I did it MY way – Dunk Bans the Official Site.

by Rupert Insider


The fat lady brings the opera to a close – “My Way”

You probably know that the Official Site has been conducting a poll of the “100 Players who Shook the Kop”


They invited the votes of all their members as well as journalists, pundits, former players and, today, Rafa Benitez and Rick Parry. The results will be published tomorrow – Friday 6th October, 2006.

Yesterday, they published the views of the representatives of unofficial supporter sites.

You can read them here:


Koptalk was noticeable by its absence from the list.

Readers of this blog would take that for granted, not only because Koptalk is more like No. 10 LFC site – than No.1.

We have reported that senior LFC officials have emphatically stated in writing and in discussions with us that Oldham has never had any contact with any officials at the club and never will.

And when we informed them of Oldham’s claim, a couple of months ago, that the Official Site had offered him a job – they almost choked. LFC would not even consider hiring a person like him, they said!

And we also reported here how the Official Site has long considered him a pariah who steals their content.

So despite his claims to be the owner of the No. 1 LFC Site and a confidant of directors, senior executives, players and spokesman for millions of supporters (well it is millions if you include his other sites – Newcastle and Spurs), it was no surprise to us that the club ignored him, again.

But it was a surprise to some of his members. Or was it? Koptalk is like a hall of mirrors these days. It’s virtually impossible to tell which posts are piss-takes cruelly teasing the thick Executive Editor and which are the forlorn cries of the genuinely gullible.

I’m not going to post the entire exchange, just today’s. But you can see from it that the question was posed yesterday . The question, in different formats, was:

Why did the official Site not consult Oldham along with the representatives of other unofficial sites given that Kotpalk claims to be the No. 1 unofficial site and Oldham, personally claims to have been offered a position with the Official Site”

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Re: Top 5 WSTK [Re: kingkenny07]
#1664403 –
05/10/06 11:39 AM Reply Quote

cool down kenny cool down.

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Re: Top 5 WSTK [Re: kingkenny07]
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This is surely a multi-faceted as opposed to simple question though, KK?

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Re: Top 5 WSTK [Re: WarrenPeace]
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oh didnt see it yesterday… apologies

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Re: Top 5 WSTK [Re: WarrenPeace]
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I’d agree

But the big question has to be “WHY” or if KT was contacted at all for it’s opinion.

If not then why,given the contacts that are frineds of the site in the club.

Then seen as the editor/owner of KT was offered a job on the Offal site then surely KT is known to be the No1 un-official fan site?


I don’t think it’s in the extreme to ask for some answers.

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Re: Top 5 WSTK [Re: kingkenny07]
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05/10/06 11:49 AM Reply Quote

I answered yesterday and what I said was as follows.

When you start agreeing to do things with the official site, before you know it you find yourself agreeing to do things a certain way. I prefer to retain independence thanks.

I have a good relationship with the official site main man. We’ve often exchanged emails, the last was about live streaming when Al was heavily involved in it. They were keen to find out who was behind this kind of stuff in the UK. Grass Al up and provide the odd input every now and then or retain independence?

The official site used my sole review of their e-season ticket on their promo pages for ages. That’s right, big bad Dunk from KopTalk.com was the only review on their e-season ticket sign-up/promo pages for months, maybe more. They didn’t ask me for this, they must have spotted it and took it.

I prefer to do things MY way. Unofficial, not pretending to be unofficial.

I thankyou.


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Re: Top 5 WSTK [Re: ]
#1664421 – 05/10/06 11:52 AM Reply Quote


If not then why,given the contacts that are frineds of the site in the club.


Yeh they all work on the interweb


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Re: Top 5 WSTK [Re: Dunk]
#1664423 – 05/10/06 11:59 AM Reply Quote

Badge earnt.

I’m not sure why we have to endure these wind-up merchants. Why do they hang out here when they don’t want to be here? It’s beyond me.

Let’s leave the football to the adults.


I liked his Arthur Askey “I thank you” imitation.

