We Know Who The Liverpool FC Investers Are. Trust Me – I'm an Insider.

by SawyerInsider (the return of!) 

For a subject that supposedly bores the life out of him, Oldham has been having a lot to say recently about the proposed investment in to Liverpool FC. This has always been the case of course, he likes to have people believe he is in the know, that he has insiders within the club working for him, in his pocket so to say, and offering them backhanders for scraps of golden information. This is all lies of course, Oldham knows diddly squat about investment. He never has. He never will. He is an outcast at our club.

For Oldham the investment is, and always has been, a way to recruit new members, and to peddle misinformation and promote the dire movies of his fairweather buddies at L4.

In the summer of 2004 Oldham made a killing off his site with the promise of insider information on the future new owners of the club, of course though it was all bullshit, a crafty publicity stunt to promote Mike Jeffries upcoming movie ‘Goal!’, and Oldham fell hook, line and sinker for it, so did his members though unfortunately.

I don’t want to get too involved in the investment issue, that’s best left to the LFC fan sites, I have my views just like everyone else. This blog is about Oldham, and his lies.

So as the investment drama rears it’s ugly head yet again Oldham suddenly becomes a voice of authority on the issue, and his undoubting members lap up his lies and beg for more.

Here’s one, from LFCStanmore.


Any news on investment. The last thread is so long one can’t see the wood for the trees.

Like everyone else, I have now had enough of this. I just want it over with and am hoping you can put me out of my misery

How could Dunk put you out of your misery Buddy? All he’s going to give you his personal opinion and lies. Oh here we go, along comes the fat exploitative Geordie on the scene.

Well there’s several things to look at and think about.

Investment links at this time of the year are common because of the AGM. Take last year for example. At the actual AGM Sky Sports News went live with Parry after the meeting and asked him “Is it right that new interest has just come in from the far east?” – Parry then smiled, avoided the question and so on. We were led to believe that within a few hours of the AGM a new party had come in.

So, we have to be suspicious of what we read and hear. Parading Gillett Jnr around Anfield and Melwood yesterday during the daytime could be seen as a bit suspect by some but I actually believe there’s something in the latest rounds of speculation.

Although Gillett Jnr is seen by the media as the favourite, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dubai link gains ground. This is the one that sounds the most promising to me if we are to exclude L4, Morgan and others.

I believe an L4-Morgan alliance would be best for the club because I’m led to believe that £400m+ could be brought in. There’s also a Spanish connection in there who I believe would come in as the next chief executive and this is someone that Rafa has a lot of respect for.

Morgan and L4 have an unwritten agreement in that if one gets in, they won’t close the door on the other. In other words they will try to work together for the benefit of the club.

But because both of them have spent thousands trying to get in, they’re not knocking on the club’s door. There is a “we’re hear if you want to talk” calling card that’s been pushed under it.

Many people want to knock Morgan but I have found that this negativity comes from LFC websites that are more ‘militant’ and still in the ’60’s’. For example, one thing people say is “he undervalues the club”. Well that’s a good thing because this means Moores gets less and the club gets more. The majority of the cash would go into Moores’ pockets and he would walk away so the cheaper someone can get the club the better providing they inject the savings.

Now I don’t know if Morgan and/or L4 would be of any use just like I don’t know if Gillett Jnr or the Arabs would be but from my own personal point of view, I’d rather have football people – and people who bleed LFC – running the club than outsiders.

I’m not naive but I do think that Moores is for the first time, thinking about selling. Everyone in the world will tell you he has been for ages but if you speak to those who have tried to invest, they all say he doesn’t want to move hence the minor investment option both he and Parry favour.

Face it Dunk, you know nothing. You’re still harping on about L4 for Christ’s sake! Give it up. Everyone knows how much of a tw*t that made you look. And Morgan. Steve Morgan? Give it a rest.

The truth is all you are doing is rehashing public knowledge and putting it in such a way that you someone know more than the press. You do not! Face facts. And koptalk members should never trust this guy, he’s out to gain your trust and exploit you for your membership money andany other scams he can come up with to empty your pockets. He’s been doing it for years.

Lets go back a day. Yesterday he read in the Liverpool echo that the proposed board meeting had been postponed. So what does Oldham do? Well he puts 2 and 2 together and comes up with 5 for his few remaining loyal and unknowing members.

