We've ditched News Now – so should you.

Back in August, we applied to be listed on the News Now service. To my surprise, they actually accepted us! We got this email…

From: publishers-logolink-confirmation@newsnow.co.uk <publishers-logolink-confirmation@newsnow.co.uk>
Date: Aug 3, 2006 3:50 PM
Subject: NewsNow Publisher Network: Insider Insider

Dear ,

I am pleased to inform you that your publication ‘Insider Insider’ has been accepted for membership of the NewsNow Publisher Network.

Please be sure to use the email address for all future email or web form correspondance, to ensure that we are able to accurately and securely identify you and your account.

Before we will enable your news on NewsNow, we require you to place a NewsNow logo on your site in a prominent position. You will find a selection of logos for your site on this page:


You could, for example, add this to your main news pages and/or to the pages on which your stories are displayed.

Please use the following URL as a hyperlink for this logo:


This hyperlink will redirect to a NewsNow newsfeed of our choice and will provide us with statistics regarding the number of hits we get from your site. To begin with, the link will go to the Liverpool newsfeed on NewsNow, however we reserve the right to change this from time to time to promote other newsfeeds in related subject areas as we require. N.B. PLEASE NOTE: Your headlines will not necessary all appear in this newsfeed.

Please reply to this email once the logo is in place. As soon as we can confirm the logo is in place, we will enable your news on NewsNow.

Kind regards,

Publisher Relations Team

We did as they asked, and for the past couple of months we’ve displayed a News Now logo on the right hand side of the page. I’ve chased it up three times now, and still have had no response.

They’ve broken their promise and have not listed this site after all – and haven’t even had the decency to explain why!

As a result, I’ve now taken their logo off this site. They’ve had a lot of complaints about Koptalk and insist they’ve no financial link with Koptalk. This is despite the fact they did supply a feed to Koptalk of all Liverpool related stories, and it was a customised feed which excluded any of Duncan Oldham’s enemies (quite some list). It only disappeared from his site when he flipped and deleted everything one afternoon. I’ve not been able to find a way on the News Now site myself to get such a feed without having to pay for it. Perhaps what they really mean is that they no longer have any financial links with Koptalk.

LFC Wire

I believe there are a few sites in the pipeline that are set to provide Reds with an alternative to News Now, and the first one is up and running. Called LFC Wire, the site lists all the news items from the official site, from big-names like the BBC, from the Echo, from many of the higher quality fan sites and fanzines. They are trying to ensure that all the stories are related to Liverpool Football Club and that they are all good quality sites that are listed. Of course it excludes Koptalk from its listing, and also the other site that likes to regurtitate stories from the S*n – Tribal Football.

There’s a link to this new site on the right of this page, but I urge you to consider using this site rather than News Now from now on, so add it to your favourites / bookmarks (hit CTRL D when viewing the site). And as any other similar sites come online we’ll make sure you get to hear about them (if they are suitable of course).


One Response to “We've ditched News Now – so should you.”

  1. scouse Says:

    I have to say that Walkon and LFCwire really aren’t all that, far from it.

    Walkon is a blatant commercial site iirc ran by another LFC site, he advertises on adwords and so forth and other LFC sites then whores out extremely spammy adverts on adbrite.

    LFCwire is a hack really, parses a few RSS feeds and only shows the previous day?

    I like the way people are at least having a crack at Newsnow and so forth, unfortunately both of them seem to love slapping adverts on there (spam adbrite on walkon and 3 adsense blocks on LFCwire)

    They can’t really use that much bandwidth for gods sake..

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