We want our club back

I touched on this to some extent at the weekend, but I’ve decided to touch on it a bit more in light of some pathetic attempts to backtrack from Koptalk.

Love Liverpool? Boycott Koptalk.


The list is long. However try this one…

Would a Liverpool fan site worth visiting make up a story about a Liverpool player which is not only false, but designed to cause problems for that player, and also the club?

Koptalk does, and does it regularly.

Photo from the Liverpool EchoWe’ve spoken on this blog a few times now about Koptalk’s attempts to paint Robbie Fowler as a player with an alcohol problem, who even missed training due to still being drunk from the night before. In fact Fowler had a throat infection, he could barely speak. He had still turned up at Melwood though, but he was clearly unwell. Koptalk at that time were in league with someone who can be best described as a shady bar owner. The shady bar owner would chat on the phone to the shady website owner, and together they’d cook up stories with occasional facts in them. The facts were rare though, and hard to find in the midst of lies and exaggeration. Fowler wasn’t suffering with alcohol problems – it was a lie, and the act of someone who deserves to be described as SCUM. Duncan Oldham is Koptalk, Duncan Oldham is Scum.

Photo from the Liverpool EchoWe also saw one of his lies unfold in the summer. This time Peter Crouch was the victim. On that occasion Koptalk’s owner tried to justify his own support of the despised “newspaper” The Sun by saying Peter Crouch gave an exclusive interview to that rag. Liverpool players don’t give exclusives to The S*n. Liverpool players avoid it. Oldham even tried to claim he had a tape of that interview, and that he would be using it to end Peter Crouch’s Liverpool career when he felt like it. A lie, again. Scum, again.

As if he’s got something against Liverpool strikers, now he picks on Craig Bellamy. The Koptalk owner doesn’t just own Koptalk – he owns a Newcastle season ticket. Perhaps he’s got his own reason to hate the former Newcastle player Bellamy then. As the owner of this so-called fan site, why the hell does he want to screw things up for our players? He’s not a fan, that’s why. No fan would go out of his way to try and discredit a Liverpool player with completely false and unfounded bullshit.

Koptalk would though, which is why they need to be avoided.

Photo from the Liverpool EchoLast Friday Koptalk had a representative hanging around outside Melwood, Liverpool’s training ground. It was the day before the derby. The representative was Duncan Oldham’s relative, 17-year-old Steve. Back in Wallsend, Duncan Oldham was logged onto the Koptalk website using the “ST3” username. If the following stuff gets confusing, it’s because Duncan Oldham was pretending to be Steve, pretending he was logged in from his laptop outside Melwood.

We were treated to this post on Friday, and we still haven’t a clue what the “****” is supposed to represent. Probably some old Yorkshire saying for being angry, but I’ve no idea…

ST3 KopTalk Editor
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#1636687 – Fri Sep 08 2006 02:13 PM
He was full of **** when he left Melwood today and a member of staff commented as to why ‘off the record’. I won’t say any more because what I was told could just be a Blue winding me up before the derby

And so we had the first hints of bullshit. Oldham (pretending to be Steve) saying that he had some information on Bellamy; he had to tell us he had information, but he couldn’t tell us what it was. This tends to result in speculation increasing about what the dirt might be. And it gives Oldham time to make it up in more detail.

Later on in the thread someone asked if there was any point to giving out this rubbish. Oh yes, said Oldham, we’ll be using this to stir the shit up once we’ve got a situation to fit our bullshit. Of course he doesn’t say it quite like that…

ST3 KopTalk Editor
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Re: Bellamy [Re: Razor1970]
#1636816 – Fri Sep 08 2006 03:54 PM Reply
So is there any point to this post at all?
Yes if something arises later. Nothing to see here people, move on.

Next day, with the derby due to kick off at 12.45pm BST, the teams are finally announced. Bellamy isn’t included in the starting line-up, and in fact he’s not even in the 16-man-squad for the match at all. Rafael Benítez is asked why by the Sky Sports PPV reporter – he says it’s because he’s only allowed to pick 16 players, and he hasn’t got room for two strikers on the bench. It was a pretty standard explanation and perfectly acceptable to any Liverpool fan. It’s not so acceptable to someone who wants to look for something not there in an attempt to stir shit.

