What are the streets of Wallsend paved with?

Is it worth paying 30 quid yet for Koptalk? Is it worth Dunk keeping on trying with his site? My view? No and no.

He’s playing with the software he’s going to use, you can look yourself at http://www.koptalk.coN/members (change the “N” to a “m” of course). It’s UBBThreads he’s gone for, it seems pretty clear that after his attempts at conning the people at FusionBB they’ve made it clear he isn’t welcome.

He’s now completely ditched all of those people who became members of his insider site over the years under various lifetime membership options. Thankfully I’m still using one of the donated Gold Club memberships otherwise we’d have to pay to keep you updated on what’s going on. When I last looked at the site there were only 80 people viewing, which suggests even more of a downfall.

He’s also decided to scrap ads on his insider / gold / member site – no part of that forum now has ads on. At least I don’t think they have, but seeing as I’ve all kinds of anti-Koptalk ad-blockers installed I might be wrong.

The front page of the .coN site continues its long-term role. That is, to act as a gateway to a land paved with gold. In reality though more and more people now realise it leads to land paved with cobbles and covered in dogshit. Well, bullshit.

Under the heading “LATEST MEMBER UPDATES” we are offered a range of little enticements to get us to cough up for the site that is kept secret unless we pay. To say that the offers are misleading is, as ever, a huge understatement.

Take the first headline: “Discussion – Former Red confirms 4 U.S. vistors at Anfield”. What do you expect to see when you see that? Even for Dunk’s standards this is pretty shit to say the very least. It’s a link to the official site’s David Fairclough column! Yes, he’s trying to sell thirty quid memberships off the back of articles freely available on the official site!

The article is to be found F.O.C. at http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/news/drilldown/NG153573060926-1636.htm and this is how the overweight balding conman refers to it:

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Re: ‘….the guests included four American visitors…..’ [Re: skywalker]
#1656499 – Tue Sep 26 2006 05:38 PM Reply Quote

Last week, while I hosted sponsors Carlsberg’s lounge for the Newcastle match, the guests included four American visitors who were over to watch a Premier league game for the very first time. Before the game I expressed my hopes the occasion and atmosphere would be one they would remember and thankfully the lads didn’t let them down. While the atmosphere was great the special moment they left with was the memory of seeing Xabi Alonso scoring from 60 yards. I told them later they’d witnessed something very unusual and unique to Anfield.

Yes that’s it – one stolen paragraph from the official site. Even I didn’t expect that kind of trick from the lardy one.

Next headline to draw you in – “Press Conferences Liverpool v Galatasaray – quotes/notes”

At last a bit of work. I say “a bit” because that’s all it is. He’s seen the pre-match press conference and scribbled a few notes down. He doesn’t do shorthand, he’s too lazy to use the pause/rewind functions on his Sky+ box, so he doesn’t finish the job off. If he’d carefully transcribed the quotes from the press conference I think most people would consider that a worthwhile service. Not worth 30 quid by any means but at least something worthwhile from his site. Typical Dunk though, far too lazy to do that so instead we get this (free of charge to you)…

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Galatasaray pre-match press conference notes
#1656462 – Tue Sep 26 2006 04:47 PM Reply Quote

The following are notes, shortened if you like, from what was actually said at today’s press conference. They are not direct quotes but they give you an idea of what was said.

Luis Garcia:

I think it’s going to be a long time until something happens (with the new stadium). We (the players) haven’t talked about it. I think for the players it will be really nice but now there’s no point thinking about it. I like the current stadium.

We are doing this right, the Gala game is different, anything can happen. We were down after the Everton defeat but it’s a long, long season.

It’s been difficult to work because we haven’t had a lot of time due to all the games. I think we are trying to be as consistent as least season. The team is starting to show what we can do.

I think every game is going to be our target. We shouldn’t think ahead. We shouldn’t think about winning the title or cups, it should be the next game.

Last season’s Champions League showed every team is difficult. People said we were going to beat Benfica 3-0 etc but every game is difficult and we need to concentrate.

Of course the fans always want more and they want us to win the Champions League again. I think we are better than 2 years ago but we need to show it on the pitch. We have to try and do the best each game.

Confidence is high. We think we can win all of them but we have to think about each game. Gala are a team that play really deep that will wait for us to play against the counter-attack to take their chance. It’s difficult to play against this style because a lot of players are in front of you behind the ball and it’s difficult. We have to think that Anfield victories are the most important for us go through.

