More of the same from the blog!

Emblazoned on the front of the Koptalk.coN website webpage, was the claim that you could watch the Carling Cup game online – just hand over that £30 (£20 cash if nobody’s looking) and get Inside. Inside was this –

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Re: Reading Carling Cup Game [Re: irishredrover]
#1682307 – Wed Oct 25 2006 06:37 PM

Monitor this page in the run up to the match:


And guess what? It wasn’t on there. I believe some people got to see the game on streams elsewhere, but not Koptalk members.  Well, not unless they paid somewhere else as well as paying that £30 to Koptalk. Another example of how Koptalk doesn’t do what it says on the tin.

Dunk’s renowned on here for talking to himself, and he seemed to get extremely confused with it all on Wednesday night. “Macers” from Belfast posted this –

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Re: Liverpool v Reading – CONFIRMED TEAM & MATCH THREAD [Re: jmp7300]
#1682570 – Wed Oct 25 2006 09:09 PM

Fowler playing lifts the crowd who in turn lift the rest of the team. It was like that last year when we were all 110% PC scoring, the atmosphere at those matches was great. One feeds the other thats what we need to get a good roll going, it breeds confidence in both camps.



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Re: Liverpool v Reading – CONFIRMED TEAM & MATCH THREAD [Re: Macers]
#1682573 – Wed Oct 25 2006 09:10 PM

Fowler playing lifts the crowd who in turn lift the rest of the team. It was like that last year when we were all 110% PC scoring, the atmosphere at those matches was great. One feeds the other thats what we need to get a good roll going, it breeds confidence in both camps.

This is a good point.

With regards Fowler tonight, he hasn’t looked lightning, fair comment Dunk, but he has looked above what we have seen in recent weeks. I don’t know how to explain it, he just looks ‘Liverpool FC’.

What is he on? Dunk that is, not Fowler. It must really wind him up though, watching Fowler playing for us. Regular readers know that Dunk tried to spread some dirt – false dirt too – about Fowler during the Houllier reign. He claimed Fowler was too pissed or hungover to train when in fact Fowler was pretty ill. He’d spread stories about Fowler being out on the ale all night when the reality was Fowler had been out for an hour or so for a couple of drinks. He wanted Fowler out, and he tried his best. When Fowler left he had a headline on his “editorial” with a headline along the lines of “Close the door on your way out”, delighted that he’d seen the back of a player he’d tried so hard to hurt.

Oldham’s an evil piece of work. He’d be an evil genius if he wasn’t as thick as he is. Instead of being the evil genius he’d love to be he’s just nasty thicko. He tries to be funny sometimes, and it really doesn’t work. He’s only funny when he’s not trying. Here’s him trying…

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Just had a Muslim lady knock at my front door
#1681501 – Tue Oct 24 2006 11:06 PM

I refused to open it and only spoke through the letterbox to see how she liked it

(Dunk had a long pause here, possibly for effect.)

Lighten up


That post was probably for our benefit anyway – much of what he posts these days is. It was repeated on here earlier in the week that Oldham had complained in the summer about the lack of English people on his trip to London, and he had other hints later on about how he’s not keen on “foreigners”.

A few posts later, he claims to have friend. As if!

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Re: Just had a Muslim lady knock at my front door [Re: Dunk]
#1681528 – Tue Oct 24 2006 11:28 PM

A mate of mine is from Doncaster. He said one of the funniest things he ever saw was outside a Mosque.

Apparently while everyone was worshipping inside the dustbinmen came along and removed every single pair of shoes from the footpath and outside the Mosque and put them in the back of the wagon.

He swears it’s a true story.

(Had this been a Christian related story, I’d have also posted it)


Why the need for the last bit? Feeling guilty? Or just playing to this audience?

Then he revealed what he’s doing with the remants of that PayPal money he got from pretending to be collecting for his disabled cousin…

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Who plays poker?
#1681523 – Tue Oct 24 2006 11:22 PM

I’ve been playing a few days now. I can’t believe I didn’t start earlier.

Anyone play for real money? I must admit I’ve tried the free stuff on XBOX LIVE with Smoove (took a couple of hundred $k off him tonight!) but I tried real money the other day on one of the UK bookies and did quite well on that also.

Very addictive at first but after an hour or so I get a bit bored!


That’s his only friend – Smooch his video-game partner.

He’s already asked, a long time ago, for information on Muslims. This was on the newsgroups pre-Koptalk.  Now he’s asking daft questions on his forums to see if he can drum up some interest –

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Ban Religion
#1681529 – Tue Oct 24 2006 11:29 PM
Reply to this post Reply     Reply to this post Quote

If we banned religion and got rid of all faiths… what kind of an impact on the world would this have?