This, of course, brings us to that odious thief from the North East. On Saturday, at 12.12pm, half-an-hour before kick off, he posts this…

ST3 KopTalk Editor
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What I was told about Bellamy
#1637474 – Sat Sep 09 2006 12:12 PM
Ok he wasn’t winding me up then! I didn’t want to post it yesterday incase it wasn’t true and because it’s a huge game. The reason I made the brief post yesterday about him was just incase something did come up today so you’d know I wasn’t winding you up.
Anyway one of the guys at Melwood said Bellamy had allegedly kicked off in the changing rooms after the morning training session. I was told he’d been left out of the squad but we thought that it was just Bluenose propaganda.
Bellamy was “furious” said our source. As I said yesterday when he left Melwood he was full of ****. He certainly wasn’t going to stop when he drove off where as nearly all the other players did.
I didn’t want to post this yesterday as it could have distracted our preparations. I hope you appreciate that.
*** Further: I need to add a correction/clarification. The source said because of something that allegedly happened in the changing rooms, that was why he would not figure today. He didn’t allegedly kick off because he wasn’t going to figure today. In other words, the source claimed he was dropped today because of an alleged incident. There were no signs of any problems during training when they were all together as a group.
Edited by ST3 (Sat Sep 09 2006 01:01 PM)

I only saw this bullshit after the edit, so I’ve no idea what caveats he’s added between the original post and this version, or what he’s added to make it sound more convincing.

To cut the bullshit short, Duncan Oldham wanted to tell anyone who would listen to him that Craig Bellamy was dropped from the Liverpool squad after he’d caused some kind of trouble in the changing rooms at Melwood.

Some people reading this, at this stage, may be thinking that I’m wrong and Oldham’s right. He’d heard something and told everyone about it, and that I’m just being too loyal to LFC to be able to hear the truth. Once upon a time I might have thought the same way myself, but then I saw the light. Once you’ve spotted one of Oldham’s lies you spot them all. A mile off.

He couldn’t leave it there either. After Liverpool had fallen to the defeat most Reds want to forget, we had to listen to this comment from Scarborough’s most famous conman. He put this on the remnants of his so-called “free” site, and it no doubt got him some extra hits and maybe even one-or-two poor Reds who unwittingly subscribed to the site that lies to survive. As is common practice with Oldham, he talks about a story and tries to get readers to think that if they’d been members they’d know about it all in advance. In this case it’s true, because he made the crap up in the first place. His story was a lie, so how could any other site hear it first?

COMMENT: ‘Bad Boy’ Bellamy left out as Reds stuffed at Goodison

The decision by Rafa Benitez to leave Craig Bellamy out of the squad may have come as a surprise to you today but as alluded to our members yesterday, something just didn’t seem right at Melwood yesterday.
We were told at Melwood yesterday by a member of the staff at the training complex about an alleged incident after the morning session. “Bellamy lost it in the changing rooms,” claimed the source and according to them, he hadn’t kicked off because he was to play no part in the derby, he was to play no part in the derby because of him kicking off. If he did, or what about, we don’t know (yet).
When Steve told me this yesterday I told him to keep it to himself and not to say much on the eve of a huge game against the enemy. I told him that it sounded like propaganda because of the derby and that the source was probably a Bluenose.
We even spoke about it on the podcast but until today, I was dismissive of the suggestions. Whether you choose to read into things any further or whether you actually believe something has gone off is up to you. Personally I expect to see Bellamy back in the squad for next week’s PSV game. I’m sure his absence will be played down although Rafa avoided questions about his omission before the match.
Losing to Everton today was hard to take. I thought the boss might start with Robbie Fowler as he was fresh and I guess Crouch was the in-form striker. I would have liked to have seen Bellamy involved though so I guess that adds to the frustration.
It certainly didn’t look like the Liverpool we know out there today. Bellamy may have been absent but many big names were AWOL today.
Ah well. It’s Saturday and I feel the need to go and drown my sorrows.
Before signing off, please can I remind you that although KOPTALK is now a members website, we do provide free podcast episodes with all the days LFC news, most days of the week. We’re not going to do one this evening but we will throw one together around lunchtime on Sunday. Please get contributing as you’re the stars!

From start to finish that “comment” is designed to make Bellamy out to be a troublemaker who was punished for his actions in the dressing rooms. It’s bullshit, painful, despicable bullshit from the mouth of a conman who wants to make money at all costs, including ripping off Reds and trying to ruin Reds players.

