Telegraph | News | The greater your weight, the lower your IQ, say scientists

Telegraph | News | The greater your weight, the lower your IQ, say scientists
The greater your weight, the lower your IQ, say scientists

By Nina Goswami
Filed: 15/10/2006

It is bad for your blood pressure, knocks years off your life and is a strain on your heart. Now scientists have discovered that gaining weight lowers your intelligence.

The findings follow last weeks government figures that show Britain as the “fat man” of Europe, with nearly a quarter of adults and more than 14 per cent of children under 16 classified as obese.


16 Responses to “Telegraph | News | The greater your weight, the lower your IQ, say scientists”

  1. LSM Says:

    It also eventually inhibits the ability to reach a keyboard. In time the very thing that got Dunk so fat in the first place will be his undoing – ie sitting at a pc all day getting fatter by conning people out of their money. Fatty twatty will have to get voice recognition software to dictate into once the keyboard does become to tiresome for his round ass. Trouble is the software won’t be able to understand all the shite that comes out of his mouth. Never mind the noises coming out of any orifice you care to name.

    The other option is the software that detects eye movement – Hawking uses one – that way he doesn’t have to move a muscle to communicate with his adoring Kraptalk members. Although the odd leg lift to allow the farts to escape may be unavoidable.

    He’s thick, he’s large, he’s a conman, he’s a liar, he’s foul, and probably a bit smelly.

    Dunk for bachelor of the year 2007?

  2. fat_boy_fat Says:

    I have read this scientific report in full detail and its results show something shocking.
    It also says that if you live in wallsend you are 99.9% likely to be a con man if you weigh over 20stone, scam money for fake charitys, pretend to support liverpool and run a shite website of some sort.
    It also states that if you fitted into this model that you would be “thicker than the average fatty”

    Looks like everyone has got you off to a T Oldham!

  3. manonymouse Says:

    i just keep checking back here hoping that koptalk shuts down
    comeone sink koptalk, sink!

  4. dataimaginary Says:

    Looks like KT is down – for good? Lets hope so………….

  5. SteveO Says:

    Hmmm is again sponsored by amazon, typical think fat boy and a warning for the future, he will attempt to sneak things back in again.

    Time for more emails to amzon.

  6. SteveO Says:


    I want to renew my membership to KopTalk by Clickbank ($50.00 + TAXES) —>>


  7. rupertinsider Says:

    Looks like KT is down – for good? Lets hope so…………

    Maybe he’s just trying to kill the blog by removing the principal object of our affection.

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    I want to renew my membership to KopTalk by Clickbank ($50.00 + TAXES) —>>


    But Clickbank probably insist on collecting state sales tax

  9. Andy Says:

    Is KT finally down for good?
    Going to and .org just redirects to this page:

  10. alan Says: just worked for me then, has a pic of gerrard on the front page, must have sorted it out now, it was down earlier

  11. alan Says:

    Have you seen his latest newsnow article “Leave Gerrard home” . He starts by saying “If Rafa were as intelligent as me..”

    If the manager of Liverpool was a fat, liverpool supporter conning prick i wouldnt want anything to do with the reds.

  12. rupertinsider Says:

    That means he reads the blog – i.e. the article about obsesity and reduced intelligence. Obviously its getting to him. At least he’s intelligent enough to know its about him.

  13. An Observer Says:

    Die you bastard die, oh die you bastard die oh die you bastard die.

  14. LouisRoberto Says:

    I just looked at and almost shat myself laughing.

    Did he make his announcement re the book during the first week of the season?

    Thought not.

    Can he print all those quotes from other sources saying how good the site is – although they are probably 5 years old nad heavily edited?

    It states that Kenny Dalglish, Robbie Fowler, Ronnie Moran and Gerard Houllier are all VIP members. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!

  15. LSM Says:

    “I just looked at and almost shat myself laughing.”

    That is hysterical. Dunk, you should be working for the spin department of an international corporation. Pure gold medal grade A bullshit.

    Notice he’s plugging a book, that doesn’t exist, doesn’t give the name of the (supposed) author (ie his fat thick twatty self), and then wants a fiver in advance! Dunk may be a fat thick weasily twat but he’s got a nerve that’s for sure.

    Rafa not as intelligent as Dunk? Hahahahahahaaaaah! Now I have heard it all. Just when I thought the fat round twat couldn’t come up with anything more STUPID out comes this classic. HAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAA!!!!

    Rafa is a world class football manager with major national league titles, european medals, a famous reputation for cunning tactical ability and managerial prowess, on contract to lFC for millions of pounds, loved and admired by legions of fans around the world, respected by his peers, has been likened to Shankly.

    And then there’s Dunk in his portakabin with hot dogs, cans of cider, and a copy of the s*n.



  16. Steve O Says:

    > But Clickbank probably insist on collecting state sales tax

    Oh, I was never suggeasting thick fat dunk is paying taxes, it is just something more for the authorities to investigate.

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