MICHAEL SHIELDS IS HOME TODAY, no thanks to Koptalk.

by Rupert Insider

michael-shields.jpgThe LIVERPOOL ECHO claims it as an EXCLUSIVE.

“MICHAEL Shields was finally back on British soil today after his 18-month Bulgarian prison nightmare ended. “

It is a story that will lift many a heart in Liverpool and throughout the worldwide family of Liverpool supporters. Even those who want to reserve judgement on Michael’s guilt or innocence will be pleased that the engineering student is home in Liverpool in time for Christmas and he will now have access to appeals through the British and European courts.

We do not want to cast any shadow on the good news. But this blog is about Koptalk. We would remind everyone that even when Koptalk used to have a large number of readers on its free forums (now defunct) – the owner of Koptalk refused to use the site’s influence to promote the campaign to Free Michael Shields. He lumped it together with the Hillsborough Justice Campaign

He said that those two campaigns were about “politics” and his site was about “entertainment”. He also said that the people running those campaigns were “difficult to deal with”.

In the summer of 2006, this blog raised the issue of Koptalk’s relationship with the Michael Shields campaign.

Oldham refused to post the link to the official campaign site which most other LFC sites posted.

Instead, Oldham personally bought himself a “Michael Shields” domain (I will not reproduce it here). Visitors who arrived at that site were given the address of the bank which was receiving donations for the campaign – but no other information. They were deprived of direct access to the campaign and all its up-to-date progress reports.

Meanwhile Oldham personally benefitted from the national and international interest in Michael Shields. People who searched the net using “Michael Shields” as a keyword would arrive at Oldham’s site. All the visitors to the domain he had bought for about ₤5 were added to the number of clicks he claimed for his Koptalk.com conglomerate – an important statistic to advertisers.

And they were subjected to Koptalk.com advertisements. They were invited to switch to other Koptalk.com sites where, they would be sold on the “benefits” of buying a ₤30 subscription to his site.

The entire scheme was a very cheap form of advertising for him – a way of converting genuine interest in Michael Shields into money for Oldham.

Oldham is the sole owner of Koptalk. It is an unregistered business which does not publish its accounts or provide the address of a bank account – apart from PayPal. It appears to mix all business, charity and Oldham’s personal revenues and expenses.

When we raised these issues in the summer of 2006, Oldham claimed that he had made a “personal” donation of ₤1,000 to the Michael Shields campaign some time previously. This would certainly be consistent with his technique of being on both sides of an issue to buy-off critics.

(He had also made a song and dance about once having donated a PC to the HJC. Presumably he thought that justified his practice of breaking the boycott of the S*n called for by the HJC, taking the S*n daily, selling its stories second-hand on News Now as a come-on for Koptalk, personally endorsing it by publishing a photo of himself wearng a S*n promotional hat, and taking paid advertisements for “We Love the S*n” banner advertisements on Koptalk.).

One of us tried to check his claim that he had donated ₤1,000 to the Michael Shields campaign but, at the time, the official campaign was unable to confirm whether he had or had not made the donation. We gave Oldham the benefit of any doubt there may be.

But there is no doubt that he refused to promote the campaign on his site, Koptalk.

So welcome home Michael. Thanks to many LFC supporters sites that tried their best to publicise your family’s campaign to bring you back to Liverpool. But no thanks to Koptalk.

Link to Liverpool Echo EXCLUSIVE



49 Responses to “MICHAEL SHIELDS IS HOME TODAY, no thanks to Koptalk.”

  1. nimishbatra Says:

    There is but one word I can say for Michael’s return to safety.

  2. revo Says:

    your also exploiting michael shields with your blog. everyone is happy he has come home, why not leave it at that. There is no winner for a pair of soft cunts arguing when neither of the soft cunts have been locked up for the past 18 months. welcome home michael lad and i hope you get sorted soon

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    We don’t have a personal “Michael Shields” site from where we try to sell anything.

    We know already that you are a staunch Oldham supporter. Well, at least your one of his honorary members who gets to use his site for free. But do you have any comments to make about the facts alleged in the above article? In the three years you have been very active on his site, did you ever ask him why it was not supporting the Michael Shields campaign or ever object to his published reasons for refusing to do so? You present yourself as a champion of free-speech.
    Here’s reminder of one of your 6,500 posts on KT.
    Honorary Member
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    Re: Dunc-sin bin.. [Re: Dunk]
    #1700619 – Wed Nov 15 2006 05:33 PM
    please adopt “if youve got thin skin dont come in” dunk please dont let the site be over run with these politically correct goodie good two shoes. theres a place for everyone on here even foul mouthed ignoramouses like me. its very simple, if you dont like it [oops] off to another thread or press ignore. this is a site for fans who want to praise/ vent or basically say what the [oops] they want to say and not have to worry about some little beeatch asking for a mod everytime someone is called a bugger.
    theres nothing wrong with the way things are. if someone gets out of line, inform a mod and have dunk have a quiet word
    Looking at your KT posts that have been cited on this blog recently by another author, I notice that you are very keen on Koptalk competitions – all the free prizes Oldham gives away – or doesn’t give away. Is that your motive for visiting his site? Apparently you get a go for nothing! Do you know who, if anybody, actually received the prize in this competition you entered?
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    WIN a multi-satellite receiver – ROUND 3
    #1670845 – Thu Oct 12 2006 06:44 PM
    To enter, all you have to do is predict the outcome of Man Utd v Liverpool. All the correct entries proceed to round 4 and so on until we have a winner.
    Reply to this thread before 1.00pm UK Time on Sunday 22nd with one of the following:
    Liverpool win
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    Re: WIN a multi-satellite receiver – ROUND 3 [Re: dsimcock]
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    liverpool win

  4. revo Says:

    i think it would be very hard for you not to notice anything on koptalk with your obsessive behaviour. your little snide comment about me being a staunch oldham supporter is laughable. The man has caused me no personal grief and he is not coming over to my house anytime soon for a sunday roast. if he supports the sun he is a cunt, if he never made donations to michael shields or the hillsborough crowd when he said he did then he is a cunt. thats the difference here, i will tell him, like i will tell you to your face and not hide behind some queer little name like rupert. As i have told you in the past if you have to get your freak on with oldham then thats good for you and you have to do what you have to do, but dont include me in any of your shenanigans and make me look like some gobshite. The michael shields blog today should have been all positive instead of you continuing your pissing contest with oldham.Its a great day for michael and his family yet you seem to need your 15 more minutes of fame. if you dont get the score on that then your a bigger twat than i thought.
    oh and by the way, i dont know anyone else that has won a prize but there was a crew that come to liverpool for a auction last month.

