"ANFIELD EXPOSED": money-grubbing wannabe author plans to drag LFC thru' the mud

by Rupert Insider




Fact 1 – The title of the book is “Anfield Exposed”. The cover shows the official LFC shield which is used without permission of the club.

Fact 2 – The author is Duncan Oldham – still a wannabe because he has not written it. Not even excerpts or quotes for marketing or advanced reviews.

Fact 3 – The publication date has been repeatedly postponed. In 2003 it was set for 2004, when that date passed it was postponed to 2005, then 2006. Now it’s 2007.

In the summer 2006, he admitted he had not written a word of it but it would take only “a few minutes” once he could find time from his busy schedule.

He promised an announcement for the first week of the 2006-2007 season but failed to make it.

In September he closed the free Koptalk sites to make room for “writing” – actually a euphemism to disguise the fact that 85% of the users had already abandoned his sites.

Recently he promised publication for December 2006. But a few days ago he pushed it back again to the end of the 2006-2007 season – in other words no sooner than May 2007.

This is what he wrote on Koptalk.com post number #1685842 – Sun Oct 29 2006 03:03 PM

“My book’s out this season and I’m looking forward to you reading the last chapter if everything goes to plan over the next few months”

Fact 4 – He is a money-grubber. From the moment he first announced the scheme until and including today, a period of three years, he has used his bedroom based website, to request advanced orders. He wants a “deposit” of ₤5 against an open-ended full price which he suggested may be ₤10 or more.

(Click here for his request for deposits – we have taken screen shots in case he pulls it).

In July of this year he claimed that on the basis of the number of deposits he has received the first run would be 20,000 copies (for a potential minimum sale of ₤200,000). Subsequent runs would depend on demand.

He also used the claims he made for the book on his site to convince people that he has a close relationship with LFC, its executives, players and ex-players and specialist LFC journalists. He claims that Anfield legends like Kenny Dalglish and Robbie Fowler will be buying the book.

On the basis of those false claims he sold memberships to his site at ₤30 each. In the summer he claimed 6,000 such memberships (at various prices). More recently he has trimmed this to “thousands”. Divide by ten and you will be nearer the truth.


If you have submitted a $5 deposit for this non-existent book you can demand repayment. If you don’t receive repayment immediately you should report the facts to the authority which is currently investigating complaints into the trading practices of Duncan Oldham and Koptalk.com:

Alan Burnett
Senior Trading Standards Officer
Environment, Regeneration & Housing
The Killingworth Site
PO Box 113
NE12 6WJ

Tel:0191-2192634 Fax:0191

e-mail : alan.burnett@northtyneside DOT gov DOT uk


The wannabe author is a former office-cleaner and security- guard from Yorkshire who lives in Wallsend, near Newcastle. In 1999, desperate “to be a somebody” in the media he changed his name by deed-poll to “Mr Manchester United”.

When that failed to attract attention he attached himself to Usenet groups for supporters of Liverpool Football Club, changing his allegiance from Leeds United. He realised there were more LFC than Leeds supporters using the net – all potential marks for the illegal Sky and other satellite card scams that he carried on under the false name, Del Johnson, and for which he was investigated by:

Mark Lacey,Trading Standards, Standard House, 48, High Street, North Allerton, North Yorkshire DL7 8Y.

He had left a technology school at 16 years, with a low level of literacy. He begged readers of the Usenet group for a PC which he installed in his bedroom. Then he traded the email addresses of the Usenet users for a position at Koptalk – a website for LFC supporters started by a supporter. In time he wangled his way into taking over Koptalk. He never had any training or employment in journalism but immediately referred to himself as editor of the one-man website, then executive editor and now wannabe author and self-publisher.

The history of his site and especially of the phantom book should be enough to suggest that his claims for it are false.

What are those claims? Click here:

anfieldexposedbookcover.jpg * The CCTV footage of one of Anfield’s biggest stars that is locked away in a vault in the city. The media know it exists and offers of £50,000 have so far been rejected!

* Details of a threatening phone call from a Liverpool based journalist who warned about not publishing a certain article and how he begged for his identity not to be revealed on the site when the editor informed him he was going to publish his threats on KopTalk – the article was published!

* The national journos who wanted to rock the Anfield boat and how they wanted to do it

* The numerous requests to create fake transfer speculation from various people in the game

* What really happened the night before Robbie Fowler’s shock move to Leeds and why did KopTalk insist on the eve of that transfer that he was not leaving when we knew he was

* How the editor was swooped on at a bank when paying money into a VIP columnist’s bank account because they thought the account holder was laundering money!

