Liverpool FC Investment Saga Hots Up. So Does Jackanory Rouge Website.

by SawyerInsider

One Wallsender will be glad to hear that BBC have recommissioned a new series of the popular kids TV show Jackanory, after around 10 years away from the screens.

For Wallsend resident Duncan Oldham though Jackanory never left the screens, he’s been making a decent living off writing fiction for years. For Liverpool FC fans it’s if it never went away, whenever we want to read some made up stories, or Jackanorys, we just read about Oldhams latest tell-tales.

As any Insider Insider reader will know, Oldham has been using the imminent investment takeover as a rue to make up stories for his few remaining members, and to make them believe that he is an Insider at Liverpool FC.

He would have you believe that he has sources at the club, sources in the business of acquisitions and takeovers. The truth is, as we know, and have known for a long time, Oldham tells porkies – big fat ones. Duncan Oldham is living on his past lies, and Koptalk.con is living on borrowed time.

Here’s his latest rant, not missing a chance to get in some digs at this blog, which has helped to crumble his fraudulent incomings.

Do you know that every single time another site takes a swipe at KopTalk/myself, we get a burst of new members and/or book orders. What’s that all about? As a result we’ve stopped our paid advertising on Google’s Ads

The truth is of course that there is no “burst”, there’s been no new book deposits for years. Signups to his shockingly bad redesigned website are at an all time low, and where Oldham could once shout from the rooftops that his site was the number one LFC site (back in the ninties!), it’s now no better than 10th at best. And paid advertising? That shows how desperate he’s become to get new members.

On to his latest investment Jackanory then.

You may recall a couple of months back that I dictated a post to Steve (to post on the site) as I was in Liverpool laid in bed with a massive hangover, regarding some gentlemen that I had been introduced to at the Radisson Hotel by a concierge I know there.

Basically I received a late call to get myself to the hotel to call in as if for a random pint, so that I could then be informally introduced to these blokes who were in the city from London for a meeting the next day with club officials regarding investment.

If you recall the guys had a meeting at Melwood with Parry etc and then left to go to Leeds United in the afternoon on other business. The puzzling bit was why they were speaking to Leeds. That can’t have been connected to us surely so I assumed they were maybe doing something on a smaller scale with Bates regarding their ground or something.

Anyway, the same guys are back in the city tomorrow. They have a meeting at Melwood on Thursday and this is regarding investment. The source will not tell me anything more because of confidentiality, 100% no way, he won’t budge.

What’s interesting is how the club is using Melwood a lot these days to entertain, and not Anfield. The modernisation of the facilities makes this nice and easy and it’s much more private. Hush hush etc once those gates are shut.

Now there’s little point in us posting out at Melwood on Thursday because we know what these guys look like and what they’re called. The suits rarely go to Melwood but even if we see Moores and RP roll in it only confirms what we already know. The only advantage would be if we spotted someone else rolling in but in all fairness we have that covered as we know the official ins and outs the majoirty of the time.

Anyway, I just thought I’d update you incase any rumours start later in the week regarding the suits and/or investment.

Oh give it a rest Oldham, we’ve heard it all before from you. Do I even need to comment? Let’s leave it at that then. He has no sources. Made up bullshit.

The thread, “Investment meeting this Thursday at Melwood” then turns in to a bit of a swipe at Oldham for capitalising on the rumours and speculation. Some of his members are starting to wise up to him now, well done Desertscouser and Craig (are they wising up to the lies?)

Here’s some more in the same thread.

Yup, I hate the topic too but when I got tipped off this morning I couldn’t choose to ignore it because it’s my duty to report here.

Anything I ever pass on is in good faith and I try to make sure you know if it’s first hand, second hand or third hand because it can weaken as it goes down the chain.

However, this isn’t a rumour, this is from one of the guys who will be present and it IS to do with investment/takeover. He’s not a potential investor but he’s acting with others in relation to this subject. Because of confidentiality he and his colleagues will not talk and rightly so if we’re honest about it.

As another poster said, the fact it’s happened within a short time of Gillett putting and appearance in makes it interesting, well it does to me

Whether anything happens over the coming weeks, months or years, so be it but there is activity and just because things don’t always materialise, doesn’t mean that the club aren’t trying to do what’s right.