Sorry for the short update today.

We’ve had the point raised again in comments that the blog seems to be consisting these days of articles that would never have appeared in here at the height of summer when Dunk was losing it on a grand scale. Comments saying that we’re posting here just for the sake of posting. Also that we’re repeating ourselves.

In some ways we are posting for the sake of it – Oldham is not doing much at the moment. I’ve always just posted whatever I find on Koptalk, and different people like different things. I think it’s important we post something every couple of days just so you know we’re still around. I’ve still got that offer open to all readers that you are more than welcome to write something yourself too. You might have a different viewpoint from us and I think people would like to hear it.

I thought his talking to himself was funny so that’s why that went in above. It’s not something of any great importance, but nothing really is in this particular post. Koptalk is barely ticking over. His racist joke and questions about religion were really just odd and so I thought they might be of interest to some of you. One other thing we try to do here is give you what he charges you for free of charge. He steals, we steal it back for you. That’s why the feed info went in at the front. I’m just wary of posting those feeds in advance, but I can assure you, that’s the only site he refers to now. And “Mohan” has mysteriously disappeared – Dunk just posts that link himself now.

As for repeating ourselves, my mention of what Dunk tried to do to Fowler has been mentioned on a lot of occasions, but I think it’s worth mentioning it from time to time, along with some of the other stuff he’s done. If you’re new to the blog you probably didn’t know what Oldham had tried to do to Fowler. And you probably don’t know that he’s had less concerted efforts to hurt Bellamy and Crouch too. If you are new, have a search around the blog and see what you can find. Use the links at the top too. You might then work out why Michael Barrymore’s at the top too, along with those shirts that certainly aren’t Liverpool ones. And while you’re at it, have a search on here for Chris Waddle and the Koptalk Hotel.

One other criticism is that we’ve “had a go” at Koptalk members. I just want to briefly say why, although I’ve said it in the comments a few times too. Koptalk should either close down or clean up. It won’t clean up, it’s had plenty of chances. It won’t pay back the money it stole from Liverpool fans thinking they were helping Dunk’s cousin. It won’t pay back all the money it stole from members who left when they realised they’d been ripped off. It still won’t stop using and supporting The S*n. If Koptalk was a Liverpool board member it would be the treacherous bastard of a board member that went to the Mirror today! Except Koptalk would have gone to the S*n for more money. It’s claimed in the past to have moles inside Anfield, when in fact it’s just a cancerous mole trying to stay attached to our club. We’re trying to fight it, trying to get rid of it.

We’ve nearly done it, but not quite. And if everyone who knows the truth about Koptalk stops posting on there tomorrow we’ll be one step closer to doing it. If everyone stops visiting at all we’ll be one step closer. We need those who know to stop posting. We also need those who don’t know to find out all about the truth about Koptalk. Drawing attention to users might do the trick (it has before).

I still want to know something. Why would anyone who knows the full truth about Koptalk and considers themselves to be a Liverpool supporter continue to post on there? Please stop posting on there. If you’ve got a good reason to carry on then please let me know – otherwise, please stop. Now!


5 Responses to “More of the same from the blog!”

  1. Andy Says:

    As someone else has already pointed out on another thread, the letterbox gag was on TLW a day or two earlier. It was already pretty old by then – I first saw it on the letters page of one the nationals a week or so ago. So Oldham even nicks his Little Englanderisms from other sources.

    As for the blog repeating itself, it only does so because Oldham keeps repeating the same repugnant tricks. The blog shouldn’t stop stop holding him up to ridicule simply because he’s pulled the same crap a hundred times before.

    But I do think you should take the criticisms made by recent posters on here to heart. All of them appear to support the blog’s aims and none of them display any love for Oldham. They’re a million miles away from the likes of Disco or the many wind-up artists who have come on here over the past months.

    I think the attack on Lecter was legitimate but, in the context of your previous posts, it seemed a little trifling. In your defence, it is a symptom of the success the blog has had – you’ve restricted Oldham’s audience and room for manoeuvre so much he gives you little material nowadays.

    I don’t think you should worry that if you only post every few days people will lose interest in the blog. The disgust felt for Oldham runs much deeper than that.

  2. Insider Insider Says:

    Apologies for repeating much of what Rupert had said in the thread from Wednesday. I missed the post from Rupert, don’t know how really.

    Lecter posted a lot yesterday about the boardroom leak, and to be fair he didn’t claim any inside knowledge about that. He didn’t say anything that was missed by the other LFC sites. Dunk’s only comment of note was that he didn’t think the culprit was the person every other site says it was. I’ll try and turn it into a post shortly.