* Every tale and experience relating to the suits that made attempts to buy KopTalk and the deals that were rejected. For the first time you’ll discover who made substantial offers and learn if Liverpool FC really did make an approach following rumours at the time

* You will learn how the editor begged solicitors to take him to court when they tried it on over the years

* Why the proposed share offer had to be withdrawn following in excess of £1million worth of applications

* The VIP apology from Anfield when a certain individual was trapped by the editor following a planned attack on the site

* The upsetting tale of how the editor was threatened to turn his back on the site’s passionate readers in return for financial incentives or face possible legal action in the courts – who would ask such a thing?

* A former Liverpool legend caught with his pants down in the editor’s house!

* The relationships formed with those at Anfield, those associated to the club and those in the national media

* Details of the threats put on the editor’s family for printing controversial articles and news items

* The columnist threatened with the sack if he continued to be associated to KopTalk

* The Liverpool players the editor desperately tried to protect and why

* Learn his true feelings about various subjects associated to the club and why he has them

* Why did Liverpool FC threaten to take his season tickets off him

PLUS much, much more!


This blog will deal with some of these specific claims in greater detail in subsequent reviews of the phantom book.

In the meantime, if you are a newcomer to this blog, you might want to take a look at the tool bar at the top of the page especially 2. Summary.

If you are interested in finding an honest, LFC supporter’s site that is free, we recommend any of the unofficial sites listed under LFC Sites on the right of this page.

This blog takes in no revenues directly or indirectly.


27 Responses to “"ANFIELD EXPOSED": money-grubbing wannabe author plans to drag LFC thru' the mud”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    Have any of our readers paid a deposit?

  2. scouse Says:

    Why would any true fan resort to these “tabloid tactics”.

    There is only one motivation behind this…..£££££££££££

    Maybe Koptalk actually think this book is keeping users close by who “cant wait” for it to be released – when in reality its just pushing genuine supporters further away.

  3. Fred Says:

    I’ve read this quite a few times via News Now, good work! 😉

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    He does not have that kind of control of the situation – he has not written it. If he puts something together (photos and a few paragraphs) he will have to publish it himself – no self-respecting publisher would touch it. He will also have to deal with all the libel suits that will fly. Its a lot easier suing about a hard copy book than suing about what he says on his forums. He might try to dodge it all by publishing it on his site or distributing a file privately. Its a scam, pure and simple.

  5. Rob Says:

    He’s not a true fan ,he’s not even a fan, he’s scum

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    “He’s not a true fan ,he’s not even a fan, he’s scum”

    Anyone who would use a photograph of their young child on the net to sell a scam like this is worse than scum.

  7. Dunk thought I was his pal Says:

    Another excellent post Rupert but I think you should change the trading standards email address, its unfair for him to get spam.you know put dot com etc.

    We all know its all bollox but if these stories about players are true, by the time the book got written they would have all gone and so nobody would care.

    As for the author who was threatened with ths sack if he carried on writing, isn’t it George? And the reason he would have been threatened with the sack is because LFC don’t want anything to do with KOPTALK, if he was so close to them they would let anyone write.

  8. Fat Controller Says:

    Of all his scams this is the worst. Well nearly, it’s not worse than ripping his own members off by asking them to donate money to a crippled girl and her family, then pocketing the money himself, but it’s in the same vicinity, and it’s typical Dunk.

    Back when he first announced this book was in the pipeline (add punchline here), I thoroughly believed – at the time – everything that came out of the fat cunts mouth, but even then I never felt even remotely confident that I would get a return on my money. I trusted my instincts on that one and steered clear. I should’ve done the same with KT. In hindsight I’m gutted I didn’t.

    I feel for all those who paid in advance. You’ve got no chance of getting refund. No doubt the fat bastard has made thousands of pounds on this scam, all of which has been pissed away on Wifebeater, hotdogs and of course his childrens protection.

  9. red from oz Says:

    “the cctv footage of one of anfield`s biggest stars that is locked away in a vault in the city”. that first claim should immediately deter every real lfc fan from buying the so called “book”. if any true red reads that claim,then goes ahead with buying the “book” they should hang their head in shame.
    “the liverpool players the editor desperately tried to protect and why”. how about protecting “one of anfield`s biggest stars” by destroying that cctv footage instead of making money off it .
    the only people who would be awaiting the publication of something like this would be rival fans like the s*n loving, liverpool hating parasite duncan oldham. or is it still mr manchester united ? keep up the good work rupert and ii, this cretin is a disgrace.

  10. Andy Says:

    He even talks about his ex-wife having a miscarriage on there – on an advert for a non-existent scam book.

    There is no depth Oldham will not plumb to con people out of their money.

  11. danski Says:

    It’s a shame, that a club with a great reputation like Liverpool is defamed by a journalist. Even if the content is objective, as some practises, Liverpool have the right to refuse disclosure, and besides, wouldn’t this chap want us to find out his secret life too? To put it in a book and i think he is looking for a quick trip to fame and disgrace.