Rafa Benitez:

We must try and play as well as the last games, score goals, continue winning here at Anfield.

The team is much better now than 2 weeks ago. At Anfield we play with confidence. We need to settle down in each game. We can play better. Anfield is fantastic because of the supporters. When our players feel the support of our people they play well and that quality will score goals. A quicker tempo, higher tempo is the key.

I said to Craig Bellamy things like I said to Crouch last season (bout lack of goals). If he’s playing well for the team I’m happy. The goals will come. He knows what he must do during the games. Sometimes he needs to run and create space for the rest of his team-mates. This is teamwork. He’s a player who is really focused, he’s a good example for his team-mates. He has a background but he is very good.

When you have 4 strikers it’s not easy to use all of them. One of them will not be playing which is difficult but they know – all of the team know – we are always tying to change things depending on the team we play or the competition we play in. They will all get games during the season.

If we created chances we will score goals especially with the quality we have now. Our idea is to start winning now after the draw at PSV. Gala is a good team with good players. They have quality and experience. Videos show they have ability. As Luis Garcia says, they will play deep and try to play on the counter-attack.

After Wednesday’s training session I will decide what strikers will play. I am really happy with all of them. Crouch is training well, Robbie is training really, really well. It’s not a real problem because they are all fit now and they have a lot of confidence. I don’t think you will see many new faces (in the starting line up).

I can understand people wanting consistency but it depends on the final score. We need fresh legs. It’s no good having loads of fresh legs at the end of the season.

I explained the other day I am really happy in Anfield but to improve with a new Anfield. If we want to have the same memories we need to win games and trophies. We are really happy here but a new stadium means more supporters will be happy. We must go if we can.

I was really happy when I came here because we knew about the history of the club. Reading and talking about the history of Bill Shankly and this club are amazing. It’s a very big club. Always you can learn (from Shankly) but things change in life, it’s difficult. The club is more traditional than all clubs but we must change and improve like other clubs. It’s good to keep your history but we must change (with the times).

No injury worries ahead of the game.

Just another ten minutes and that could have been a really good feature. Perhaps you’ll be so kind as to take our comments on board for next time then Duncan. We know you read this.

The next headline to entice you in is the one with a promise of free football. “TV / Sat / Online Liverpool v Galatasaray – ONLINE” suggests that paying for membership will give you access to watch the game free of charge online. Access that you can’t otherwise get. Well it might be free of charge, but you’ll be able to get it in many other places. In fact one place you’ll be able to get it is wherever it is Dunk finds it – here’s what that link actually takes you to…

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Liverpool v Galatasaray – ONLINE
#1656417 – Tue Sep 26 2006 03:48 PM Reply Quote

This game will be available to watch online. Details will be added Wednesday if not before.


Wow – well worth the money. Well worth the headline on the front of Koptalk.coN.

Has someone had words with him about his hosting of illegal videos and clips? It would seem so, he’s now using third party file-hosting services. These services are full of ads, so his claims of ad-free services for the £30 need to be amended. We’ve got this one linked to from the front page – “Video & Audio Liverpool v Galatasaray – PRE-MATCH TRAINING” for which he thanks “Paul”, whoever he might be. Certainly not one of his member’s usernames.

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LFC v Galatasaray – pre-match training (VIDEO)
#1656296 – Tue Sep 26 2006 01:34 PM Reply Quote

Thanks to Paul for sending us this brief link –>> http://www.bigupload.com/d=9198A378

Although the link is fairly brief, I’ve no idea how brief the clip is. I’ve given up trying to download it. The site makes you wait thirty seconds, then asks you to type a code in, then tells you the site’s full, makes you wait thirty seconds, asks you for another code, and around in circles we go. For THIRTY ENGLISH POUNDS I would expect to receive links to video footage that doesn’t require me to arse around with codes all morning. If Dunk had the rights to show this footage then he wouldn’t need to hid it on someone else’s server. And if he had the rights to show it he’d have the rights to advertise it as part of his thirty quid package.

Same again with his next headline – “Video & Audio Liverpool v Galatasaray – PRE-MATCH P.C.” – you get taken to someone else’s download site to play code-entering games for a couple of hours before you get your clip. And now it’s not “Paul” sending the clip on, fatso just happened to find it! Yes, he no doubt found it on Sky and downloaded it to his PC before adding it to the download site. I’m guessing so anyway because I don’t fancy playing the code-entry game really. Does anyone else think fatso looks a complete tool when he pretends like this?