Some more crock of shit from the fat one.

Standby for some investment news. It’ll be brief but it’s very important and it’s happening now.

Obviously this wets the appetite of his tens of remaining foreign members. They want more. But all we have here is a stab in the dark from Oldham based on what the Liverpool Echo said earlier in the day.

Here’s a classic though. Straight out of the Oldham bullshit factory in Wallsend.

EXCLUSIVE: Parry and Moores take VIP on Melwood tour

Liverpool chairman David Moores and his chief executive Rick Parry are entertaining George Gillett Jr today.

The wealthy American businessman is on Merseyside to try and conclude a deal with the Reds that would see him pump millions of pounds into the club.

KOPTALK knows that Gillett and his advisors have been in talks with club officials at Anfield all day which is why today’s scheduled board meeting was cancelled at short notice.

After he was shown around the stadium, Gillett was then personally taken on a tour of the Melwood training facilities by the Liverpool chairman and this has been confirmed by our source at the complex.

More Bullshit? Of course. Face it big boy you have no sources, and you cenrtainly do not have any sources at Anfield or at Melwood. You do not have a gateman who would risk his livelihood for your scraps.

For Oldham investment news and speculation = $$$. Simple as that really. WE all know he’s a compulsive liar and a master of jackonory. He likes to make up stories.

Other Liverpool fan sites, incidentally run by real fans of our club and who have real insider info, know nothing of such a visit. So what do we believe. The boy who crys wolf everytime his members beg for more made up insider info, or real insiders? I know where my money is.

In my next story I will be taking you back in time. Marty McFly style, minus the DeLorean.


39 Responses to “We Know Who The Liverpool FC Investers Are. Trust Me – I'm an Insider.”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    Nicely done, sawyer insider.

  2. sawyerinsider Says:

    thanks rupe
    good to be back writing about and exposing this scum bag once again.

  3. Tubby Says:

    Dunk has a brilliant way of saying a great deal without actually saying anything at all. I mean that long-winded spiel about investment, what the hell was he actually saying?

    Dopy cunt, he doesn’t even have the brains to realise KT is dead and we’re all just waiting for preacher and the sermon.

  4. rupertinsider Says:


    He has admitted that there are two seasons in the year when he makes his money – the January and Summer transfer seasons. But he also discovered that the investment issue is also a big earner.

    At the moment he is doing a makeover to prepare for the January rush. No doubt he has a pile of false transfer rumours in his inventory.

    There are some who say that this January could make or break him. If he could take in a lot of advertising dough and lots of new members who follow his false leads – he might decide to try to hang on until the summer. But if he fails – then he won’t have enough money to continue. As his current memberships expire – many will not renew.

    So it could be that January will be his last cash grab before he opens a porn site or something.

    The problem with all the rational scenarios about Oldham is that he really does not have many alternatives. He is addicted to easy money from his LFC con.

  5. true red Says:

    Is it just me or is anybody else bored about you slagging off koptalk? I dont care for koptalk one little biut but get over it son……

    bored shitless about you ranting on how crap they are and how much they lie. Its defamation at its best – why dont you just make youre stuff better instead of slagging down the competition???

    you sound’ll like a twat if you dont

  6. Kopwank Says:

    What ever happened to them buying a propery in Melwood so they could peer over the fence repeatedly? Maybe Dunc would like to let us know when he is next there so we can have a discussion in person?

    “He has admitted that there are two seasons in the year when he makes his money – the January and Summer transfer seasons. But he also discovered that the investment issue is also a big earner.”

    This is true Rupert, spout some bullshit about finance (which will ALWAYS prove to be false afterwards)

    Notice the misleading articles he now churns out slightly less frequently, that every one without fail goes to number 1.

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    I am convinced that he has a fix on News Now (we even know exactly how he it can be done). News Now admit it can be done but cannot defend against it. They would also look pretty bad if their advertisers knew that many of the clicks could be false and produced by a cheap programme (I don’t want to say too much so as not give Oldham ideas).

    That said, his article yesterday had an enticing headline about a sexy subject – investment (e.g. sawyer’s article above is getting a hell of a lot more clicks today than mine about Michael Shields). Oldham’s headline was designed to attract clicks – so I don’t doubt that it did. But it was still boosted by the programmed clicks – I can tell that by the speed it went to the Top Stories yesterday.