My personal opinion – based on the pattern I’ve seen build up since they were last in town – is that this time it’s more genuine than before. We have to remember that we’ve heard all the takeover stuff before but we’ve never had much info about the comings and goings of those involved.

While it is frustrating, people should show respect to the whole community and not just think about their own view. It is after all a forum for discussion and whether we like it ot not, investment is a topic that’s very current to the club at this time.

In good faith? Like the Torres, Joaquin, Duff, Shaun Wright Phillips exclusive to name just a few. There are hundreds of pie in the sky transfer snippets that Oldham would have us to believe he’s been privy to over the years.

So basically what is Duncan saying here, or speculating, that some business people are in town? Oh please give it a rest.

If you believe you know so much Oldham then stop faffing about with conjecture and riddles and just tell people what you ‘think’ you know. You can’t? Yes that’s right because you made it up, and you want to keep all your options open by not giving away ANY DETAILS.

If you throw enough darts at a dartboard, maybe thousands, at some point one of them will hit the bullseye. Unfortunately for Duncan he’s thrown so many darts without hitting the Bullseye over so many years that he needs a new dartboard. All that remains is an untouched bullseye.


13 Responses to “Liverpool FC Investment Saga Hots Up. So Does Jackanory Rouge Website.”

  1. Tim Says:

    If his source is so keen on confidentiality then they wouldn’t have mentioned anything about a meeting. Mainly because it constitutes insider information and is infact illegal.

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    Can you imagine anyone who’s business is confidential high finance agree to meet with or reveal information to a foul-mouthed slob from Wallsend who is also a benefits fraud.

  3. cragsinsideher Says:

    yeah i really miss being an insider.

    this blog is excellent, keep up the good work.

    i can’t believe people still support this guy and his bullshit agenda.

  4. Says:

    Is Koptalk still around?

  5. barry wom Says:

    I wonder what prompts him to write stuff like this? He must know everyone can see it’s shite, he must know he’s being laughed at, yet he wakes up one day and decides to make up nuggets of shit like this?!! He really is funny. And thick.

  6. Simon R Says:

    I don’t whats more pathetic, making up stories or writing about someone making up stories. This blog is terrible, you are blaming one person for his lack of factual content on his rumour site and just spurting out a load more of infactual tripe yourself. Believe me it would be easy to take this blog apart and quote paragraphs of what you’ve written and prove insubstantial. Put your toys back in the pram why don’t you. If you want to take the high ground then take the bloody high ground.

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    Believe me it would be easy to take this blog apart etc….”

    Why don’t you do it? Write it all up and send it in and we’ll post it for you. (I assume that if you put some effort into it you can make it a bit more coherent than your comment).

    On the odd chance that you are actually interested in establishing the facts about Oldham and Koptalk (or the blog) may I suggest you read the blog first. Your comment suggests you have not. Start with the sections in the tool bar at the head of this page especially 2. Blog v Koptalk. Pick out anything written there that fits your description and let us know.

  8. cragsinsideher Says:

    here here simon r. i would be really interested for you to do the above.

    i like open, honest debate.

    something this blog has no problem with but koptalk sadly does not seem to tolerate.

  9. Steve O Says:

    “My personal opinion – based on the pattern I’ve seen build up since they were last in town – is that this time it’s more genuine than before.”

    My personal opinion = I know nothing, I am making this up.

    based on the pattern I’ve seen build up since they were last in town = professional ‘suits’ staying up an a hotel bar before a meeting to talk to some fat geordie with a website!!! Err, so the pattern then was a total lack of professional behaviour – or of course lies

    is that this time it’s more genuine than before = well we know how ‘genuine’ it was lack time.

    What a tool coming out with such shite…

  10. ZicoIsAJoke Says:

    I like the way blog commentors such as Simon R pop out with criticisms of the blog – drawing a response from Rupert – and subsequently slipping back into cyberspace without a response.

    Take your bloody potshots and wither at the first sight of reasoned rebuttal? If you have the bollocks to have a go why don’t you de-constuct the arguments of this blog piece by piece?

    Fat man’s little cock sucker.

  11. AZ Says:

    Do you guys ever publish news without ripping on koptalk?

  12. rupertinsider Says:

    No. Its the very reason of our being. Well, at least its our hobby.
    Read 1. About Us in the toolbar at the top.

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