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Liverpool v Galatasaray – PRE-MATCH P.C. – [VIDEO]
#1656360 – Tue Sep 26 2006 02:48 PM Reply

Just found this link –>> http://www.bigupload.com/d=821E70DA

Wait for the counter to click down from 30 seconds to view.

If it stops working please let us know and we’ll see if we can find you another one

If it started working I’d be happier. Seriously, for thirty quid I’d expect more. Why not admit it then Oldham – you shouldn’t be showing these and you know it. Perhaps a note to “bigupload.com” about your videos is in order too.

Next headline is “LFC News Finnan wants to make Anfield a fortress again” – nothing spectacular, same quotes as you’ll get for free elsewhere.

Then we have “LFC News Liverpool v Galatasaray – TRAINING PHOTOS”. This is what you get…


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Liverpool v Galatasaray – TRAINING PHOTOS
#1656265 – Tue Sep 26 2006 12:54 PM Reply

These are taken by one of our suppliers this morning so we’ve had to pay for these ones. They’re not as good as ours obviously

I don’t believe for one minute that you paid for them though Oldham, so I’ve posted them all on here for the benefit of whoever it is that really does own them. Unless you’ve moved them since I posted the article, frightened of getting a big bill from the owners.

Next headline – “Discussion Liverpool FC takeover” – sees a return for the oddball “keithy27”. He’s Dunk’s investment-talk-topic-starter. If there’s a need to talk investment, this strange character appears and posts some complete nonsense. Here are the first couple of posts in this wonderful “discussion” on a site that’s supposed to be mature but is in fact nothing more than, well, pretty boring actually.

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Liverpool FcTakeover
#1655878 – Mon Sep 25 2006 08:11 PM Reply Quote

I have just looked at the Takeover Panel website and Its there about Liverpoool at 500p with no name of the bidder. It maybe from the time of the statement why back in March, but I believe it is mor e than that as you look at the top of the table and it states today’s date of 25 September.

I believe there will be an announcement tommorow.
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Re: Liverpool FcTakeover [Re: keithy27]
#1655880 – Mon Sep 25 2006 08:15 PM Reply Quote

I don’t believe this is new data. If someone was looking at the books I’m sure it would be out in the open.

Liverpool cannot just turn up with a promise of money now. They need proof.

I just can’t see David Moores parting with the club.

That was the best of that discussion too – it got much worse after that.

Then there’s what can only be described as a publicity stunt. In another attempt to try and win some credibility, Duncan decides to act like a dodgy local councillor and do a bit for charidee. I find this quite good fun actually – a charity gets some money, Dunk spends some, nobody actually cares about it any more. The headline said – “VIP offer Sportsman’s Charity Dinner – Be Our Guest – FREE!”. Tickets work out at just over one membership fee each, fatso claims to have paid for a table. A table seats 10 people, and he’s going to give away nine seats, taking one for himself (or Steve if he bottles out of it.) Until we find out what the catch is (like has he actually paid for the seats or been given them?) we’ll enjoy knowing that it cost him £320 quid, or nearly 11 memberships. That’s pretty much guaranteed to empty the coffers for him now, because he’s not had 11 new members this month yet.

Even more fun is the fact that before that draw closes our username will have been added. It might already be on there in fact, but best I say as little as possible for now. There’s so few of us left I’m surprised he’s not worked out which member I am yet. I’ve left enough clues.

Here’s what he says about his little stunt…

Dunk KopTalk Daddy
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Sportsman’s Charity Dinner – Be Our Guest!
#1655533 – Mon Sep 25 2006 02:19 PM Reply Quote

Ok this is the drill…


A charity Sportsman’s Dinner to take place on October 19th in the Marquee Suite at Goodison Park. Tickets are £32 each (you pay nothing!). The night includes a four course meal, entertainment from guest speakers Alan Kennedy and Dave Watson plus a top comedian.


I (KOPTALK) have booked a table to support the event. 9 Gold Club members are invited to attend. A draw will take place to decide the 9. The draw will be made this weekend by my son Lil Robbie (6).


Simply reply to this thread stating that you would like to be included. You MUST make sure you are available for the 19th October.


