Is Lecter a liar too?

Time for another update. I spotted this next post yesterday. Someone posted some nonsense about a bust up at LFC, and Lecter tried to refute it.

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Re: A snippet [Re: Geraldo]
#1680491 – Mon Oct 23 2006 06:53 PM

Hi All,
Dont usually post but just heard a rumour off a fairly reliable source about why Liverpool are currently fairing so badly. Apparantly Gerrard and Carra have had arguments with Rafa over the rotation policy. The pair have insisted that it does not work in England and that Rafa should play the same team every week. Apparantly things are now so bad that Gerrard and Carra are no longer on speaking terms with Rafa.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news just passing on the info

According to my source (member of the first team) there is no problem between Carra / Gerrard & Rafa

Ha haa! Excellent comedy there Lecter. What? You didn’t mean it to be funny? You were being serious? So you read a post on Koptalk about a bust-up at the club, then rang your mate in the Liverpool first team and asked him about it? I can imagine that one too. “Hi Carra, I’ve just seen on that Sun-loving Koptalk site that you and Stevie have had a bust-up with Rafa – is it true?”.

Bullshit Mr Lecter. Bullshit. Apart from that particular tale being extremely far-fetched in itself, which current Liverpool player would have the kinds of friends that would knowingly use Koptalk? Koptalk is the site that has launched attacks on Liverpool players in the hope of stirring up shit for them – Crouch, Bellamy and Fowler for example. Which Red with the length of service needed to match your length of pretending to know things would remain your friend despite your support of a site so contemptuous towards his employers?

Still, at least we now know why you stick around at Koptalk despite knowing all about the scams, theft and the rest about Koptalk. You love the fact that the remaining gullilble members think you know something about what’s going on behind the scenes! Well enjoy it while it lasts – you’ll have to find a new username if you try and take part in any discussion elsewhere now. What a div.

Someone who did manage to find out all about the real world outside the Koptalk bubble is “Needles”. He posted a “goodbye” message, the type that Dunk pretends he loves to see. He was less reserved than “SilverFox” the other day, but he still wasn’t as outspoken as some. And more of those big fish in Dunk’s small pond had to attack him. They love being an important part of Dunk’s small world…

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The time has come…
#1681215 – Tue Oct 24 2006 04:18 PM

I may have been a lurker but the time has come to say goodbye to Koptalk.

I’ve come to my senses and moved on. Why pay for something I can get for free else where.

I’m sacrificing the 30 odd quid that was automatically taken from my Paypal account and going to over to all the regulars. Use google and you can find them too! (See – really reserved. He hinted but didn’t broadcast it. He didn’t say – go to to meet all the members that left long ago. He hinted but didn’t point out that Dunk secretly set up his subscription to be drawn out annually. Reserved.)
liverpoolfan (No you aren’t. You are no Liverpool fan if you know about Koptalk and still post there.)
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Re: The time has come… [Re: Needles]
#1681216 – Tue Oct 24 2006 04:19 PM

ah well…best of luck.
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Re: The time has come… [Re: Needles]
#1681217 – Tue Oct 24 2006 04:20 PM
See ya
lukep (What does the “p” stand for Luke? Another one who knows the truth but continues to support the greedy overgrown conman. You should be ashamed.)
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Re: The time has come… [Re: Needles]
#1681221 – Tue Oct 24 2006 04:21 PM

bit confused as to why you needed to post this if you are a lurker?
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Re: The time has come… [Re: Needles]
#1681222 – Tue Oct 24 2006 04:23 PM

It’s like why people buy a newspaper when it’s free online, on tv or in a free paper. It’s called choice. (Choice? Like people who choose to waste money on fake slimming pills on eBay hey Rich? We all know you’re hanging around because you think Dunk’s your mate and you hope to learn some tricks from him. TIP: Learn from his mistakes, he’s made loads this summer with his scams.)

It’s official Icequeen is fit… say her stalkers! (There’s a name I’ve not seen for a while. Has she seen sense too?)
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thesilverfoxlfc Well at least we know you’re leaving, and it’s not even the anniversary of when you joined yet. Well done silver fox.
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Re: The time has come… [Re: Needles]
#1681230 – Tue Oct 24 2006 04:31 PM
Trying to get a section to yourself on a certain blog methinks but good luck mate see you around (Which blog? This one? Close – but he had to share his section with Hannibal Liar.)
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Re: The time has come… [Re: Needles]
#1681231 – Tue Oct 24 2006 04:32 PM

Yeah but that free site is absolute [oops].(Each to their own Gaz, but as someone in your mid-thirties you can’t possibly deny knowing about why Koptalk is acting out of order with its continued support of the Sun. Unless you’re as bad at Dunk and his conman equal you must know it’s wrong to rip people off, including demanding money for “charity” and pocketing it yourself. Yet you decide that the other site is so crap it’s better to carry on supporting the odious conman. You’ll be an honorary member before you know it. And how proud you’ll be to know what you stand for. HINT: There are lots more free sites out there. All of them are better than Koptalk, even the ones run by spotty schoolkids are better than Koptalk nowadays.)
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Re: The time has come… [Re: liverpoolfan]
#1681232 – Tue Oct 24 2006 04:33 PM
ive been to all the free sites and they are all crap in my opinion. koptalk is well worth the 30 quid and is so easy to navigate around. you get plenty of help and the likes of steve can never do enough for you. i have met up with a few people thru koptalk and they are all sound . so ill be stayong with koptalk . thank you
(ALL of the free sites? Open your eyes Wezo. It’s going to take a bit of effort to get used to another site for some people, effort you clearly can’t be arsed putting in. What’s so easy about the Koptalk navigation compared to any other forum? That’s all Koptalk is now, a great big crap forum. I notice you can’t be arsed to press “SHIFT” when typing though, so it’s no surprise that you’re too lazy to make an effort to join another site. Who’ve you met up with on Koptalk by the way? Any of them still using Koptalk? Doubt it, unless it’s one of these other anti-reds.)
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Re: The time has come… [Re: Needles]
#1681233 – Tue Oct 24 2006 04:34 PM
Last word freak. Why couldnt he just fcuk off without giving us his two cents. Good riddance
(Clearly you either know nothing about Dunk or aren’t much of a Red. Stop calling others “freak”! You paid to join a website that attacks Liverpool FC! Freak. And if you didn’t know (which I doubt) then I apologise.)
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Loc: Dublin (I’m alarmed at how many of those replying to this thread are from Ireland. I know that Ireland suffers from the awful problem of having a lot of Mancs in it, but Irish Reds are usually some of our most passionate and knowledgeable fans. Why are their so many on this thread who think S*nman’s site is so great?)

