LFC TRANSFER NEWS: The hottest rumours.

by Rupert Insider


Over-the-hill Stanley Matthews (32) rumoured to be on his way from Stoke City to Blackpool for massive fee said to be ₤11,500.


Billy Liddell, Stanley Matthew’s Great Britain Xl teamate and Scottish International, now reported to be on a whopping ₤1,000 per annum at LFC, is said to have refused lucrative transfer offers in order to stay with “Liddlepool” despite its relegation to the Second Divison.


The January 2007 transfer window is six weeks a way. Already the rumours have begun.

Traffic on football websites usually increases in the “silly season”. Even the more outlandish rumours can be fun. As long as they’ve not been cynically planted to make money for a site owner.


So let’s start with that as a criteria. Which site charges for rumours about LFC?

There’s only one – Koptalk.

It’s the only site that claims to have “insider” information “direct from Anfield”. Smell a rat?

I’m not going to belabour the point. Go straight to the “Koptalk -Lies” or “Koptalk – Made Up Stuff” in the Categories column to the right of this page.


The scary thing about Koptalk is that its sole owner, Duncan Oldham (photo), depends on transfer rumour to pay for his Mercedes, high-tech toys, foreign holidays and property. If there was no news he would have to invent it – and he does.

Most of his traffic comes from News Now. He got his stuff unto that site years ago by paying a fee for his RSS feeds to be given preferential treatment ahead of other LFC sites.

That’s not that case now. So he has to use every other trick in the book to get his stories on the Top Stories list. Some of us suspect he is using a software programme to manipulate the News Now click counter.

There are a number of reasons why an LFC supporter might want to avoid clicking on Koptalk’s stories on News Now or anywhere else:

  • His misleading headlines can be a pain in the arse. Like his recent “LFC player arrested…” which turns out to be Diouf who, in case you don’t know, plays for Bolton. He will say “midfield player has accident” instead of “Gonzales” to increase the mystery and get you to click. And, as in that story, he will claim that the news came from his sources at Melwood – rather than the news wires from where he stole it.
  • If you click one one of his headlines you may also unwittingly help him break the boycott of the S*n. He is the only LFC-related site that uses their rubbish. But he doesn’t tell you where he got it. He’ll change a headline to disguise his source.
  • He gets his genuine stories where you get them – from News Now or from rival sites. You could get them from there quicker yourself if you cut out the middle-man. Oldham watches certain online sites like a hawk – the Liverpool Echo and Daily Post and LFC’s Official Site. He sometimes copies their stuff within minutes of it appearing online and has it on News Now as a Koptalk story five minutes later. Its money for old rope.
  • Then there are his “editorials”. They’re what you might expect from a guy who rarely leaves the shed behind his Wallsend semi-detached. He doesn’t care if you think they’re rubbish. They’re just an excuse to make a misleading headline. Its the headline that attracts the News Now clicks, sucker!
  • Koptalk’s “Insider” information used to be a mixture of posts from the users of his site and Oldham’s made-up stuff. Now its 99.99% made-up. That’s because 99.99% of his disillusioned users have left since this blog started in the summer. Some have admitted on this blog and on other sites that they meant no harm by their fake “insider” stories. In the hall-of-mirrors atmosphere of Koptalk it was a crazy game of make-believe.
  • Almost all the remaining “insiders” on Koptalk are Oldham’s own psuedonyms. The most prominent are “Informer”, “Wallet” “Horse”. Even one of his most loyal followers, the poster “Disco 1999”, admitted on this blog that he believes that 90% of the “Informer” items are made-up by Oldham. But his con of pretending he had “insider” information has lost its impact since LFC stated in July 2006 that he has no contact with LFC and never has had.

As much as he needs clicks for cash – Oldham’s main prize are gullible newcomers – especially from overseas. When they follow a transfer rumour to his site he subjects them to a barrage of false and misleading claims to persuade them to pay him ₤30 membership for a year’s supply of the same.

He’s been employing these tricks for years. He knows how to push your buttons with an intriguing but false headline.

Just remember that evertime you click on one you are another of his “suckers” who just put another penny in his pocklet.


The only other site that charges LFC fans is LFC’s Official Site. Its huge – one of the biggest in the world. It has more users than all the other sites put together. Much of the authentic LFC news appears first on the official site because it has privileged access to players and officials. But it also has an extensive news portal which is free. One “weakeness” of the Official Site is that it avoids some of the rumours.

As for the other unofficial sites – none them charge. None of them claim to have “insider” information even though some of them do have well-connected editors, writers and posters who have contacts with LFC players and officials .