The event is in aid of Zöe’s Place Children’s Hospice which is based in West Derby, Liverpool. They provide respite and palliative care for infants between the ages of 0 and 5 with life limiting or life threatening conditions.

The hospice does not receive any statutory funding and relies purely on initatives such as the Sportsman’s Dinner to meet annual running costs in excess of £650,000.


Post Extras:

So there you have it then, full details of- oh hang on, he forgot to add a bit. The worst bit…

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Re: Sportsman’s Charity Dinner – Be Our Guest! [Re: Dunk]
#1655544 – Mon Sep 25 2006 02:30 PM Reply Quote

Either myself or Steve will be there for a night of food, drink, memories and comedy. Hopefully for you lot it will be Steve


Post Extras:

Back to the enticements to the streets covered in cow-pats and we’ve this headline: “LFC News Defender selected for international duty”

Typical Koptalk. Why say the player’s name when you can just say “Defender” and get the click? He used to do this all the time when he was allowed on NewsNow, and he can’t resist it even now. So, what does “Defender selected…” mean?

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Agger selected for international duty
#1655779 – Mon Sep 25 2006 06:49 PM Reply

Liverpool defender Daniel Agger has been selected for international duty by Denmark.

Why not say that then? It’s been well-documented on here that Oldham is not blessed with intelligence, and this ploy smacks of complete thickness. A user sees a headline like that on Newsnow and they’ll click out of curiosity. Personally I always found it frustrating that clicking a News Now headline took so long to bring up the page you wanted, and that it brought it up in another window in a size not chosen by me, so I rarely used it. However if I did I didn’t mind clicking if the cost was just a 30-second wait to see the article in an odd-sized window. Thirty seconds is acceptable for the sake of finding out the defender’s name. 30 quid isn’t. You are not going to get your credit card out for such things, but fat Dunk is too thick to see that.

Talking of thick former residents of Scarborough using tactics that won’t work to draw people into their crappy pay-site, he does it again. “LFC News Striker selected for international duty” takes you to this –

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Bellamy selected for international duty
#1655522 – Mon Sep 25 2006 02:05 PM Reply

Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy has been named in the Wales squad for their Euro 2008 qualifiers against Slovakia and Cyprus.

Why not say that? Instead of clicking your links and paying thirty quid though people go to the likes of News Now or Google News and find the news elsewhere. And they don’t go back to the pathetic remains of Koptalk.coN. There I go again helping the owner of the site struggling to stay alive like a beached whale.

Another tactic is competitions. As far as we can tell all Koptalk competitions end as either 1. nobody wins and the competition dies out, 2. one of Dunk’s aliases wins, 3. a real person wins but never sees the prize. I’ve seen no proof that says that any real person has received any of Dunk’s competition prizes. NOT ONE. So we get this and we’re expecting it to fall to an alias again, if it doesn’t die out – “Competition WIN a multi-satellite receiver – ROUND 2”

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WIN a multi-satellite receiver – ROUND 2
#1641683 – Tue Sep 12 2006 10:31 PM Reply

To enter, all you have to do is predict the outcome of Liverpool v Tottenham. All the correct entries proceed to round 3 and so on until we have a winner.

Reply to this thread before 12.45pm UK Time on Saturday 23rd with one of the following:

Liverpool Win
Tottenham Win

Only the people that won from round one can enter (listed below)


If you are not on the list and you think you should be please email steve @ koptalk.com

Top tip: Keep an eye out for dsimcock.

Again, thinking it will actually serve some kind of positive purpose for him, fatty gives us this wonderful headline – “LFC News Defender selected for international duty”. Hang on – haven’t we had that one once? No, this is a different “defender”. Same headline, different story…

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Finnan selected for international duty
#1655517 – Mon Sep 25 2006 01:58 PM Reply

Republic of Ireland manager Steve Staunton has named his 25-man squad for next month’s Euro 2008 qualifiers against Cyprus and Czech Republic.

Liverpool defender Steve Finnan is included while Under-21 international Paul McShane (West Brom) is promoted to the seniors.

So if after all of that proof of just how poor the Koptalk Member site is you still aren’t sure, here’s a bit more evidence to help you to decide. First of all Dunk’s policy on his customers. If you paid a few years back for a lifetime membership of his pay-site he doesn’t want you any more. So he’s changed the name of his forum and binned you. If you join today as a gold club member don’t be at all surprised to find yourself binned after six months. Koptalk change their rules all the time, and rarely give refunds.

