See Gerrard's goal, read about Anelka back to LFC

First of all – a blatant breach of copyright. The goal scored by Gerrard yesterday in Liverpool’s 1-0 home league win over Manchester City is available for all to see from the Koptalk server. Well, the koptalk dot info server. See Normally you’d have to pay the £30 membership fee to see this stolen content – but it’s all stored on the server for anyone to access, paid or not.

He’s also added it to YouTube so they can share the trouble should there be any –

His koptalk dot info site now seems to be hosted by “1 and 1” internet if you’re bored and want to warn them about the illegal content he’s stored on their servers. You can always remind them of how he slagged off their service earlier this year just before he moved to his (claimed) 1200-quid-a-month service with his current host for Koptalk.coN. And for such an expensive service, it was running VERY, VERY slowly today.

Dunk has long since given up on his season tickets. He pretended in the summer that he’d borrowed money off his mum to renew them. He’s not been to a single league game yet this season. He just doesn’t go to matches any more, hasn’t been going for years. Even on European games he just sends Steve now. Poor Steve’s isolation for the recent few years in the Koptalk shed mean he’s got no mates. Not one. So now they give the other ticket away on Koptalk instead, so that Steve has some company. Duncan’s too scared to go to Anfield himself now.

At least Oldham’s fear of going to Anfield and Steve’s complete lack of mates means that a competition actually ends with a prize being awarded. I think this is the second or third competition since we started the blog where a prize has actually been awarded. Forget all the past non-existent Play Stations and X Boxes, we’re talking of smaller prizes. His spare from his two European tickets. One prize was fairly expensive (if he paid full price) – he decided that he would send Steve on his behalf to a sportsman’s dinner – he wouldn’t go himself because he was too frightened that an angry LFC fan would be one of those who attended. He only cares about himself though, as we’ve often shown, so any danger Steve might have been in did not bother him one bit. Perhaps Oldham has forgotten about all those threats he pretended he’d had earlier this year…

Still, for JMG it was a day to remember, and he wanted to thank Steve. Steve had given up his time to pick up a complete stranger at Manchester airport and to ferry him around Liverpool in advance of the game….

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Loc: Stockholm, Sweden Never having been to Anfield before I was thrilled to have won a ticket to the PSV game through KopTalk. Plus it was a champions league game 🙂

Steve picked me up in Manchester (flew in from Stockholm) and we got to Liverpool a couple of hours before kick off. Steve showed me Melwood and his tricks to get pictures of training (standing on the roof of his car and snapping the pics, you crazy English people )

We then went to get some food before we got to Anfield. It felt slightly magical when it just popped up in front of us! I still couldn’t believe that I was going to the game…

Steve showed me around the ground and the Paisley gates, the Shankly statue, the YNWA gate and of course the Hillsborough Memorial.

Then when we entered Anfield it was a beautiful sight. The emerald green grass, the floodlights and just everything. Then when YNWA rolled around the stadium before kick off the hairs in the back of my neck stood up. I couldn’t believe how loud the Kop is, I hade imagined it, but it still surprised me. I have been to a couple of different stadiums across Europe but Anfield is definitely the loudest and most intimate.

Then the game was a good one, although the first half could have been better. But two nice goals from Gerrard and Crouch and I was a happy camper (I still am 🙂 ).

A have to thank Steve and Dunk for making this possible, especially Steve for showing me around and making sure I enjoyed my self. THANKS!

Oh, and if Steve offers you a lift, make sure to fasten your seatbelt… Go easy on the accelerator mate!

How do I post some pictures???


Well Jonas, I am genuinely glad you enjoyed it. You’ve described a feeling a lot of UK-based Reds take for granted. Steve seems to be pretty much unlike his step-brother, and still seems to be capable of being saved. Dunk can’t let Steve have the limelight though can he? He can’t let Steve have some credit can he? Can he balls – he wants it known that he was Mr Generosity….

Re: Anfield debut… Thanks Steve & Dunk! [Re: JMG]
Dunk Koptalk.coN
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Originally Posted By: JMG
A have to thank Steve and Dunk for making this possible, especially Steve for showing me around and making sure I enjoyed my self. THANKS!