Re: The time has come… [Re: JazzmasterRed]
#1681237 – Tue Oct 24 2006 04:35 PM
Goo luck, safe home
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Re: The time has come… [Re: JazzmasterRed]
#1681240 – Tue Oct 24 2006 04:37 PM
Last word freak. Why couldnt he just fcuk off without giving us his two cents. Good riddance

Would that go for me too
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Re: The time has come… [Re: thesilverfoxlfc]
#1681243 – Tue Oct 24 2006 04:40 PM

Can I ask what blog? (You can ask, but nobody will answer. Far too frightened to tell you. Plus some of them are enjoying being one of the most prominent things floating around in Dunk’s bowl.)
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Re: The time has come… [Re: house]
#1681246 – Tue Oct 24 2006 04:41 PM
Best not mate, have fun in here there all sound expect for this guy called Dunk turn around and your pie will be gone
Gazami69 (Here’s Gaz again – sounds more bitter than a blue sucking a lemon)
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Re: The time has come… [Re: house]
#1681247 – Tue Oct 24 2006 04:42 PM

Est1892 Newbies.

Its a fcukin joke (They can actually say that word properly on there you know.)
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Markb1 (Hi there Mark B – another one who knows the truth about Koptalk yet thinks it’s ok to hang around. Stay long enough and you’ll get a free Newcastle shirt to go with your long-awaited Honorary Membership. Well it won’t be free, but it will be oh so special seeing as it’s come from your chubby hero.)
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Re: The time has come… [Re: lukep]
#1681259 – Tue Oct 24 2006 04:56 PM

so he will instantantly be one of the boys when he goes over and lets them all know hes come to his senses and left
koptalk,sad really.
im sure you already know needles but if you dont,what you do is go straight to koptalk talk and announce youve just left koptalk,slag dunk off a bit,tell them all how great it is over there and how crap it had gone on koptalk and that will make you an instant hot shot. (You also get to hold your head up high, safe in the knowledge that you aren’t subsidising a Newcastle season ticket holder in his quest to rip off as many Reds as possible whilst trampling all over the principles all good Reds hold dear. Far better to be on any of the other sites than it is to stick to your big mate’s anti-LFC site. Why is it OK in your view to stick with your fat friend?
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Re: The time has come… [Re: Markb1]
#1681260 – Tue Oct 24 2006 04:59 PM

Comical isn’t it, Ego1892 (You really have got a grudge haven’t you Gaz? Were you banned from there or something? You’ll be so happy as part of the dirty dozen left behind when Koptalk finally dies.)
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Re: The time has come… [Re: Markb1]
#1681261 – Tue Oct 24 2006 04:59 PM
Go where??? What the hell is everyone talking about? And getting worked up about? Am i missing something here? (Do a search! We’re everywhere on any search you do with “Koptalk” in it. )
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Re: The time has come… [Re: house]
#1681262 – Tue Oct 24 2006 05:00 PM

No, you are not missing anything mate! (Thousands of true Reds disagree with you there Gaz. That’s true Liverpool supporters, not idiots like you.)
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Re: The time has come… [Re: house]
#1681265 – Tue Oct 24 2006 05:01 PM

trust me mate you dont wanna know,its full of bitter twisted ex koptalkers. (I think it’s more accurate to say that Koptalk is now full (well, not full, but you know what I mean) of bitter twisted rejects from all kinds of decent Liverpool websites. Why not join bluekipper or redcafe? Even they aren’t as anti-red as Koptalk! Mark – you really are an arse. Are you just blind to what Koptalk stands for or are you just so selfish that being a part of a site that claims (falsely) to have dirt on Liverpool officials gives you a thrill?)
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Re: The time has come… [Re: Markb1]
#1681269 – Tue Oct 24 2006 05:06 PM

hehe….convincing argument… I definitely don’t wanna know! (What is it that makes me think that “house” won’t be able to resist having a search to find out what’s really going on? Hi there “house”. Read the stuff along the toolbar at the top and find out now why you have to ditch Koptalk now.)
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Looks like you’ve still got a bit of an audience Lecter. For now.


28 Responses to “Is Lecter a liar too?”

  1. The Platinum Club Says:

    Sometimes you have a point and sometimes your rants are pathetic. So what, you don’t think that anyone knows any Liverpool first team players? What’s so ridiculous about Lecter asking someone if there is a bust up? He doesn’t even have to mention Koptalk at all. It’s slightly Koptalkesque of you to rant about something that has no founding in any kind of fact or logic, don’t you think?