  5. LeeRed Says:

    I have to say, I am a subscriber to KT, as well as other LFC sites. I can neither support nor disbelieve your comments on the person who runs KT, as I do not know what is true and what isn’t. What I will say is you really do seem to be attacking on ALL fronts at the moment, and I’m just wondering why? Call it curiosity.

    Lee (the Red)

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    Why don’t you post you high opinion of Oldham on his site?

    And could you explain why you are an honorary member with more than 6,500 posts on a site that supports the S*n and advertises it.

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    Hi Lee:

    To answer you fully I should refer you to “1. About Us” and “2. Blog v Koptalk” at the top of this page – in the tool bar. If you are still interested after that you could then look at the other sections.

    It may appear to you that we are attacking him “at the moment”. But everything in the above article (apart from the fact of Michael’s return) has been stated several times before in this blog sine March 2006.

    The issue of Michael Shields campaign was one of the first and main issues tackled by the blog. I am given to understand that what has been said here is supported by many including some close to the campaign. I also believe that what we have done here has been of peripheral help to the campaign.

    It may be that you have come to us via News Now. We have only recently been featured in News Now. Most of Oldham’s customers have left his site since the blog started. So we are not directing our blog so much at them, but at those others in the general LFC population who surf the net for news and information about LFC – some of whom might consider a subscription to Oldham without knowing his history.

    You say you don’t know if what we say is true or not. We try to lay it out in such a way that you can check for yourself. The main lie of KT before the blog – was that all his news information and whispers came from Anfield or Melwood or the Academy and that players and executives provided the information he then sold to the gullible public. He even claimed to have meetings lined up with Rick Parry the Exeucive Director etc etc. We were in your shoes then – we did not know for sure how much he was lying. So we contacted the club and asked them. They (Head of Press and Rick Parry) told contributors to the blog that he has never had any contact with any executives or any access to the club. Now you can believe the evidence for this we have presented or you can do what we did – call the club. The same could be said for almost all the other issues we have “attacked”.

    If a person does not think it important that an LFC site makes false claims and supports the S*n then the blog most seem irrelevant etc. It comes down to values.

    It is repetitive only for those who keep reading the blog. But as we have explained our target audience are the newcomers.

    The blog is also becoming a clearing house for information for those who want to do something about KT.

    I’ve noticed that since we were on News Now and since readership of the blog has returned to the several thousands daily we had in the summer, it seems to be stinging the few remaining Koptalk stalwarts and more of them are showing up on the blog to defend their membership in Koptalk – but none of them ever explain why they are members of KT rather than one of the many other honest sites.

  8. LeeRed Says:

    Why did you delete my post?

  9. LeeRed Says:

    Ignore my last comment, many apologies, for some reason I couldn’t see it!


  10. LeeRed Says:

    Fair reply to my original post. I’ll just have to see what goes on. BTW, some of the KY servies are quite useful, like the free text alerts of the team news, which does arrive approx 45 mins before a game. I’m not saying that alone is worth the subscription, or that I believe the “exclusives”, but it is all about how the servie you percieve you are getting, in relation to what you are paying.

    If the comments about “The Sun (Scum) turn out to be true, then he will truly reap what he sows.

  11. bernard Says:

    Shouldn’t all reds try to be friends? Just a thought for some of you!

    Sifting thru peoples posts is a crazy thing do do – some people have too much time on their hands….!

    In Rafa We Trust

    all the best

  12. DM Says:

    As Koptalk is indeed a website that collects details from users (ie. its forum) for which it charges then it is liable under the Data Protection Act.

    He therefore has a duty to declare this information to the Information Commissioner – his £30 (or £20 cash) x members will then need to be passed on in to the relevant authorities.

    It may be worth looking at.

  13. rupertinsider Says:


    Many ex-members have accused him on here and on other sites – especially EST 1892 – of misusing their personal information and being in conflict with the data protection regulations. Some suspect him of selling it to junk mailers – but there is no proof – just coincidence that when he bans someone they begin to receive large quantities of junk mail. Others have pointed out that he used their information to trace their place of work and then have one of his relatives call and threaten them with exposure to their employer for views they expressed about him on his forums or other sites.

    Some of them have done the same research you have. I cannot remember if anyone has actually reported him. I seem to remember that one of his defences was to do with whether he kept the details on a hard copy or on a hard drive.

  14. rupertinsider Says:

    “Why did you delete my post?”

    I see you found it. Unlike Koptalk we don’t normally delete posts – even the ones criticizing us.
    If the post is from a new IP not used before, the WordPress software puts it in a queue awaiting moderation. When one of us sees it we let it through – unless it appears to be spam. Not that this applied to your post – it did get through first time.

    (There are an increasing number of one-liners that are really spam – a technique used by other bloggers on WordPress to draw attention to their blog).

    Sometimes there is an accident and the WP software will mistake a genuine post as spam and miss it because we don’t really examine the spam post file because there are so many.

  15. rupertinsider Says:

    If you were referring to me. I did not trawl through revo’s posts on KT. The two posts I cited were already cited on this blog in articles written by Insider Insider (the editor). He cited them to make a point about Koptalk which he explained in those two articles.