Some have an editorial policy to suppress even true gossip about the private lives of LFC players and officials out of a “family” respect for their club. But links to the gossip usually get unto their forums, anyhow, posted by participants.

Which sites are the best for news, rumour and “inside” information? Please use Comments to make the case for your favourite.

I’ll set the ball rolling.

In terms of the mainstream media – I find the Liverpool Echo and Post the most up-to-date and trustworthy – with a bias towards Chris Bascombe in the Liverpool Echo. In terms of unofficial sites, I like Talk LFC and The Liverpool Way because they both make an effort to deal directly with players – even with reserve team players – as is the case with TLW. They won’t always quote them, but the background, off-the-record information they develop shows in the quality of their editorial comments.

Red and White Kop or “RAWK” is the largest of the unofficial sites. I trust its in-depth knowledge, closeness to the club and large number of LFC supporters – many of whom are based in Liverpool. In fact many of them are genuine”koptalkers” with season tickets on the Kop.

I scan other sites, too, for specific types of information, for banter and match day threads. All of them are busier than Koptalk. It claims to be No.1. But that’s another of its false rumours. Its actually closer to being No. 14.

Specialist LFC News Services

You can skip News Now by using one of several news aggregators that concentrate on LFC and edit out the S*n and Koptalk crap.


I’ve just been notified by email of a new news site – LFCpost.com The designer tells me he is “an avid reader of the blog”. He says he developed his news aggregator for his personal use as a supporter of LFC. He goes on to say that he’s beefed up the design, functionality and hosting to offer a specialist LFC news aggregator that does not include the S*n or Koptalk.

He claims it runs constantly and updates without page-refreshing and is interactive. It also appears to offer links to YouTube videos as well as print stories. He tells me he has lots of other ideas to enrichen it.

Use the COMMENTS section below if you would like to review it.linktolfcpost.gif


A selection of LFC Sites. Please let us know any we have missed. News aggregators are especially welcomed to send in links to me: rupertinsider AT gmail DOT com

Sites – Liverpool Football Club

Supporters Clubs

Spoof Sites about Koptalk

LFC-related Causes


* UPDATED 25/11/06 by Insider Insider – added a link to LFCWire, the new news aggregation service set up specifically to provide a news service to Liverpool supporters. LFCWire is planning a major update in the new year. Other news aggregation services are planned from other individuals for later this year or the new year.


36 Responses to “LFC TRANSFER NEWS: The hottest rumours.”

  1. LFCPostCOM Says:

    Cheers for the plug insider, appreciated. I hope people find it useful, and yes new features will appear such as a podcasts channel, and a bit more interactivity, maybe drag and dropping feeds, adding comments, tagging items, email announcements, that kind of thing. But for now its still in beta stage so there may be bugs. Please use the help feature for tips and don’t forget to bookmark the home page.

    As you say I built this for my own needs to ensure I get only the news I want when I want it and if others like it then great. It’s only a side project but it has taken some serious effort, and there’s no way I’ll get returns in ad revenue for the time and effort I put into it, but please click on the ads to help fund the ongoing costs. Also read the “about” section for more.

    Anyone thinks I have overlooked a news feed or blog for inclusion, let me know and I’ll consider it. S*n-loving sites need not apply.


  2. An Observer Says:

    Encouraging people to click on google ads is effectively ripping off the advertisers, the only reason someone should click the ads is if they are really are interested in whats being advertised, plus it’s against googles terms and conditions and can lead to your account being terminated.

    Oh and it makes you sound like fatty.

  3. LFCPostCOM Says:

    Please don’t get me wrong, noone need click anything if they are not interested in an ad, or for any reason. My apologies if it seemed I was begging for clicks, I assure you I am not at all. Noone has a gun to anyone’s head, please excercise your free will. Re comparing me to fatty well that’s simply daft. LFCPost does not exist for ads it exists with or without them and is ultimately useful, whereas kraptalk exists purely to rip people off. LFCPost has no unrequested popups, only one small ad section on the main page, is totally transparent, and refuses to show ads for The S*n, for Pr0n, or for gambling.


  4. LFCPostCOM Says:

    And it’s free. 😉

  5. Rosco Says:

    I like the news site, it’s got an impressive amount of sources and articles.

    To whoever set up the site, could you please email me whenever you get the chance at Rosco@sixcrazyminutes.com.


  6. Peter Says:

    Thanks for the mention (talklfc.com) Rupert.

    Regarding RSS news, we had taken a slightly different approach to newsnow and LFCWire. We tried to make all the most stories visible at all times as opposed to them being ‘new’ then getting lost down the list.

