Is Gerrard the next target for the anti-Red site?

Steven Gerrard, Liverpool captain, has been the victim of seemingly unending rumours of late. Emails are spreading like a virus, email after email of lies about the Reds skipper.

As well as the email route, the lies are being passed around by word of mouth, but also via internet forums.

I’ve seen on more than one forum a sticky post referring to these rumours. The basic rule is, SHUT UP! Prior to those stickies being added there’d be a new poster on the hour stepping out of the shadows trying to tell us how he’d been told by Steven Gerrard’s lace replacer how true this version of the story was.

It’s pretty clear – there are so many variations on this gossip (and I’m talking about gossip relating to his personal life here, not professional life) that the vast majority must be lies by default. They can’t all be true, because they all pretty much contradict each other.

Then there’s the fact that there is no evidence whatsoever to support the claims. Nothing. In the day and age of camera phones there’s not a single frame of video or a single blurry photograph.

Add to the that the evidence to the contrary. Times and places in stories contradicted by the real whereabouts of the subjects at those times.

Then there’s those who are close to the player, or close to other players. Everything coming back is that these rumours are false, completely and utterly 100% nonsense.

Finally there’s one other reason not to discuss these issues on a Liverpool website. It’s Steven Gerrard’s personal life, not ours. What’s it got to do with us? What’s he done to us to deserve being so harshly dealt with by so many so-called Reds? I accept that some people have spoken without thinking and once they have this pointed out they feel like crap and immediately shut up.

Of course, this blog isn’t here just to defend Gerrard, even though that little rant made it sound like it. This blog is here to defend Gerrard, Rafa, Carra, Robbie, Crouch, Bellamy, Parry and anyone connected to the club (THE club) from the most obnoxious individual ever to claim to be a Liverpool supporter. To protect Liverpool FC and all those connected to it from Koptalk and its owner, Duncan Oldham.

Guess which forum hasn’t got a sticky on it telling people to stop spreading rumours about Gerrard?

Of course. Koptalk.

But it’s worse than that. Koptalk want to make money out of these rumours if they can. The Flash banner on the front of the Koptalk.coN website was recently changed. Here’s what it says:



So, Duncan Oldham wants to attract new punters with the promise of all the latest rumours about Steven Gerrard, and also of course his updates on what’s happening in the board room.

We already know that he’s not got a clue about what is said in the board room, he’s not even got a clue about what is said in the staff cloak room.

But this is – to my way of thinking – another attempt from this evil twisted piece of vermin to cash in on hurting Liverpool players.

Robbie Fowler, Peter Crouch, Craig Bellamy, Rick Parry – all previous victims of Oldham’s attempted slurs. All victims due to stories made up by the so-called Liverpool-supporting liar.

Now he wants to see Gerrard suffer in return for some more pieces of silver. Or 30 pieces of gold-coloured British money to be more exact.

His own members have already started to grow tired at the lack of moderation on the forums about these lies about Stevie. What most of those members may not have realised is why Oldham isn’t moderating those posts. They haven’t spotted the connection between that banner and the fact that Oldham allows these posts to stay. Maybe they’ve not seen the banner. Well those of you reading this who still post on Koptalk have no excuse now. You can see the connection.

Oldham hates LFC.

Here’s a few snippets of what his members have been saying. This thread began with yet another version of this bullshit about Gerrard (I’ve no intention of giving it an airing in here), a few posts down and Lecter responded. And I have to say responded well, because it got a few people thinking who might not have bothered before…

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Re: Poor Stevie [Re: DaveMc68]
#1688412 – Wed Nov 01 2006 02:56 PM
I’m honestly amazed that these threads are still appearing
I’m not especially after seeing at least half a dozen revelatory posts such as this appear each day over the last fortnight on here

I wish Dunk would put up a sticky thread regarding this rather than subject us to this over and over again

Many of the sites in competition have such warning posts and its kept the drivel off there
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Re: Poor Stevie [Re: southafricanred]
#1688428 – Wed Nov 01 2006 03:17 PM

If you are a LFC fan, why spread [oops] like this around!?!

FFS!!! Its about time this crap stopped for good!
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Re: Poor Stevie [Re: tomasjj]
#1688432 – Wed Nov 01 2006 03:21 PM

i agree!! enough is enough!!!
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Re: Poor Stevie [Re: tomasjj]
#1688434 – Wed Nov 01 2006 03:22 PM
What gets me down is losing games and hearing so much rubbish about me,” he said.

“I could go on for several paragraphs about what was written last weekend. We’re all a bit sick of reading the same things. I’m sick of it, the players are, the fans and the manager is.

“I feel really sorry for the fans that they have to see the focus put on me again in those stories, but what can I do about it?

“I think from the reaction of the supporters last night, it’s clear to me they’re not taking any notice of that stuff any more and that’s exactly how I want it to be.”
From the horses mouth so to speak
Nuff said
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Re: Poor Stevie [Re: southafricanred]
#1688453 – Wed Nov 01 2006 03:46 PM

What is this place now turning into??!!!

Yet ANOTHER stupid thread re. Gerrard – why can’t individuals just ingnore the cr@p they are hearing, or especially stop creating new threads on the irritating topic!!

This place used to be a good source of info and banter but now it’s turning into a playground!!

So disappointed in what’s happening here.
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Re: Poor Stevie [Re: Upna]
#1688472 – Wed Nov 01 2006 04:03 PM
Reply to this post Reply Reply to this post Quote

Maybe you are passing this on in good faith, but do you honestly think (reference to the bullshit removed by me)?