    There could be nothing more boring than trawling through Koptalk posts of any poster. I don’t do it.
    As to Reds being friends. But isn’t that the point of my article?. Why did Koptalk not support the Michael Shields campaign? Why does it support the S*n that defamed Reds and refuses to apologise. Why has Oldham been trying to flog a book entitled “Anfield Exposed” for four years, promising to expose muck? Why did he conduct a campaign against Fowler and so on….

    Contributors have frequently questioned if Oldham is a Red. Recently – three weeks ago – he said he was “impartial” and could care less if Anfield was torn down and turned into an Asda supermarket.
    He was a Leeds supporter who changed his name to Mr. Manchester United by deed poll and then discoverd LFC. And he has been trying to run three “sister” sites for Newcastle United, Nottingham Forest and Tottenham. He has a season ticket for Newcastle. He rarely attends Anfield. Many believe he is “anti-red”. His false made-up gossip and rumour is usually negative about the shareholders, the board, the executives and players and respected journalists who specialize in LFC.

  16. LSM Says:

    LeeRed, you are being conned out of your money by a lying, S*n-loving, LFC-hating, Leeds-supporting, conman.

    I know that sounds extreme, but t’s what many people believe to be true. This blog has been thorough in uncovering the truth about Oldham. The S*n exploits alone should cause concern, not to mention he has no contacts at the club (in fact they have issued ceas-and-desist orders for his claims of inside knowledge and flogging LFC branded merchandise), and any claims he makes about “inside info” or “contacts” or “scoops” or “links to video” are either made up bullshit (he gets some stories from the S*n) are just totally fabricated, or he gets them from other sites that you and I can get for free, then claims ownership.

    Do the right thing and stay away from Koptalk. Visit the many other proper LFC sites for news, info, links, and good banter (noticed how you get deleted/banned for criticising anything on KT?), if you’ve lost money to KT take it on the chin and move on.

    KT is a tumour on this great club.

  17. john007 Says:

    tell you what i joined koptalk about 16 months ago and left a week later as it was crap koptalkinsider new less than my mate who lives in west derby utter bollocks in my opinion

  18. AZ Says:

    Jeez… why bother to use this as an opportunity to get at Koptalk? Granted you don’t like Oldham – but can’t you just let the bigger issue prevail and be glad that Michael’s back on British soil now?

  19. Insider Insider Says:

    I didn’t post this article, but I’ll say this about Michael Shields’ situation.

    Yesterday he arrived home in England, but not home. He was taken to Wandsworth and after a couple of weeks he might be allowed to stay in a prison closer to his home town, maybe Walton. The good news is that his family can now afford to see him, to visit him. The bad news is that he’s still behind bars for what looks like a crime he didn’t commit.

    The battle for his freedom is still going on. There’s going to be an attempt to get his case heard in the European Court of Human Rights – and that’s going to cost a lot of money. His family are delighted that he’s no longer under the control of the dodgy Bulgarian “justice” system, but they will be looking to kick start the next phase as soon as possible.

    When they are ready to announce their next steps, most Liverpool sites will announce it too. In many cases they’ll announce it because they’ll be contacted directly by Michael’s family or representatives.

    Whether this blog entry should have been here or not, well, I can see reasons for it not to be, reasons why it should be. It’s a matter of opinion and Rupert felt it was a good idea to put this post onto the site.

    On Koptalk a lot of users have traditionally been living in a blinkered world where they see only Koptalk and occasionally the official site. LFC have had to be very careful how they handle the situation because of the fact that – rightly or wrongly – Michael was convicted by a court. So fan sites are the place where fans can find out what’s going on and be pre-warned of collections that are to take place at the ground etc. Koptalk users were generally speaking kept right out of the picture – Koptalk only pretend to be a fan-site. Only this blog’s mention of it has ever made Oldham show any interest. It cost him some money earlier this year as he was reminded of his “pledge” to donate money. I’m assuming he did fulfil his pledge and did pay up in full.

    Anyone who knows the truth about Koptalk and still posts there in full knowledge of what this blog has been saying can expect to get some criticism. Arguments about “he’s done me no harm” are, to be frank, as much bullshit as everything ever spouted by “Pat McCat”, “The Informer” or “Wallet”.

    LFC is part of my life. It’s been with me since I first started to understand what football was. I can’t remember waking up one day and thinking “I will support Liverpool” – I just know I did one day start supporting them. It’s been with me longer than I’ve been together with my wife; my support is older than my kids, it’s a part of me.

    So when Duncan decides to take the piss out of the blog and all its readers by deliberately adding ads for The S*n to his site he does me some harm. Every time he spreads a bullshit rumour that Peter Crouch has been giving exclusives to The S*n he does potential harm to one of our players and so attacks me. When Oldham rips off a supporter from overseas with his false promises of inside information, I feel he’s doing harm to my club too, because some of the overseas visitors see his “Liverpool FC – Official Koptalk Site” titles and assume he’s officially part of our club. Harm to my club is harm to me.

    Revo – ask Oldham today whether he has paid up the money he promised he’d pay to the Michael Shields appeal. Ask him on Koptalk. I’ve no way of knowing if he has, but I am sure that if he has he will have something – a receipt or a thank you note – that proves he has paid all the money he pledged. Was it a grand he promised?

    Staying with charity, ask him where the proof is that the money he collected for his disabled cousin all went her way. People paid a fortune into the Koptalk paypal account but apart from one or two nobody got any signs that their money had been received. Those that did look back and feel now that the “thank you” they got seemed somehow odd.

    Assuming you get him in a good mood and open to answering questions, ask him about the signed footballs he was selling earlier this year. See if he can tell you how authentic they were. Ask him about Certificates of Authenticity. I say the balls were fake. Ask him to prove otherwise, I doubt he can. I say he ripped off a load of Reds with those fake footballs and other fake merchandise. I notice he’s stopped selling this stuff now – because he knows we are watching him, alongside trading standards and others, and he won’t risk us catching him out.