    However, our work with News Now seems to be paying off. They seem to be rationing Koptalk to far less submissions than before. They are very well aware of how incongruous it is that his false stories get so many clicks so rapidly. They have read the blog.

    At the end of the day though, News Now gets the benefits of all his false stories and they get the benefit from the blog’s counter stories.

  8. Ben Says:

    Bored of the Koptalk bashing. Yes he’s crap, yes he talks rubbish, but this has become a Koptalk Bashing site. Any idea about some FOOTBALLING news or are you just on a personal vendetta. Did he bang your mrs or something?

  9. Insider Insider Says:

    Good to have you back Sawyer.

  10. rupertinsider Says:


    First laugh out loud in a long time. “…but this has become a Koptalk Bashing site.” Duh!

  11. Alan Says:

    Did someone complain to newsnow again? his top story, which i might add was a load of bollocks, has totally gone from NN in the last hour.

    Glad to see AnfieldOnline publishing articles that basically say Koptalk are lying.

    well in

  12. limpan74 Says:

    Lets hope somthing hapens soon.

  13. rupertinsider Says:


    It gets booted wheh its 24 hours are up. But then it reappears, after some time, on yesterday’s top posts.

    That’s why he cheats to get it in the Top Stories so quickly. Once there he is guaranteed at least two days in the right column. But you have to be the very top or the top two or three to get that treatment.

  14. Ste Says:

    Ben, I get the feeling you’ve totally missed the point of this site.

  15. latestinsider Says:

    So Dunk didn’t keep his promise of shutting Koptalk down, if there was no further news of investment on first day of the season…..hmmmm…..bullshit and lies mr porkie pie!

    We all know he is a platinum plated pork pie prize prick!

  16. Zico Says:

    Hey mate,

    Don’t get upset that you’re not in the know. I’m nowt to do with Duncan Oldham. I simply know people who know people. And it is going to happen (a takeover that is). Very soon.

  17. redkop Says:

    What ever happened to them buying a propery in Melwood so they could peer over the fence repeatedly?
    ha ha i remember that, and some of the mobile phone video footage of Salif Diao getting in his wagon was laughable

  18. mineeyeshavebeenopen Says:

    dear zico, no one is saying that a takeover is not gonna happen. it might, it might not.(hurhur… this sounds like oldham)

    all that they are saying is that dunk is sprouting made-up bullshit, which he reprents to be real inside information and then charges you 30 pounds for it.

  19. Insider Insider Says:

    To those who laughed at Ben’s misunderstanding of this site, have a look at the comment I found in the spam this morning from “true red”.

    “Is it just me or is anybody else bored about you slagging off koptalk? I dont care for koptalk one little biut but get over it son……

    bored shitless about you ranting on how crap they are and how much they lie. Its defamation at its best – why dont you just make youre stuff better instead of slagging down the competition???

    you sound’ll like a twat if you dont”

    This was posted at twenty-to-four on Friday, which – coincidentally – was the time of day where two ex-members of Koptalk got abusive and threatening phone-calls to their places of work from Koptalk.

    Perhaps Dunk’s mum has Friday afternoons off.

    Of course it could be a coincidence that this latest illiterate and ill-informed attack is from a Tiscali user, like the recent one from “Grotbags” and another one beginning with “G”.

    Ben wasn’t a Tiscali user though, so for his benefit – We aren’t here to report on LFC, we are here to report on how LFC are reported. We are to report on how LFC are lied about by Koptalk. How LFC supporters are stolen from by Koptalk. How Koptalk took money from LFC supporters supposedly for charity, but then managed to buy all kinds of flashy electronic goods – yet claimed to be so short of money they had to borrow money for a season ticket. To put it bluntly – Koptalk con people in many different way. We’re here to stop the con.

    As for “defamation” – look up what it means. I just did, just for you. This is from Britannica, other places to look up big words exists too – “defamation: In law, issuance of false statements about a person that injure his reputation or that deter others from associating with him. Libel and slander are the legal subcategories of defamation…”

    I’ve highlighted an important word in the definition for you. FALSE. As far as I know, we’ve only reported the truth.

