For overseas LFC fans – free air travel, hotel and match tickets – honest!

by Rupert Insider

Duncan Oldham, the one-man Koptalk website, has developed some nasty little cons to exploit LFC and its supporters. But none so brazen as his most recent.

Through the years he has discovered that those living abroad make the easiest targets. They rely on the net to get close to their beloved club. Some of them do not speak English so well. They may not be familiar with British geography. All of them are trusting. It never occurs to them that a so-called LFC supporters site would lie to them even if it did seem to be good to be truue.

This is what he promised international members, FREE of charge:

  • fly some of them to Liverpool:
  • accommodate them in Koptalk hotel with a Kop-theme bar:
  • host them at another Koptalk property overlooking the training grounds at Melwood from where to meet players and staff:
  • introduce them to supporters at the Anfield pubs
  • provide them with tickets to a match.


This would be an impressive offer even if you were a lad in Thailand who had to work 4 x 56-hour weeks to make ₤30, or an office worker in India who would need two weeks or more hard work to save that amount, or a worker in central America who would need 10-15 days to make the money.

Since Oldham never publishes his accounts we can only guess from his lists of posters online how many were impressed enough to cough up the money – from Thailand, Indian, Mauritius, South Africa, Malta, North America and Australasia – not to mention Scandinavia and Iceland.

Even if none of them expected to benefit from the offer they must have been impressed by Oldham’s warm-hearted generosity to foreigners.  And the very fact that his site could be so lavish seemed to prove it was financially strong because, as Oldham claimed, “thousands on thousands” of Liverpool supporters were willing to pay for the privilege of membership – to sway and sing YNWA together as part of Oldham’s happy family.

From there is was not a great leap for them to believe his claims that his site is No.1, packed by supporters from the revered Kop, or that it is based in or near Liverpool and has easy access to Anfield, Melwood and the Academy, and that it has “insider” status at LFC and a stream of privileged information from LFC executives, employees and players, and that the site is led by an owner who attends matches at Anfield regularly and sups beer with fellow reds in Anfield pubs.

It could not all be lies – could it? It was too big to be a lie!

And in the unlikely event that any of it was, let’s say, an exaggeration, surely the other members of KT – fellow Reds – would warn them?

When they sign up and send their cash to Oldham’s PayPal account, international  members don’t know that he abolished the Private Message and email functions on the site last summer to stop members warning each other that it is, indeed, a Big Lie.

And they don’t realise that his brazen promise of 24 x 7 moderation means that any post or thread that asks questions or hints at criticism will be eliminated within minutes and the member banned – even if he has paid his fees.

And if anyone doesn’t like it “they can fuck off” Oldham says – secure in the knowledge that an overseas member is hardly going to spend a small fortune to get the balance of his money back through the British small claims courts.

So unless the new overseas members stumbled on this blog – itself a banned topic on Koptalk- they would never know that Oldham’s site is run from a garden shed a long way from Liverpool by a guy who dare not show his face near Anfield. He has no access to LFC and never has.

The new overseas visitors would not know that his site is firmly rejected by all British-based LFC fans, except for a handful from the fringe, who still hang on out of habit because they got free membership years ago when Oldham was desperate for users.

In fact, he is so short of British-based members that since the summer of 2006 he has all but given up on them and has made overseas supporters the main target of his conning machine.

Rather than being financially strong, he is so desperate for cash that he flouts a 17 year old LFC boycott to take cash from the S*N newspaper – boycotted even among the supporters of other football clubs for the lies it published about LFC supporters.

And most of the new overseas members of Koptalk would be surprised to discover that Oldham (their friend across-the-sea) litters his site with comments about how disgusted he is that there are so few English left in London and that too many non-English live in his street and he uses his podcasts to mock the accents and mannerisms of immigrants in his broad Yorkshire accent.

Needless to say, a few months on from his generous offer – there is no sign of Kop-themed hotel in central Liverpool, or a property near Melwood – not even the ₤300,000 Chris Waddle property he said he was thinking of buying – and no sign of the free plane tickets and other hospitality he offered to overseas members.

In fact the only real thing that occurred as a result of his offer is that more international LFC fans deposited ₤30 in Oldham’s PayPal account.

Yes, it was you he was talking about, new overseas members, when he boasted the other day that he has no idea why people want to use his site, but they do, he said, and they keep his supply of meat pies coming.

Conmen love to gloat about their schemes. Oldham’s too experienced to put it in writing, but you could almost hear him say it when he wrote that piece – “Suckers!”


The blog’s conception of the “Koptalk Melwood Property”



The Koptalk Kop-themed Hotel – Special Free Menu for Overseas Guests



The Koptalk Enclosure at LFC’s Melwood training ground – reserved for overseas fans.

Photo and story from



6 Responses to “For overseas LFC fans – free air travel, hotel and match tickets – honest!”

  1. Lazza Says:

    mince the bastard then boil him in acid

  2. Boris Says:

    Just send a worm into his system



  4. Michael Says:

    I am so glad i found this site…quite by accident mind you…cos iam one of those international Reds who was sucked in for awhile.

    i found koptalk about 12 months ago and thought it was a great site….rumours..inside info…the tours…i was thinking brilliant when i come to merseyside..i can contact that site about….

    i wanted to join the memnership side of it, but decidedat the time to spend my money on the e-ticket from the official site…

    thank god i did…

    and thank god i found this site and didn’t buy themembership like i was planning too this season

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    Hi Michael

    Welcome! I guess you are from the Asian Pacific region. If you know any other LFC supporters or supporter sites our there perhaps you could give them a link.

    There are quite a few sites with a large base of Liverpool supporters who go to games – you’ll find a list on the right of this page under LFC Sites. If you try them and let people know that you may want to visit – somebody will offer to help you with accommodation, tickets and so on.

  6. Michael Says:

    thanks rupert….andi will definately advertise your site around.

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