    Check this out. We are still short of sources but you get the idea

    Our members seem to like it, so we might build on it. We are currently evaluating site features since we launched the new site. Which reminds me, check out the LFC Legends gallery – designed in the style of old football cards


    Nice work LFC Post (Applause from talklfc)

  7. LFCPostCOM Says:

    Cheers talklfc, I like what you’ve done there, giving me ideas 😉 . Also if you want me to add your talklfc news or blogs feed just pop me an email to ok it and I’ll get it up there, possibly on the blogs section as there’s spare room.

    Rosco, email sent.

    FYI email is: support@lfcpost.com

    Please use the help/about/contact for more info at LFCPost.com.

  8. Suspicion confirmed Says:

    Eee by gum! We’re all getting nicely loved up in here.

    Great to see.

    Keep it up y’all.

  9. Dunk thought I was his pal Says:

    My site which Rupert mentions, http://www.e-football.com.au is not a LFC site it is a football site for fans based in Aus. However I do have a huge amount of LFC items for sale on there, wth more coming in a week or so. So anyone who knows anyone in Aus who may want things…point them my way.


  10. Kopwank Says:

    I see the bullshitting wanker’s latest article is straight into number 4 on Newsnow within 3 hours of submission.

    This one isn’t even misleading:

    “Rush concerned about Gillett Jnr and Thommo favours Dubai”

    WHO is clicking these Newsnow stories!!

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    The speed they shoot up the charts gives him away. We have been tracking it. In the past he would put 3 or 4 articles at different times on and they would all move up to the Top Stories in lock-step as though they were each getting the same number of clicks.
    A couple of weeks ago he had a headline on about the team for that day. I’ve forgotten the exact title, something like “Starting team for today”. But another site had exactly the same title already on News Now. However, the Koptalk version shot up the Top Stories like a bullet. It was continuing to receive hits all through the match and for two hours after. Apparently there are a lot of people wanting to know the team well after the match has finished! More like he forgot to switch off the clicking programme.
    Another give-away is that he will steal a story from another site – say the Official Site – and the Koptalk version shoots up the charts while the original Official Site version dies. The Official Site has a huge loyal following – Koptalk has a tiny following. It doesn’t make much sense – it suggests cheating.
    The speed is very important. Because if it gets high on Top Stories it survives on News Now even if it gets bumped off the main page by following stories. And then it gets another day’s exposure even after its 24 hours on the Top Stories has expired.
    He seems to be exploiting a weakness in the News Now security. They cannot defend against hits coming from different IPs. He could be using a programme that employs proxy servers which scans through open IPs. In other words he is fooling the News Now server (and all LFC news seekers) into believing that there are real persons behind the IPs actually choosing to click on his stories at an incredible fast rate.
    Of course the false clicks don’t help him recruit new members but do help him fool advertisers about his real traffic, and they give News Now readers the impression that his story is important.

  12. Anders Says:

    Hi there! I´ll post some Scandinavian URL:s. We are quite a few here who have been fooled by Koptalk over the years. I´ll get into the forums and post links to the blog a.s.a.p. Thanx for the great work, and please keep it up.


    (Unofficial website – the best one for Swedish users though.)


    (The Swedish branch.)


    (The Scandinavian branch, current president is John-Arne Riise.)


  13. rupertinsider Says:

    Thanks – I’ve added you to the sticky list in the right hand column of the blog.

  14. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Just looking through KT section on EST and seen your name crop up a few times Rupert. You got a Est name pal? Dont expect you to revel it, just wondering

  15. Skeever Says:

    Rupert, another website for you.

    The icelandic supporters club is

  16. alan Says:

    The fucking cunt has his article at number one top story on newsnow.

    Hes obviously cheating, if you look on the .tv message boards, most people know about his advertising of the s*n, so theres no way liverpool fans are clicking his stories to the top.

  17. rupertinsider Says:

    I am registered on EST 1892 as “rupert” but have posted only once several months ago – in response to a Disco post that made a false claim about the blog. (Waves to Disco)
    I rarely visit it – and always exclusively on blog business to check out KT comments.

    Do I have an imitator over there? If so do me a favour and let the mods know it is not me.

  18. rupertinsider Says:

    Thanks. I’ve added it to the list on the right of the page. I’ve also put the edited list in the body of the article.

    A couple of weeks ago I posted an email (with permission) from Iceland – someone who had his PayPal account raided by KT for another year’s subscription when he had no intention of renewing: then he cancelled the automatic renewal and got a birthday card from KT nowhere near his birthday.

  19. rupertinsider Says:

    That item he has on top of the Top Stories is two stories that he got off News Now. By stringing them together an adding his gormless remarks he then gives himself the license to cook up a headline that is different from both the two earlier stories. Actually he had me fooled. I knew where he had got the Rush part of the story but not the Thompson part – but it was there on News Now.
    That said his healdine was not misleading about the content – as they usually are – just misleading in that it suggested it was a new story – not two stories he had stolen off News Now stitched together.
    So I can see some people clicking on it out of genuine interest, but not that many so fast.

