Sun boycott still as strong as ever

Our recent addition to News Now has seen us attract a lot of new readers. If you’re new, thanks for taking the time to read the blog, if you’re a Red, please take lots more time and read lots more of the blog. Especially if you were planning to get yourself a new Koptalk subscription next payday.

Over the past months we’ve had various stages where we get a sudden influx of new visitors. What have become known as “suicide posts” are one way we get a big helping of new readers – someone posting a link to here (or maybe to Est1892 or Six Crazy Minutes) prior to them then being banned by Herr Oldham.

What we always find is that new readers (excluding those who’ve never heard of the site we are blogging about) are a mixture of those who had long suspected something was fishy about the former Scarborough resident who runs Koptalk, or are still  too blind to see how much of a con-artist Mr Koptalk is.

Two recent comment-writers, interestingly enough both Tiscali users, seem to have fallen into the second category. One suggested that we were wrong to complain about Dunk’s unilateral decision to declare an end to hostilities towards The S*n. Come on now Mrs Oldham – do you not think it’s time you told Dunk to behave himself? Your lack of discipline could be partly to blame for his self-centered ways. You should watch “Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory” again and pay close attention to Augustus Gloop. The other comment writer droned on about something I’ve already forgotten. Didn’t you Dunk?

As we’ve said on here many, many times before, the boycott of The S*n is something that all Reds are expected to respect. If you want to add all of Murdoch’s empire to the boycott list then that is your personal choice and many Reds will respect you for doing that, because it’s no small empire. If you want to add everything tarnished by Kelvin McKenzie to the list then again you’ll find yourself earning huge respect. However, the boycott is against The S*n. There is no excuse for buying The S*n, with perhaps the exception of Liverpool FC’s press office buying a copy for the purpose of ensuring The S*n don’t tell any more lies about us.

Duncan Oldham has it delivered every day. He takes stories from it and publishes them without crediting his source. Often the stories are made up by the paper he’s taken them from, so appear nowhere else. This means Reds only get to hear the story if they look at his abhorrent site. It gets him hits and clicks. And possible new members. He makes money from it. He makes even more from it by advertising it – knowingly. He may not have known the ads would appear initially, but he knew they were appearing long before he did anything about removing them.

In case anyone is any doubt about how the boycott of The S*n is still felt strongly, check out these threads from all of these forums. I found all these threads because they link to articles on this blog about Koptalk’s love of The S*n. I don’t think there’s much doubt about how strongly we all feel about the boycott. Just look how many forums spoke about this issue…
Red and White Kop (AKA RAWK) –

Red All Over the Land (AKA RAOTL) –

On the Kop –

Through the Wind and Rain (AKA TTWAR) –

(which leads to this wonderful story in the Grauniad – “Sun records lowest sale in 30 years“)

The Liverpool Way (AKA TLW) –

Also a site with a name I won’t draw too much attention to, but a good site nevertheless. It’s an LFC site that’s not an LFC site, if that makes any sense.
B*llocky Boo (AKA BollockyBoo)

Not related to the S*n story, but this blog was also mentioned here…

A site that covers all clubs mentions us and understands the boycott too.
The Fans Forum – (About The S*n boycott in general, mentions this blog / Koptalk in post 34 onwards).

Even a Man United site mention us. Well actually it’s that FC United lot.
FCUM Forum –

So, if you’ve looked through all those, quite some support really. The Tiscali user who thinks it’s ok to defend a so-called Liverpool FC site making money from The S*n is a minority of one from what I can see. Grotbags – how can you defend the Koptalk S*n-love by saying we should boycott all those other media? Grotbags – I think you are a relative of Dunk’s, if not Dunk himself.

Thanks to all those who showed us so much support.

NEVER buy or read The S*n.


9 Responses to “Sun boycott still as strong as ever”

  1. Kopwank Says:

    In typical fashion you’ve got 10+ forums all giving negative feedback from literally hundreds of users, yet Koptalk just revert the blame and bring Hillsborough into everything.

    The sooner Koptalk leave Liverpool FC alone the better. Seriously if you were involved with a site that got that much negativity would you continue to be involved with it?

    If there was no money involved Koptalk would throw in the towel tomorrow. Maybe Koptalk could prove us wrong by dropping ALL banners and ALL subscription fees and give something back to the fans you have ripped off for many years.

    The stories about £10k per annum servers don’t work with us, and after all you have 5000 members paying £30 per year giving you £150k per year to play with. Since you don’t take a wage where does all this go?

    I still maintain that EVERY other Liverpool site needs to run a prominent ban off Koptalk, I’m talking banners in the top corner of every page for the whole of December to finally get rid of the site before 2007 starts.

  2. FGC Says:

    RE: Kopwank

    I seriously doubt the koptalk has 5000 members, I’d be suprised if it was a tenth of that.

    Good idea with the banners, we need to get the word out, messages on the offical site forums, get this conman away from our club!


  3. rupertinsider Says:

    His original promise when he started the Gold Club was that it would never exceed 1,000 members. Earlier this summer he explicitly claimed 6,000 members. Not all of those were paying – it included honorary members. And some had paid only ₤1 years ago, some were paying ₤15 or ₤26 and so on – whatever number he first thought of.

    Since he lies about everything the 6,000 figure can be dismissed. The true figure? Well he certainly seemed convinced that he was making a lot of money at the time – so one can make a wild stab at 3,000 paying members – although I find it hard to believe.

    Then the blog got going and the great exodus from KT began. Judging by the numbers who left and joined EST 1892 and other sites – he lost more than 1,000 members of the Gold Club or other “clubs” – some of them had been honorary or low-price members.

    On 5th September he closed the free forums and hundreds more joined Six Crazy Mintues or other sites. They had already started leaving as a result of the blog and the defections. But those from the free forums had not been KT paying members.

    Judging by his traffic, by his online figures – his posts – minus his manipulation and false pseudonyms – he seems to have about 300-600 members, some of whom are honorary.

    We know that a percentage of them are simply waiting for their memberships to expire.

    I agree that a untied effort by all the sites to boycott him would have an effect. After all even those who pay him money are LFC supporters and they may be affected by a boycott.

  4. rupertinsider Says:


    I was impressed by those sites that you listed and particularly interested in The Fans Forum. I was not aware of it. It shows that Everton supporters and supporters of other clubs support the boycott.

    “A site that covers all clubs mentions us and understands the boycott too. The Fans Forum – (About The S*n boycott in general, mentions this blog / Koptalk in post 34 onwards).

  5. rupertinsider Says:


    Independently from you I thought that “Grotbags” might be Oldham or one of his family. I think the same of “Garland”. Oldham always uses Garland arguments and phraseology. I wonder what other “G” name he will come up with next.

  6. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Good too see the suport of the blog and disgust of KT runs so far!
    We have had a good few weeks, maybe he is just clinging on to try and make a point. We all know he is a big doppy fucking stubborn idiot

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    Here’s another one for the list. I’m grateful for all the flattering comments about Rupert from one contributor but none of it is true!

  8. mr skin Says:

    I’d have to say that I didn’t like the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie much at all. The old one was way better.

  9. ap2 Says:

    Liverpool (pte/May 27, 2005/17:53) – Liverpool’s Champions League win on Wednesday night led to a euphoric welcome home by fans. Tabloid newspapers such as the Sun and the Daily Mirror sold out in Istanbul, where the final match was held, and in the soccer team’s home town.

    A spokesman from the Sun’s sales department said: “We will be up week-on-week in Liverpool and we are selling extra copies in Istanbul where the Sun also prints.”

    Historic editions of both top-selling red-top newspapers sold like hot cakes.

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