Scab breaks LFC's boycott of The SUN for money

by Rupert Insider

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Well, there can be no doubt about it now!

No amount of twisting and turning by Duncan Oldham, the sole owner of Koptalk, can hide his financial relationship with the SUN.

Money, not principle, is the true reason for his long-standing attempts to undermine the LFC boycott of the SUN.

The boycott is led by LFC, with personal attention from some of its legendary and current players, spontaneously supported by scores of news-agents in Liverpool, most of the people of Liverpool who are aware of it (including many Everton supporters) and, of course, by the Hillsborough Justice Campaign representing the families of the 96 dead and the survivors who were slandered by the SUN.

Click here to go to the official campaign site.

The boycott will continue until the SUN apologises.

The editor of the SUN at the time was Kelvin Mackenzie. A few weeks ago he said he had nothing to apologise for. He said that the fake, slanderous and deeply hurtful report, which still rankles, was the responsibility of his informants, not the responsibility of the SUN.

do_not_buy_the_sun_002.jpgIn their relentless attempts to break the boycott, the SUN knew they could rely on Duncan Oldham. They knew he was not a LFC supporter but a leech on LFC. Money was his only motivation.

He promoted the SUN by wearing one of its hats at the World Cup in France in the summer of 1998 – 9 years after Hillsborough. Coincidentally, he found the money to open his web site shortly after. And it wasn’t long before he brazenly published his treasured Sun photo. At the time, when there were only three or four football web sites, his was the largest. (It is now one of the smallest).


Oldham stalked SUN reporters trying sell his made-up gossip about Robbie Fowler and other LFC players. In fact, he refers to these dirty dealings in the trailer for his phantom book “Anfield Exposed”.

He’s so pathetic he can’t get over the fact that the SUN hacks actually talked to him. Now he wants to sell his account of those shady dealings for 10 to Liverpool supporters. And some have been trusting enough to send him a ₤5 deposit. If you were one of them, its not too late to get your money back. Trading Standards is investigating him for illegal practices on this and other matters and he is under pressure to give the money back. Don’t say its not worth the bother. If everybody who paid insists on repayment it will hurt him were he is most sensitive – in the pocket. While your at it, why not cancel your membership in his site and ask for the balance of your membership fee.

He refuses to support the Hillsborough Justice Campaign on his web site. He says it is “too political” and the people who run it “difficult to deal with”. They are so different from the people from the SUN who always bring him a cheque.

Oldham tries to dress up his support for the SUN by claiming that he does not want to pressure any of the users of his site. His users are mature, he says, and can make up their own minds. They are entitled to freedom of speech.

He is a hypocritical liar. We know how he refers to his paying customers as “loons” and “children” and how he bans them when they question his practices or statements, or mention other sites, or post on them, or ask uncomfortable questions or disagree with him. He deletes posts and threads on a whim. He threatens his critics with his “underworld friends” and “hitmen” and uses their personal information, given to him in confidence, to trace their employers. He calls them at work and threatens to embarrass them in front of their employers because of their opinions. He cancelled the PM and email facilities on his site when this blog started to prevent knowledge of it spreading.

This blog has published much about Oldham’s attempt to undermine the boycott of the SUN including his boast that he takes two copies daily and steals its stories to re-sell them as exclusive to his gullible paying members.

But the SUN money connection is only one of the characteristics that makes his rogue site an anti-LFC site.

Happily, it is disappearing. You can help it go faster by supporting a boycott of Koptalk. Its something around which the unofficial sites might consider cooperating.

Use the search feature for previous articles by Insider Insider about Oldham and the SUN. For the most recent Click Here.

EDIT: Thanks to Andy, a blog participant, who submitted these three screen shots of Oldham’s site. They give us a permanent record of the Judas in action. Several other blog participants have testified that they have seen the banners on Koptalk. See “Comments” below.

EDIT:  For other stories on this issue go to Home and scroll down or use search feature.
Note the SUN watermark behind the headlines.

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And here’s another.

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48 Responses to “Scab breaks LFC's boycott of The SUN for money”

  1. sawyerinsider Says:

    fecking shocking and blatant disregard for Liverpool fans and the s*n boycott.