  20. BTB Says:

    I have to be honest I am getting sick of Koptalk and the people who blindly follow the garbage on their, thanking dunk and Zico for no inofrmation or stuff that contradicts facts.
    What would be a good post to get more members here and annoy dunk. Someone tell me a nice long good post.

  21. rupertinsider Says:

    “Nowt to do with Oldham”
    Yet you a paid member of his site. You start a thread on his site using his technique of pretending to have information so hot and specific that you cannot reveal it all. Then when daft Disco takes you seriously and ask questions you don’t reply. When some of the more sensible ones on there start criticizing your blatant con, Oldham comes riding to your rescue, deletes the thread, and lectures everyone of his paying members that he won’t be having any of that. His site is about freedom of speech etc etc.
    The next day you show up on Koptalk to say you were too busy to respond to the thread you started. Now you show up here trying the same dumb trick.
    Your thread on Koptalk came after several articles in the mainstream press, including one on the morning of your thread, suggested the names of bidders and that a bid and decision was imminent. So what you thread proved was that you can read – at least the headlines.

    Just like Oldham, you can’t keep your story straight. On another thread you posted this:

    “He is going to sell. One bid is streets ahead. I don’t know the name of the bidder who is in the box seat, but it will happen. 99% Guaranteed now.”

    I don’t know who is more gormless – you or the idiots on Koptalk who respond with questions about your opinion whether the sale to this unknown party is good for the club. No wonder you can’t resist spinning it out.

  22. Ravaish Says:

    I used to browse koptalk website, and I taught that it was a genuine site. Then all of a sudden, koptalk was sort of shut to non members. I was puzzled! Then I found your website and then I understood a lot of things, and the lies that were being said beneath. I thank you for the information that you are diffusing about that guy. I really hope that all the truth gets known and that man will someday get what he deserves. Thanks again.

  23. rupertinsider Says:

    Oldham claimed that every other site would be repeating the EXCLUSIVE “made available to myself” about a secret jet and Gillette at Melwood. As it happens – no other site has repeated it.

    So now some of the interns in the Koptalk cult cite this very fact as proof that it must be true!

  24. scratch Says:

    Regarding these “threatening calls” to ex-koptalk members, can anyone prove that they are coming from Koptalk staff. For all you know, they could be coming from people wanting to create more ammunition for you to blog. It’s like your claims that duncan has no sources inside melwood. You “believe” he has no sources, but you can’t prove it. If you stick this blog to things that you can actually prove, rather than trying to taint him with allegations that have no basis, you might find more people reading with an open mind, and not just laughing. Especially at Rupert’s attempts to create controversy, which normally end up with him coming across as a deranged stalker with no outside interaction.

  25. Christoff Says:

    Scratch, you’re missing the point.

    I’d suggest you read a majority of this blog and then made your mind up. If you’re still stuck with that point of view, then well??

    I feel sorry for you. :

    I for one refuse to sympathize with a S*n supporting con artist who sells people fake sky cards and doesn’t even deliver them, uses Michael Shields as a domain name to draw in money and then claim he has exclusive first team videos, all of which are stolen, illegal anyway, and FREE!! He is a leech, he doesn’t give a flying feck about his members, and he’s proven that.

    Even if he isn’t responcible for the calls to employers, he’s still an enemy of this club. That’s my opinion, feel free to differ.

    Also, to people complaining about the blogs ‘same old tricks’, my suggestion to you is to stop reading it.

    You know what the blog is here for, and the bloggers have several times stated that this is for new people considering joining k*ptalk, or just existing members who are genuinely unsure about the site.

    This blog isn’t here to entertain you, the bloggers have clearly stated their intentions. If you’re bored, take a break!!

    The bloggers aren’t here to entertain you either, they’re here to sink a (pretty much proven) con artist who doesn’t even work under the data protection act. (Alarm bells anyone?)

    If you’ve got a problem, then why not go elsewhere??

    The bloggers are all the time dropping links to other lfc sites with a wealth of the information you seem to desire!!

    Go there!!

  26. rupertinsider Says:


    You’ve got it back to front. The blog does not have to prove anything. Oldham has to prove that he has links inside Anfield, Melwood and the Academy. He’s the one charging for those claims. Most sensible observers who have followed his contradictions and failed predictions over the years, could easily see that he has not.