Under my instructions and with my cash

Glad you enjoyed it mate. Reading stuff like this makes the site worthwhile. I wish we could get everyone to Anfield like this.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Comedy Duncan, comedy. Under your instructions. With your cash. Where’s his bloody wages then you fat thief? Minimum wage legislation means you should be chipping in, from what I remember, at least four quid an hour to Steve for what he does. And he does, according to you, work 16-hour days.

Stop thieving from your own family.

And stop thieving from your members and potential members. Stop pretending you’ve got contacts at the club (that stuff about investment was pathetic by the way). The post above from your Swedish member had me chuckling. You think it’s funny to reveal how you get your Melwood photos from the roof of a car / bin lid – then expect us to believe you know what goes on inside Melwood. Being thick is making you look very silly.

Look at this – Duncan says we are buying Anelka at the end of the season…

#38199 – Today at 11:39 AM We’ll sign Anelka
Dunk Koptalk.coN

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Having watched his performance yesterday I came to the conclusion that he’s too good for Bolton and won’t hang around there forever with Dioufy. He loves LFC and desperately wants to play for us.

He’s always in the city now he’s back in the north west and his brothers have made loads of friends here. He’s been out with a few Liverpool lads since he’s been back at Bolton and he’s taken in at least one match in the stands.

At the end of the season we’re going to need another striker and I think he’d be reasonable priced. While in Liverpool you can be assured that his brothers are putting out the come and get him vibes.

The stumbling block could be Parry but saying that Robbie came home. What I mean by this is that both players felt that it was RP who wanted them out and not Ged. I have no idea why, it was just fed to me. Anyway, I doubt that RP would have an influence on Rafa like he may have had with Ged.

I would take Anelka back with open arms and it’s my hunch that he will become a summer target.

So you’re saying this Dunk based on yesterday’s performance only? No. I’ve always wanted him back but yesterday reminded me that he’s a bloody good player who should be at a club like ours.

He never caused one problem while at Liverpool. The suits stitched him up citing his brothers EVEN though Anelka pleaded to stay and EVEN offered to take a reasonable pay cut which would have seen him down the ranks in terms of pay at Anfield.

PS: Failing this, can we have Dioufy back 😉

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Pathetic Oldham. Jackanory from start to finish – as ever. You have made all that up. Especially the bit about Robbie. Pathetic. Not as pathetic as this though – this really had me laughing…

#37625 – Yesterday at 10:26 AM Director’s Box
Dunk Koptalk.coN

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Keep an eye on the press photographers today just before kick off to see if they pay special attention to the director’s box. Might be too obvious but worth a nosey.

– – – – – – –

A few insignificant posts from a few members about this, and one from “kenny_lfc” that had a hint of irony the way I read it. Here’s Dunk’s reply…

#37728 – Yesterday at 01:44 PM Re: Director’s Box [Re: kenny_lfc]
Dunk Koptalk.coN

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Originally Posted By: kenny_lfc
or Dunk has done the impossible and got himself some seats there 😀

I’ve sat in the director’s box before with the suits but not at Anfield as the team was playing over the water
– – – – – – –

So Duncan Oldham, Mr Insider with all of those contacts at Anfield has sat in the directors’ box once in all these years of being “in the know”. All this time spent with “the suits”. I saw something the other day about us having rarely ever played Tranmere, and I assume he means the Mersey by “over the water”, not the Tyne. If he does, then he’s talking about the FA Cup match we played against them a few years back. When you think how many matches we’ve played home and away since he started Koptalk and started claiming his insider knowledge, one game is a bit of a poor show. That’s if there even was one game of course – I seriously doubt even that. More like he got a seat in the stands in view of the directors’ box. And all this was long before he stopped turning up for games a good few years back.

As a user called Biff says though – it’s no big deal anyway…

#37750 – Yesterday at 02:32 PM Re: Director’s Box [Re: Dunk]
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I’ve been in the directors box before for an FA Cup game…it ain’t no thang…..!

No reply to that one from Oldham. He’s wary of what he says on his forums nowadays, he doesn’t know who’s on his side and who’s on his case any more.

I’d just like him to know (he reads this) that a lot more people are on his case than are on his side.

Boycott Koptalk, the S*n-loving anti-Liverpool Football Club website. 


12 Responses to “See Gerrard's goal, read about Anelka back to LFC”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    I can’t be bothered looking it up but one of his big EXCLUSIVES of last summer was that Anelka was coming to LFC for this season in exchange for Morientes. Someone should shuffle his pack and give him a few new names to play with.