  2. latestinsider Says:

    Just shows what a disrespectful pie eating fat cunt he is

  3. Ordinary to Rome Says:

    just a quick chronoloigical correction to another excellent blog entry:

    “Within a few months of Hillsborough he promoted the SUN by wearing one of its hats and publishing it on his web site, which, at the time was by far the largest of the unofficial sites. (Now, it is one of the smallest).”

    Hillsborough was 1989 and he wore the Sun hat 9 years later in the summer of 1998 at the World Cup in France. His website started late in 1998 and the pic appeared on there soon after.

  4. jackal Says:

    A 100% FAT TWAT

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    Ordinary: Thanks. I wrote it rapidly and am still correcting it.


    I feel sick to my stomach. To think that i used to read this fat bastards articles on his website. This is just the lowest of the low. The depravity that this scum bag will lower himself too. I knew this was something up with this fuckwit when he used to claim poverty and then low and behold a picture of himself appears on his website standing beside a Mercedes with a personalised number plate. What a brain dead twat.

    Keep the website up lads. Its a great thing you are doing for decent ordinary Liverpool supporters out there. The more people who dont sign up for that pricks website the happier i get.

  7. fat_boy_fat Says:


  8. LSM Says:

    Dunk makes me want to throw up. I’m getting sick of hearing of this fat, evil, horrible man I just wish he’d finally fuck off.

  9. Gerrard is God!! Says:

    Wot a cunt – will be a lonely funeral for this fat bastard – hitmen my arse! He should come over here to Northern Ireland – we will show him a thing or 2 about hitmen!
    Fuck the Sun – gutter press with no credibility – have you noticed how sometimes it runs articles about Liverpool players, Stevie G, Carra etc saying that they have said this and said that when every1 knows full well that none of the lads talk to these tramps?!?! WE WILL NEVER WALK ALONE!!

  10. igor Says:

    Just when you think the fat prick can’t sink any lower, then you read this article!
    Boss website this lads.
    Keep up the good work.

  11. Garland Says:

    There you go again, using Hillsborough to justify your own personal vendetta.
    Never mind Oldham. Stop using this issue as something to beat him with. You are belittling the HJC and those who died.

  12. Rashid Aimar Wackeen Says:

    Would love to have a pop but on my browser the ad banner isn’t that wide and where’s the rest of the page? Looks a five minute cut n paste job.

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    Back again! I see you can’t get enough of the blog. In my opinion II gave you way too much of his time last time you came trolling for your fat alter ego. I won’t make the same mistake.
    (If anyone want to see his comments go to Comments Page at the front and scroll for about half a mile.)

  14. rupertinsider Says:

    Rashid: I’m not sure I understand – if you want to see the whole of each screen shot from Koptalk click on them – it should open up in a separate window.
    “Size” – I don’t know about sizing. There may have been some adjustments in dimensions between Koptalk, the imageshack programme and the WordPress software. Andy is a specialist on internet advertising and has an opinion as to where Oldham got his revolving banner headline. All that matters for my article is that it is a paid banner.
    “Where’s the rest of the page..” You mean from Koptalk? Andy provided me with screen shots of the banner only.
    “cut and paste” – by whom?

  15. Rashid Wiggamar Yassar Says:


    Can you explain the width of the banner? Did he change it today and then realise and remove it?


  16. rupertinsider Says:


    Andy thinks it is a fastclick banner. It revolves. It has normal proportions for that kind of banner.

    If Andy gets to read this maybe he can answer your question in greater detail.

  17. Rashid Wiggamar Yassar Says:

    Scratch that, seen it for myself.

    Fat twat!

  18. Krusty Says:

    Is there a link to these pics on the actual koptalk site? How do we know these aren’t photoshopped?

  19. rupertinsider Says:

    These are revolving advertisements. See the above post.

  20. rupertinsider Says:

    Thanks. I’ve added your link to the full Koptalk page to the top of the article.
    Perhaps I should explain that Andy is a long standing blog participant who has done quite a lot of technical analysis and been involved in detailed correspondence on some of the issues covered by the blog. Late yesterday he sent an email with three links to the screenshots I published in the article. I assumed that he personally took the screen shots but perhaps I am jumping to conclusions.
    I responded to his original email asking him to verify that the screenshots were authentic and not doctored and asking for an explanation. He verified that they were authentic. He also expressed an opinion that they were probably revolving banner ads and that Oldham uses fastclick. Fastclick pays for every click.