  2. Sour grapes Says:

    Some vicious person attacks there, Cuntpert.
    What’s with the hostility? Is your mammy not giving you blowjobs any more?

  3. Insider Insider Says:

    “Sour grapes”: Cuntpert? It was me, “Insider Insider”, not “Rupert Insider”, behind this particular piece. The hostility is that I don’t understand how any Red can not only continue to use Koptalk, but can sit there and defend the site! No decent person could, in my opinion. And when I say defend, they don’t actually defend Koptalk, they just attack anyone who sees sense and wants to leave. I’d love them to have the balls to come here and explain their actions. I doubt (m)any of them will, especially using their Koptalk usernames.

    TPC: I do think that people know Liverpool first team players, of course I do.

    However I don’t think anyone who is on speaking terms with any of Liverpool’s first team would actually continue to spread the contents of their conversations on a site like Koptalk. If Lecter does know a real first-team player, what the hell is he doing spreading the gossip he gets from him on a site so set against our club?

    I can’t work out if he’s a liar, an evil back-stabbing git, a bit slow on the uptake re Dunk, or something else. If you think about all the comments and all of the emails I’ve had through this blog, it’s quite some number. Nobody has yet given me a convincing reason why anyone should stay on Koptalk beyond their next renewal.

    Imagine for a moment that Lecter has got a mate in our first team. Let’s pick Steve Finnan as an example of one who’s been around a while. How would Finnan feel if he knew that his mate was posting a lot of what they discussed under the name of “Lecter” – on a site that tried to end the career of Robbie Fowler, threatened to end the career of Peter Crouch, and in a similar way spread wholesale lies about Craig Bellamy?

    Lecter has read this blog, he’s no excuse I can think of not to know why he’d be better off posting elsewhere. If he really has got a mate in our first team, he’s betraying that mate by posting the gossip on Koptalk. That to me is even worse than him purely just making it all up. So – either he’s telling lies about having contact with a first-teamer, or he’s a piece of scum who’s prepared to sell his mate down the river to the scum that run Koptalk. If it’s anything else I’d love him to respond and put me straight.

    I don’t think he will.

  4. An Observer Says:

    Keep up the good work Insider Insider, the sooner the fat cancer gets bored and fucks off the better.

  5. barry wom Says:

    what has fatty said about bellamy? i must have missed that one.

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    Platinum Club and Sour Grapes:

    I did not write the article, but I did comment on Lecter the other day:


    rupertinsider Says:
    October 24th, 2006 at 2:32 pm e

    “Lecter” allowed it to be rumoured with the help of Oldham that he was Chris Bascombe.

    I put that to rest by calling Chris and published his reply “Koptalk! Is that still around? I thought it was closed down years ago!” You can find that article by scrolling down under 3. Get Fowler on the tool bar at the top of this page.

    I don’t believe Lecter knows a first team player in any significant way. If he did he would not post on a Sun-loving, disreputable site such as Koptalk which LFC has dissasociated from in letters to participants of this blog a few months ago.


    I think that contributors to this blog have clearly demonstrated that Koptalk has falsely relied for years on pseudonyms that claim to have insider information from inside Anfield, Melwood and the Academy. They have also demonstrated painstakingly that most of the KT “insights” are proven wrong by events or they are couched in such dishonest terms that it is impossible to prove them right or wrong – they are clearly there to create controversey and hits for Koptalk. Many of those pseudonymous are Oldham’s.

    More than that, contributors to the blog have received letters from senior executives at LFC that KT and Oldham has never had any access whatsoever to LFC.

    Some of Koptalk’s former “insiders”who claimed to be in touch with the club or were rumoured to be themselves players have informed us who they are and the limits of their knowledge – some were doing it for a laugh to take the piss out of the gullible who populated a site where fantastical rumour was the order of the day.

    Through the years, one or two posters on other forums are judged by the net users to be genuinally in touch with a Liverpool player or two – such as Elisha Scott on YNWA and Dave Usher on The Liverpool Way.   “Lecter” of Koptalk is not one of those credible posters.

    The specific piece referred to by “Lecter” was nonsense, in any case. Anyone who takes seriously a claim that Carragher and Gerrard had a bust up with Rafa about squad rotation needs their heads felt. Its the kind of thing that only a fringe, anti-LFC site like KT would give credence to. And the idea that it needed someone like “Lecter” to clear it up is laughable.

  7. fat_boy_fat Says:

    I still can not believe that some people come on here kicking off about this blog! You moan about this blog, yet in the same breath defend a big fat knob who rips YOU off and has been proven too.

    Anyone who has fully read this blog and can sit there and defend Oldham and KT is a full blown idiot! Simple as! And anyone who always goes on a site that actively supports the s*n is NOT a Liverpool fan! GO AWAY and go a glory chase with the mancs or chelsea because us genuine LFC fans DONT WANT YOU!

    Fed up of people coming on here defending Oldham and KT or having a go at II or rupert because they show that joke site up for what it is.

  8. The Platinum Club Says:

    Ok, well I know for a fact that you are wrong about Lecter. That he chooses to post on Koptalk is his folly, but exactly how are you qualified to comment on how reputable his sources are? I think that you are using any aspect of Koptalk regardless of their involvement as a stick to beat Dunk with, which is unfair on the posters that get victimised. I can’t see how calling the credentials of any of it’s posters other than Dunk into question is helping your cause. You’ve jumped to a conclusion here as you have in the past, and this time your conclusion has no basis in fact at all. It really seems like you’ve descended into pettyness.

