The LFC Predictor League leaves Koptalk for Est 1892

by Rupert Insider

lfc-badge.jpgThe LFC Predictor League is a well-moderated game in which players can test their ability to predict the detailed outcome of LFC and other games by competing with others.

It works best in an atmosphere of deep and well-informed interest in LFC and the game of football.

These requirements clashed with the business practices of Duncan Oldham, the sole owner of the Koptalk website. He stated last week what many have long known that he has no interest in LFC’s success. His site is a business, not a labour of love.

This week the Predictor League quietly uprooted itself, without fuss, and moved lock-stock-and-barrel to the LFC supporters site Est 1892

Est 1892 is free, as is every other unofficial supporters site listed in the right column of this page under “LFC Sites”. Only Koptalk charges.

Like most of the features that the Koptalk web-site used to have, the Predictor League was created and organised by the participants – not by the owner of the site. However, he charged ₤30 for access to it.

The reason for the move is that as much as 85% of former users of Koptalk have abandoned the site in the past five months. Many of the former players in the Predictor League had already moved to Est 1892 or other sites and did not want to play the game on Koptalk. Click here to see the independent ALEXA chart of Koptalk’s demise

The reasons for the massive dissatisfaction with Koptalk has been logged in this blog . Newcomers who want to introduce themselves to the summary analysis might begin by clicking on 2. Summary in the tool bar at the top of this page.


Edit:  The following comment on the above article was received from the founder of the game:

  1. predictor league founder Says:
    November 5th, 2006 at 4:26 am eThe demise of KT and the continous banning of players/members was too much for the game to continue over there. I have spent hours of work on the game for four years.   One day around last month I received an email from Duncan asking me to list some of the players names for database purposes. I did kindly.
    Week after week some of the players who have played the game from the start began to disappear and not play……. The game will live on and thrive at est1892.

12 Responses to “The LFC Predictor League leaves Koptalk for Est 1892”

  1. Teddy R Says:

    Good Job Insider Insider.

    Where’s my money from the Mortage payments Oldham? I want to see the reciepts – to ensure you didn’t pocket my money for your own benefit. I’m still waiting….

  2. scouse Says:

    The following URL shows the huge downfall of Koptalk since the summer, when the pressure from the ongoing lies has been exposed. It also shows the steady growth of newer sites like est1892 who are exceeding Koptalks’ traffic by far:

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    Thanks, I’ve added your link to the main body of the article.

  4. DM Says:

    Glad to see the old Koptalk users taking back some of their own features which belonged to them. However, I would urge caution on using Alexa as any kind of ranking measure. It is regarded as a highly unreliable count of website visitors and can be easily skewed – 1 person has Alexa for every 10,000 who use the Google toolbar add-on for instance.

    It also takes no regard of certain website structures – Koptalk for instance having moved on to a database structure is highly unlikely to be accurately recorded via Alexa.

    I am involved in designing some business websites and comparing the ‘Alexa’ stats with the ‘Actual’ stats is amusing. Sorry for the nerd lecture, just don’t trust Alexa too much….

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    What independent ranking do you suggest? The problem with Alexa is common to all. The fact is that Alexa is used by KT users as indicated by the chart.
    The number of visitors online – which is easily manipulated by Oldham – has also dropped by more than half. The number of posting on his site has dropped by more than two thirds – many of the posts are by him and his family – or generated by him from the same few posters.
    The people who arrive at this blog using the search term “koptalk” has dropped by more than half – adjusted for the number of hits we receive.
    Most of Oldham’s posters have declared themselves to have left and to be users of other sites now. Some still lurk on KT until their subscription runs out.
    Oldham has claimed to be No. 1 based on a poll – which allowed unlimited votes from every voter and which he manipulated by organising a clicking team. (See comments under 1- About us) So he is not a stranger to manipulation.
    We believe he also manipulates News Now.

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    You may have noticed that the Alexa chart is now showing a steep rise in KT hits since you posted it a few hours ago. That’s because KT is now flooding News Now again and getting cheap hits. He is posting misleading headlines , but also boring, re-hashed stuff from other sites.
    He now lives or dies by News Now traffic.
    I believe that the blog’s inclusion in News Now will mean we can reach his members and many newbies we could not reach before and he will get fewer and fewer members.

    But he does not need members to survive. He just needs them as an excuse to have a site. News Now will provide him with sufficient hits to earn maybe $100 a day or more from advertising referrals, pop ups, and betting and adult date finders business. He prefers to live on that than work. And don’t forget he does not pay taxes and also takes benefits.
    So – to summarise he needs LFC and a few puppet members who won’t rock the boat – but most of all he needs News Now and the revenues the traffic brings.
    LFC is a convenient excuse.

    Those intersted in seeing him off have to shop him to the tax and other authorities. Suggestions as to how to do it can be found in 5. Shop Oldham in the tool bar above.

  7. latestinsider Says:

    Anyone wanting a direct line to dunk ‘fat porkie pie’ oldham need look no further:

    07962 475 020

  8. DM Says:

    Not sure if the recent rise can again be blamed full square on Newsnow, a large rise for one or two posts on that day.

    Like I mentioned it’s just an unreliable source. There are a number of techniques available to inflate your Alexa ranking and I am sure the likes of Oldham will know of them. (Well he will be looking in to it now! 😉 )

    I agree though he is on the decline, and long overdue.

    Keep up the excellent work – one of the first sites I have a look at on interweb.

  9. predictor league founder Says:

    The demise of KT and the continous banning of players/members was too much for the game to continue over there. I have spent hours of work on the game for four years.
    One day around last months I received an email from Duncan asking me to list some of the players names for database porposes. I did kindly.
    Week after week some of the players who have played the game from the start began to disappear and not play.
    I’m begining to think that he did that on purpose because he did not have the guts to tell me he did not want the game on his site. Either way I was getting fed up with the site and it’s BS. The game will live on and thrive at est1892. Cheers.

  10. dataimaginary Says:

    It’s not that he didn’t want the game to survive – it was part of his paranoic plan to keep tabs on all his members. Glad you moved it mate. I will definately be partaking on the excellant est.

  11. chacko Says:

    I heard Dubai Holding is looking at buying Liverpool. Is it true?

  12. Lynchyred Says:

    Looks like Kocktalk’s hits are going up at the moment. How depressing!!!!

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