  21. Robbie Says:

    The images are clearly screenshots, just browse around the site yourself and refresh a few times (and earn Koptalk a few more quid in the process!)

    I can see these banners even on the homepage.

    THE SUN WE LOVE IT – nice message to have on Koptalk

  22. red from oz Says:

    you are a filthy low life dog oldham, you know exactly how badly the lies of the s*n hurt liverpool fans and the families of those killed at hillsborough. you know exactly how strongly liverpool fans feel about this rag, and yet you still go and do something as low as this.
    i can maybe understand if you don`t agree with the boycott or feel strongly about this subject as you only started “supporting” liverpool in the 90`s, but to make money by actively supporting the s*n on your site with the words “we love it” next to it is sickening. you have gone to far this time you dim witted piece of shit.

  23. Ron Nasty Says:

    I remember him arguing that he had no control over adverts, including adsense which I also use on one of my sites. There is a facility on adsense for you to say which organisations you don’t want adverts to appear from. The same will be true of fastclick and any other advertising schemes.

  24. mineeyeshavebeenopened Says:

    four words – dunk is a cunt

  25. Alan Says:

    Someone post this on every lfc forum you can find , so more people see it. Especially in the e-season and general discussion on .tv

    the fucking fat cunt, no respect for the 96

  26. Alan Says:

    He still has it on now

  27. Robbie Says:

    “I remember him arguing that he had no control over adverts, including adsense which I also use on one of my sites. There is a facility on adsense for you to say which organisations you don’t want adverts to appear from.”

    Ron, yes there is an option to exclude advertisers in adsense and probably in fastclick too.

    This isn’t the point though really, there is no defence for this. If the Sun can be banned it should have been done straight away rather than letting it run for days – and if they can’t be banned he should abandon fastclick altogether and show some respect.

    I’m disgusted that anyone in this thread has tried to defend Koptalk here, mentioning a personal vendetta or photoshop. Can’t you just see that Koptalk really don’t care about anything unless it earns them money?

    Koptalk doesn’t run for their interest and loyal support to Liverpool FC, if they couldn’t earn money through various banners and adverts they would pack it in tomorrow.

    Whilst most LFC sites run adverts to help cover hosting costs etc they are usually a little more discreet and they wouldn’t think twice about dumping an advertiser like this.

    Anyone in the UK – especially those who know about this blog and still post on Koptalk should be ashamed of themselves. Im suprised Koptalk still has any users left – I assumed most of them left to be foreign and still didnt know about the lies and disrespect to Liverpool FC.

    Koptalk IS a tabloid dedicated to Liverpool FC – their support of the Sun just goes to prove this.

  28. Peter Says:

    I’d just like to confirm what robbie has said. Adsense allows you to filter out unwanted adverts.

    Most affiliate companies do the same. Actually, in a lot of cases, you have to apply to be a member of any particualr affiliate scheme. So having adverts for any company on your site is no istake and completely witn your control.

    This is a clear mesage to the club, the bloggers and all real liverpool fc fans. It translates into ‘up yours’.

  29. Peter Says:

    In adition to my last post, ive just refreshed on his site about 100 times and cant see the advert – yet all the oher ones remain.

    Proving that you do have control over which ones you can display and which ones you can kill off.

    No doubt he’ll trot out the ‘I didnt know and I acted straight away to rectify the situation’. Just another cheap marketing trick.


  30. rupertinsider Says:

    The following email received 40 minutes ago is reproduced.
    “After reading your article on the insider blog, i decided to go back to Koptalk, and he still has it on today.
    You’d think after your article getting into the top stories on NewsNow he’d get rid of it, but its been on for a while on the s*n today, so he’s clearly not bothered.
    I’ve attached 2 screenshots if you wish to use them. If not, sorry for clogging up your inbox with the pics
    Keep up the good work”

    I have downloaded the two screen shots and have them on file. Thanks, Tony.

