Koptalk – Charting it's Decline and Fall

by Rupert Insider

chart - Koptalk Exposed - Insider Insider

This Alexa chart purports to show the internet traffic first to Koptalk (in blue) and then to this blog (in red). At least for one brief shining moment – this blog has had more traffic! More importantly, it shows the extent of the decline and fall of Duncan Oldham and his Koptalk site as a presence in the LFC community on the internet.

These numbers are remarkable.

Koptalk has been in existence for more than seven years. According to its owner it is a five million pounds business based on its assets, its subscription list, its traffic, its revenues from betting and adult date-finder referrals and Google Ads. And even when he is in one of his more modest moods – it produces revenues in the hundreds of thousands of pounds which buys him Mercedes and other vehicles, as well as properties, foreign holidays, season tickets for LFC and Newcastle United and mountains of pies and peas. And in his begging moods when he pleads poverty – he stresses how many scores of thousands of pounds it costs him in computers, servers, software licenses, image rights and around-the-clock 7×24 maintenance by a team of three or four of Her Majesty’s dependants.

We, on the other hand, use free software and a free server. We have no subscription list. We have no advertisements – no revenues of any kind – and we have existed only a few months. In financial terms, we are what a chartered accountant might call “a black hole”.

This blog is not even a website and not, therefore, designed to compete for traffic with other LFC web-sites.

In fact we encourage our visitors to visit all of them (except Koptalk) for all the goodies they offer. They have lively, witty forums, and football archives, and statistics, and information about games and travel, and links to live matches and video downloads and news services and many other attractions. They are designed to attract traffic. They are designed to be permanent. They, too, are free.

All we do is concentrate on the scams of Duncan Oldham and Koptalk. We are not permanent and intend to close down when Koptalk closes down.

As our contributors have explained many times before, a blog is a daily or regular diary – it is an ongoing analysis which welcomes comments positive and negative. It’s not a place where witty one-liners are at a premium – although we have had more than our fair share of those – its a serious forum for recording facts, analysis and argument about an unpleasant but, at times, surreal subject-matter.

One of the negative comments about the blog – as recorded on the blog and on other sites – is that we are repetitive. It’s true – we admit it!

We have explained that repetition is a necessary evil (a) because Oldham and Koptalk are repetitive and (b) because the blog is not only for those who have already been convinced but for those who still want to know.

New visitors arrive every day who want the whole story as quickly as possible and don’t have time to read the blog from the beginning. They either don’t know about, or don’t want to use, the Search feature or the Read Me section.

(And to be honest – given the limitations on our free software and our time – neither of those features are completely efficient).

So we give summaries, we repeat the essentials. New readers can get up-to-speed fast if they read only the contributions of the previous week.

It’s nice to have the Alexa chart though, for those who say that nobody is interested in reading constant criticisms of Oldham and Koptalk. We can now say that more people are interested in reading criticism of him than reading his woeful site.

One word of caution – we are not in a ratings race. And our traffic depends on our output. And our output depends on Oldham’s and Koptalk’s output. If nothing is going on there, then not much can go on here. Hopefully, one day soon Koptalk will be dead, and this blog, too,will say goodbye.

But don’t weep for Oldham, he can always use his black Mercedes as a hearse.

Now there’s an idea – “Oldham and Stepbrother – Funeral Services”.  (“Join our  Insider for guaranteed access to life hereafter and our Gold Club for those who want to sit at God’s right hand”).


2 Responses to “Koptalk – Charting it's Decline and Fall”

  1. Fred Says:

    ‘We can now say that more people are interested in reading criticism of him than reading his woeful site.’

    I spend a bit of time here each day reading the blog and other reader’s comments (I don’t always feel the need to contribute) which is far more interesting and enjoyable than KT itself. I just feel horribly stifled by by Dunk and his ridiculously over-zealous moderation – there’s no pleasure in posting there or even just browsing anymore.

  2. RedinSweden Says:

    I see the “Sponsored by Amazon” text has gone now.

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