    If he’s still in a good mood get him to come clean about those ads for The S*n. Ask him why what he says happened to make those ads appear is contradicted by a lot of other people.

    If he answers in a way that proves him to be in the right and us in the wrong then I’ll post it here (forward it on to me to make sure I don’t miss it). If, as he normally does, he either ignores the questions or makes up some bullshit and diverts himself away from the question, you’ll be able to call him a cunt. Or a cnut as is traditional on Koptalk. You might be banned, you might survive.

    If you still want to use his site after that though I really don’t think you understand the strength of feeling amongst the vast majority of Liverpool fans who know about this conman.

    People say good things about you Revo, but you really should stop using Koptalk if you don’t like being made a part of the campaign against Oldham.

    And back to the topic of Michael Shields returning home – readers should remember that this week’s news is brilliant, especially for his parents, but it’s still only a small step towards what we all want. Justice for Michael.

  20. paulcooper4 Says:

    Revo is a top lad and red through and through. Anyone suggesting otherwise is a blert. Whatever happened to your policy of not attacking kt members? did it ever actually exist? Rupert, get a grip lad, your ego is getting out of control and I fear for your sanity when this is all over and kocktalk is finished. What will you do with yourself without your little platform?

  21. Insider Insider Says:


    I’ve explained it in more detail on http://www.est1892.co.uk but I don’t think I’ve attacked members in the main, more asked them some questions. If they have seen this blog and still post on Koptalk, I asked them why. And if they think about it (some don’t) they often see why I’ve asked them.

    In your case Paul you weren’t there long enough to fall for the crap, but a lot are. They spend a month or two on the site and become immune to what Oldham is doing. They give him the benefit of the doubt even though their heads are screaming at them that something fishy is going on.

    The next problem then is once they’ve admitted it to themselves, a lot of them are too embarrassed to admit to anyone else that they’ve been conned.

    Rupert said above that Revo was “a staunch Oldham” supporter. Maybe he was once, but it’s probably a bit strong for how Revo is at the moment. However, at the moment, he’s in a position where he’s not party just to Oldham’s warped version of things, he’s also in a position where he can make his own mind up based on what he reads here and on other sites (like est1892) as well.

    I think that if he’s as good a Red as so many are saying that he’ll soon be leaving Koptalk behind. That’s because I can’t see any reason for a decent Red to stick with Koptalk.

  22. paulcooper4 Says:

    Insider, not having a pop at you mate as I actually like you, even though you have spouted shite about me in the past. But to suggest that you dont attack koptalks members is a bit deluded. If youre going to go after koptalk all guns blazing and attack everything, members included, then do so. But dont then try and make out that you DONT attack its members as it makes you look a bit silly at best, or a liar at worst.

    All im suggesting is that you concentrate solely on attacking koptalk as a site, and the dodgy dealings of its owner. People can then make there mind up wether to leave koptalk or not on there own. Your current policy could actually be getting peoples backs up and making them stay purely because they refuse to be forced into something.

    Theres my suggestion anyway, no doubt I will be accused of being a “staunch oldham defender” mow by soft shite.

  23. Glosred Says:

    As a former koptalk subscriber who managed to pay 2 “lifteime” membership fees and still got locked out when I wouldn’t pay a third can I just say keep up the good work!

    Duncan Oldham is worst kind of parasite and I can’t understand how anyone can still visit there let alone try to defend him.

    It’s bad enough he rips us off with his lies but he also spreads divisive crap about our club and players. To also support the S*n is just taking the piss.

    Thanks to you guys I no longer click on any of the headlines on newsnow from Koptalk. Once I realised that by doing so I was still lining his pockets I vowed never to again and so should every fan.

  24. rupertinsider Says:


    You first appeared on this blog in the summer when you were a recently paid up member of Koptalk. You were quite harsh in your attacks on the concept of the blog and vicious in your attacks on the the motives of all its contributors. You used emotive arguments about your connection with Hillsborough to make your point, claiming to be a survivor of the disaster.

    Several blog contributors responded to your attacks including Insider Insider. I believe I made one comment only. You went quiet for a couple of weeks then made a dramatic announcement on KT that you were leaving after only two weeks membership – repeating in your own colourful language much of what the blog had been saying about KT. Your post was quickly eliminated on KT.

    Contributors to the blog reproduced your post and congratulated you on your decision and offered advice as to where you might find a forum. The post was also reproduced on EST 1892 where you became an active member. I, personally, found myself defending you from personal criticism.

    But you were still smarting from the criticisms your original defence of KT had received on the blog, especially from Insider Insider. You seemed to take them personally when it was clear to everybody else that that is not how they were intended. On Est 1892 – and sometimes on the blog – you sniped continually at Insider Insider baiting him that he had been a paying member of Koptalk longer than you.

    Eventually Insider Insider offered a conciliatory hand to you. In my opinion he was overly-generous to you.

    You then turned your attention to me. You stopped posting on the blog – presumably because you did not like the replies your criticism attracted from others – but you continued your gratuitous sniping on EST 1892 claiming that I was a “loon” and making other personal remarks. Apparently the moderators did not notice your personal attacks all of which were clear breaches of the stated rules over there. I sent you a PM there explaining that I write on the blog not on EST 1892 and I would be glad to answer you here. I also pointed out that the blog and I had treated you very well and I was surprised at the content and tone of your continuing personal attacks.

    Today you are trying to shift the debate on here from the substantive issue that Oldham published statements that Koptalk would not support the Michael Shield’s campaign – trying to convince his members and readers to take the same attitude – to your personal vendetta against the blog (disguised as an attack on me).

  25. KAIP Says:

    Your current policy could actually be getting peoples backs up and making them stay purely because they refuse to be forced into something.


  26. rupertinsider Says:

    This blog is about exposing the lies and activities of Duncan Oldham through his vehicle Koptalk and associated projects like his phantom book “Anfield Exposed” “podcasts” and internet broadcasts.