  31. rupertinsider Says:

    Oldham has just posted a statement confirming that the S++ ads were on his site, as reported here.
    But he blames us for pointing it out. Like his “alter ego” Garland” – see above – he actually blames us for using the the Hillsborough tragedy “to score Brownie points”. He uses his old phrase about “rivalry”.
    As predicted he claims he had no control over the content of the ads.
    But he didn’t say “it was a joke” which is what he usually says when he gets caught out in a lie or with his hand in the cookie jar.
    Reply Oldham on KT
    Adverts that appear on KOPTALK.COM are provided by advertising agencies. When they add new client adverts, we only get to see them when they appear. They do not consult us or their other publishers first. Once ads are displaying we can disable them.
    We would never knowingly advertise The Sun and if you think we would, you’ve been suckered in by those connected to other LFC websites. The only ads we can disable before they appear are those that fall into certain categories i.e. gambling, adult, tobacco.
    If The Sun was to run an online campaign via any of the advertising agencies we work with, then yes, their ads could appear but they would immediately be removed, as they would on any other LFC site I assume.
    Google Ads allow you to block certain domains so The Sun’s website is permanently blocked. But the other two agencies do not have this kind of block.
    When annoying adverts previously cropped up on here when we had the Insider section which carries ads, if a member asked us to disable an ad e.g. because it was irritating, we simply disabled it.
    Thankfully our advertising is minimal now.
    Using Hillsborough and the innocent lives of 96 Liverpool fans to try and score brownie points through internet rivalry is disgraceful. Shame on those responsible.
    What he does not admit is that these ads were running since at least 29th October, 2006 – that’s at least 14 days. They were actually reported first by contributors on EST 1892 but they were unable to get a screenshot.

    It is only because this blog published the proof that Oldham has seen the light.

    Once again we answer his “rivalry” points. He classifies all LFC related sites as “rivals” and the official site as “the other side”. We are not his rivals. We do not charge for membership, nor do we run ads, nor do we take in any revenues whatsoever from any source directly or indirectly.

  32. Alan Says:

    There is no way he didnt see that banner. Its been on the site loads, and with his article cheated in the top stories of newsnow he must have seen yours that points out the massive banners.

    He knew full well it was on there, does he honestly expect people to believe that he didnt notice a red banner saying “the s*n we love it” across the top of his site?

    Lying fat cunt

  33. dataimaginary Says:

    Rupert and mr insider, you need to have these pictures at the top of the blog as a permanent feature – or at least a sticky. A picture si worth a thousand words and all that. Well done fellas.

  34. TFFDavid Says:

    No respect for his own, what a disgrace.

    Respect for my 96 brothers and sisters.


  35. john Says:

    boycot shit talk i recon we should post this on every lfc fourm make his site fucked up the fat pasty pie eatin fat cunt should also pay some repects to the 96 who are sadly not with us.

  36. Fat Controller Says:

    An absolute fucking disgrace in every sense, goes without saying.

    Before I thought the blog was a bit nerdy if I’m honest – I mean it’s only the net – but I take that back now. Rupert, II, and co. keep going, and don’t stop until he’s no longer associated with LFC.

    He rips off genuine LFC fans by lying to them, then allows/puts a S*n advert on HIS own website. Would any other LFC fan who ran a Liverpool fans forum do this?, of course not.

    It makes me sick that he’s still operating, pulling stunts like this to line his own pockets. This latest one shows a blatant disrespect to the 96, the familes, the city and people of Liverpool and the club itself. He’s scum alright, but I never thought he would sink this low. How dare he claim to be Liverpool fan.

    So Oldham, take your 2nd rate website and Newcastle season tickets and fuck off. Leave Liverpool FC to the people who care about it.

  37. Ron Nasty Says:

    Robbie, I hope you didn’t think I was defending him. I was pointing out that he has no excuse, he can ban adverts he doesn’t want on his site.

  38. Fat Controller Says:

    I’ve just been on the HJC website. And in the links section – to other LFC fan forums – a link to Koptalk is there.

    Perhaps someone should e-mail the webmaster/owner a link to this blog, or specifically this entry.

  39. rupertinsider Says:

    These posts found on the “Sun Loving” page which is not active yet.