Why do this? He does it to make money. Bullshit, especially exclusive bullshit, brings hits. Hits bring advertising revenue and potential subscribers. If you didn’t know about him and his track record you’d fall for his bullshit.

Remember, this comment was the first time in a week that he’d put his own name to anything on his sites. He’s still hiding from people who want to have a word with him about other, arguably more serious, bullshit.

By Tuesday he was feeling brave again, but wanted to try and deflect some of the criticism pointing his way, as he made these comments under his own name. Now it’s all because of Everton fans…

Dunk KopTalk Daddy
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Bellamy back to silence the whispers
#1641057 – Tue Sep 12 2006 04:40 PM Reply

If you believe the Evertonians, Bellamy was dropped from squad that got turned over by them because he turned in at Melwood on Friday drunk. Others suggested he’d been out brawling the night before in Wales.. oh and he also levelled Mark Gonzalez in the changing rooms! What a nutta (say it in Welsh, sound much better)!

The truth of the matter is that the lad was clearly gutted not to be involved against the Bluenoses but the good news is he’ll be back to face to PSV this evening and how class will it be if he does play and he manages to bag himself a goal. Everyone will be watching his celebration if he does, even those who will tell you that he just strolled out of Melwood last Friday without a care in the world after hearing he was “rested”.

We were watching the lads train last night on the feed and he certainly looked as happy as Larry. Although we broke the news about him not taking his derby omission that well to our members we did stress that it was nothing to worry about and that he’d be back for the trip to PSV. Much Ado about nothing but you know what the internet drama queens are like. We did our best to play it down but the internet likes a good rumour… trust me, I’m caught up in half of them myself!

Having moved on from the Bellamy drama, I’m excited about Dirk Kuyt getting his first start this evening. I can’t wait to see him unleashed. He’s the man that can destroy PSV if given opportunity do so. Let’s hope that Alonso bucks his ideas up if selected otherwise my campaign to have Salif Diao recalled could gain some ground

So this headline about “‘Bad Boy’ Bellamy” was Koptalk doing “our best to play it down” was it? No Oldham, it was Koptalk doing its best to slur a Liverpool player, something it even tries to do with Rick Parry!

You are a liar Oldham, and more and more Liverpool fans want you to see that we want our club back. We want our Kop back.

We spotted a few references on other sites about how Oldham was wrong. They had to hold back really, something we don’t have to. Although I suppose we do hold back really.

For example there was this, on The Liverpool Way’s Blog.

No Bellamy Bust Up

Craig Bellamy was not dropped for the derby because of any bust-up with Rafa Benitez or any of his team-mates. Rumours have been doing the rounds all over Merseyside (and the internet) since Bellamy was omitted from the squad which lost at Woodison on Saturday, presumably spread by mischief making Evertonians or unscrupulous website owners. There were similar rumours around town about Robbie Fowler when he was left out of the squad for West Ham the other week, and it’s something we are going to have to get used to if Rafa is to persevere with his rotation of players.

Bellamy was left out with the game in Holland against PSV in mind, that’s all there was to it. Barring any late injury or dramatic change of heart by Benitez, Bellamy will almost certainly start the game in Eindhoven alongside Dirk Kuyt. Sadly it’s inevitable that the muck rakers will attempt to stir up trouble as Bellamy is a player with ‘previous’. The first time he was left out of a Liverpool squad, this was always going to happen. The fact it was a derby game must have had them rubbing their hands together with glee. There was no bust up though, no matter what some would have you believe.

From what I hear, Craig Bellamy has settled in very well at Anfield and is very popular with his team-mates, despite moaning as much in training sessions as he does during games!

The writer of that article, Dave U, does have contacts inside Melwood, inside Anfield, inside the Academy. He exchanges texts with Carra, but Carra isn’t his only contact at the club. If you want to find out the insider info from that site though you have to read it, because you’ll not get headlines screaming out at you about what’s been going on. And you certainly won’t be charged to be told anything either. Donations are optional, as with all other LFC fan-sites that accept money from fans.