    The joke in itself isn’t that much of a problem in its own right – and although I’d not seen the joke on TLW I’ve seen many a debate on there about religion. I’m guessing that if it had been delivered in a way that was really out of line that it would have been condemned by most of the readers. TLW’s forum works quite differently to others, tending to be self-moderating. That upsets some who want to see strict moderation, but there are plenty of forums that cover all the ranges from no moderation to near lockdown, so there’s something for everyone.

    I don’t think it matters whether members know real insider information or not. Part of the fun of listening to claimed insiders is working out whether they’ve got any sources, and also whether they are good sources. That applies to all “insiders” on all sites. I think Lecter’s made it clear that he intends to carry on posting on Koptalk and elsewhere (I’ve seen his posts on a few sites of late) so perhaps we should leave him alone anyway! He does come across as a decent bloke and a lot of people have had a lot of really kind words to say about him. As for some of the others who post on KT – well they need to consider what their reasons are for staying on Koptalk, and in some cases consider why they want to attack this blog and other sites. Lecter hasn’t done that to be fair, but a lot of the others have. I’d love to hear a well-thought-out defence for choosing Koptalk over for example.

  3. KingBee Says:

    “Please stop posting on there. If you’ve got a good reason to carry on then please let me know – otherwise, please stop. Now!”

    Some members obviously know both sides and continue to post on koptalk and various other sites (including est1892), but I’m more of a lurker now until my sub runs out and I think you’ll probably find alot of koptalkers (lurkers and posters) are doing the same. I don’t want to go on there and cause trouble or go out in a blaze of glory like some others seem to. I’d rather just let my subscription run its course and then leave. The other opinion I have of some posters is that they’re almost too stubborn to accept the truth and (especially if they’re less than 6 months into a yearly sub), sweep it under the rug (criticising the blog/est1892 in the process) in the blind hope that koptalk will eventually prove itself to be worth the money and prove everyone else wrong. However, I bet even these numpties know deep down that they won’t be renewing their subs when they expire. Sorry its a bit long-winded, but my point is – be patient. I think you’ll find in time 90% of koptalk members will eventually leave. Not everyone wants to ‘ban themselves’.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    Not to beat a dead horse – but I would summaries the Lecter thing like this.He has claimed for years to have inside information from Anfield (and now he says from a first team player). He has never made it available on the free forums. He has only made it available to Oldham to sell to Gold Club or Insider members. In exchange, Oldham gives him an honorary membership. (Oldham frequently says that he “pays” helpers with memberships equivalent to ₤30 a year).

    Lecter seems to be the last (there is possibly one other still there) who still purports to be an “insider”.

    Lecter has never proven his claims. His supporters have never proven his claims.

    I don’t believe his claims. I am willing to reconsider if he offers proof.

    I would not suggest he is a liar – but its a reasonable question for someone else to ask.

    We know from other so-called “informers” who have left KT that there are other possible reasons for his kind of claims. Some do it as an elaborate game. Some get caught up in a fantasy on the net. Some have genuine 2nd, 3rd or 4th hand contact with peripheral figures connected to the club who themselves speculate about matters beyond their competence. Some become institutionalised – they feel the need to keep a site going by feeding it “copy”. And I suppose some might do it for an honorary membership.

    I don’t know Lecter so its not personal. He can’t be a bad guy if so many blog participants know and like him. Its good to hear that he is posting on other sites. But his role on Koptalk goes to the heart of what this blog is about.

    If you sell something under false pretences, it’s fraud. If Lecter’s claims are not strictly true, its for him to stop Oldham using them to sell memberships.

    Koptalk may be based in a shed in Wallsend, Newcastle-and-Wear, but it sells its services overseas where it gets the majority of its customers.

    ₤30 is a week’s wage (6.5 days – 8-9 hours a day) for a construction worker, shop assistant or office worker in Central America (10 days wages for a farm labourer) and about two-three weeks wage in parts of India and as many as three-four weeks wages in Thailand, where some of Oldham’s customers are.

    Many ex-members of KT have said on here and on other sites that they were attracted to KT in the first place by its claim that it was populated with “insiders”. And if you were from abroad (or even from the UK) and you found a site that claimed to have exclusive inside information about your favourite club, you might reasonably fork out ₤30 to be a member of such an exclusive elite.

  5. Insider Insider Says:

    Thanks “KingBee” – that’s a very well put comment, not long-winded at all. I understand how some are wary of drawing attention to themselves too. I suppose for some it’s like trying to give up smoking when they’ve just bought 200 duty free. They know it’s bad for them, but they aren’t wasting that money they’ve just spent.

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