Is there a KT Member in the House?

by Rupert Insider

I need a password to Koptalk. Any offers? I won’t be able to emulate Insider Insider’s unique touch but might be able to add a few running commentaries to his.

(EDIT: Within a short time of the above appeal appearing, I received a password from a blog reader. Much appreciated!

I’ve already visited the fabulous Gold Club where there were about 55 online of whom 3 were making a new post. Many of the others were doing what I was doing – seeing who was online. detectiveinglasses3.gif

I see Oldham has given himself a new title “Pie-eater in Command”. So take-that those who criticise the blog for daring to mention his obsession).

I would also appreciate any transcripts about KT. If you are already submitting them to the blog address try copying them to me – between the two of us we will be better able keep up to date on everything.

If you want to write to the blog about blog business you could also copy it to me – that way if Insider Insider cannot get to it quickly, I will:

My address is rupertinsider AT gmail DOT com

Likewise, if you are doing any direct action stuff relative to Koptalk, such as shopping Oldham let me know .

If you would like to colloborate in writing an article or write your own for publication under your name, send it in to me.


4 Responses to “Is there a KT Member in the House?”

  1. fat_boy_fat Says:

    did you ever revel your own KT identity rupert?

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    I will when Katie reveals hers.

  3. fat_boy_fat Says:


  4. FGC Says:

    Isn’t Katie Dunk in a wig?

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