    The whole incident about people believing Lecter to be Chris Bascombe is also nonsense. Isn’t it possible that Lecter doesn’t give a toss who people think he is just as long as he is afforded the anonymity that the Internet allows (except in Dunk’s case of course). Maybe, regardless of your agenda and Dunk’s history he likes Koptalk and wishes to post there. You have no right to sit on your high horse and criticize him for it, because it’s his choice. What next, criticise him for driving a blue car or something?

    What’s wrong with you guys. You’re going too far. You’re like some crackpot conspiracy theorists. Keep your focus where it should be, on Dunk and don’t keep picking at his posters to try and fill your blog up.

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    The Platinum Club:

    I notice you are pretty sharp in taking personal shots at Oldham and you use the blog to vent your feelings about him because you can’t do it on KT.

    But you are hypersensitive about references to “Lecter” and speak with authority about other posters on KT.

    It seems that you want the blog to serve your interests not the interest of its main contributors.

    Most of us want to bring Koptalk down. But you want to leave its performing fleas to carry on their circus.

    How do you know we are wrong about Lecter? I don’t believe you.

    In fact, I think you may be a crackpot conspiracy theorist who prefers to believe the silly whispers of an anonymous name on KT rather than the clear, straightforward and sensible statements of LFC.

  10. nico Says:

    i think this blog is great

  11. The Platinum Club Says:

    For the record Rupert, I am not a member of Koptalk and have not been for some time. I happen to know quite a few current and former Koptalk members including Lecter personally and as such am far more qualified to pass judgement on them than you are. Exactly what “clear, straightforward and sensible statements of LFC” contradict what Lecter says?

    I have no love for Dunk at all. There isn’t much that he could do that would make me respect him less, and I wish you all the best in your crusade. However I think that you are losing your focus and your taking shots at posters on Koptalk is akin to someone in the dark ages encouraging the villagers to pick up pitchforks and burning torches. Your beef is with Dunk, not them.

    “Serve my interests”? I have no idea what you mean from that. I want to see Oldham get his, the same as you do, but I object to your methods. I don’t give a shit what his posters are doing, they’ve made their choice. Koptalk will go down when Oldham does and you’ve got enough dirt on him. Why put them in the firing line too? You’re acting like Osama Bin Laden or something, striking at US citizens because you hate the US way of life.

  12. Platinum VIP Says:

    So Lecter rubbishs some Dunk-style shit on LFC, yet he gets a bashing? How does that work?

  13. stu Says:

    I have to agree with platinum club – which im allowed to do arent i without getting castigated for it, as this blog is a bastion of free speech. I dont know why you are attacking koptalk members without evidence (do you admit that yours is pure speculation?) – but at the same time i want this blog to bring koptalk down, so I dont want to come across as being too criitical of you…i dont know how to eord it correctly.

    One thing I have noticed now is this blog seems to be about quantity rather than quality. Sometimes i come on to see you have made 4 or 5 posts in a few days, only to find that you have had to squeeze everything out of nothing to get them. I have built websites for 10 years, so i know all about content and keeping up the rankings, and thats admirable…but its diluting the message of your site. I know as many people who now think this blog is just as short sighted as koptalk is, albeit that is nothing like my own view, i am a loyal reader of it.

    You want to take opinions on board – being something that koptalk isnt…so please dont denounce me personally as a minion of satan for posting this here.

  14. rupertinsider Says:

    The fact is that Carragher and Gerrard did not have a bust up with Rafa about his policy of squad rotation policy. Any close follower of LFC would know that instantly. (EDIT: I think the story came from a spoof site which made very clear it was a spoof story. I read the spoof on News Now. I guess a KT contributor then posted it as thought he was “in the know” – that happens a lot on KT).

    However, Lecter, a guy who has cultivated a reputation on KT for a long time as having inside information, purported to take it seriously when most LFC supporters just yawned. He then, he says, asked the opinion of an LFC player who – wonder of wonders – denied it. Really!

    Are we critical of Lecter? Of course we are. Go to 2 Summary: Blog vesus KT at the top of this page. The keystone of the KT fraud for years has been its claim in bold red caps to have NEWS AND WHISPERS FROM INSIDE ANFIELD, MELWOOD AND THE ACADEMY

    Some have testifed on here and other sites that that claim was the main reason they started at KT.

    If you were to ask anyone familiar with KT during those years how Oldham managed to con so many people out of their money for so long, it would not be long before the name of Lecter would be mentioned along with Johnny H and all the false pseudonyms used by Oldham – Wallet, Informer, Horse, Anfield Mole and the rest.

    Lecter was not responsible for all the entire con but he understood his role in the phalanx of “informers” and played it. I presume he believed Oldham’s claim that KT was No. 1 and had a huge audience. So Lecter was no shrinking violet. He sought attention.

    If he knows an LFC player, which I doubt as I am allowed, it seems a very odd thing to do – to exaggerate the significance of a casual acquaintance in order to establish a role in Oldham’s scheme and to use insignficant tidbits to give legitimacy to the entire Oldham con. If you know Lecter well, as you claim, ask him to discuss his snitching with the player he says he knows. Ask him if he approves of his reporting their so-called private conversations on KT.

    This blog asked LFC if it were true – Oldham’s claim to inside information and his various stories – and LFC said no. LFC said KT had never had any contact whatsoever with LFC. LFC has ordered that he remove his claims – and he has. But as long as Lecter is around he can keep the remnant of the lie alive.

    If I had genuine contacts with a player and I discovered that I was associated with a con agaisnst LFC supporters that had run for years, I would withdraw from that con. Lecter has chosen to continue. He may want an audience but not all audiences applaud.