    The blog participants added another dimension. We wrote to and spoke with senior executives at LFC. They all said that Oldham had never had any contact with the club and never will. He is a persona non grata – an outcast. With respect to his specific claims about having bribed a gate man at Melwood and painters at Anfield – the executives laughed and explained how that was impossible. Oldham back peddled on that one – changing his story to that it is the wife of a friend of the gateman. Next thing we hear it will be the wife’s dog.

    Other blog participants who have first-hand knowledge of Melwood and its personnel, including its gate men, and, unlike Oldham, they live in Liverpool and not Wallsend. They tells us that rather than Oldham having inside contacts there his attempts to take long distance shots over the wall from on top of a wheelie bin was the object of much mockery among the staff inside Melwood.

    On the subject of the threatening calls – you should go over to EST 1892 were it was big issue two or three months ago. Briefly, some users of EST 1892 reported that they received threatening calls at work from Koptalk staff i.e. Oldham’s family.

    On your point about stalking. It would be a good idea to give Oldham a taste of stalking considering his two year long stalking of Robbie Fowler and the muck he made up and tried to sell to the S*n and other tabloids about him. But I don’t think we are stalkers. And if we are there are a lot of us – contributors to the blog and thousands who read it. Are they “deranged”, too?

    AS for stalking you are not doing so badly yourself are you? How many posts is it now that you have used to accuse the blog of bad faith or being “deranged”? Your technique seems to be to mention a topic the blog has touched on without producing any evidence that you have actually read what you are criticizing.

    Thanks for your comment – it gives us a chance to make points for other readers who may be new to the subject. They can catch up on the issue you mentioned by reading 2.The Blog v Koptalk at the top of this page.

  27. Zico Says:


    I post things I find out, and I find out a lot, given my position. I didn’t see most of the ‘abuse’ and comments I got on koptalk, because I was on business in London. Not that I would have given more informatino away if quizzed. Now, people like you, who’s business involves saying, ‘do you want fries with that’, may like to think I can give chapter and verse, but I can’t. I can give brief details. Peoples jobs, my contacts and the deal itself is at risk if too much gets out. However, I can confirm there will be a takeover, it will be public by mid December and Moores is going.

    Don’t get upset because I gave Koptalk an exclusive. I like Koptalk, I like posting on there. My choice, simple as that.

    You don’t like that ? I couldn’t give a flying feck !!

  28. ZicoIsAJoke Says:

    You’re a joke, Zico. I suppose most of the other Liverpool websites are wallowing in disappointment since you didn’t provide them with your ‘exclusive’.


    As Rupert says, you are a fraud.

  29. insearchoffootball Says:

    nice article

  30. Christoff Says:

    ‘You don’t like that ? I couldn’t give a flying feck !!’

    Then why are you posting here, defending yourself??

    Why does it matter to you??

    You’re full of crap, if you knew anything at all and had a high position you’d be working with the tabloids, for a much broader audience than on a failing miserable little webs(h)ite that’s been proven to be a thorn in the side of this club.

    Fact is, if you don’t care and it doesn’t bother you, then don’t post here and open yourself up for yet more abuse.

    Your own audience, the K*ptalk public, they don’t even believe you.

    So what on Earth did you hope to achieve here with your childish little tirade??

    You’ve barely even argued your point, if you can’t give exclusive meaty details, then why give details at all??

  31. Insider Insider Says:

    After recent events on here and the requests to stop attacking Koptalk members it’s hard to not attack the person posting on here as “Zico”. Maybe Zico is a decent bloke, maybe he’s an arse, who knows? However we might not have the same “Zico” posting nonsense on here as the one who posts on Koptalk.

    This is an “attack” on the person who posted this on here…

    “Zico Nov 26th, 2006 at 1:11 pm


    I post things I find out, and I find out a lot, given my position. I didn’t see most of the ‘abuse’ and comments I got on koptalk, because I was on business in London. Not that I would have given more informatino away if quizzed. Now, people like you, who’s business involves saying, ‘do you want fries with that’, may like to think I can give chapter and verse, but I can’t. I can give brief details. Peoples jobs, my contacts and the deal itself is at risk if too much gets out. However, I can confirm there will be a takeover, it will be public by mid December and Moores is going.