    But Koptalk is not just Oldham. It is a website populated by people. Some of those people are in the pay of Oldham, some are family members and some are members who he says he “pays” by granting honorary, memberships. Some are unaware of Koptalk’s history or the implications of what is said and done. Some are very aware. They not only defend Oldham’s lies and activities they contribute to the con he tries to put over on the general public and especially LFC supporters.

    I listen to the views of others on the blog who say we should not criticise any of them but I have never agreed with those views and have so stated on here many times.

    It is an unrealistic theoretical issue, anyway, because the blog has always criticized the participants of Koptalk even before I started to contribute. In fact the main business of the blog used to be to reproduce the transcripts from KT so that people did not need to buy a membership to see what was going on. And the main message of those posts by Insider Insider were that nothing was going on and that much of the discussion on KT was gormless. His comments on the transcripts were and are usually along the line of how deluded many of the participants of Koptalk were/are.

    I also note that although those transcripts appear less often on the blog now – because even less is going on in KT than was in the summer, because most of the members of KT have left and are no longer interested in KT, and because Insider Insider does not have the time – when they do appear they continue to contain make personal observations about participants on KT.

    I do not write any of those transcripts. And I try to restrict my comments on KT members to the structural role they play in the Koptalk con.

    Why pretend otherwise? Most of those participants who have been criticised have left KT. So the blog’s tactic of “attacking” them has not deterred them – maybe it has helped.

    Even so the blog tries to concentrate on Oldham. But every now and then one of the Koptalk stalwarts – like Revo – who is an honorary member with 6,500 posts – comes on the blog to attack its contributors. The aim is usually to blunt the criticism of Oldham, as Revo tried to do yesterday, by changing the subject.

    I don’t agree with Insider Insider characterization of revo. I don’t contribute to the blog to nurse the bruised egos of Koptalk’s honorary members in the hope that they might leave KT.

    And I am not too interested in former members of KT – like Paul Cooper – who still feel sore about the blog’s exposure of KT. Some of them seem to consider the blog’s work as a personal insult – as though it is a criticism of them because they were once members of KT.

    I understand from comments on the blog that this is a theme of some comments on EST 1892 and my name is being mentioned over there. I have nothing to do with EST 1892. I make frequent references to it and give it credits because that’s what we do here – make cross-references and also recognize the contributions of other sites to the anti-Koptalk alliance. I once followed a first-class commentary on a live match by Tom. Other than that I restrict my visits to the KT section for blog business and have not visited it in a long time.

    I contribute to the blog to help create a public record of the Koptalk’s scams and how they are carried out, principally by Oldham and his family, but also by some of the long-standing members of Koptalk, especially those who have been “paid” with honorary memberships. It is for individuals to decide what they do about it.

  27. rupertinsider Says:

    The current policy is the same old policy. Nobody is “forcing” anyone.

    Your theory is proven wrong by history. The blog has been very successful in causing serious changes in the way Oldham conducts his business, the “status” of Koptalk in the eyes of LFC and the public and wholesale defections from Koptalk by its former members, of whom you are one, if you are the person who also posts on EST 1892. That is not to say that others – individuals and sites – have not also contributed greatly to these effects.

    I remember your user name because in the early days of the blog the rare – perhaps unique – decision was made to delete your posts from the queue awaiting moderation – because they amounted to a spamming attack on the blog. They were a series of silly one-liners which had no relation to the blog or its subject-matter. I think the editor described them on the blog at the time as “childish”.

  28. Kaip Says:

    I found em funny

  29. Kaip Says:



  30. john007 Says:

    seriously congrats to ms and his family im sure there experience (very horrific)may help someone in the future
    but hows this country is run it will probably another 5 years before he`s` released.
    can somebody slow down and tell me why now has this all been exposed why not years ago,i meant what i said about the site being crap i even posted on it look up stellaboy
    and i did ask the question at the time where is yhe insider info because i can speculate about players and post it


    easy see

  31. rupertinsider Says:

    Interesting that Koptalk did not carry any news announcement about Michael Shields release. The only item was a thread with four replies one of which was the following:
    Gold Member

    Registered: 18/06/03
    Posts: 772
    Loc: Naas , Ireland brilliant in a way – lets hope its quashed soon. I thought there would be more about his release on the website , considering how much there was when it all kicked off

  32. latestinsider Says:

    How long (realistically) before Koptalk is dead??? Few more weeks….months? Please don’t tell me another year?

  33. rupertinsider Says:


    It will last as long as it brings him in more money than any alternative. Fundamentally he has a contempt for LFC and its supporters – he calls it being “neutral”. He is not concerned that his lies and cons are uncovered as long as the money keeps coming.

    His main source of money is News Now which earns him advertising revenue it also delivers to him LFC supporters from the net, especially from overseas, who don’t know about his history and believe his sales ptich. They give him 30 quid a shot.

    The run-in to the January transfer period is his big opportunity to earn enough money to keep going. The investment saga will also be a opportunity that he will milk with lies and made up stories from “insiders”.

    Your question might be asked of those honorary members who he pays with free 30 subscriptions, the ones who try to prop up his site. Lecter, for example, who tries to keep alive the con that Koptalk has insider information and is a reliable source of information on investment. Revo who tries to convince newcomers that Koptalk is a about freedom of speech where the only moderation needed is a quite word with Oldham. Disco who trolls around other sites defending every one of Oldham’s lies and tricks. All these honorary members are there because they don’t say anything to rock the boat, because they post often enough to earn their keep or because they offer some service to Oldham which helps him keep his con afloat.