    Platinum Club

    You have used your so-called friendship with Lecter to make some wild accusations about the blog. I haven’t heard the Bin Laden one since Disco’s early days of defending Oldham on here. And you obviously don’t have much respect for the many people who read the blog when you liken them to medieval villagers who can be roused to pick up pitchforks. And it is we who have our feet on the ground pulling Oldham from his “high horse”. You seem to have got that backwards.

    And “crackpot conspiracy theorists”? The criticism of Oldham is set out in the blog not only by Insider and I but by other contributors. It has been painstakingly documented. If you have not read it, take a look at the headings on the top of this page where you will find summaries. And it seems that hundreds if not thousands have accepted that the analysis matches their experience of the reality – judging by the mass exodus from KT and the drastic reduction in traffic to that site since the blog began.

    As I said, tongue in cheek, in response to your “crackpot” accusation, I think the crackpot conspirators are those with an emotional attachment to the “insiders” on KT. Why not be satisfied with LFC – its clear and unambiguous statements, or the likes of Chris Bascombe (who is not Lecter despite the KT con) and who checks his sources at LFC every day, or the 10-15 other LFC sites – which report all the news and information about LFC freely – and none of which claim inside information from LFC although one or two have genuine contacts with players, as I mentioned in earlier commentaries in this thread.

    This blog has been very clear from the beginning that its target is Oldham and KT not the people who post on KT who are unaware of the KT con. Read 1 About Us at the top of this page.

    In our view, Lecter is not unaware. In fact he is has been and continues to be an integral part of the con. He is one of the performing fleas in Oldham’s circus. If he disagrees with that he is welcome to say so on the blog.

    You make bold statements about knowing Lecter and testifying for him. So tell us why he does not come to the blog and testify for himself? He is not shy of posting on KT. He can write and email if he thinks a public statement will expose his “sources”. As always we respect confidences.

    Platinum Club and Stu

    You both made remarks about the blog which justify a brief response.

    I think Insider and I both look forward to the day when there will be no need for this blog – when KT is no more. I wrote an article last month asking feedback from contributors whether the blog should continue. After all, we had achieved a substantial part of what we set out to do. The overwhelming response was yes, it should continue. Nobody suggested that it stop.

    Contrary to your allegations the blog has never been about hits – as we have repeatedly said. If we were interested in hits we would set up a web site and claim to have inside information from LFC.

    The blog takes in no revenues even though its traffic could have earned some.

    The blog was designed to have a short life. Its own expiry has been built into its design since the outset.

    We have repeatedly suggested that when readers have drunk enough of the KT analysis from the blog they drop the blog and move to any of the other LFC sites we list on the right.

    We have even offered to stop crictising Oldham if he would contact us with a suitable retraction of his lies and cons.

    Despite your allegations, the blog’s output has dropped considerably since its early days mainly because Oldham’s site has become a ghost of what it was and his wings have been clipped and he seems to be hiding out. There is little fresh information to write about.

    We have repeatedly explained from the beginning that there will be an element of repetition in the blog. We are no longer concerned for all those who have left KT (several hundred) but for those kids on the net and others who are unaware of Oldham’s false claims who are currently considering forking out 30 quid to him.

    Seasoned blog readers should just skip repetitions. I have explained before every Flashback article that they are for those who missed the early days of the blog or for nostalgia. They are not required reading.

  15. The Platinum Club Says:

    Ok, firstly you know full well that I read this blog on a regular basis. I have even e-mailed you on occasion with bits of information/corrections and bits like that, so you know that I read what you put on here. In case you misunderstood, which you evidently have, I am fully aware of how bad Koptalk is, how massively morally scrupulous you think you are, and how people who make contributions like Lecter does are giving Dunk fuel to keep his site going. However considering that you harp on about Dunk making stuff up to sell his memberships, it’s pretty rich for you to make statements like:

    “The fact is that Carragher and Gerrard did not have a bust up with Rafa about his policy of squad rotation policy. Any close follower of LFC would know that instantly.”

    That is so Dunk-esque it’s untrue. Any close follower of LFC would know that instantly? How would they know that? Are close followers allowed into Melwood? No more than Dunk is. People can speculate I suppose, but then to post a guess dressed up as a fact would be very Oldham-esque.

    Ok, now this paragraph:

    “You have used your so-called friendship with Lecter to make some wild accusations about the blog. I haven’t heard the Bin Laden one since Disco’s early days of defending Oldham on here. And you obviously don’t have much respect for the many people who read the blog when you liken them to villagers who can be roused to pick up pitchforks. And it is we who have our feet on the ground pulling Oldham from his “high horse”. You seem to have got that backwards.”

    That’s just absolute bollocks to be frank. Firstly, I have not “used my so-called friendship with Lecter” to make “any wild accusations”. Nothing that I have said about the blog in any of my previous posts is untrue in the slightest. You are rabble rousers. You do post stuff to sir up reaction against Koptalk and you are now getting followers of the blind devotion type much like you criticise Koptalk posters for doing with Dunk. I don’t mean any disrespect to the readers of this blog, but some of them read what you say and take it as read because they’ve been banned for whatever reason and so hate Dunk.

    Ok moving onto the subject of Lecter again, imagine yourself as someone who was able to use Koptalk without paying, and liked posting there, difficult as it is. Someone says something, which is completely rubbish and you know better. You can a) ignore it, or b) respond, explain that the person is wrong and quantify how you know this, which is what Lecter has done. Of course he loves the plaudits, everyone does. You guys love the attention that you get for this blog and don’t pretend that you don’t. Why does he have to come on here and justify himself to you? You’re just a keyboard warrior who had a good idea and then lost the plot over how to continue with it.