Dunk KopTalk Daddy
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Re: Insider forum [Re: RedRum1]
#1655586 – Mon Sep 25 2006 03:19 PM Reply


I had a post about the insider section deleted for what ever reason. I was just wondering where the insider forum is now located as I can’t see it on the main indx

One of the mods closed it before I could answer.

We’ve been posting announcements for weeks that we were going to ease off on koptalk.com and close off koptalk.org to concentrate our time on the members only.

We stopped new Insider sign-ups a while back. Existing and new members were mainly using the Gold Club forums and the Insiders were getting left out. Rather than have two features, we decided to concentrate on just the one.

To take the site forward we want to concentrate more on quality than quantity and attract more mature members rather than kids (apart from Steve ).

The idea – as I said for years – was that one day we would have a very select community to concentrate on. We were struggling to keep up with the free site and free forums etc and we wanted to concentrate on here where it’s ad free and more mature.

Any questions, just drop us an email to steve@koptalk.com


Stopped new Insider sign-ups “a while back”? Don’t you mean about a fortnight ago? Remember, you were still offering both Insider and Gold Club memberships then with a special offer – cash in an envelope through the post got you a tenner off because nobody needs to know you sent it. Surely you’ve not lost track of time so much?

“Struggling to keep up with the free site” = ran out of members completely.

More comments on the fatso about why he’s had to trim back from two levels of membership on each of the free site and the pay site (four in all) to just one level. Nothing to do with the fact that he’s only got about 150 people actually bothering to be his members, no sir no way…

Dunk KopTalk Daddy
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Re: Chill [Re: Jimthered]
#1654885 – Sun Sep 24 2006 05:48 PM Reply Quote

LOL. We’re only having one member site now. We haven’t taken new Insider memberships for a while as it was causing confusion (having 2 features) and most GC members post more up here so it was making things a bit stupid for us. We want a totally ad-free site with a mature audience. This is our aim. Once we get this part of the changes sorted, we’ll upgrade the forum software and roll out our new plans/ideas
Dunk KopTalk Daddy
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Re: Chill [Re: Sean_Ell_Eff_Cee]
#1654889 – Sun Sep 24 2006 05:50 PM Reply Quote


I’d been thinking the same the past hour or so. If Gold members shouldn’t be involved in Insider stuff it’d be quite disappointing (albeit myself being less often in the Chill Out room, it’s always a welcome chill out lol)

There is no Insider. We’re having just one member site. We’re upgrading the annual Insider members into here and over the coming weeks we will be rolling out our new ideas etc

I’m confident that having one site rather than a two-tiered site will benefit us all

I’m confident too about it Duncan. I reckon we’ll be rid of the last few members from Koptalk before long thanks to this strategy. There’s a much more concentrated audience now for the next time someone has an announcement to make. I really like this quote too –

Dunk KopTalk Daddy
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Re: Chill [Re: Jimthered]
#1654899 – Sun Sep 24 2006 05:59 PM Reply Quote

Now we’re totally ad free. No banners, no pop-ups in every forum. This will see a massive drop in ad-revenue and it’s suicidal in a way but I prefer a nice fast site for all.

I wonder if your ad people banned you from their services due to your hits being so low? Or did you breach their terms and conditions? Either way it’s about time you dumped those ads, they have been one of the worst things about your site for years. After the bullshit, the lies, the attempts at smearing LFC and its players and the support of the S*n amongst others.

One other thing I didn’t mention in the last paragraph – copyright theft. Why not just link to this story along with a little snippet? It’s what all reputable websites and publications would do. Koptalk is a long way short of being reputable though –

Dunk KopTalk Daddy
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Rafa interview from official site
#1656410 – Tue Sep 26 2006 03:41 PM Reply Quote

Liverpoolfc.tv: You must be delighted to go into this game on the back of two victories and also two clean sheets….

Rafael Benitez: It’s important to win games and to keep clean sheets. Having a clean sheet is an idea, not an obsession, but it’s good for us to see the goals being stopped at one end and the strikers scoring at the other.

the rest of the article was here, I’ve removed it in respect of LFC’s copyright. Click the link to read it.

There’s no justification at all for that piece of blatant theft. No justification at all – and he’s stealing from our club too!

