Robbie Fowler's web-stalker revisited

by Rupert Insider

fowlerfacechin.jpgDuncan Oldham is a 32 year-old Yorkshireman who lives in Wallsend, Tyne-and-Wear. He has an unregistered business which he calls Koptalk. He runs it from the shed in his back garden.

It purports to be a website for LFC supporters. But it is better known for its anti-LFC propaganda. He dare not show his face at Anfield. Because of that, he has just announced that he will abandon his season ticket.

Last week, in a rare moment of honesty, he said he couldn’t even be bothered watching the game on TV and couldn’t care less if Liverpool won or lost or if the stadium at Anfield was torn down and replaced by an ASDA supermarket – he said he was neutral about football.

This comes close to explaining why he set up similar supporter sites for Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspurs and Nottingham Forest.

Perhaps it also helps explain why scurrilous attacks on Liverpool players is his main gambit for drawing money-making hits to his site.

For example, he is infamous for his stalking of Robbie Fowler.

Click here to read Oldham’s infamous headline “Shut the door on your way out!”. It was aimed at Robbie Fowler.  It was a stab in the back from a guy who had made a lot of money on his bedroom-based website by lying about Fowler and stalking him for about two years.


The Fowler story is still relevant because it reveals how Oldham developed techniques he still uses. Recently he claimed to have a secret tape of Crouch talking exclusively to the S** (which is boycotted by LFC and most supporters). Then he claimed inside knowledge about Bellamy creating a dressing room disturbance just before a match. All these stories and many others turned out to be lies.

Oldham continues this week to use tabloid rumours about Gerrard’s personal life to generate hits for his dying site and to beg for new members. He also fabricated more stories about potential investors and yet more about the goings-on in the boardroom at LFC.

Like the S** which he admires, or the News of the World, which he often quotes, he tries to deflect criticism of his lies and muck-raking by wrapping it in hypocritical and smarmy statements that he runs his site as a hobby out of love of “the Reds”. In fact he and members of his family have no other visible means of support. He has repeatedly claimed to have made substantial riches from his site over eight years. Previously he was an office-cleaner and security-guard.

He says that if you are intrigued by his lies you can have more. But you need to pay him a mandatory ₤30 “donation” – ₤20 if you offer cash, with no questions asked.

Oldham has survived on the net because of LFC’s great achievements and the high reputation of its players and supporters. It is hugely popular overseas. There are always new supporters coming online. They come looking for information about LFC, or to make contact with other genuine supporters, or to connect with “the spirit of the kop”. For some, ₤30 is a relatively small price to pay for entrance to what they have been led to believe is a genuine “insider” site. For others, especially those from Asia where LFC has many dedicated supporters, it is 2-4 weeks wages.

Their quest for contact with the club is not ridiculous. They actually can find genuine information and fellows supporters on the net. There is a list of such sites on the right of this page under LFC Sites. They’re all honest, full of genuine supporters, many from Liverpool, who actually attend matches at the Kop and follow the team at away matches in the UK and Europe. And those sites are friendly and free. Unlike Koptalk, some of them have genuine contacts with the club and its players.

Unfortunately, many of the Liverpool supporters looking on the net who key in “LFC” or “Liverpool Football Club” and similar terms are waylaid by search engines which feature Oldham’s false claims that his site is No.1 ( when independent statistics show it is closer to No.12) and that it publishes “official” news from Anfield (in fact LFC has officially denied that Oldham or Koptalk has ever had any access to the club).

Some are waylaid by the automated news aggregator News Now which gives prominence to links to Koptalk.

If you are a new visitor to this blog and want to know what its about, please read Summary in the tool bar across the top of this page.

If you are a user of News Now perhaps you would consider not clicking on its Koptalk links so as not to put more money in Oldham’s pocket. You won’t miss anything. All his stories are lies or stolen from other sites and given a misleading title to entice you to click. And, in any case, anything of note on Koptalk is reported on this blog.

And the blog earns no revenues from your visits directly or indirectly.


11 Responses to “Robbie Fowler's web-stalker revisited”

  1. ravindra Says:

    I have been a supporter for 30 years and currently live in Hong Kong. You are right about Koptalk and Dunk. I saw through him years ago.

    Cheers mate.