    “As I said, tongue in cheek, in response to your “crcakpot” accusation, I think the crackpot conspirators are those with an emotional attachment to the “insiders” on KT.” Toungue in cheek? Head in arse more like. Is that supposed to be aimed at me, or people who hang off their every word? If it’s aimed at me, it’s called sticking up for your mates who are being attacked by someone with a chip on their shoulder. If it’s aimed at them, you got sucked into it as much as them. You were a member of Koptalk for several years, you renewed your subs, you must have seen something in it.

    Also, I never said that your blog was about hits. I believe that you fill it up with insubstantial rubbish sometimes so that it doesn’t look like you’ve run out of material.

  16. rupertinsider Says:

    I wonder why you read the blog regularly if you have such a low opinion of it and us.

    If you have read the blog you would know that neither Insider nor I have ever been members of KT. We have never met or had any dealings with Oldham. We have never given him any money.

    I don’t believe that “Lecter” knows any Liverpool player in any significant way.

  17. The Platinum Club Says:

    Insider Insider mentions several times about how Dunk has not banned him yet. If you have never been a member of Koptalk then why do you have such an axe to grind? If I’d never been on Koptalk and not been ripped off, I don’t know that I’d give a toss what he did. If someone told me about someone ripping off fans from another club in the same way that Dunk does, I’d just think “more fool them”

    I have only developed a low opinion of this blog recently because it seems like it’s all gone quiet and you’re putting any old crap up to fill the space. Like I said, I originally thought you were onto something. You made relevant points, gathered together important information and genuinely seemed to be going about bringing Dunk down in a structured and well measured way.

    You are quite welcome to believe what you like about Lecter and any other poster. However, do not dress it up as fact when it is only your opinion. That is when your credibility in many peoples eyes will start to suffer.

  18. rupertinsider Says:

    Speaking for myself. I lurked on Koptalk’s free forums on-and-off since about 2000. (Edit: I also occasionally contributed posts under various user names).

    Blog contributors have donated me passwords to the Gold Club so I can report on it.

    My main motivation was to bring balance to the scurrilous attack Oldham conducted against Robbie Fowler for two years. As a direct witness to many of the so-called events and as a contemporary discussant of his so-called informer I know he was lying. I have set it out in 3. Get Fowler which you can find above.

    But I am also motivated by many of the same things that motivate most other readers of this blog and those thousands of members and lurkers who have left KT over the years.

    As for Insider, he has explained that a password or “membership” was donated to him by a reader(s) of this blog for him to report.

    In his introduction to the blog and many times since he has explained that he begun the blog as a bit of laugh – to record Oldham’s outrageous claims to inside information and intelligence about forthcoming transfers (and presumably that would include the Lecter nonsense) so he could go back to it later and show how much of it turned out to be rubbish.

    But many readers of the blog wanted to deal with other issues. My impression from reading Insider’s articles is that he feels particularly strongly about Oldham’s support of the S** and his attempts to break or weaken the boycott supported by LFC and the Hillsborough campaign and scores of newsagents in Liverpool. In fact he brought that up in his remarks about Lecter – why would Lecter want to be associated with such a site if he is a friend of a Liverpool player? And why would a Liverpool player want to have his private conversations used by a site that promoted S** stories and questioned the boycott?

    What’s your motivation for your attacks on Oldham?

  19. Insider Insider Says:

    FAO TPC…

    I have been a member of Koptalk’s many sites over the years in different guises, sometimes a lurker sometimes an active contributor. I don’t want to say too much other than that because I don’t really want to leave myself open to being identified. I don’t think I’ve ever been banned by Oldham from any of the Koptalk sites, even when using other usernames and posting sarcastic stuff on the last version of the free site.

    Koptalk are still using stories from The S*n on a regular basis. Still trying to entice readers in with claims of free online football (well, free once you’ve paid the 30 quid for a year) even though they just put that link up every time. Still making out they have special access to the club. Still running competitions that (in the main) seem to be fixed. And on and on.

    Assuming that Oldham doesn’t finally show some sense and admit he needs to clean up his act we need to look at two types of Liverpool fan who need to be “saved” from Koptalk. 1) Existing members who don’t realise that they are victims of his scams and 2) Potential new members who don’t realise they are set to become victims of his scam.

    A lot of the readers of this blog were members in the past and as much as it now makes them cringe to think back to it, they know they were drawn in by the stories told by “Wallet”, “Pat McCat”, “The Informer” and the rest. They know they actually believed that somebody was really telling them about true insider information. They went off to their mates and told them about it, looking forward to the kudos they’d get from being part of this magic circle. A lot of other members would say they also had inside knowledge. Some of them did, some of them didn’t. Some of them exaggerated stuff, others made it up. A lot of members just believed it all, and happily paid more and more money for it.

    I’ve not seen “Wallet”, “Pat McCat” or “The Informer” for ages now. Oldham knows he’s not convincing many people with those aliases – he knows there’s a lot of people on his site who are waiting for the chance to pull him up on those.

    I’ve not seen many of the other members who supposedly had insider knowledge either. Whether they have or not isn’t the issue, the issue is that they convince others that they have, intentionally or not, and so the myth about Koptalk being a special site continues. How many new members have joined Koptalk over the years because someone’s recommended it to them?

    I don’t think I’ve ever, EVER, seen Lecter point out what type of source he has before. He’s never denied it when he’s been referred to as Chris Bascombe. This is the first time he’s been specific, as far as I know, about who he gets his claimed stories from. Up until then I didn’t particularly have an opinion strongly one way or the other over whether he had any sources or not. He was in the category of “probably has” as far as I was concerned.