As for the rest of his reply – he makes reference to Al and the live-feeds he supplied to Koptalk – before Al left Koptalk a couple of months ago. Al requested that we not prolonged that discussion, so we didn’t. But Oldham is still referring to it, still using the name of his former member. Here he is suggesting that he defended Al from the Official Site. Actually the Official Site was after Oldham, not Al, because it was Oldham who was selling memberships on the basis of whatever advice Al was giving freely to his friends on Koptalk. But how strange that Oldham should use this contact from the Official Site as an example of his good relations with it. Is he so divorced from reality?

He has referred to LFC’s own site many times as “the other side”. That’s what we have always said about him on the blog – that he is anti-LFC. But today it suits him to claim he has good relations with its “main man”.

That’s the guy he normally refers to as one of the “suits” who has made life difficult for him and who he will expose in his infamous non-book “Anfield Exposed”.

And its noticeable that the only communication he refers to with him is one about Koptalk’s illegal use of image rights to sell its memberships. (In the old days he would have claimed that he and the “main man” sent each other love letters but he knows now that every claim he makes will be checked by contributors to this blog).

The Official Site is a big operation and I know that some junior members of the marketing, as distinct from the editorial department, are not familiar with Koptalk . That’s the only explanation I can offer if they did indeed pick up his review of their E-Season Ticket Promo. He admits they did not communicate with him about.

“I prefer to do things MY way. Unofficial, not pretending to be unofficial.”

In Dunkenspeak, he is trying to insult the other unofficial sites for contributing to the Official Site’s promotion of its poll a – privilege he would have died for. Now, in a classic case of sour grapes, he suggests that they have been co-opted by the Official Site and can no longer claim to be truly unofficial, like him.

Doing things “my way” he can claim that he has a meeting with Rick Parry, and tapes of Crouch talking exclusively to The S**, and that Robbie Fowler called him, and of midnight dashes to meet with investment brokers from London and all manner of wonderful things. He could not get away with any of those lies and scams if he were “official”.

It must be comforting for him to know that he never will be.


19 Responses to “I did it MY way – Dunk Bans the Official Site.”

  1. McWar Says:

    I asked a very similar question yesterday and was kicked off the site. I thought it was a fair question to ask so I have to wonder behind his reasoning for asking such a simple and straightforward thing?

  2. barry wom Says:

    mcwar – he must have already been onto you, he keeps notes on people he suspects to be anti-KT. you’re better off barred from there anyway.

  3. ROCK Says:

    just looking at his ite now and it has 61 ppl online on the front page it has23 posts.
    1 by koptalk
    4 by kop_5
    9 by dunk
    and the rest misc

  4. Ringpiece Says:

    Another sterling piece of work Rupert.
    The Ringpiece clan is still active.

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    Ringpiece. I’m given to understand that some of your platoon were AWOL during the fat bastard’s recent visits to Melwood. He was prime target on 31st August when he sat all day in his staff car with his adjutant. And he presented another fine target two weeks ago when he stood on a purple wheelie bin. Did you suspend patrols of the area?

  6. Ron Nasty Says:

    Just read about this at est1892. What a prick oldham is. Honestly, I’m absolutely gobsmacked that anyone can have anything at all to do with him. Even if he didn’t publicise a certain gobshite tabloid he would still be a disgrace to our great club. The man needs psychiatric help if he considers himself to be fair and reasonable.
    Come on any of you who still support his wanky forum, leave now, don’t wait until he decides he wants rid of you and then whinge about it. I hate it when people only leave when he does something to piss them off. Consider our family of reds and tell him to shove his lying, rancid site up his fat arse.
    That is all.

  7. LSM Says:

    Keep pressing ktinsider, only a shameful exit will do for such a shameful excuse of a man.

  8. geeko Says:

    I was banned for contributing to mcwar’s thread. I thought I was allowed to do so as it had not been locked for 4 odd hours.

    Admittedly I had only logged in to koptalk a couple of times in the last fortnight due to its recent downfall, so not losing sleep over the ban.

    I’ve noticed Dunk posting alot more in the forums now, to try to liven them up. He never needed to do this untill recently when they’ve been completely dead!

