Koptalk and The S*n. Again.

I saw this story on Koptalk, but didn’t think a lot of it. Then I thought I’d see where the story came from, because although I’ve had little time to read sports news on the net this week I still would have thought it would have cropped up somewhere…

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Pennant splits from girlfriend
#1662481 – Mon Oct 02 2006 10:16 PM

Liverpool winger Jermaine Pennant has reportedly split with his girlfriend.

It is claimed that the 23-year old Reds star has dumped his long-term girlfriend Laura Wallis for Candy McCulloch, daughter of Ian McCulloch, lead singer of Echo and The Bunnymen.

Jermaine and Laura were together for 4 years and she stood by him when he was sent down for drink-driving in 2004. As a result, she’s said to be heartbroken by the split.

The couple were due to move into an apartment together in Barnet, North London last month but on the weekend the sale went through, it’s claimed that he was out on a date with Candy.

Pennant was photographed with Candy by the press last Tuesday after allegedly spending the night with her at his luxury dockside apartment but a spokeman played down their relationship.

The spokesperson said: “Jermaine and Laura have split up. Candy has been showing him around Liverpool.”

We’re not really that bothered about what lass he’s shacked up with but we include such items because private matters can sometime explain a player’s dip in form, as Steven Gerrard confessed in his autobiography.


So, I did a search on Google News for the story. Google News carries stories from most of the nationals in the UK. My search was (without quotes) “Jermaine Pennant girlfriend”. It brought back five results.

From a good while ago there was one from The S*n, it wasn’t this story.

So the other four – where were they from? Well only two of them came before the story appeared in Koptalk, and they were both from the paper all Liverpool fans avoid, Dunk’s favourite, The S*n. Here’s the four…

  • Bad boy Pennant steals Candy – The Sun Mon, 02 Oct @ 02:34
  • FOOTBALL ace Jermaine Pennant has dumped his long-term girlfriend … – The Sun Mon, 02 Oct @ 03:13
  • Candy McCulloch Bags Herself Liverpool Footballer Jermaine Pennant … – Entertainmentwise Mon, 02 Oct @ 10:16
  • The Page Which Is Utter Rubbish Today – Football365.com Mon, 02 Oct @ 12:50

It’s just a coincidence that the story in “Entertainmentwise” was published at the same time as Oldham published it (I’ve already checked the “Whois” records for that site, just in case). Football365 picked it up two-and-a-half hours later. Oldham picked it up when he read it in his daily-delivered copy of that rag.

Do you still think that Duncan “Dunk” Oldham is a Liverpool fan? That he chose this story of all those printed by that vermin publication to use on his site – a story painting one of our players in a bad light in this way – is a big enough sign of how anti-LFC he really is. But to use the S*n, again, like this, is proof of how much of a real piece of scum he really is.

Anyone still want to defend Oldham as a fine upstanding Liverpool supporter? If you do, you really don’t understand why the boycott of the S*n still goes on to this day. Learn about it, please. Despite attempts by Koptalk to soften our stance against The S*n, nobody has said the boycott has ended. It hasn’t. And it won’t end because Dunk tells us to end it. It’s not my decision either, but I expect the first step towards the boycott ending is that the “newspaper” makes an apology which contains no reservations. As Kenny Dalglish once said to Kelvin McKenzie, the piece of scum who was editor the day the S*n boycott began, the only way to make it right is to print, “We Lied” in letters as big as they printed “The Truth” above their lies. Even that may not be enough now, 17 years later. And Dunk thinks it doesn’t matter.

Boycott the S*n supporting Koptalk.coN. Spread the word again. Write to any celebrity Reds you can think of – perhaps starting tonight with Mac from the Bunnymen. And don’t assume someone else will do it for you – the more that write the more attention it gets.

* If you are a fairly new Liverpool supporter and don’t know about the boycott of the S*n or the reasons behind it, may I suggest you read this – http://www.contrast.org/hillsborough/history/dalglish.shtm. It’s taken from the autobiography of the player most Reds consider the best of all time. Kenny Dalglish. He was hit hard by the Hillsborough disaster, more than I can ever even come close to imagining, and outraged by what the S*n wrote. That page is Kenny’s recollection of the disaster and the way The S*n reported it. It’s not easy reading, I promise you, but please read it. And read the rest of that site. We should never forget the 96, nor should we forget the way they were treated by that newspaper. The boycott is there for a good reason.


5 Responses to “Koptalk and The S*n. Again.”

  1. barry wom Says:

    insider, last night i was pissing myself at his agony aunt post you re-posted. this is a brilliant reminder of what an absolute utter fucking scumbag oldham is. why are people still on his site? why do people keep giving him 30 quid? why, when people have moved to other sites (such as est1892 etc), do they keep posting “till their membership expires”. please everyone fuck this toe-rag off once and for all. don’t give him anything to cling to. he is such a blot on the reputation of LFC and while he and his sun supporting site survives, our name is tainted.

    Boycott Koptalk Now.

  2. ROCK Says:

    its no suprise this . he has openly asmitted to having it delivered to his house every day.
    thinking baout what you said the other day regarding where this blog is going, i think that dunk may be planning on either A. making one final lump sum from his book or B using it to get new members in conjunction with a new free site.
    a publishing of his book taken apart like most of his lies on the web would go along way to gettin rid of him for good

  3. Ron Nasty Says:

    He wont publish any book. He’s got rid of everyone who paid him a fiver up front.

  4. geeko Says:

    As if Dunk ever even starting writing the book.

  5. what a whopper Says:

    I see “af” the great cut & paste member who always quotes tribal football has been quoting the s*n again. Quite ironic considering his bet in his signature.

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    Chelsea up to it again.
    #1665162 – 06/10/06 08:31 AM Reply Quote

    Chelsea get sandy ahead of Barcelona showdown
    tribalfooball.com – October 05, 2006

    Chelsea have dumped sand on their Stamford Bridge pitch just a fortnight before their Champions League clash with Barcelona.

    *** *** says on Wednesday, groundstaff with tractors got to work on the goalmouths and spread large amounts of sand all over the playing surface in a move that is bound to trigger suspicion in Spain.

    Last season Barca claimed Chelsea were trying to knock them out of their stride by providing a poor playing surface.

    Even Chelsea stars complained to Mourinho after suffering cuts because of the amount of sand being used.

    It backfired spectacularly with Barcelona winning 2-1 in London in the knockout stage clash as Chelsea full-back Asier Del Horno was sent off.

    A 1-1 draw in the return saw Barca continue their march towards the trophy.

    Chelsea replaced their woeful pitch within days of that first leg and eventually cruised to their second successive Premiership title in May on silky-smooth new grass.

    Two years ago tempers flared as Blues dumped Barca out of the Champions League, with Mourinho falsely accusing Rijkaard of talking to ref Anders Frisk at half-time.

    UEFA handed Mourinho a two-game touchline ban.

    Chelsea would not comment last night but claim the work is ‘essential maintainence’ to improve drainage.

    My bet with Desertscouser. If Alves joins us before September 2007 then he will give HJC £50 and if he don’t then I will give them £50.

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