    Don’t get upset because I gave Koptalk an exclusive. I like Koptalk, I like posting on there. My choice, simple as that.

    You don’t like that ? I couldn’t give a flying feck !!”

    What is it that motivates these types? Why do it? For a start, you can’t punctuate for shit, hardly the sign of a high-flying business man. You’re probably the person responsible for the sign I once saw in a local supermarket advertising a special offer on “Virgin Coke”.

    If you are the Zico that “gave Koptalk an exclusive” then I’d like to thank you for your help. Yes, you are the type of person we need more of at Koptalk. Not just bullshitters, but crap bullshitters. Any more out there? Speak to Dunk about a free membership in return for your stories about devil worship in a secret room at Melwood or whatever shite you want to make up.

    What business were you on in London “Zico”? Putting cards up in phone boxes?

    Please Zico, for all our sakes, stay on Koptalk. I think I am safely speaking for all other Liverpool FC websites when I say that you aren’t wanted out there.

    It’s people like “Zico” who remind me how someone as thick as Duncan Oldham got to last so long with his scam.

    (If anyone wants to defend “Zico” please feel free. I think he’s mad and short on friends and attention.)

  32. rupertinsider Says:

    “What is it that motivates these types? ”
    You could say they are attention-seeking simpletons, but I couldn’t possible comment.

  33. John Says:

    Not criticising your site at all, I’ve learnt a lot about why Koptalk should be avoided. IMO, you’re doing a good job.

    I have to ask though, why aren’t the authorities doing more about Koptalk?

    Also, don’t you get sick of doing the same thing every day? Rupert seems to be on here all the time. Does the thought of Koptalk being closed down motivate you so much?

    Keep up the good work.

    Remember the 96.

  34. rupertinsider Says:


    What are the authorities doing? By “authorites” do you mean LFC? If so look at 2. The Blog v Koptalk in the tool bar for some answers to that question.

    If you mean government authorities read 5. Shop Oldham. It outlines some matters that should interest the authorities. Some participants have informed them. Obviously the government cannot tell us the status of any investigations regarding taxation and benefit fraud. Although one agency did recently confirm to one of us that they have interviewed him and will now monitor his site. There are also other indications that he is under pressure. But more people should inform them-

    “Rupert seems to be on here all the time”. That may be because I am in a diffrent time zone. I am also on the net all day – from early morning to late at night – on my own time. So its relatively easy for me to break off from other projects to look in from time to time. I write quickly.

    Having said that – yes, I’ve been sick of contemplating Oldham for about 8 years. When Insider started the blog I thought it might last three months and I’d contribute. It’s lasted much longer. Its within striking distance of sinking Koptalk. I contribute more lately because Insider has been unable. Its well worth the effort to finish the job. But, as I’ve said many times, before other writers would be appreciated.

  35. latestinsider Says:

    zico is a fat cunt

  36. John Says:

    Thanks Rupert. I read those 5 bars at the top a few weeks ago. It just struck me, with the amount of stuff that you guys know about Koptalk, the government should have locked him uo years ago.

    I don’t believe in shopping anyone, but Oldham deserves to be in jail if even half of the stuff on bar 5 is true. Not doubting your information btw.

    It just surprises me that he’s gotten away with all this for so long.

    Just a general question about the S*n boycott (which you mentioned with reference to Oldham a few weeks ago):

    The paper’s sales on Merseyside will never recover, which is still no consolation for the familes of the 96. Would extending the boycott to all Murdoch publications weaken its impact? If I had any influence in the HJC, I would urge Liverpool fans (and everyone else) to consider this policy.
    He was ultimately responsible, and remains responsible for the lies that his paper still prints about Liverpool. Plus he reinstated Kelvin MacKenzie.

    Can anyone get back to me on this?


  37. peacock Says:

    I just want to say you made my husband’s day today being a mu fan. I cant believe what happened tonight I hope we go on to win the champions league as the m u fans took great delight in the pub tonight and I would like to see us have the last laugh i hope the players have the to pick themselves up and show the world what we are made of. Come on guys there is only so far you can go before you go up! Have you heard of you will never walk alone come on? get in with the spirit, forget about the money and gain the liverpool spirit!

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