  9. fat_boy_fat Says:

    YaY the ringpiece clan are back 🙂

    I honestly think that if everyone who is only there to take this piss out of fatty twatty done a suicide attempt tommorrow then he would have to close the site because he would only have a handful of genuines left.

    Maybe we should organise a mass suicide day.

    Everyone who is thinking about it could do it on a date arranged by rupert or insider! Would give him another BIG message that us Liverpool Fans arent to be messed with.

  10. Chunky Says:

    Not really worth asking KT’s opinion as Dunk’s LFC knowledge seems to only go back as far as the 90s circa Roy Evans (anything older and he reads it from a book in his podcast) and Steve struggles to recall anything beyond the current line-up.

    Dunk is a plastic fan and tries to disguise this behind a facade.

  11. barry wom Says:

    wise words Ron Nasty. No wonder we made sweet music for so many years.

  12. Ron Nasty Says:

    Dear Barry
    We’ve arrived and to prove it we’re here.

  13. An Observer Says:

    PaulR the editor of .tv is a member on rawk, could always ask him about chunks claims.

  14. Ordinary to Rome Says:

    “When you start agreeing to do things with the official site, before you know it you find yourself agreeing to do things a certain way. I prefer to retain independence thanks.”

    this is the extent of the pressure exerted by the official site:

    “Can you do me a favour – we’re asking lots of people to do their Top 5 Players Who’ve Shook The Kop. Pick your own personal Top 5 and write about 50 to 100 words about each of your choices. Make them your own personal choices – they don’t have to mirror the last five. Any chance we could have them for Monday?”

    I bet non-KT websites and fanzines are trembling in their shoes at the thought of throwing away their independence. Why oh why did they reply?

  15. Ringpiece Says:

    I cannot as you know comment on troop positions but rest assured regular patrols are taking place in the area. It will not be long before one of our soldiers engages with the fat cunt and rips him a new arse hole. Operations are ongoing.

    Commander Ringpiece (frontline)

  16. Rupert Says:

    LSM I agree that he will always look for easy money. For him that means making a living from his bedroom. In his ideal model the work would be done by others – they would provide the content, or volunteer their services, or pay in advance sight unseen with no legal comebacks. He needs a product that causes people to suspend their normal critical faculties and make them believe almost anything he says – or at least be intriguied enough to keep coming back . Football is one of those products, religion would be another and porn yet another.

    If he had his druthers he would run a porn site. But he is attracted to the idea of mixing footie and porn because it taps into two markets for the same population of boys, and young or youngish men. Also football gives him a cover of respectability.

    What I meant was that he has been fighting the blog (and the allies of the blog) in the arrogant belief that all he has to do is wait it out, like he has in the past. The years of fleecing the gullible has made him incautious – he now believes he is entitled to live off LFC fans. He finds it increasingly difficult to listen to his customers, indeed, he does not regard them as customers anymore, but followers who have to comply with the rules of his cult of “Dunk or Daddy knows best”.

    Add to that is the real possibility that he will be investigated for tax evasion and benefits fraud, and the other pressures being brought to bear on him by a circle of businesses who object to his theft and re-sale of their intellectual property. His judgment is shot – you can see that in the wild gyrations of his plans and his statements and his bad business decisions – do people really understand just how deranged it is to claim that you have spoken to hit men about killing your critics?

    He’s not bright – but he has cunning and street smarts. I believe he understands very well that the option of running is increasingly attractice. It will stem the damage and give him space to set up another scam..

    Our aim is to get rid of him from the LFC community of web sites.

  17. rupertinsider Says:

    Ringpiece: Understood. As ever, the nation is grateful for the selfless service of you and your brave men.

    As we used to say in the Coldstream Guards “It’s a dirty job, but someones’ got to do it”.

    At ease.

  18. Ringpiece Says:

    Thank you El Presidente Rupert.
    The morale of the men will be boosted by your wise words.
    It is a long and continuous battle but good will prevail.

    Commander Ringpiece (frontline)

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