Of course he has to cut and paste stuff from elsewhere because he’s too lazy to do any work himself. Take this section. Remember the “Scouting Reports” section he started when he claimed he was well in with Liverpool’s scouts? How they’d let him into their secrets so that he could tell his members? How we laughed. He still thinks someone might believe him, but he’s not made it up yet…

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Report Pending….
#1656571 – Tue Sep 26 2006 08:55 PM Reply Quote

Report pending…

The question now is: Will Koptalk last long enough for that report to actually get made up?

We doubt it.


33 Responses to “What are the streets of Wallsend paved with?”

  1. dataimaginary Says:

    Hanging on by his finger tips, is the expression I’d use.

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    He’s closed the test forum “for maintenance” since you posted this.

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    The only people who now subscribe to Koptalk are complete newcomers who surf the net looking for a supporter’s site, come across KT, read its claims to be No. 1 site and then just jump before looking. I’m amazd at the number who have done this in the past. Once a member of a site, even a free site, people tend to stick with it.

    I’m amazed that someone with a keen interest in LFC and 30 to 40 pounds to spend would chose KT over the Official Site.

    The Official Site (and others) should examine its placement on search engines and try to ensure that KT is not given prominence over it in searches, as it often is.
    We do are bit by having articles with “KT” and “LFC” in the title.

    I’ve mentioned before that on the blog’s statistics for feeds we see that some folk who start out with “koptalk” as their sole search term, arrive at the blog. During the summer the number was between 45-80 a day. Then it dropped to about 18-22 two or three weeks ago. I in the last few days its climbed to 30-35.

    It’s not scientific, but an indicator of interest in KT. Obviously the searches are people who already know the term “KT”.

    There are variety of terms used by people looking for the blog. On aggregate they are similar in number to those looking for KT – more in the last few weeks.

  4. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    Rupert, do you have an email address I can send you a quick email regarding this post?

  5. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    Thank you for contacting BigUpload.com Help Desk. This message is to confirm that we received a service request with tracking # 612 from you.

    The following 2 files breach the copyrights of Liverpool Football Grounds PLC and British Sky Broadcasting. Please remove.


    Thank you for contacting us regarding this copyrighted file, it has been removed from our servers immediately

    Abuse Dept.

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    Hi my email is rupertinsider AT gmail DOT com

  7. rupertinsider Says:


    What were those two files about? They say “not available” now.

  8. rupertinsider Says:


    When you say “this post” do you mean my comment above or the article?

    The article is by Insider Insider.

    I usually put “Rupert Insider” at the head of mine.

    If an article does not have a name at the top you can scroll to the bottom to see who posted it such as Insider Insider, Sawyer Insider, Right Insider and so on.

    I see from comments on other sites that some people think there is only one author.

  9. An Observer Says:

    Anyone know why koptalk is down, has been for most of the day.

    Bloody cheapo hosts.

  10. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    The 2 files are links to koptalk videos in the main post. I reported them and got them deleted.

    My bad, I thought you’d made the post after I read your comments.

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    Who is Liverpool Fottball Grounds PLC? If its the club, does that company include image rights for Melwood and the Academy?

    I was wondering about the photos from Melwood he says he paid for as well as those he says he took himself, not to mention the over-the-wall videos.

  12. The Red Lion Landlord Says:

    Isnt the name of the company “Liverpool Football grounds and athletic club” officially? Something like that. I would assume Melwood and the Academy would be seen as an asset of the club and fall within its overall image and copyright rights.

    Also, some of these pics were in todays editions of the Post and also the Echo. Admittedly, after KT used them. I wonder if KT “bought” exclusive rights to these pictures off the photographer? He’d probably try and sue the Echo, ha ha. Fat chance.

  13. SteveO Says:

    About google hits, if oft access this website via a google for koptalk, using the toolbar and clicking though should move it up – still #4 at the moment.

    Perhaps the word official needs to be included, as the disgusting geordie conman (google that) has a website that appears too high in the liverpool official football list on google.

    I have no real idea how google works, but I suspect that rather than bookmarking, people google for this site using imagantive search terms then it will be promoted.

    Of course thick geordie is a good one, a the mo it need a liverpool reference for this blog to come on top.

  14. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    Think your right Landlord, its Liverpool Football grounds and Athletic Club PLC but hey the email served its purpose.