  12. The Red Lion Landlord Says:

    Danski, you give him too much credit describing him as a journalist. He isnt. Hes not actually going to write the book, its just a scam to try and get fans to pay him a pre-publication deposit for the it. Hes already well on his way to infamy and disgrace too

  13. LSM Says:

    Dunk is about as much a journalist as I am a cosmonaut.

  14. red from oz Says:

    danski he`s not a journalist mate, he is a scam artist who scams liverpool fans out of money by getting them to sign up to 30 quid subscriptions to get access to his site with the promise of “inside information” from anfield. the info he gives them is completely made up.
    on top of that he has also been taking 5 pound deposits for this non existent book for 3 years, and all the content he claims will be in this book is made up as well. the book doesn`t exist and never will .

  15. Fools Gold Club Member Says:

    It is really interesting that over the years the “teasers” to get you to buy the book have changed from being LFC-focused to being Koptalk-focused

  16. rupertinsider Says:

    “It is really interesting that over the years the “teasers” to get you to buy the book have changed from being LFC-focused to being Koptalk-focused”

    That’s why I emphasised in Fact 1 that it is called “Anfield Exposed!” When he receives public complaints for attacking the club to make money he wriggles and says that he might change the title – but he never does – not in three years. Even though he has taken to saying it is more about him and his site – he still uses “Anfield” because he knows nobody is interested in him or his site.
    In fact it is an attack on the club, its players, executives and its Official Site. Running throughout his teasers is the assumption that most of those buying it will be sympathetic with him and will identify with his “struggle against the suits” and appreciate how he bested the club.
    I wonder if any who paid 5 quid would be satisfied to receive a book that was about Oldham rather than one about Anfield exposed.

  17. BioMedicalGuy Says:

    What makes him a fan? No fan would try to monetize his/her passion.

    Hate people like him.


  18. Irish Brian Says:


    Obviously this guy is a muppet etc etc.. agree with all above..

    But the thing that sticks out from his bullet pointa that he’s using to sell the book is that the book seems to be about HIM.. and the different things that happened to HIM when Robbie went to leeds etc.. to be honest… i couldnt give a f**k about him… I thought all us true reds boycotted sh**ty tabloid scum like him… F**ck off Mr Manchester United.. yer not welcome here…

    PS.. I dont believe a true fan would want to make money off the club.. For example.. I predicted the outcome of every european game on the road to Istanbul (i.e home win, draw etc) even down to the final when pushed to make a prediction i called Liverpool on penos.. Friends of mine made quite a few quid takin the 12/1 that day.. However, I personally haven’t backed liverpool in about 5 years… Cheering them on so you can win cash doesnt sit well with me.. There are bigger fish to fry at anfield than that… Family Club and yer not welcome Dunk
    Thank You

  19. Disgusted Says:

    The wheel turns Mr Oldham …

    No place in this world for scum like you!

  20. boyracer Says:

    He has testemonials on his site from people like Jan Molby, Vegard Heggem and Rob Jones among others. Are these testemonials genuine or are they false. Surely he could be sued if they are false?

  21. hoff Says:

    *’Why the proposed share offer had to be withdrawn following in excess of £1million worth of applications’

    Taken from Ruperts last post.

    What does this refer to? Did he attempt to float KopTalk? Has the blog covered it in any depth?

  22. ScouseUK Says:

    when will it end,i just cant wait till the day he is banged up,hopefully they will stick him in walton and let some real red fans get a grip of him….maybe the blog should start a book called DUNK exsposed…keep up the good work guys

  23. robbo Says:

    I want the book to be published and lots of copies printed.

    That way, it would pave the way for countless lawsuits for libel and they’d screw him out of all the money he’s made.

  24. latestinsider Says:

    I’ll tell you what the fat cunt has spent all the book’s deposit money on…….tesco’s fucking pork pies….and for dessert…..tescos finest mince pies!


  25. Paul Says:

    I must admitt i was one of the people who had paid a deposit for the book some time ago, probably 2 years.

    I created a support ticket with koptalk to get a refund at 12:30 yesterday afternoon and had the money back in my account lastnight.

    I half expected a fight to get the money back.


  26. latestinsider Says:

    Paul you’re lucky to get your money back…..would have thought the fat cunt would have spent your fiver on melton mowbray pork pies……and scoffed the lot…fat cunt

  27. rupertinsider Says:

    Paul: I’m glad to hear it.

    To be fair to him, he did offer to pay the money back to anyone who demanded it.

    But this was after we exposed the matter on this blog earlier in the summer. We had heard that some people were given the run-around when they tried to recover. He demanded receipts etc even though they had paid to have their names included on his mailing list for the book. If therr was such a list he already had their name and records of their payment. In other cases , people had their memberships cancelled after they asked.

    In addition, we know and he knows that Trading Standards are investigating him over this and other matters. Not to put too fine a point on it, if he refuses to refund money then any potential case for fraud that might, theoretically, be brought against him by Trading Standards will be that much stronger.

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