Identify the Koptalk Mugs

by Rupert Insider


Click on picture for individual photos.


Have you ever wondered what the Koptalk stalwarts looked like – the richt71’s of this world? No, neither have I.

But why should we? Oldham posted today that he doesn’t know, nor does Katie. Steve met a few of them recently, but he can’t tell us because he’s missing again.

It is appropriate that the only “prize” that Oldham has actually delivered in recent memory was a dinner at Goodison Park. He got hold of some tickets – probably for nothing – and advertised he wanted to give them away. Originally he suggested he would be there, but he managed to find an excuse not to be, and sent the 17 year old Steve to drink himself silly with men twice his age. (Apparently, Steve spoke at the event and claimed to be 18 years).

Karlj from Cheshire has identified himself as “the second from the right” in the above photograph. My first thought was that he did alright for himself blagging a free dinner considering he has only 220 posts in three years. But then I thought about it – that’s ₤90 in membership fees and its about time he got something back for it.

Richt71 from York admits to being “the slim and sexy one in the polo shirt”. A fat lot of good that description is. He might just as well have said he was the one in Calvin Klein undies. He has also been there three years and has 12,575 posts. It’s impossible to tell whether he paid for his dinner with membership fees because his profile says only “moderator” – oh I get it, that’s how he paid.

It doesn’t look like a polo shirt but I guess this one is richt71 with Steve. Is there something about posting to excess on Koptalk that piles on the calories?


Anyone like to identify the others before KT does?


8 Responses to “Identify the Koptalk Mugs”

  1. Jimi Says:

    Wow, Steve’s got fat!

    Not a criticism, just an idle observation.

  2. fat_boy_fat Says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOO thats what a bunch of anti lfc fans look like.

  3. scouse Says:

    If any of these lot are actually from Liverpool they need a good kicking – attending a dinner with the lying bastards from Koptalk.

    Worse than blasphemy!

    I could just tell ‘RichT’ was from York or somewhere, just like Steve he just looks northern and dozy.

  4. zedd Says:

    Apart from the freak-child that is Steve, every one of them is well and truly old enough to know better and recognise Koptalk for what it is. Looking at these sexual inadequates, however, it is clear that Koptalk represents for them the closest thing to a sense of belonging that they have ever had in their sorry lives.

  5. Cantankerous Says:

    I can’t be so fast to condemn all of those people – a lot of people paid for subscriptions to Koptalk, (and yes I was one of them, before I ran down my subscription and left), and if you were running down your subscription on koptalk, and you entered a competition and won and the top prize was actually honoured for once, would you not think of attending, esp to listen to someone like Alan Kennedy talking?

    The cost of the ticket for the dinner would almost be the same as what you’ve paid subscription-wise, you could have done some great mickey-taking and it would also have been a good opportunity for discussing stuff like the blog and the formation of things like EST and 6CM?

    I haven’t got a clue if any of that went on, but I just wanted to put across another point of view.

  6. The Platinum Club Says:

    I can confirm that your suspicions are correct, that is indeed richt71, the Igor to Dunk’s Frankenstein.

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    Cantakerous: I don’t criticise anyone for trying to get some value out of what’s left of their Koptalk memberships paid for in good faith.

    But we don’t know how many of those in the photo paid anything and how many are honorary. Frankly I don’t know how the list was selected. My memory is that it was not a competition at all – just a first-come first-served offer which allowed Oldham to hand pick who benefited.

    Your point about it being an opportunity to discuss alternatives to KT is undermined by the presence of Steve and the moderator richt71. They were there precisely to ensure that it remained a loyalist event.

    Any mickey-taking done in front of Steve would result in the cancelling of that person’s membership. I’m sure he was on the blower to Oldham during the evening or, more likely, Oldham was on the blower to him. Remember, Oldham claims to have closed circuit TV trained on the KT offices at night partly to keep a watch on Steve who sleeps there, so he says.

    We’ve explained in the past that our remarks are mainly about Oldham and those who are helping him keep KT afloat. Most of the latter have now left. There are a few newbies who have no idea what’s going on (one made his first post yesterday) But those active participants, who are not very recent members, know that most of the others have left and know the reason why. So there comes a point when you have to start wondering about their responsibility.

  8. Cantankerous Says:

    Hey Rupert,

    That’s all cool. As you say, unless people identify them, you wouldn’t know who were honourary etc. I also don’t really know how the people who went on that night was chosen, as my subs had run out by then…

    I do know though, that if it wasn’t for this blog, I wouldn’t have left KT, so I have no problem whatsoever with what you’re doing.

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