    I-I and other people who still have Koptalk memberships make sure you give us the links to any videos that Dunk hosts on 3rd party sites (Rapidshare etc) and we can get them removed. He’ll get sick of reuploading them all the time.

  15. 1488 Says:

    actually, im sure google blacklists people who use incorrect keywords in thier meta tags to try get a higher search engine ranking… so surely if duncan was using the word offical and other such incorrect words, in his keywords, he should no longer be indexed by google? i would suggest an email to google but the chances of them even reading it – let alone taking action – are as slim as an anorexic stick insect.

    “Liverpool FC, Liverpool Football Club, Liverpool, LFC, Koptalk, Kop Talk, Reds, Premiership, Premier League, Anfield, Kop, Rafael Benitez, Raffa, lfc shirts, Liverpool shirts, Liverpool news, Liverpool replica kits, Liverpool official kit, Liverpool fixtures, Liverpool results, Liverpool betting, Liverpool messageboard, Liverpool chat, Shankly Gates, Shanklygates, Liverpool FC message board, Liverpool FC forum, Liverpool forum, Liverpool message board, Scouser Tommy, YNWA, You’ll Never Walk Alone, Kopchat, Kop Chat, Liver Bird, Steven Gerrard, Xabi Alonso, Jamie Carragher, Sami Hyypia, Fernando Morientes, Harry Kewell, Didi Hamann, Jerzy Dudek, Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Liverpool stats, Hillsborough, Melwood, signed lfc, liverpool memorabilia”

    his keywords, jesus, as far as i know, 10-20 keywords is appropriate – not 100-200!

    hes a fucking cheat too. liverpool betting? scouser tommy? shankly gates? im sorry duncan, but what have these got to do with koptalk? liverpool yes, koptalk no. and naming the whole liverpool squad in there?… ridiculous. *sigh*

  16. Andy Says:

    The training session images were from the Press Association’s Mediapoint website.
    PA have been notified of their use.

    Even today’s rubbish KT homepage shot of someone having a beer in an executive box is one of PA’s, this time from their Empics site. PA have also been notified about this one.

    It seems strange Oldham hasn’t used one of the excellent PA images of Crouch’s scissor kick – perhaps someone from PA has had a word with him.

    Well done to KTS for getting the videos taken down.

  17. An Observer Says:

    Google puts no relevance whatsoever on meta keywords, they are pretty unimportant these days and not worth bothering with.

  18. rupertinsider Says:

    I’d also like to say well-done to Koptalksucks.com. One of the encouraging things about the blog is that a number of individuals around it take the initiative in direct action like that. Some of them have not made public what they do but are very effective.

    It is necessary to pick-off his tricks, one by one. He wants easy money. If we make it difficult he will look elsewhere.

    My guess is that since losing News Nowfor his podcasts and also his news feeds (at least temporarily) he is putting his emphasis on (a) Melwood – videos, photos, the Kuyt shirt kind of thing etc to generate genuine, if limited curiosity, and also keep alive some remnant of his claim to be close to the club (b) photos and videos and links, in general (c) promotions – competitions etc. (d) sms news service – which will become a paid service. He has virtually abandoned any content on his site.

    I have written to LFC about his Melwood actitivies and would urge others to do the same. If you are writing about him videoin or taking photos or using contact with palyers to make false claims or promote his site – do make the point that he is not just a fan but a businessman re-selling for profit.

    You could write to: LFCPressoffice@liverpoolfc.tv This would probably reach Ian Cotton, Heaad of Press, but not necessarily. You can probably work out his personal email if you want that. If not write to me: rupertinsider AT gmail DOT com

    You could also write in the Contact Us section of the official site liverpoolfc.tv You can designate to whom you want it sent or just say to whosover it concerns. These
    feedbacks are read promtply and are forwarded to the appropriate officer and you should get an acknowledgement that that has happened – although you may not get a substantive reply after it has been referred.

  19. rupertinsider Says:

    An Observor: “Google puts no relevance whatsoever on meta keywords”

    But are not the meta keywords used by services which undertake to place a site effectively on the net?

  20. An Observer Says:

    “But are not the meta keywords used by services which undertake to place a site effectively on the net?”