    1. Dave Says:
    November 11th, 2006 at 4:08 pm e

    Words fail me.
    2. KR Says:
    November 11th, 2006 at 10:22 pm e

    Fat bastard, what a mug.

  40. Liverpool1234 Says:

    This is pretty staggering.

    How on earth could he sink so low ?

  41. ScouseUK Says:

    how can you come on here and try to defend the pie eating fool,14 days with the same advertisement,i own a site and i have looked into advertiseing and you have sole control of what goes in the advertisements,and even for some mad reason it was a mistake witch i highly doubt then why take 14 days to remove it,garland i reckon your a S$un loveing fool like oldham…..

    keep up the great work lads

  42. grotbags Says:

    Is there really any need for such foul and abusive language, makes me wonder what kind of fan you are really attracting to this site. It would not be put up with on Koptalk.

    Dunk does not lie to ‘us’ as it is implied. It is our choice if we want to pay for a site, he doesn’t force anyone to cough up. As for making money out of it good for him, wish i’d come up with an idea that let me support my fav team and make money as well.

    Having been in the leppings lane myself on the awful day i choose not to buy the sun or some of the other rags that were as bad about us. I think sometimes the others that published stuff are very easily forgotten, however i am not about to force my own beliefs down someone elses throat. Life is about choices and if someone chooses to buy that rag its up to them as it is if they buy the News of the World, The Times or watch sky football

  43. rupertinsider Says:

    “….makes me wonder what kind of fan you are really attracting to this site.”

    More than Oldham is attracting to his site. Thousands, in fact, from all walks of life. Most of them feeling stained by past contact with Oldham and Koptalk or his claims to be associated with their club. All of them willing to take the time to read longish articles and cross-references. A world away from the ignorant, repetitive one-line comments Oldham stuffs into the numerous threads he starts on his site.

    The “fans” who visit this site are superior to the oafish sycophants who hang around your site hoping “Daddy” will give them a prize bought with their own money.

    Are you as concerned with Oldham’s published threats to hire hitmen and underworlds friends to bump us off as you are with the language of our commentators?

    And if language bothers you I take it you don’t listen to farts, burps, paedophiliac jokes and obscenities of his podcasts and internet broadcasts?

  44. Insider Insider Says:

    Hi Grotbags – I really doubt very much that you have a) Read this blog in any detail and b) Been a Liverpool fan long enough to have even supported Liverpool in 1989, never mind be at Hillsborough.

    It’s one or the other. If it’s the former then please spend a bit of time reading up on how Oldham has shown over many years, but in particular this year, how little he thinks of Liverpool football club. Read about his threats against LFC and its players for example. Read about how he spent money he’d collected in the name of his disabled cousin on buying himself plasma TVs and Sky HD. Please – read the blog with an open mind and then come back and say that Dunk doesn’t lie to you. If you still support him after what you’ve read, why not go onto his site (I assume you are a member) and ask him about some of the issues we raise.

    If it’s the latter, and you haven’t really been a Red since 1989 then you owe us an apology.

    I’m guessing that it’s the former though. You seem to know enough about the shite that was peddled by many papers in the days after Hillsborough, no doubt all based on the same lies from the same sources as used by the S*n, but Liverpool fans have been practising an active boycott against the S*n for those 17 years now. Any Red who has so much disrespect as to not only read the S*n but to promote it and make money from it is, quite frankly, not a Red.

    Duncan Oldham is scum. Please read the blog in some detail and see if you still don’t agree with us. We are still waiting for Dunk to send us his right of reply to all that we’ve said about him – and he knows we are waiting. I’m also waiting for someone to take up the challenge to write up a well-thought out defence of Oldham explaining why his anti-Red actions aren’t as bad as we make out. Nobody’s taken us up on that yet. If you or anyone else wants to then please send us an email and we’ll publish it. Just make sure it really is well thought out, otherwise you’ll sound as bad as Oldham.