  2. A Nony Says:

    How do we verify what you’ve written here is true and not just another lie?
    Please dont misunderstand me, I truly appreciate this blog and what is written here.
    So, please do not get angry, but understand why I’m asking that question…

    Since the day I found out about The S**, I no longer visited that website.

    Thank you, thank you and thank you… 🙂

    You’ll Never Walk Alone…

  3. Shaun Says:

    I’m an exciled Scouser out in Hong Kong, still hold my season ticket.

    I’ve always thought that Dunk was a tosser and he does spread shit about the Reds. He should piss off and continue eating his pies and surf porn on the net (which if you look on the banners on the site, he peddles).

    Good piece lad, well done.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    A Nony
    Fair question. The main lie Oldham perpetarated for many years was that Koptalk provided “news and whispers from insider Anfield, Melwood and the Academy”. He splashed this in red capitals across every page and every news story which was linked by News Now. Many people have said they joined Koptalk because they believed this claim.

    He claimed last summer that the Executive Director of LFC, Rick Parry, had asked Oldham to come to Anfield for a meeting at Oldham’s leisure because he had something he wanted. (There was the hint of blackmail in the Oldham claim – probably linked to the non-existing tape of Crouch interview with the S**). Oldham also said he was a confidant of the Head of Press at LFC. He also claimed that this season he would have an official Koptalk representative at every event, press conference and unveiling.

    So what contributors of this blog did was contact Rick Parry and the Head of Press and ask them if it were true or had ever been true. And they said – in writing – and verbally – no. He had never had access to LFC and never would have.

    Many people have testified on this blog and other sites that they joined Koptalk because they believed his claims.  So all those hundreds (he claims six thousand) people who paid him scores or hundreds of thousands of pounds on the basis of his fraudulent claims were ripped off.

    It is all written up in 2.Summary – Blog v KT at the top of this page.

    That leaves us with your question. How do you know we are telling the truth?

    Check our story. Do what we do. Write or telephone the Head of Press or Rick Parry and ask them.

    And remember we’re all supporters of LFC – Oldham would like us to support him – tax free.

  5. LSM Says:

    A right coup getting this blog on news now, I am impressed.

    Now all you need are some adult friend finder popups 😉

  6. KingBee Says:

    Getting the blog on newsnow is a bit like the end of a game of command and conquer! You know when the opposition are dead and you just gotta clean up the odd peasent and knock down the odd building. Then….its game over.

  7. Andy Says:

    You’re up to number eight in NewsNow’s top LFC stories already.

    This is a stroke of genius on your part – Oldham puts his lies up there and a few stories later you methodically tear them to pieces.

  8. KingBee Says:

    Whats the score with koptalk and newsnow, I thought they’d booted him off or something? I take it he’s now wormed his way back on.

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    They want hits – so we are giving them hits – thousands of them!

    It looks like we have found a way of reaching all those Koptalk contributors and lurkers who don’t know about the blog.    I guess most of them read News Now.

    We also have a better chance of reaching newbies before they are conned by Oldham.

    Regular blog readers will have to be patient if we do some repetition for the new visitors from News Now.

  10. rupertinsider Says:

    Oldham is reading the blog again. He has now retracted his statement of last week that he is giving up his seasons tickets (he now claims to have three). He must have made a tidy sum selling use of them because he has not been there – except perhaps once. He says he will be there tomorrow “as usual” – so if its “as usual” he will be in his shed in Wallsend.

    He also says he will be in the Flat Iron pub, as usual. So those of you who want to look at the creature or even chat with him – why not drop by? You could ask him when his book will be published.

    But don’t hold your breath. On the rare occasions he visited in the past he hid out until just before the game started and he bolted just before it finished.

    Oldham’s retractions are as regular as his lies. Whenever he calculates he may have put his foot in his mouth he says – Oops I was only joking!

    You have to wonder what kind of people would humour him.   Well the honoraries might do anything for a freebie, but those who pay him 30?

  11. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Master Stroke by getting the blog on News now!
    Things are starting to warm up again.
    Fatty Twatty realises he will have very few new signups without any of his bullshit stories, yet he also knows that any lie he puts up will get teared apart by II and Rupert.
    Upto now though he has realised its been confined to people who knew on here, so he could con the newbies, Yet with getting a headline on NewsNow we can shoot down his story right at the source!


    Your FUCKED oldham!
    I’ll post you an application form for McDonalds!

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