    Perhaps way back in the 90’s but things have come a long way since then. Google have a top secret formula that is based on various factors along the lines of this

    – Domain Name, words in the domain are important for the search.
    – Content on the page, stuff higher on the page has more importance.
    – Proper user of heading tags, h1 h2 etc are heading and as such consider more important as phrases than standard text.
    – Back links, backlinks are one of the most important things, think of it as a vote, the more sites linking to a page, the more important a page/site is considered. It’s more complex than that though, is a site has 10 links to it, but these links come from sites that have no links to them, then their “vote” is fairly unimportant but if the links come from sites with plenty of links to them, then the vote is more important.

    Page rank (as seen via the google toolbar) is an indication of how well voted a site is, although for the last year or so, this has been pretty screwey and I’ve registered domains and have then shoot to PR4 within months despite little backlinks wheras my main site with lots and lots of high quality backlinks has remained PR4 for the last 2 years or so. What is happening with page rank is anyones guess, probably google just teasing people.

  21. An Observer Says:

    Oh sorry misread that as for other services that may order sites, I’ve no idea, they are abused so much that any service that orders sites based on them would be about as much user as a chocolate tea pot.

  22. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    @ R-I;

    “In the early 2000s, search engines have veered away from reliance on meta elements since many web sites used inappropriate meta keywords or a technique known as keyword stuffing, in order to increase their search engine ranking. Some search engines still take meta elements into consideration when delivering results, though most of the major search engines ignore them. Currently, Google does not use meta elements to index web sites; however Google will sometimes use text from the meta description in search results pages as the snippet of text that it displays, if terms queried appear in that description.”

    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meta_tag

    In short Google and other major engines rank sites on content and not META data.

  23. rupertinsider Says:

    An Observor:

    Very interesting!

    Domain names can be non-informative as to content – so I guess the lesson is to make them informative.

  24. Alan Says:

    i wonder if Chunk, i mean dunk (or do i mean chunk 🙂 ) will be at melwood again any tie soon? i need to get down there get some stuff signed for my collection, hopefully i can get one of the artworks on this site signed by dunk aswell!

    ill trade him a steak and kidney pie for his autograph

  25. The Oracle Says:

    I noticed on YouTube that there are clips of last night’s match (against Galatasaray) with ‘Koptalk.com’ at the bottom of the screen.

    Now I’m no expert, but the commentary from the clips (I believe) was in Turkish, so I’m guessing he’s taken them from a feed of the game last night.

    So why is he slapping his crappy website’s name all over the clips, like he’s actually taken the footage himself??

    Surely a breach of copyright there?

    Conman to the extreme!!

  26. rupertinsider Says:

    The Oracle:

    You may remember his video of the Charity Shield match at Cardiff. He said he took them himself but nobody saw him there. When he first put them up they were stammed “Fan Cam”. Thenea couple of hours later he changed it to “koptalk.com”.

  27. scouse Says:

    ‘A VIP supporter enjoys a beer at Anfield on Wednesday’

    What BS – so Koptalk now seem to have access to box 20. Is this more misleading crap, i.e hes trying to make this out to be a KT VIP supporter, why not just say a fucking fan or something

  28. scouse Says:

    As mentioned above the most important thing for search engines is anchor text.

    If you want to see some examples, try googling for miserable failure, liar and leave. As you can see the first two have been googlebombed and the leave anchor is common on porn sites – there is simply no reason for disney to rank so highly – it’s all about anchor text

    Andy – do you have access to the mediapoint site? What are the terms, is it for registered members of the press only? Won’t KT somehow have blagged access by just filling out a few forms?

  29. Insider Insider Says:

    Steve was the “VIP” enjoying an (underage) beer.

  30. Andy Says:

    II – “Steve was the “VIP” enjoying an (underage) beer.”

    Apologies if this is dry humour on your part.

    The original image can be found here: http://search.empics.co.uk/urn/4007731.html

    Has Oldham been saying it’s Steve in the pic? That’s complete nonsense.

    Scouse – The Mediapoint site is a pay-only service. It’s password protected. Forgive my cynicism, but I somehow doubt Oldham has paid to access the images. He’s obviously gotten hold of a password from somebody else.

  31. Insider Insider Says:

    Andy, I saw fatty mention something in passing about the VIP being Steve – I’d not seen this image. This is what happens when you take your eye off the ball, as I’ve clearly done this past week. 😉

  32. univofchicago Says:

    Great job everyone!

    Need to keep up the pressure on Dunk….

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