Watch out Koptalk…

BBC NEWS | Technology | Goal footage warning for website
YouTube users now watch more than 100m clips per day

Goal footage warning for website!

An independent website has been told to stop putting footage of FA Premiership goals on the video website YouTube.

NetResult – a firm monitoring the internet on behalf of the Premier League – emailed a warning to the website,

It told the website it was “infringing” Premier League copyright.

Links from 101greatgoals to YouTube were thought to have been disabled by YouTube itself but other links to Premiership goals stayed in place.


9 Responses to “Watch out Koptalk…”

  1. LSM Says:

    There’s been no fatty twatty podcast for over a week. Is the end nigh?

  2. fat_boy_fat Says:

    We can only hope.

  3. scouse Says:

    And only about 3 articles, none spammed to Newsnow either.

    I’m sure netresult ( ) would love to know about Koptalks constant links to p2p games and embedded goals from Youtube?

    “Links to first team goals usually within a few minutes of full-time (3rd party)”

    Note the 3rd party there – pass the buck as usual

  4. scouse Says:

    All the melwood pictures are also gone

    I see no reason why they’d be taken down once uploaded – whats the point? Presumably Liverpool FC got in touch and told him to remove the material?

  5. LSM Says:

    Looks like thicky fatty Dunky is closing ranks and retreating into his bunker. I hope he has air con down there.

  6. Ian Randyman Says:

    Well lads, ive been away the past while and am totally outa the loop.Whats gone on?I popped into Koptalk.con earlier and its dead.The fat 1 aint about and the bro aint there either.Where they gone?

  7. bobo Says:

    They were away in Malta so they say i dont know if thats true they were probably out in the garden doing nothing as usual.

    He’s probably working on his favourite teams Spurs and Newcastle’s sites or just planning on doing a runner and getting all the plans under way.

    Or else he was probably in court for the week over soething.

  8. LSM Says:

    Whats with this blog? I would have thought such curious activity by the fatty twatty would be jumped upon, but very quiet lately. Time to dig the boot in insider insider.

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    Insider Insider is not too well and may not always be able to keep up with the workload (although he keeps the blog alive with his insights).  My free membership in KT is expired and I don’t want to pay for one.

    If anyone would like to send me transcripts regularly (or give me a password to KT) I will offer a running commentary. That also applies to any emails to the blog. If any have gone unanswered, please forward them to me.

    The blog  keeps on going not only with the occasional article but also with the behind the scenes direct action.

    If anyone would like to try their hand at writing an article they could send them to me.

    rupertinsider AT gmail DOT com

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