I agree with Lec, there should be a notice of some sort about these rumours, this is not healthy!
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Re: Poor Stevie [Re: Taffy]
#1688473 – Wed Nov 01 2006 04:05 PM

it used to be a good place for
now it seems more and ,,
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Re: Poor Stevie [Re: Taffy]
#1688476 – Wed Nov 01 2006 04:06 PM
Sorry to admit, I agree. It’s bordering on mental retardation. Ever since The Merge it’s really sloping.

That’s just a few of the dissenting voices popping up more and more. Some of them just haven’t made the connection yet. Koptalk is run by someone who hates Liverpool Football Club. Someone who’s admitted in not as jokey a fashion as he might want us to believe that he’d be happy to see Anfield bulldozed and replaced by a supermarket.

Wake up lads – Duncan Oldham is not a Liverpool fan. He’s a parasite who’s finally starting to realise that he can’t make any money out of our club any more.

Now stop supporting him, please. Boycott the Liverpool-hating Koptalk.coN.


8 Responses to “Is Gerrard the next target for the anti-Red site?”

  1. Rashid Aimar Wackeen Says:

    Fatty making money from other people’s misery shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of us. And this is ‘family man’ Dunk, the bloke always begging for sympathy when adversity strikes the Oldham clan.

    Once again he exposes himself for the hypocritical money-grabbing twat that he is.

  2. The Red Lion Landlord Says:

    Its good to see that there is some self-policing and moderation amongst the members there. If they noticed the banner mentioned, the ones who replied to the thread quoted must have been quite sickened by it. Good of Lecter to put his head above the parapet too.

  3. Suspicion confirmed Says:

    Any info available regarding this ‘Upna’ character that started above thread?

    Suspicion aroused

  4. scouse Says:

    I like the current google results:


  5. rupertinsider Says:

    News Now is carrying a story from today. Please do not click on the News Now story as that will push his story higher in the News Now ratings. Read it here and then write to News Now, complaining that the headline is s midleading or a lie. His only purpose is to use News Now to attract new subscribers for his site. He has a new banner headline offering access to his rumours about the BoD and Gerrard.

    You can write to News Now at

    You should cite the url to their story which is

    The headline is “Gerrard Rumours Sparked by Boardroom Battle”

    Noel White may have resigned from the Liverpool FC board following the disgraceful attack on manager Rafa Benitez, but the issue behind it still rumbles on.

    KOPTALK understands that White was prompted into speaking out through frustration over the ongoing financial situation at the club.

    The Reds continue to speak to new potential investors every couple of months but what about those who have so far been ignored? What about the likes of Bob Kraft? His wealth and proven expertise was really attractive to various members of the board but to date, what he wanted to offer has been ignored, rightly or wrongly.

    White isn’t the only key figure at the club annoyed by the situation. There is at least one other former colleague of his who hasn’t fallen into the same trap by speaking out. We doubt he will either but the mistake he is making is he’s fraternising with other potential investors who want in at Anfield and these groups and individuals – although working for their own gain – have loose tongues.

    Over the last few weeks Steven Gerrard has been targeted by someone. Rumours concerning his career and his private life have been spreading like wildfire, each with their own twist. Laughable they may be but who is behind it and why are they doing it? We’re not talking about suggestions he’s unhappy about rotation etc, we’re talking about more malicious things that no Red wants to read about.

    The Gerrard stuff, the Board Room stuff, it’s no coincidence.

    It doesn’t make sense for the dark side of the media to be involved, nor does it make sense for another club to try and unsettle the skipper. If the effort was more low key, maybe, but it doesn’t make sense. There is a deliberate attempt to disrupt things at the club and everything we’re hearing can be traced back to one thing – ‘investment’ and the lack of it.

    The same names are cropping up along with the same reasons.

    What’s sad about it all is that whatever you favour – if it’s possible to favour anything with so little public information – someone, somewhere, is using underhand tactics to try and corner the chairman and that is something we could never agree with.

  6. Andy Says:

    “we’re talking about malicious things that no red wants to read about” –
    which is why I do absolutely nothing do discourage people from talking about such things on my site.

    The hypocrisy and deviousness of that entire piece is jaw-dropping even by Oldham’s standards.

    If you tell a stupid lie and get found out, what do you do? If you’re Oldham, you just repeat the same lie even more stridently and add some more bullshit into the mix.

  7. LSM Says:

    Oldham is a disgrace. What’s more disgraceful is he probably can;t see he’s doing anything wrong. Yet this attempt to create controversy out of nothing smacks more at trying to get revenge out of the club that’s done him wrong. Or so he thinks.

    It’s a sad, sorry world we live in when fat, lazy, thick, lying twats can make moneu out of their lesser virtues.

    Dunk, you are an overgrown has-been who spotted an opening a few years ago to scrape a few buck from unsuspecting reds, but the jig is up. the loophole has been closed. time to squeeze your fat, stupid, slippery torso out of the sewer pit you’ve dug for yourself and get out.

    The longer you hang about the harder it will be for you to turn things around for yoruself, as you the stakes get higher the more desperate you get.

    Koptalk is dead. It’s time to move on fat man. Who knows how many years you have anyway before you keel over from being a fat, stupid, lazy, thick, gormless twat. So best you see them out in a more respectable manner.

    So long Dunk, the majority of your members are only thee out of a perverse cusriosity to watch you make an arse out of yourself anyway. If you’re not embarassed for yourslef at least see how shamed of you your kids will be when they’re old enough to read up on your past and find out just what a worthless pile of obese shite you really are.

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    I notice that the story is now in the Top Stories on News Now.

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