Don't Let Koptalk Pick-Pocket PayPal.

by Rupert Insider

pickpocket - Koptalk Exposed - Insider InsiderThe last time I posted this piece, seven people informed me that it caused them to check their PayPal account and to cancel their automatic renewal of subscriptions to Koptalk. The article deprived Oldham of at least ₤210 . Hopefully, others will have time this weekend to do a similar check.

Several dissatisfied former members of the KopTalk Gold Club and the Insider have reported that KopTalk has activated their PayPal account to extract an additional year’s subscriptions.

This has happened even to people whose access to Koptalk has been arbitrarily denied by the owner, Duncan Oldham, as well as to some who did not wish to renew their subscriptions.

Anyone who paid by PayPal in the past should check their account now. If Koptalk has extracted payments by means of the automatic renewal feature, you could complain to PayPal, making clear that Koptalk did not provide the service that you paid for – or citing whatever other reason you have for not wanting to renew.

Make it a one-liner because PayPal is highly automated.

You could ask PayPal to recover your money. If sufficient people complain to PayPal they may suspend or cancel Koptalk’s account. To avoid this Koptalk may provide refunds. You should demand a refund from Koptalk and keep a copy of your correspondence.

Apparently, many did not realise that Koptalk set up the original PayPal subscription format so that it renewed automatically.

You can check your PayPal account and cancel the automatic renewal feature as follows:

Go to your PayPal account and log in.

Go to My Account

Go to History

Go to Show Menu

Go to Subscriptions

Go to Transaction Details

Select Cancel

Following the cancellation you should receive a confirmation email from PayPal.

It will look something like this:

Dear *******

You have successfully cancelled your subscription to Gold Club Renewal – 1 year.

You will not be invoiced for this Subscription again.

Cancellation Details
Cancellation Date: 6th September 2006
Subscription Name: Gold Club Renewal – 1 year
Subscription number: ***************

Contact Information
If you have any questions about this subscription, please contact KOPTALK.COM Business name: KOPTALK.COM
Contact email:
Contact Phone: +449050280723

Thank you for using PayPal

The PayPal team.



It is not certain that all those who paid by credit card are safe. If the original invoice sought authorisation for automatic renewal then it is possible that Koptalk could submit this authorisation to your credit card company without notifying you.

Bank Payments

Anyone who paid by a direct deposit from their bank account, should check that they have not left a standing annual order to pay for a Gold Club or Insider renewal.



One Response to “Don't Let Koptalk Pick-Pocket PayPal.”

  1. Ste Says:

    A word of warning about complaining to Paypal – I tried it after I’d been robbed earlier on this year (2 years after I cancelled my account with KT by the way) – and was told that Paypal could not get involved because virtual items (i.e a subscription to a website) are not covered by their User Agreement.

    Paypal are as big a bunch of shysters as he is.

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