  34. revo Says:

    There you go again hiding behind your little queer name Rupert. now you turn my opinion into im trying to convince newcomers.The good news for me is that reds who know me, know what im all about.Im a passionate lad all about Interacting with other reds using connections that i have to sort many many people with tickets usually making their first trip to anfield.Its got nothing to do with you what avenues i choose to interact. whether it be koptalk, ynwa,rawk, est, I am none of your buisness.That is where you lose the plot. You? well your a little sad sack keyboard warrior that hasent got anything to say.Your bitterness is now thrown you into a different light. people actually think your the fucked up one. Of course you write your blog with your big fancy words and your structured sentences and your excellent command of grammar but at the end of the day it means nothing cos your calling lads out hiding behind a computer with your little queer name rupert. At least have the guts to take your mask off. The saying goes (for some) that “the pen is mightier than the sword” I have asked you 3 times to leave me out of your buisness to which you now openly mock me. let me Convince you of one thing, if i ever get the chance to meet you, i will kick the shit out of you up and down warbreck road.

  35. scratch Says:

    No thanks to Koptalk… correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Shields family need to raise £80,000 or similar to pay off the fine. And Dunk may (until you prove otherwise, and as it’s probably impossible to prove you never will) have contributed £1000 to said appeal. That, by my quick reckoning, is 1/80th of the required amount. So one person has contributed an 80th of the fine. Not bad going for someone who deserves no thanks.

  36. rupertinsider Says:

    You are an Oldham stalwart on the scab site Koptalk, a site that promotes the S*n and advertises it. You have more than 6,500 posts on it.

    In three years you’ve never challenged his policy on Michael Shields or HJC.

    Against the experience of thousands of former members and lurkers you describe Koptalk as a place for free speech where the only moderation necessary is a quiet word with “Dunk”. See above for the direct quotes from your post on Koptalk on this subject.

    You are paid by an honorary membership that costs most of your fellow members 30 quid. Oldham, himself, says he uses honorary memerbship to pay those who provide Koptalk services.

    On Koptalk you show a lively interest in the free gifts Oldham offers bought with the money he takes from the other participants on Koptalk – mainly from other countries – but not from you.

    You would not be allowed access to KT if you criticised it or Oldham effectively. Nor would you be allowed access if you did not keep up whatever number of posts Oldham and his 17 year old sidekick considers, from time to time, to be your quota. Oldham has you in his pocket.

    I wonder whether you would post there if you had to pay 30 quid, like all the others?

    Whether you are a “true red” or not is beside the point. I’m talking about your support and services for Koptalk which is the personal vehicle of a guy who is not a “true red”.

    Your language and silly threats fit nicely with his. You wouldn’t be the “insane Liverpool hitter” that he said he had spoken to about bumping us off, would you?

  37. rupertinsider Says:


    I dealt with the alleged 1,000 in the article and Insider Insider also commented on it in his Comment above.

    One of us contacted the campaign at the time Oldham boasted about his donation. For technical reasons on their side, the campaign was unable to confirm that Oldham had made the donation. Nor were they able to confirm that he had not made it. I also explained that we gave Oldham the benefit of any doubt there may be.

    I infer from II’s comment above, that it was originally a pledge to make a donation.

    I don’t know what the total cost of the campaign has been but my impression from the media is that it has been more than the 80,000 you mention, and the costs continue. I’m sure you can get the figures from the campaign site – linked above in the article – or one of the several other LFC Supporters Sites that cover the campaign in detail.

    Oldham boasted that his donation was “personal”. He made a distinction between it and Koptalk’s policy of banning discussion and promotion of the campaign.

    He made that distinction, not me. Its a false distinction because Oldham totally controls Koptalk – it is no more than his personal vehicle. Furthermore any money he has comes from members of the site or from the advertising revenue generated by users of the site. As far as we can tell, he has no separate bank accounts – and mixes Koptalk, personal and charity revenues and expenses.

    It would be interesting to know how much money he made from his own personal Michael Shields domain – from which he sold advertisements and linked to Koptalk where he begged visitors to buy 30 quid memberships in Koptalk. Many of those visitors would be fresh meat for Oldham because they had arrived at his domain not because they were interested in Koptalk but because they had keyed in the words “Michael Shields” in search engines expecting to find the official Michael Shields campaign – not some shyster hijacking their interest. I wonder if the money he made from that domain was more or less than the 1,000 he says he “personally” pledged to the campaign

    The questions about his donations and other “charitable” activities could be answered if he published receipts or accounts.

  38. kopdan Says:

    Hi Revo

  39. Jaco Pastorious (Mike) Says:

    The personal attack on Revo is a bloody joke. I thought the blog had an axe to grind with Dunk, not the members of Koptalk? Seems to me that if you don’t like what you hear, you go out of your way to insult, and basically stalk members that stand up to you.

    If Revo chooses to use KT, that’s his choice, and it is not your place to tell him what is right or wrong, especially when you are hiding behind a keyboard and false name.

    The smart comments and snide remarks bear all the hall marks of a coward.

    I notice anything like Michael Shields and Hillsborough are all fair game to be used when it can be used as a stick to attack KT. Leave them out of it, show a little respect, you complain that KT uses them, well so do you.

    Keep your attacks on Dunk and his site if you like, but at least have the balls to do them head on, If you have concrete evidence on any wrong doings, then report them yourself and if you have the proof, then I am sure a court of law will back you.

  40. desertscouser Says:

    Rupert, quit with the constant attacks on posters. You’re coming off as a bitter and twisted pr!ck. Who the f*ck do you think you are, judging someone like Revo, whom you’ve never met before?

    Just out of interest, do you ever post about LFC or is all your spare time spent analysing everything Dunk says and does?

  41. MrMichael Says:

    Oh dear, not again.

    Rupert. The overall point of this blog: that D*nk is a lying, cheating con-artist, is undoubtedly the correct one. This can be easily demonstrated by calm and rational argument. Therefore, when someone who is unconvinced posts here and questions a specific point or article, as Revo did, initially in an unvitriolic way, I do not understand why you feel the need to defend yourself by immediately having a go back at them, thereby further entrenching their position, and really not showing yourself, or this blog overall, in the light it should be seen in.

