuff Sawyerinsider. Johnny H has finally seen sense. A sure sign that kopshite is finally coming to an end.

    Does this mean that pieman really has no more insiders left? Yippee!!

  2. sawyerinsider Says:

    incidentally other members who also saw the post have been forcibly removed from Koptalk, i.e banned without notice, after they tried to post an FAO to bid farewell to Johnny. tut tut Duncan. tut tut.

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    Why not put that in the body of the article – about the others?

  4. sawyerinsider Says:

    no insider left latest but obviously his remaining ‘blindfolded’ members and richt still believe they have one insider left (HA HA) and not forgetting The Wallet and The Insider, oh and The Mole and The Tea Lady and The Gateman…

    plenty of insiders left, where’s that sarcastic smiley when you need it?

    Another nail in the coffin surely. We could sit back now and watch. It’s not too difficult to document how he has killed his site without our help of course. The new design (or is that the 1995 design?) being just one of many shortsighted decisions by Fatty tarbuckles.

  5. latestinsider Says:

    I agree, will be interesting to see what happens to the site especially between now and january. can’t see it going much more, since overseas members have now cottoned on that kopshite is a fraud…

    my gripe with kopshite? because I paid 14 quid for gold membership more than two years ago, and was never able to access the site despite repeated numerous emails to kopshite support with ‘katie administrator’ refusing to respond to my emails. anyway I can help bringing them down…your more than welcome.

    Great stuff and keep up the good work….not long to go.

  6. sawyerinsider Says:

    and the fastclick ads are back over at kacktalk, will he try and sneak the s*n advert back in there? wouldn’t be surprised.

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    Another lesson for those who have misplaced loyalty to Koptalk or its obese cult-master. It doesn’t matter how he soft soaps you and how sentimental he is about his “family” – the fact is he will cut you and any friends you have made over there the moment you criticise his site.

    He must owe Johnny H thousands of pounds in traffic and new memberships – but he cuts him off in two minutes and then cuts off those who want to say goodbye.

    He’s a slob.

    He’ll do it to your too, Disco, and Lecter and Revo and RichT and all the others.

  8. latestinsider Says:

    he’s a fat bastard who’s due a heart attack soon, due to his bad diet..stress and tension caused by his site falling down, along with the authorities piling the pressure.

    wouldn’t be surprised if he was heavily in debt…perhaps 20-30k in the ‘red’ (ha-ha) at least

  9. sawyerinsider Says:

    we have his address, maybe a credit check just to put our minds at rest that he’s not going to go bankrupt and run away with his members money?

  10. Insider Insider Says:

    Beat me to it!

    Sorry to readers that we’ve covered this twice, but it’s a post worth covering twice. And it spares you all having to read about how many sugars Dunk takes in his coffee.

    One example of what else has been on KT today – members trying to find out from each other whether there was a stream for tonight’s game. Nobody seemed able to find one, but in stepped Dunk. Surely he’d got some information for them (after all he advertises the service as part of the £30 membership fee). So what did Dunk have for his paying members?
    #40555 – Today at 03:29 PM Re: Portsmouth [Re: crouchfan]

    Registered: 08/20/04
    Posts: 12923
    Loc: UK

    KOPTALK RADIO will provide updates 🙂

    Well thanks for that Dunk. No wonder people are leaving in droves. You have nothing left to offer.

  11. sawyerinsider Says:

    Heh II, I had to get in there with this quickly, but 2 stories is fine – tey both take different angles.

  12. The Platinum Club Says:

    The interesting members didn’t leave, they erm….left themselves?

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