  45. rupertinsider Says:

    GROTBAGS posted his reply on the front page comments rather than here. I’ve transferred it across:
    grotbags Nov 12th, 2006 at 10:50 pm
    I take it everyone here is from liverpool then are they? Couldn’t care less where Dunk lives just about the team he supports. I don’t live in Liverpool either but it hasn’t stopped me a season ticket holder for 24years.
    There still seems to be a lot of rubbish about the tabloid press. Fine you want to boycott the sun as do i but how many fans boycott the News of the World, Sky Sports, Talk Sport and the Times. I can safely say on Sunday matches, going up to Anfield on the train, i’ve seen plenty of Liverpool fans reading the NOTW. Whilst i may not be the brainiest of people even i see the connection!
    There has also been a mention that Koptalk hasn’t supported Michael Shields, this is not strictly true as there has been many a post on the forum.
    Life is about choices. If someone chooeses to spend their hard earned cash on koptalk who are you to judge. Nobody is forced to part with their money and nobody is forced to look on the site. If you want to cancel your subscription at any time time a simple phone call is all it take.
    Maybe you should spend more time concentrating on LFC rather than worrying what Dunk and Koptalk is doing

  46. rupertinsider Says:

    Despite your long history as a season ticket holder, attendee at Hillsborough and so on, you seem unusually ill-informed.
    The issue as to which media should be boycotted has been exhaustively discussed for 17 years. Many believe that the entire Murdoch group of media outlets should be boycotted including SKY. Some do boycott them on principle. Others would have it include only the SUN and its Sunday version – the NoW. Many do boycott the NoW.
    But most take their lead from the Hillsborough Justice Campaign. They recommened that for practical purposes the boycott should be narrowly focussed on the Sun.
    You seem to be unaware of these matters. Does Oldham forbid you from discussing it on Koptalk as he forbids you from discussing the blog? Have you told him of your belief that it should all be a matter of choice?
    Frankly I don’t believe that you were at Hillsborough on that day. Nobody there would be as ignorant of the subject as you are. Nobody there would pay money to a site owner who promotes the SUN for money.
    You raise the issue of whether we or others come from Liverpool. We have never raised that issue in connection with our criticism of Oldham’s support of the SUN.
    But it so happens that very few from Liverpool – or England – use his site – he relies mainly on foreigners who come across it in their understandable search for a Liverpool-based site.
    For years he has lied to them about the location of his site and tries to give the impression it is in or near Liverpool or that he personally is in and out of Anfield and Melwood and the Academy.
    Have you asked him lately about his plans to buy a house near Melwood to make available to his members, and a hotel in Liverpool with a Kop theme where foreign members can stay for free, or the gifts of air line tickets and paid hotel bookings for overseas members. It was only two or three months ago he was offering all this – it must have brought him in quite a few paid memberships from Mauritius, South Africa, India and Thailand.
    Or have you asked him about the meeting he was supposed to have in August/September with Rick Parry at Anfield – at Parry’s request? Have you asked him about the Head of Press and Executive Director statements that he has never had access to Anfield or any of its executives. Or is your presumably free membership of KT so valuable to you that you bite your tongue for fear of being banned?
    One of Oldham’s hoary old rhetorical tricks is to complain that criticism of his site arise from Liverpool xenophobia – because he is from Yorkshire.
    He is from Yorkshire – he is a Leeds fan turned Manchester United fan turned Newcastle fan – and he does live in Wallsend – he is a stranger to Liverpool in many ways – but the criticism of his lying, cheating and false representations are not based on that. That’s just his attempt to curry favour with the out-of-towners he relies on for money – although he makes clear that he doesn’t normally think much of foreigners.
    The fact that you used Oldham’s rhetorical trick in your reply suggest to me that you are well and truly indoctrinated.
    Your references to what this blog said about Oldham exploitation of the Michael Shield’s url is plain wrong. I suggest you read it again.

  47. The Platinum Club Says:

    Every time you think Dunk has hit rock bottom, he goes and pulls something like that out of the bag.

  48. LSM Says:

    grotbags, a quick word.

    Fact: Koptalk is Sun-loving lying scum that hates LFC.

    If you actually like Koptalk you are either A.thick, B.ignorant, or C.Dunk himself.

    If you selected A there is no hope for you really. If you chose B, there is hope but you need to do some research into the club and what it stands for, and also take a closer look at how kraptalk is profiting from vilifying the club you claim to support. If C was your selection then I look forward to your impending demise you horrible, thick, rotund, amoral turd.

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