    Some of us know exactly how he can cheat. But so far it has been impossible to prove.

    We’ve pointed out the incongruities to News Now. They can’t prove it either. And it is not so urgent for them because they get the benefit of his false clicks. However, if word got around that hits on some of their stories where being manipulated it would undermine confidence in their service among readers and advertisers.

  20. Skeever Says:

    Rupert, regarding the blog post from the icelandic guy, i read that one. I’ve been reading this blog for 5-6 months now 🙂

  21. Skeever Says:

    And another thing Rupert, to do this right, move the scandinavian websites (including the icelandic one) from the lfc sites group into the supporters group.

  22. rupertinsider Says:


    “move the scandinavian websites (including the icelandic one) from the lfc sites group into the supporters group.”

    I have left that for II to do. I could not figure out how he had the WordPress software set up to make that category – so thought it best to put it under LFC sites until he has time to attend to it.

  23. rupertinsider Says:

    I received the following email about a site that offers links to video streams:
    Come Join LFC Land… a interactive Liverpool Forum
    —- Streams!!!
    We will have multiple channels broadcasted on LFC Land for you to watch if you
    cant see it wherever you may be!
    —- Videos!!!
    We have all videos up from all the games.
    All Boro, Brum, Reading, Villa & Bordeaux goals in HQ. So if you haven’t downloaded them,
    now’s the time before they expire! Also pre match PSV vids. 20 minute interview plus LFC in training
    Live Streams
    Match Photos
    Babe of the Day
    Prediction & Fantasy Leagues
    Addictive Chat
    Graphics Showroom
    Friendley Staff & Members
    24 Hours
    The Liverpool Videos team.

  24. rupertinsider Says:

    I have moved the four Scandinavian sites into LFC Supporters category (I had not realised that a check-marked box kept reverting back to LFC Sites as a default).

  25. LFCPostCOM Says:

    Oops, try again 😉 Might want to delete previous Insiders.

    To all you LFC Forum admins out there, I will be including an LFC forum boards “matrix” popout on LFCPost.com, but I will need a few things from each forum, such as:

    ICON = 30x30px. (url to hosted image preferred)
    URL = homepage for the forum (or where you would prefer links to land).
    TITLE = < 30 characters.
    DESCRIPTION = < 100 characters.
    REGISTRATION = is registration required? (y,n)
    TICKET EXCHANGE? = ie is there a non-touting tix exchange board?
    POSTS = rough number of active posts.
    AGE = how long has forum been around?


  26. Rocket Says:

    On that email you got rupert. Were you having a go at me or not??? Because Liverpool Videos forum admin has left & i supply everyone with the videos there. lol.

    Anyway keep up the work & everyone spread the word!

  27. felix Says:


    Crouch to Villa
    “The latest on the net is he`ll return to Villa”

  28. Pathetic Says:

    Says it all. Pretty pathetic site, enough said!

  29. nathan morris Says:


  30. kingofthekop Says:

    Henry to Liverpool your off your head and need a straight jacket lol for no! that would never happen in a million years and I think us Liverpool fans know it and as for Bent well he is not good enough to put on a Red shirt! and you people are not living in the real world!!!.

  31. Khumbo Kalindekafe Says:

    we are asking the liverpool board to buy world class players and not alot of useless players who will make us end in 4th again and again. we are fed up with this. buy european stars, u have all the money. Why not buy layers like villa,robinho,drogba,kaka,gilberto silva,fabregas and leave the likes of lucas,arbeloa and the rest of the Junk OUT!! the only stars at anfield are gerrard,torres,babel.reyna and pennant. lfc is a big club and deserves world class players rather than 20 useless spanish craps.

  32. James Martins Says:

    we wont better stars than what rafa is buying. we wont world class players an please for once rafa, lisen beacause i can guarantee u the players u are buying wont give us the title. buy stars and real stars. the likes of other clubs are buying world class players and i dont see lfc beating them in european football

  33. Barry Giggs Says:

    plaese rafael benitez, listen to the fans and buy stars.
    we want the title!!!!!!!and the champs both of them. the bunch u have want even take us to the quartefinals or 2nd ofthe league.

  34. Chris Waddle Says:

    Why use three different names to make the same point?

  35. Football rumours Says:

    Rubbish site for mugs. He’s a disgusting Creature.

  36. Sedgy Says:

    ALONSO GONE – How we gunna fill his shoes? gutted , simply gutted…


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