Oldham tips Defoe and Owen as "Targets", welcomes the Blog , Talks of bullets, Admits he does not have custody of his kids and Rants about foreigners

by Rupert Insider
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July 2006
by Insider Insider

Looks like we’ve upset the chunkier one again. Someone’s told him about this blog. Well, we assume it’s this blog, although he talks about there being more than one on his case. Send us the link if you know of them. He actually posted this message on his koptalk.com site too. He says, “I think it’s great. I love the extra publicity that these muppets create.“. So that’s settled then – we enjoy informing anyone interested about the dark side of the loon, he enjoys reading it. So we’ll carry on.

He says another LFC site had a swipe at him too. No doubt he’ll be onto his lawyer about that. He also mentions how he spends his spare time doting on his kids. The ones that seem to live elsewhere? And is going to London to a party at (he claims) the request of a topless model not considered spare time?

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Crucify he who spun Defoe yarn
#1432894 – Wed May 17 2006 10:49 AM Reply

Well, well, well. Who started all the Defoe nonsense then?

Let’s get something clear from the start. Jermain Defoe is a player that Rafa believes can do a job for him. That was confirmed back in January when we tried to sign him. But is he a target now? That’s the million dollar question.

I believe that Defoe is an option, along with several others. Any mug can tell you that so why everyone’s jumping up and down believing some faceless clown on the internet that said Defoe was at Anfield, when in fact he was in Portugal with the England squad, beggars belief.

This doesn’t mean we aren’t in for him. For us not to consider him when he’s available would be stupid but it’s all about the wonga (£’s).

We all know who’s under consideration but as Rafa said: “We have a saying in Spain if you shoot enough bullets at all the targets, you might get lucky and hit the right one eventually!”

Rather than getting wet because of some idiot on the net, start looking at alternative names to the big guns we’ve been linked with and never, ever, ever, rule out a Michael Owen return.

Meanwhile I’m informed another LFC site was taking a swipe at KOPTALK yesterday. What’s new there then

Did you know I even have blogs dedicated to me where saddos spend their valuable time talking about me and what I say. Amazing that isn’t it. I think it’s great. I love the extra publicity that these muppets create. Talking about some fat nobody in their spare time? By it makes me chuckle. Hey they even take the p*ss out of young Steve and he’s only 16 bless. I must confess though, having ears like he does deserves some p*ss taking.

Get it in to your thick heads, if you don’t like KOPTALK, don’t visit KOPTALK. I’m not here to be liked and I can assure you, I don’t lose any sleep as a result of your obsession. I actually think it’s a compliment, I’m flattered.

The sad thing is you’d think these kind of people were 15 or something but some of them are supposed to be grown men. I spend my spare time doting over my kids and not some divvie in cyberspace.

Hey saddos, Dunk knows best….


PS: I’m taking Friday off as it’s York races. I’ll then be heading to London until Sunday PM. Sophia Innsbruck (the bird at the top of the site) has invited me to a party and there’s no way I’m gonna turn her down. Things tend to happen when I’m away so make sure you’re around as something will probably break!

And a few days later:

“As a father who has no rights over my own kids that live with their mum, I agree that the system sucks. However, having seen various documentaries and reports on these particular individuals (Edit: Fathers for Justice) it is alleged that most of them are cons and ex wife beaters. Whether that’s true or not I don’t know. Protest but don’t scare others eh.”

Meanwhile, in his latest blog post, the fat one gives us some more of his wisdom –

Just got back home following our weekend in London. I am so glad to be back. It might be grim up North but I’d rather be up here with my own people than those miserable feckers down South. One thing I’d like to know is this… are there any English people left in London?

And later……..

We posted about Dunk’s one-man battle against Fathers for Justice the other day. Maybe he’s had some phone calls to his mobile number, because he’s now closed that thread. Something he rarely does – he either lets threads run and run or deletes them (usually after the words, “Book”, “My” and “Where’s” have been used). Maybe he’s sending a threat back to the Fathers for Justice too – he wants them shot in the head he says. And his mobile number, which he freely publishes on koptalk.info, is 07962 475020 in case you would like to speak to him.

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Re: Fathers For Justice [Re: Neil Young]
#1444023 – Mon May 22 2006 06:39 PM Reply

Time to close this one as it went off topic.

As I said, a bullet to the head will soon sort ’em out

(Edit by Rupert: This was before he threatened to tear Insider’s face off, and before he spoke to his “underworld friends” about the blog and before he negotiated a 500 price with “an insane scouse hitter” to bump us off. Nice man, isn’t he?)


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