FLASHBACK 2 – Dunk, Del, Mercs and Fit Young Lads


FLASHBACKS: We’ll post an old article every now and then. For newcomers – it will be taste of what they’ve missed from the eariler days of the blog. For the oldtimers – a little nostalgia.

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Rupert Insider



May 19th, 2006


by Insider Insider


It’s Friday, the day where you don’t want to be starting anything too difficult, might as well leave it until Monday now. So, you might appreciate some extra reading. Some of you will have seen all of this before, but for any new visitors, have a quick look at Mr Oldham’s past life on the ‘net.

This is a search, using Google’s facility to search newsgroups. These things tend to be used a lot less nowadays, but at one time it was a good way for people to communicate with each other, when message-boards or forums were still quite difficult to use or lacking in features. Mr Oldham would often post on them using different names, but the same “snail-mail” address. His PO Box number, PO Box 145 in Scarborough. Sometimes he would forget to change the “From:” details in his message though, so tripped himself up more than once.

Dunk: The Early Years

As you’ll see, there are a number of posts where he is ‘himself’ – Duncan Oldham of Koptalk. There’s also a number of posts where he is Mr Del Johnson, selling dodgy pirate cards for Sky. Or in fact not selling them, just taking the money for them. And there are posts where he is Duncan Oldham claiming not to know Del Johnson. Or claiming he knows him but doesn’t approve of him. And it’s quite funny really, unless you were one of his victims. The funniest one of all though is this one:

Dunk looking for exchange deal.

If you know what he looks like you probably feel quite unwell now.

It’s not just my car – it’s yours too

May 16th, 2006

by Insider Insider

Oh dear. Mr Oldham must have been getting some stick from someone about his rich/poor daily transitions. So he’s blogged about why he deserves a £32k car and you deserve a site that doesn’t do what it says or a book that remains no more than a JPEG on one of his many domains. Anyway, it’s the usual story in “Why I deserve my flash car to get me to hospital for my appointments for my dodgy (whatever).

I went to see Dave yesterday, he’s my contact at the Merc dealership. I’d told him I was sick of my current car which is in silver and that I wanted to go back to a black one. Naturally his ears were wide open. He asked me to pop in as he had a CLK Cabriolet Sport in and he wanted me to check it out. Back in 1995 I had a Vauxhall Cavalier that cost about £200 so sometimes it’s hard to accept that I managed to fulfill my dreams of owning a Merc. Before the Cav we had a Fiesta of the same value with no handbrake, no insurance, no tax…eeee those were the days!

I’d alwalys wanted a Merc as a kid. I remember back in 1999/2000 looking into a second hand car showroom window late one night. I said to Maria, “You see that (2nd hand Merc worth £16k), even I won’t be able to afford a second hand Merc in my life.” She said you never know. Chins up and all that.

Anyways, a dramatic change happened in my life and three months later I was ordering my first CLK Coupe which cost about £32,000. I remember strolling into the dealership in a pair of shorts… they must have thought I was a window cleaner or something because they didn’t offer me a free coffee until I said I didn’t need finance!

6 years on and I’ve just ordered my 4th. I had a CLK Coupe and then went into a Cabriolet. I was never keen on convertibles but I knew the kids would love it. My mates never believe me though when I say that is the only reason I bought one. So I had a black Cabriolet, then sold it for a silver one which I have now but I miss the black which is why I went back to see Dave, even though my current motor’s only 11 months old.

I’ll cut a long story short and will just say that I agreed to dig deep and buy the Sport edition. I’ve got all the specs I want that I’ve become used to. They’re coming to collect my current car on Sunday and then it’ll be a case of sitting tight until mine is delivered direct from Germany.

When I got my first Merc my family and close friends were really happy for me. I’d come from a background of f*ck all and people like us like to see other people do well. There was some jealousy though and a lot of back stabbing from people who make out to be your friends. It never bothered me though. I used to go to my local and park it right outside on the double yellows purely to p*ss them off. As the pub was in the middle of town, it was likely I’d get a ticket and although I’d be gutted, I used to take a strange sense of satisfaction from knowing they were saying, “Who does that c*nt think he is?”. I was gutted getting fined £20/£30 but it’d be worth it and besides, when I leave it down side streets it tends to get keyed and that once cost me £700!

I’m just one of the lads at the end of the day. So I have a nice car, well I plough all my money into things that I can show for my money. For example, I have a nice 52″ TV at home. Someone will come round and say “You flash c*nt. How did you afford that?” – what they don’t realise though is that if they didn’t go out on the lash every Friday and Saturday night every weekend of the year, within no time they could have the same thing. I don’t smoke either… I just don’t p*ss my money up the wall. I guess it’s about priorities. My priorities are providing nice things for my family to be proud of. I like a drink like anyone else but I prefer the nicer things in life.

Justifying myself again.. f*ck em )

Anyway… see the attached pics to see what the new motor looks like.

No Comments » | The Insider | Permalink We sacrificed our tickets.






May 16th, 2006

More hardship. He had tickets. Yes, tickets. But no, he didn’t want you to miss out. So he chartered a plane and stayed at home instead. A world which we could only imagine.

Now you know we take our coverage of LFC very, very seriously. No expense or effort is spared when it comes to keeping you updated with anything to do with the Reds.

Take Cup Final day for example, we had tickets but we sacrificed them to enable us to provide our UNOFFICIAL radio broadcasts for our readers or should that be listeners, all over the world.

We didn’t just bugger off to Cardiff and leave you out… oh no, not us, we manned our state of the art broadcasting centre – a microphone plugged into Dunk’s computer – from early morning until midnight (mugs!). Now that’s dedication for you!

Anyway, for the first time ever, we can take you inside KOPTALK HQ on Cup Final day…

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting



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