    There was a photo on the old Kraptalk of the one occasion when Oldham claimed he was in the director’s box – it was about 2000 or 2001. In the photo he was standing next to the “box” – not in it. Actually it was not even a box at all but a tiny uncovered stand that held about 25 people. You entered it from the ground and sat about 3 feet above ground level. Houllier was there (and maybe Parry) at some sort of early pres-season game. It was a youth team match in a god-forsaken field somewhere – something like St. Helens. Since he says it was “over the water” perhaps it would have been somewhere like Heswell. It was certainly not Tranmere, nothing like it. Imagine some high school bleacher – it was something like that.

    That was the day Oldham first introduced himself to the impressionable 17 year old Partridge who had just arrived from Ireland (so that dates it for you if you want to do the maths). He explained to the poor lad that he was the SOLE OWNER OF THE WORLD’S NO 1 SPORTS SITE and persuaded him to write a diary for Koptalk.

    It was that kind of event – the players stood on the sidelines and you could walk up to them. Oldham used to post an out of focus photo of himself of that day standing next to Partridge. It was his only proof that he had ever met and spoken to an “LFC player”.

  2. Mark Says:

    I think I may have to take some blame for this complete and utter bollocks about Anelka.

    Back when I was a koptalk member (ages ago), I posted about how my sister had gone to a game (home to Vitesse Arnhem in the UEFA Cup, I was freezing my arse off in the stands) with a mate of Danny Murphy’s. They met up with Danny after and, seeing as Diouf had been as shit as usual, my sister brought up the subject of why we didn’t sign Anelka.

    Danny told her that all the players liked Anelka, that he loved living in Liverpool and that he desperately wanted to stay. He also said that the club offered him a contract of ‘only’ £30,000 a week, thinking he’d refuse, and the club would come out of it well (they could use the old ‘attitude’ claim against him).

    Anyway, Nic accepted, to Houllier’s shock, and they completely broke off talks straight away, because they’d already decided to get Diouf.

    Needless to say, as soon as I had posted this (my only piece of ‘inside’ info, I don’t pretend to have more) Dunk was straight onto it, offering his praise, and saying yes, actually I was right, this had happened.

    It was funny how I got hardly any responses until he had said this, once he did everyone was on thanking me for giving them the info.

    So today’s Anelka article is probably my fault. Sorry fellas!

  3. Alan Says:

    What the fuck would he know about who forced Fowler out? Dunk helped get rid of him, the fat prick.

    Why he sits there and says this shit is beyond me.

  4. Tim Says:

    May I just point out one part of the Terms and Conditions for tickets

    “3. Use of Home Match Ticket
    3.1 The Home Match Ticket is issued for your sole use and you shall not resell, assign or (save as set out in clause 3.3 below) transfer the Home Match Ticket or the benefit of it to any other person without the prior written consent of the Club. For the avoidance of doubt (and by way of example only) this Home Match Ticket may not be offered as a prize in any promotion or competition or transferred, lent or sold to any third party as part of a hospitality or travel package, or used for any other commercial purpose save as expressly authorised by the FA Premier League Limited or the Club.”

    So, did Dunc have permission off of UEFA or the Club to put ticket(s) up in a competition? I highly doubt it. Will be worth an email to the club about it, I’ve done it once before but didn’t get a reply though.

  5. rupertinsider Says:


    In the preview for his phantom book he says he will tell all about the time LFC tried to take back his season tickets. Ooo such drama, dearies – well worth 10 quid of anybody’s money.

    About a month ago he said he was not going to take season tickets next season. He was “neutral” and couldn’t care less about LFC, he said.

    Its possible that the club is already on his case and his not buying tickets next year may be his recognition that he won’t get any. Who knows?

    I do think it worth informing the club. You ought to get a reply if you write via the Official Site. There is a section for contacting them. They will forward it to the appropriate person.

    You letter in the past may have been before the blog. Since the blog the club is scrutinizing his activities and has already given him some cease and desist orders. So the club might welcome some evidence of his abuse of the season tickets.

    When you write make it easy for them – give chapter and verse – copy his text, if possible.

    I know people have complained that he claims he bought a share or shares in the summer and that he displayed what he said was a copy on his site. He’s never done it again which may mean he has sold it or he has been warned not to do it again.