    I know he knows about the blog – he’s commented on it before – so I was surprised to see him try this way to get people in Koptalk to think he had a source. Most of those who vouched for him in days gone by have now gone, so perhaps he felt he had to tell the remaining ones that he was one to listen to.

    As for whether he’s got any sources or not – it doesn’t really matter. I’ve had information recently from people telling me he’s not got any sources at all, but then you’re also telling me the opposite and I’ve genuinely got no reason to disbelieve you over that.

    I keep getting asked about the attacks on Koptalk members. Sometimes it takes an attack to get people to snap out of the trance they are in with Koptalk. They’ve paid thirty quid and have used 4 months of that 30 quid. They stick around on Koptalk because they don’t want to lose their 20 quid of membership still outstanding. Some of them come across as great people when you read what they say in some threads, yet here they are still posting on Koptalk after giving away that they know about “the blog”.

    I want to know one good reason why any decent Red would continue to post on Koptalk after reading this blog. I’ve yet to hear one really. If any of those members mentioned in this thread want to explain why they still post there I’d love to hear it. In most cases I think they’d start to write out their reasons, then by the end of writing it out they’d realise how wrong they are.

    I think if Lecter sat down and tried to work out why he still posts on Koptalk he’d realise why I’ve “picked on” him like this. And if he has got a mate (or a mate of a mate) in the first team then I think he’d do better to spread the word about Koptalk amongst the players.

  20. Insider Insider Says:

    One other thing TPC – the blog kicked off as nothing more than a laugh at how crap Dunk’s “inside” information was. That’s all it was. Then as it started to gather interest I’d pay more attention to Koptalk than I’d done for a while. I’d get emails from people telling me stuff that had happened to them, stuff that really stunned me. Some of it made it to the blog, some didn’t, some got hinted at. I’ve never revealed anything from an email without permission, otherwise I’d have even more stuff to throw at him. It’s these stories from emails that kept me going, and words from people who’ve urged me to keep it going. Right from the beginning I offered Dunk a right of reply – and he refused. I thought he’d at least try and put his points forward and defend himself. Instead he told lie after lie on his various short-lived mini projects like his blogs and his “ask the editor” sections.

    Chances are, if at the very beginning he’s held up his hands and said, “OK, I’ve made some stuff up and used aliases, I’ll stop now” then the blog would have died out. People writing in to me to say they’d paid a big chunk of money for his cousin’s mortgage and felt there was something dodgy made me look at it more closely.

    It went from a laugh about fake rumours to a serious site uncovering scam after scam, some more serious than others, and a complete disregard of the values many Reds hold dear.

    As for putting out any old crap to fill space, I do understand what you say and you aren’t the first. In the summer we had the free site, the insider site, the gold club, the blog(s) and more to take stuff from. He’s trying to bore us into submission now.

    What I’ve always done is gather bits and pieces I see on the Koptalk site and comment on them at a later time. I throw a lot of stuff away, sometimes because I don’t get round to commenting on it and it’s gone a bit stale by then. We don’t get many big moments on Koptalk now – it really is a dying site.

    Newspapers have similar problems, as do news bulletins on TV and radio. They refer to the recess in Parliament as “silly season” because they’ve nothing much to write about. They can’t just close down for a few months though, or become weeklies rather than dailies. I like Rupert’s “Flashbacks” but anyone who’s read them before doesn’t need to read them again. It’s one way of saying, “We’re still here”. I can’t very well stick a message on every day saying, “Koptalk – not much happening today, will post when there is.”

    Sorry – I said one more thing.

  21. Blog reader Says:

    This is all getting a bit desperate now. This is the 1st time I have posted on the blog although I do read it regulary. I don’t know Lecter personally but I’ve always found his posts and information to be spot on. Now your dedicating a whole story about a Koptalk memeber based on pure speculation and the fact you think he is a lier. Your forcing your opinions down readers throats yet when your readers question your motives you set upon them like paranoid idiots. Lecter also posts on other Liverpool sites and is held in high regard. The Chris Bascombe thing was started by an ex Koptalk memeber who has now left due to Dunks wicked ways which Lecter always denied. It was a bit of fun for crying out loud not everything that is posted on Koptalk needs to be twisted in a way to make the memebers look bad. I really do think you need to get back to what you were good at and that’s providing good information about Dunk and leave Koptalk memebers alone. One of your avid supporters Tom is a friend of Lecters I believe perhaps you should ask him if Lecter is a lier.

  22. rupertinsider Says:

    “Your forcing your opinions down readers throats yet when your readers question your motives you set upon them like paranoid idiots.”

    No we’re not. Have a look again at the extreme language used by Platinum Club and Stu (not to mention your “paranoid idiots” remark) and your and their demand that we accept your views and then contrast that with our reasoned and factual replies.

    On Koptalk you would not have an opportunity to make those points and consequently would not have received a reply.

    As I see it, you and they demand that we swallow your belief that Lecter has significant relations with unamed sources inside Anfield (which he now says is a “first team” Liverpool player).  He then discloses to paying members of the KT Gold Club the gist of these private conversations.

    I doubt it.

    What’s your proof?

    (I see you say you don’t know Lecter personally).

    As for Insider being a “paranoid idiot” – he gave a clear, reasoned explanation for why he wrote the article and he did it in a temperate tone.

  23. Giles Says:

    Extreme language? Demands? WTF?

  24. xbass Says:

    Been reading the blog for a couple months. This was the first article that I didnt agree with the tone of. Usually there is a tongue in cheek element to the articles that makes them an interesting read as well as exposing the lies of Dunk, but I felt that this article came across as an angry and nasty attack on koptalk posters. I can see why you did it (as you’ve defended yourselves elequently already), but I dont think this article will stop people posting on/joining koptalk. It just comes across as a bitter rant!