Another site spoke about it; this time referring to the article Dave U had written, but no doubt wanting to ensure that the truth got as much coverage as Oldham’s lie. It’s easy to guess what he means by “Usual dodgy websites”…

Bellamy bust-up nonsense
By Adam Bryant

Tuesday 12th September 2006
Ignore the gossip on the usual dodgy websites – Craig Bellamy has not had a bust-up at the training ground as some have reported.
According to Dave Usher, editor of The Liverpool Way fanzine and a man with real sources at the club, the only reason Bellamy was left out of the Liverpool squad for Saturday’s derby was to rest him for Tuesday night’s game against PSV Eindhoven, which he will almost certainly start.

More significantly perhaps, and certainly in a much more high-profile setting, was the article from the Echo’s Chris Bascombe. Not for the first time he had to write an article pointing out one of Oldham’s lies. No publicity for the fat conman who owns the http://www.spursarmy.com domain this time though. He pointed out in this article about how Rafa had to address the false allegations about a bust-up created by Koptalk.

All change up front
Sep 12 2006
By Chris Bascombe, Liverpool Echo

DIRK KUYT and Craig Bellamy will be given the opportunity to unleash their derby frustration on PSV Eindhoven tonight.

The £15m strike duo will be paired in Holland, as the Reds seek an instant return to form in their opening Champions League group tie.

Neither player started at Goodison on Saturday, and Rafa Benitez was forced to shrug off ridiculous rumours of a bust-up with Bellamy following the Welshman’s absence from the squad.

A lot of people who read this blog support our stance that Koptalk needs stopping. We also get a lot of readers arriving for the first time after stumbling upon our site from elsewhere. However there is another type of reader that we get – Liverpool supporters who still, for reasons I really, genuinely, cannot fathom, STILL, support Koptalk.

Why? Why support the liar who will make any story up, no matter how hurtful, no matter how potentially damaging, just to make himself some money?

I’ve no idea what mood Bellamy was in on Friday when he left Melwood, nor have I any idea on what mood he was in when he first heard he was out of the 16-man match day squad. If he was upset then it shows passion, which we can’t grumble about in a day and age where so many footballers play just for money. If Bellamy had Oldham’s attitude he’d be happy to be getting paid for doing nothing that day. If Oldham had been a footballer he’d probably have still been as fat, because he’d be the type of player happy to earn a fortune for sitting in the reserves. He’d have broken club guidelines and sold a story to The S*n.

And who’s next on Koptalk’s hit list? They seem to like having a go at our strikers, except perhaps Djibril Cissé, because they got more hits by trying to set off arguments in their forums about him. They had visitors in those days.

I really hope that new players like Jermaine Pennant, Fabio Aurelio, Mark Gonzalez and the rest don’t read Koptalk and assume it’s a site to trust. Or even that it’s a site to like. Carra and the rest will no doubt put them straight.

Photo from the Liverpool EchoAnd as for who will be next, well seeing as he’s tried with 3 out of our 4 first-choice strikers so far, I’d say it’s a safe bet that his next target will be Dirk Kuyt. So watch out Dirk; a fat conman from the North East of England is probably going to start making stories up about you soon. You don’t need to worry though – most Reds already know what he’s like, he appeals more to Evertonians that Liverpudlians.

Love Liverpool? Stop Koptalk.

NB: I noticed a couple of days ago that a user with a display name of MJ007 posted once or twice on Koptalk. This user claims, quite blatantly, to be Mike Jefferies, he who wrote / directed the Newcastle United “Goal” film and of course a one-time potential investor in Liverpool FC. Well Mr Jefferies, either get Duncan Oldham to apologise for falsely using your name on his site, or explain what the hell you are doing contributing to a site that so clearly wants to hurt our club.

If you don’t then nobody, no true Red, will ever want you setting foot inside Anfield, let alone being part of any group taking over the club.

Koptalk is Anti-LFC. Liverpool fans boycott Koptalk.


5 Responses to “We want our club back”

  1. The Red Lion Landlord Says:

    Aw come on lads, the saying is “full of fuck”. I think it means being bolshie, loud and carelessness. Other than that, you’ve given the story a good going over there. ta

  2. The Red Lion Landlord Says:

    Aw come on lads, the saying is “full of fuck”. I think it means being bolshie, loud and careless. Other than that, you’ve given the story a good going over there. ta

  3. RedinSweden Says:

    I thought it was “cake”

  4. Lindsay Says:

    More like full of shit.

  5. bethan Says:

    o come on koptalk get a grip speak da truth r nofin at all! ur nah a tru fan

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