  6. Scratch Says:

    If we’re going to talk about giving tickets away without consent, then other sites as well as Koptalk need to close down their ticket sections on the forum as well, as the clause states “3.1 The Home Match Ticket is issued for your sole use and you shall not resell, assign or (save as set out in clause 3.3 below) transfer the Home Match Ticket or the benefit of it to any other person without the prior written consent of the Club” and anyone offering their ticket to another is in breach of these rules.

    Although i’d be interested to know what clause 3.3 says, as it seems to allow certain situations.

  7. Tim Says:

    Scratch, the terms state that if you buy more than one ticket you are allowed to pass on any excess tickets to persons you know and are people who are allowed to attend matches, it is something that has actually just been passed through law but LFC have had it in their T&Cs for years. It enables ticket exchanges as on RAWK to continue going without fear of being shut down as they are there just to genuinely pass on spares at face value.

  8. Scratch Says:

    So you can pass on a spare at face value to A.N Other online, someone that you may never have met before yes, so long as you have more than one? And Rupert or the insider has already agreed that Oldham has two season tickets, although only Steve goes apparantly (“So now they give the other ticket away on Koptalk instead”).

    So why the fuss at Oldham giving away (not at face value either) a match day ticket as a prize once in a while? What he’s doing is no different to any other season ticket holder giving away their ticket to an online “friend”. He knows the recipient just as well as some of those on RAWK or EST know the recipient. All i’m saying is that on this point you can’t have one rule for one, one for another.

  9. Insider Insider Says:

    Scratch: Re Oldham’s season ticket – he’s not got one. Or if he has, he doesn’t use it himself, nor does he pass the ticket on to Steve to use. The strange thing is, he does get tickets to cup games. Or usually he does – somehow he didn’t manage to get one for the Reading League Cup game, even though tickets for that game were available right up to the wire. Maybe it’s through him being a shareholder (if he is) that he gets the tickets for cup games.

    People on other sites who offer tickets to each other at face value on other forums aren’t profiting in any way shape or form from doing so. If anything they’re probably losing out, I know certainly with people who’ve paid booking fees and the like that they often sell the tickets without asking for a share of the card fees and so on. In other words, they don’t even get back what they paid for that ticket.

    Koptalk and Duncan Oldham ARE making a profit from those tickets. Prior to this blog getting on their case they were making HUGE profits from their cup tickets. They were selling them for sums in four figures in some cases. Now they know that they can’t do that, and with the games being less high-profile, their profits are being hit, but they are still making a potential profit.

    One membership of Koptalk costs £30. How many new members did he entice in by promoting outside of the membership area that he was giving a ticket away? If he gets two new members for every ticket then he’s making a profit, regardless of what he pays for each ticket (and he doesn’t pay hospitality prices either).

    In the league table of Duncan Oldham’s Koptalk scams, giving away a ticket to a member is not one that ranks high up the table. But what if Liverpool make it all the way to Athens this season? Or if we are drawn in the CL semi against Manchester United? Do you seriously think he’ll be sending Steve to sit at that one alongside a Koptalk member as part of a free competition? Not a chance – he’ll be touting those tickets to the highest bidder.

    However it is he gets it, he gets a privilege of some kind to be allowed to buy tickets for games. He should have that privilege removed from him, because of his abuse of it.

    I’m someone more inclined to follow the spirit of the rules rather than the letter of them. Be honest – if you spoke to someone at the club, told them that you had a spare ticket for the game due to a mate dropping out, asked was it ok to pass it on at face value to someone else, what do you think they’d say? I think they’d say yes. What if you told them that you were going to give it away in a competition that would be advertised on the internet but could only be entered by people who paid £30 each to join your little club first? I think they’d tell you to stop being a tout and return the tickets there and then.

  10. Insider Insider Says:

    Ticketing at Anfield is an issue that upsets a lot of people – when you find you can get tickets for any game as long as you pay 200 quid each to a website not even affiliated to the club. The club need to try harder to find out where these websites are getting these tickets from and stamp it out. I do believe though that they’d give full support to sites swapping tickets, the only concern might be that “hooligans” could get hold of them – but “hooligans” can pay 200 quid and get one too at this moment in time.

  11. Steve O Says:

    His use of “Over the water” probably means something else. In Liverpool it is of course understood as the Wirral, but why would a fat geordie know that?

    It probably means gateshead.

  12. insearchoffootball Says:

    if you wanan see a good goal, look at tottis:

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