    Whether it be Disco, Revo, or indeed someone like PaulCooper, your reaction to their challenges, in whatever form they take, risks alienating rather than persuading, and perhaps plays into D*nk’s hands? In order to defeat thine enemy, please do not risk becoming like him.

  42. Jaco Pastorious (Mike) Says:

    Mr Michael.


  43. Insider Insider Says:

    I think it’s time to draw a line under this.

    Read Revo’s opening comment on this post and look at how easy it is for it to be interpreted as nothing more than an attack on the blog by one of Dunk’s loony family members. Like the ones we keep getting from Tiscali users. The bit that sticks out is this – “There is no winner for a pair of soft cunts arguing when neither of the soft cunts have been locked up for the past 18 months.” Who is this pair of soft cunts? Me and Rupert? Us behind the blog and Duncan (not a pair)?

    How many times have we had some loon appear on here and call the people behind the blog a name something like that? We’ve also had some instances of bad-mouthing from people who have blindly fallen for all of Dunk’s shite over the years. Quite often we find they finally see Dunk for what he is, but at first they can be quite venomous in their attacks on this blog.

    As far as I’m concerned, anyone who is a decent Red would not post on Koptalk once they knew all about Duncan Oldham.

    There are exceptions, as I’ve said before. People watching koptalk for us and sending stuff on to us. Others leaving occasional sarcastic remarks. Others waiting for the right time to leave a suicide post. Other reasons make it ok. But anyone who posts on Koptalk and knows about this blog knows they are likely to get a mention in here. I might know your motive for posting, I might not.

    As for Revo, well it’s time his fifteen minutes of fame came to an end. If he wants it to. Stop the threats of violence and stop complaining about people not using their real names (because they’d soon have themselves banned from Koptalk if they did, and also because Revo doesn’t sound like your real name). If you don’t like the blog don’t read it. If you think you’ve got a good reason for staying and posting on Koptalk then that’s your decision. You know all about Duncan Oldham now so you choose what to do. If you are choosing to stay because you’re just waiting for a busy day to leave a “suicide post” then that’s your choice. If you are staying because you don’t give a shit about the things we talk about then that’s also your choice.

    People who stay on Koptalk despite knowing all about Oldham do it for good reasons or bad. If they are good reasons then I’m happy, and no doubt they’ll be able to tell me about it one day. If they are for staying for bad reasons then Dunk is welcome to them – and no doubt one or the other of them will be stabbed in the back sooner or later.

    For now though, I don’t really want to hear any more about Revo. Let’s draw that line under things. If he wants to tell us one day about his reasons then that’s up to him. Let’s get back to dealing with the conman himself.

  44. rupertinsider Says:

    Mr Michael and the others:

    My article never mentioned Paul Cooper. He has long since made snide remarks on your site, EST 1892. I never responded publicly there. I answered him factually on the blog, tracing the history of his melodramatic defence of Koptalk and his attacks on the blog, and his personal attacks on Insider Insider and me, pointing out that his renewed personal attack yesterday had nothing to do with the topic of the article, which was Koptalk’s relations with the Michael Shield’s campaign.

    We don’t put people in a sin bin on the blog as you do on Est 1892, but we do occasionally, remind people what the topic is and correct false criticisms.

    My article never mentioned “revo”. But he responded to it by stating that the blog should not criticise Koptalk for neglecting the Michael Shields campaign. He added a foul-mouthed personal remark about me and II. I pointed out that he was an active honorary member of Koptalk who presented himself as one of its opinion leaders, and for that reason his opinion was not objective. He then made an outlandish, personal attack on me with Oldhamesque threats.

    The honorary members I listed who are still trying to prop up Koptalk, are active participants of your site, EST 1892. Some of you over there are chums of theirs going back years on Koptalk, as I understand it. Some of you are former honorary members of Koptalk. They know as well as I do that Oldham frequently said that he paid members for their “services” by giving them honorary memberships. He even put a monetary figure on it – adding the value of the membership fee and the SMS service.

    So I understand that some may be more sensitive about my remarks on honorary members than others would be who do not share the same history.

    I acknowledge that some honorary members on EST 1892 led the recent groundswell of criticism of Oldham and Koptalk. In fact we worked together on it. I mean Tom, especially, but others, too. They know who they are.
    That said, others went along with Oldham for years.

    Instead of taking a pop at me why don’t you address the question exactly how Koptalk has survived for about eight years if Oldham is the shyster you all now seem to agree that he is?

    How come honorary members of his site tolerated his attacks on Robbie Fowler, his divorce from the HJC, his refusal to support the Michael Shields campaign his promotion of the S*n, the development of his false reputation as an “insider”, the launch of his “Anfield Exposed” project, his dodgy charity appeals and all the rest.

    I have no responsibility for Koptalk’s history – I have always been a critic. I was never part of the Koptalk Gold Club or Insider. I do not intend to join its ex-members now that many of them have moved to Est 1892. (And yes, I know the owners of your site want to develop it beyond its “ex-Koptalker” reputation). I have never paid Oldham a nickel, never been banned by him, never had any dealings with him – and never accepted an honorary membership from him.

    Its good of you to explain what subjects the blog should address and not address and who it should criticise and not criticise. But the blog is not at the beck and call of former or current honorary members of Koptalk.

    If you find my views intolerable and that your forums on EST 1892 and Koptalk are not free enough for you to express your strong feelings, then I suggest you start your own blog.

    Its silly the way you all keep trotting out this business of the blog forcing people to leave Koptalk, let alone in the melodramatic and extravagantly emotive terms you use.

    If we had that kind of power we would close Koptalk down. Personally, I couldn’t care less if all Oldham’s paid cronies stay on his scab site with him as it sinks into oblivion. Its you who seem to want to micro-manage the exit of your chums by stroking their egos.