    Keep up the good work though!

  25. rupertinsider Says:

    Fair comment, well made.

    But the success of Insider Insider’s article (including the tone in which he wrote it) should be judged against his objective – not against other criteria.

    The blog is not a magazine for the entertainment of current or ex-Koptalk members. Its an instrument to bring about change. Its more than likely – as II pointed out – that people who spent many months or years and good money, in some cases, consuming false insider information on KT will be a bit sensitive about it being exposed as false – especially if the veracity of the one “insider” they still hoped was genuine is questioned.

    II wanted to report the claims that Lecter made. It was not ridiculous that he claimed to know a Liverpool first team player – but most unlikely. But it was ridiculous that he would use such a relationship in the way he claims he did.

    And what was that? Well a site – I think it was “Eatfootball” – wrote a spoof story about LFC and conflict between players and manager. Anyone who read the spoof , linked from News Now, could see it was a spoof. Nobody could possibly take seriously.

    Then a KT contributor picked it up and posted a version of it as though it were inside information. Who knows perhaps that was a spoof in itself – a spoof of the KT site where ridiculous rumours and false “inside” reports are meat and drink to the Owner and some of the regulars.

    Lecter was on to it in a flash and instantly (judging by the time line) contacted this LFC “first team player” to check it out (did he pull him out of training I wonder?). And then he reported back to a KT Gold Club that the spoof was not true. Duh!

    Insider then went on to draw some conclusions about Lecter’s motive and the role he has played and hopes to play at Koptalk. He also posed a question about his veracity.

    All very reasonable, if you are aware of Lecter’s history of vague, obvious, unverifiable and always deniable “inside information” and if you are also aware of the suspicions of his credentials often expressed by former KT members. But if you were already a believer in Lecter I can see Insider’s questioning of his veractiy could be a bit upsetting.

    In the same article, II dealt with the modest “resignation statement” of a KT member. The guy was immediately set upon by other KT members – who also had a few gratuitous swings at EST 1892. Hardly innocent lambs over at KT are they – and surely subject to critical comment?

    Insider has explained that one of his motives was to “wake up” Lecter to make him consider his position. Judging from the reaction on here from those who claim to be Lecter’s friends and advocates – I guess Lecter got the message.

    So in that respect II’s article – judged against his own criteria –  may have been a success.

    Writing an activist blog is an art not a science – it calls for judgement. We all bring different experiences and points of view. Judgements will inevitably differ. Constructive criticism is good – it helps.

    Reasonable men will differ, from time to time.

  26. Insider Insider Says:

    I genuinely, honestly, 100% do not see how Lecter can be both a friend of a player and an active member of Koptalk. Something doesn’t fit. My opinion when writing that was that he wasn’t being truthful.

    Those who defend him, do you know that he has this contact in the first team? I don’t mean do you trust him. If you know him well enough that you know he has this contact, ask him why he still supports Duncan Oldham’s anti-LFC site.

    What really drew my suspicion was how Lecter responded to something so specific. It really did come across like he’d read the first post, sent a text to Melwood asking if this was true, then got his answer back. Maybe I read it wrong, but that’s the way it came across.

    Usually someone who has some “inside” knowledge will start a topic off – like the likely team for the next game, or the fact that player A is looking to leave. Sometimes they’ll respond to an issue that’s been hitting the headlines already, because they’ve spoken about that issue the last time they met. The way this conversation in this thread went, it sounded too staged to be true.

    I understand why people want to defend Lecter. Ignoring the issue of his inside contacts or otherwise he does come across as a good red. Am I wrong about that? I’m beginning to think so, because of the amount of time he spends on Koptalk. Then I read all of these passionate defences of him and wonder again. Why does Lecter post on Koptalk?

    I know most people who’ve responded negatively to this post have been supporters of the blog on just about everything but this particular issue. I’m not taking lightly what you are all saying.

    My line regarding Koptalk is that it should be boycotted by all Liverpool supporters until it either closes down or stops doing those things most of us find objectionable. If anyone isn’t boycotting it I’d like to know why.

  27. The Platinum Club Says:

    Firstly I apologise for the lateness of my response. I have only just got back and there is a fair bit of material here to respond to. However, most of it seems to be rehashing of your statement of intent, which I have read before. I don’t quite know how to respond to most of this without repeating myself, since I think I have already answered most of the questions and points that you raise in my previous posts. You’ve also used a lot of overly exaggerated tabloid sensationalism in your replies which is totally unneccesary.

    Rupert, you ask what my motivation for my attacks on Oldham are? I’m not sure I’ve really attacked him, but the reasons that I have such a low opinion of him are really the same as everyone else. You and I both want the same thing, as I have already said. The differance is that I believe that you are spreading your net too wide. You need to focus purely on Dunk and leave his posters out of it.

    Please, if you reply, put something new instead of repeating yourself. It’s not that I don’t understand, I just don’t agree.

  28. rupertinsider Says:

    It would be helpful if you would define who “you” is who used tabloid sensationalism. Not that it really matters because neither of us did.

    I understand your substantive point and have already answered it above – several times.

    Frankly, I dont think we have a major disagreements. We only disagree about Lecter. You and others believe his claims but have offered no proof of their veracity.  Insider doubts them.  So do I.

    Insider has invited anyone on this thread or on the blog to expand their views in a considered article for publication. He has explained that his present incapacity means he is having difficulty keeping up with email. I am willing to handle any submissions. I would arrange the posting under the author’s own name.

    PS Platinum Club – I have sent you an email. I’m not certain the address is current. if you have not received it please let me know.

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