The End is Nigh for Koptalk Kapers

by Rupert Insider

“No one knows about that day or hour….”Matthew 24:36-44

I thought the above was an appropriate passage to welcome back the Right Reverend Duncan Oldham from his sojourn. It is from his favourite Apostle, Matthew.

You remember the Reverend’s sermons in the summer?

He took to using the signature: Matthew 5:38 when he signed off on them. Of course it was directed at the blog.

“You have heard that it was said: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”- Matthew 5:38

This was after he first threatened to rip Insider’s face-off, and after he told us he had had a word with his “underworld friends” about us but before he told us about his discussion with an “insane Liverpool hitter” who offered to bump us off for him for 500.

We pointed out at the time that Matthew, the Apostle, was a tax collector. You don’t mess with tax collectors – as Oldham is no doubt discovering.

The end of Koptalk is definitely nigh, nigher than usual, in fact very nigh. On the nigh scale from 1 to 100 it is nighty.

We are witnessing the end-times.

detectiveinglasses3.gif1. His latest attempt to get back unto News Now were squashed when we complained about and demonstrated his misleading headlines. That article was pulled.

detectiveinglasses3.gif2. We are aware of other agencies which have his site in their sights.

detectiveinglasses3.gif3. We know he is being actively investigated by regulatory authorities.

detectiveyellow.gif4. How about you? Have you shopped Oldham yet? I’ve made quite a few changes and additions to the 5. Shop Oldham page which you can find on the tool bar above. Scroll down to PART TWO -Duncan Oldham and start reading from there.

It would take you only a few minutes to alert some of the authorities listed there.


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