    But if your buddies do stay with Oldham they can expect me, for one, to mention them in any analysis I make of how Koptalk survives and how it functions – especially the system of paying the stalwarts with free memberships and honorary status and giving them a free chance to win gifts paid for, in part, by those international members who are required to pay membership “donations”.

    This is a blog with a practical objective. I’ll respond to further personal attacks only if they contain interesting new points of substance or if they provide me an opportunity to make my own points more clearly for the benefit of any newcomers to the scene who may be considering membership in Koptalk.

    I guess all who contribute to this blog as authors are very grateful to former KT members – and there are many of them – who help us address the target audience of the blog.

    But that target audience is NOT former Koptalk members.

    So in that sense I don’t give a fig what you think of my criticism of your mates on Koptalk or on Est 1892.

  45. nico Says:

    the fact the guy adverises the sun shoulbe be enough for any LFC fan not to bother going on there, I was a member for 2 years. People like koptalk cause they think they are getting good info, go and buy the News of the world instead! The guy is an outright con man, it just surprises me some people who were on there when i was are still there, have they been brain washed?

  46. MrMichael Says:

    Dude. I know you weren’t just talking to me, but fyi I was never an honorary member on KT, nor was I particularly mates with anyone of note during my time lurking there. I’ve never even interacted with Revo as far as I’m aware, and he certainly isn’t a “chum” of mine. My opinion of this has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with anybody else, or anything to do with any other LFC sites which I may be an active member of.

    It is therefore disappointing that you dismiss my previous comments, especially through making totally inaccurate assumptions, comments which I genuinely made for one reason only – because I think this blog, and the contributors to it, including yourself, have done a fantastic job exposing D*nk’s dodgyness, and I don’t like to see that good work diminished, as (in my opinion), your reaction to people like Disco or Revo does.

    Anyway, that’s the last you’ll hear from me about it. If you once again choose to ignore me or respond by mis-identifying me as part of some sort of ex-koptalker circle defending my mates, then I’m very sorry you can’t see my comments for what they really are; simply an attempt to be constructive rather than destructive.


  47. Insider Insider Says:

    Thanks everyone. I’m considering closing comments on this blog entry (it would be a first). I’d rather we all agreed to disagree. I think most (not all, but most) visitors here all want the same thing. The end of a site that rips off Liverpool supporters and does not care one bit how much it hurts the club and everything connected to it. Whether that comes by the closure of that site or the reformation of that site, we all want it to end.

    Personally I will continue to bring up the names of members who post “anti-blog” comments on Koptalk. I will continue to bring up the names of members who talk on Koptalk about “internet wars” and other such descriptions. However I don’t think there’s much ground in going overboard on individuals. A couple of quick mentions should be enough to get them to think about what they are doing. That’s all I want – I want people who defend Dunk or attack the blog to be sure that they have done it in as much of an informed way as possible.

    I’m still open-minded enough to consider that there are justifiable reasons for attacking this blog and supporting Duncan Oldham’s site. I just don’t know what they are, except for those exclusions I often talk about.

    There are people contributing to this blog who post things on Koptalk that could leave them open to attack from this blog. If those members are coming to the end of their subs then they may reveal their hands on the blog and tell us who they were. We can all have a good laugh about it. Others are too scared of what Oldham will do with their personal information to reveal themselves.

    (Two different people did get abusive phone calls to their place of work one Friday afternoon earlier this year. I’ve not re-checked the details, but one of them was warned that their bosses would be told about their “abuse” of Koptalk. That particular person could only have been identified as a former Koptalk member by Koptalk. They’d not used their work contact details anywhere else, they couldn’t be linked as a former Koptalk member in any other way other than by Koptalk. Search http://www.EST1892.co.uk for more on this (or someone over there might point the threads out to you). It has happened in previous years too, when others have tried to expose Oldham for what he is.

    I’d like to say this too – being an Honorary Member of Koptalk doesn’t make you an automatic supporter of Koptalk. A lot of Honorary Members have jumped ship after reading about Duncan Oldham. A lot of Honorary members stayed at Koptalk after reading about Oldham, but bided their time and waited for the moment that suited them to leave. The same goes for members who were there as “Insider / Silver Members” and “Gold Members”. A lot of members of Koptalk of varying types are in regular contact with me, or are posting on other sites under other user names, still waiting for their moment to leave.

    I’ve mentioned a few users of Koptalk in recent times and they’ve been in touch to explain their reasons for staying on Koptalk. Nobody’s come up with any explanation other than the fact that they pretty much support the motives of the blog and that they are only staying on Koptalk until the time comes that they can help the blog’s aims in some way. It can be quite handy knowing who our enemies are or aren’t! 😉

    I’ll give special mention to Mr Michael. A former member of Koptalk he gained a lot of respect thanks to his help to members in particular on computing issues. Now a mod at est1892. Not someone who does things for glory, he’s extremely fair-minded. I value his opinions, he’s not part of one of the many “cliques” that existed on Koptalk. If he’s saying that attacking individuals is counter-productive I believe that. If he’s saying that jumping down the throat of everyone who has a little bit of criticism of the blog is counter-productive then again I believe that.

    But, I can see that all of this is counter-productive. This little storm has taken up most of my “Koptalk-monitoring” time for the past couple of days. So it’s been counter-productive just because I’ve not had time to get any posts together. (Add to that Windows-bloody-Update rebooting the computer when I wasn’t looking and in doing so binning a good few days’ worth of cut-and-pastes.)

    If you post on Koptalk and get attacked here, you are welcome to leave a comment about it, I won’t stop you, but you would probably do better to drop me a line first and talk about it that way. Likewise if your mate or someone you always got on with posts on Koptalk and gets attacked here don’t be surprised, and don’t be so quick to defend them. Check with them first that they want you to draw extra attention to them – I know if we’d had this type of storm in the summer a good few people could have been in danger of having their “cover” blown – especially from the “free” site.

    Hopefully that’s it on this matter, for now.

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