UPDATE: Koptalk meets scouse hitman about LFC bloggers.

by Rupert Insider

The bloggers are still alive – still accessing the inner recesses of the Koptalk site.

Ok – that’s the UPDATE part of the headline.

Having said that, I must admit I took a leaf out of Koptalk’s News Now style-book and posted old news. The object is to draw the attention of our new News Now readers to one of our more amazing but true stories.


Anyone got their dead fish yet?

Published August 31st, 2006

by Rupert Insider

godfather.jpg We all know the Blog doesn’t bother Duncan Oldham. If he’s told us once he’s told us a hundred times. He’s never once mentioned its name in public. As far as he is concerned, it doesn’t exist.

That’s not to say he has not discussed his “critics” with his “underworld friends“, as he was kind enough to tell us in June, or with the “police”, as he informed us in July, or with a Liverpool hitman last weekend (why a scouse hitman – don’t they have any in Newcastle?). And who will ever forget his charming promise to Insider in May to “tear off his face” if he ever meets him.

He went to the races at York on Friday – he’s in the market for a horse’s head. All he needs now is to know whose bed to put it in. The bloggers are dead men walking – he just doesn’t know where.

If a poster on EST 1892 is to be believed, its not for want of trying. He’s willing to reward anyone who tells him. They may need to lie and break the law to find out, but he will show them how. He’s been doing it to rival sites for years.

The bloggers may be hard to pin down. Apparently he has been busting his ass trying. But he has Inspector Clouseau on his payroll, now, and believes he already has one of us in his pocket (cough!).

But he must get us all. He wants the full St. Valentine’s Day massacre.

Anyway some of his  scheming can be seen on transcripts recorded by the keystone kops!

Go to the site Est 1892 and follow the poster “peterstannard”. Go to post 49 on this page for three links to screen shots.

The three screen shots show the full text of the exchange in which Oldham offers a reward to find who is behind the Blog-that-doesn’t-exist and offers advice on how to trick the Blog into disclosing identities by pretending to offer it inside information about KT.

He claims that some have already tried it but the Blog is on the watch.

Even so, he says, he has already uncovered one of us – allegedly!

But we shouldn’t jump to conclusions – maybe he just wants to deliver a birthday card to us or a nice big fish wrapped in brown paper.



7 Responses to “UPDATE: Koptalk meets scouse hitman about LFC bloggers.”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    All the responses to the original post can still be found there on 31st August.

  2. scouse Says:

    Interesting how Koptalk talk of hiring a hitman to go after people actually telling the truth.

    The way he’s going with repeated lies & support of the Sun he’ll be wanting a personal bodyguard of his own soon.

    Why is it ok for Koptalk to hide behind false premium, even 0151 numbers yet he’s dying to know who is behind the blog.

  3. fat_boy_fat Says:

    What would he do even if he knew was behind the Blog?
    He is ALL talk and to much of a shithouse to do anything!!

    He doesnt know any “Hitmen” because he is a over weight pervert who no-one would talk to
    He couldnt go to the police and make a complaint because what would he say?
    ” Hey Mr policeman 2 blokes on the blog are writting nasty stuff about me”
    Policeman – ” i see fatty twatty, and is this stuff they are writting all lies?”
    Fatty Twatty – ” ermmmm nope, its all true, but please get them for me.”

    See Oldham you complete s*n loving CUUNT your a total loser!
    Find out who II and rupert are, and you still wouldnt do feck all!

  4. stu Says:

    I was thinking the same as that – even if he did know who you were what would he do…? ban you from koptalk? Great – only to be given more usernames and passwords from all the regged members of his site who think it is a big festering steaming pile of turds.

    Duncan Oldham – you are a fat lying conman, you know you are, why dont you slime back into the north sea. Can you not see now that EVERYONE sees through you?


    I thought threats of this nature constitute a criminal offence?

  6. revo Says:

    hey jay,

    leave me out of your buisness.

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    Whose revo? And is jay the “hitter”?

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