Will Insider changes require more money?

Just quick bit of coverage of some of the latest bulletins about how things are going to change in Koptalk Dreamland. These are quite minor, no talk of 10-grand-a-year servers yet (that’s real KT Bullshit), or how Koptalk will be run from the top of St John’s Tower so that Koptalk can watch players drive home from Melwood (that’s KT-style Bullshit, but I just made it up).

One of those “upgrades” that take forever to happen or get forgotten is on the cards. Clearly having fallen out with the people behind FusionBB after we warned them about him, he’s not planning to use their software again. He’s sticking with ubbThreads for now it seems, but might have to buy one of their new licences first. I’ve not got time at the moment to look up the licence-buying rules with ubbThreads, but maybe he actually will buy one!

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News Items & Site Upgrade
#1643014 – Tue Sep 12 2006 11:16 PM

From now on news items will now be dropped straight in here for you to discuss.
There’s also a site upgrade due, probably before the end of the month, maybe a little longer

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Chat / Commentary Room
#1641216 – Tue Sep 12 2006 07:52 PM

We’ve ditched the chat / commentary room because the software upgrade we hope to perform in a couple of weeks time has a built in shout box which members will be able to use.

We are currently testing the new site which is in BETA but it should go final soon. If that doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry. It just means that the forums here will soon have a few extra facilities and will look slightly different. We are sticking with this format so you won’t need to re-register etc.

Look out for updates over the coming weeks

I wonder if Dunk actually knows what “BETA” means? Probably thinks that after you’ve finished in BETA you move to VHS.

The remaining Insider members had no doubt been emailing and raising support tickets to find out what happens to them in this new so-called simpler version of the Koptalk sites, where one membership level only was available. That’s because they’d not been made part of that one membership level only. In truth, if Dunk sticks to his word (stop laughing!) most insider should have no worries. As we found earlier on this summer, most Insider members were given lifetime memberships at sign-up, and a name change doesn’t get Dunk off the hook on that one. He’s either got to stop calling it “one-level of membership” or give them full access. Some dilemma there for him, he’ll hate the idea of giving something away for free!

Here’s DunkenStein to explain more about how the Insider members are affected…

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#1641693 – Tue Sep 12 2006 10:38 PM
As part of the changes to the KopTalk network, we want to keep you informed of our plans.

We’ve closed the main site forums and scaled koptalk.com down to a very basic site to enable use to concentrate on our members only site. We simply do not have the time to run 3 individual sites and we can’t justify the costs in providing the other sites when we have a strong member base here to look after.

You can no longer join the Insider because we want to create just one membership level to save confusion. But don’t panic. We will be contacting you next year by email to move you into our new members only website should you wish to remain with us. (Wow! Contacting you to move you by EMAIL! No locking out? No “expiring”? But you say people ignore their emails and that’s why you always “expire” them. Now remember Duncan – if they are members who joined during the period before the Gold Club existed they are likely to be lifetime members, so you don’t actually need to contact them do you – just sort them out.)

There will be numerous options available to you when we know exactly what we are doing. (The day Dunk knows what he’s doing is going to be some day.) We may also retain a select number of forums down here. Whatever happens there will be an option for you. (Ah, so maybe you’ll not stick to one site but actually stick to two. Two instead of three?)

If you have any questions, please email support@koptalk.com or open a support ticket at http://www.koptalk.inf0 rather than posting for help on the forums (Remember – positive feedback is ok on the forums, negative feedback isn’t. You’ll be banned for one kind. Sorry, you’ll ban yourself for one kind – and to be honest, even if you email your feedback he’ll ask for your username, and if you supply it you’ll be prevented from accessing the forums any more.)

But for now, there are no plans to make any drastic changes. Every member here will be able to remain here without having to resubscribe.

Can I repeat that we’re only changing things to try and make things simpler and better. You will NOT have to drop out or anything and we’ll keep you up to date as normal.

If you think it’s a little quieter in here that’s because the majority of our members only use the Gold Club forums/content/areas. For example the PSV match thread was nearly 40 pages long before we closed it and made a post-match thread, compared to the 1 or 2 pages on the match thread in here. This is why we want to have just one members website. It makes life easier and it saves on the duplication of topics. (Almost sounds convincing. In truth you’ve lost most of the Insider members. Some have left of their own accord, others were banned / locked out for crap reasons that weren’t really justifiable, others were forced to upgrade to Gold because they weren’t allowed to keep using their lifetime memberships and they didn’t (at the time) realise what a con-artist you were.)

If you have any questions, please email support@koptalk.com or open a support ticket at http://www.koptalk.inf0 rather than posting for help on the forums

PS: If you are set-up to auto-renew on PayPal for an Insider sub, you do not need to cancel or change this. When you renew we will explain how we’re importing you. (Don’t, whatever you do, keep this auto-renew option selected. Get rid of it now, today, no matter how much you hate this blog or like Dunk. You’ll be wanting to leave soon enough, don’t you worry, and if you don’t then you can just pay manually. DO NOT TRUST DUNK!)

That match thread from the insider was very quiet indeed. I bet there were Everton and Man United sites with more posts on them about our game than what we saw on the Insider…

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#1641127 – Tue Sep 12 2006 06:53 PM .
LIVERPOOL: Reina, Finnan, Carragher, Agger, Warnock, Pennant, Aurelio, Zenden, Sissoko, Bellamy, Kuyt.
SUBS: Dudek, Hyypia, Gerrard, Garcia, Gonzalez, Alonso, Crouch.

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If you know how to get in touch with any of the above members, why not ask them why there are still members? If you are one of those members, are you comfortable taking part in such a site?

As was explained by the monster, the “Confirmed Team and Match Thread” was indeed busy, getting a total of 359 posts. These seemed to be mainly from “Shelly”, “Kop_5”, and a lot of the members who posted in this thread…

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#1641580 – Tue Sep 12 2006 09:56 PM


(Those that replied follow – how many of these know the truth about Koptalk? Of those that do, how many were sticking around for opportunities to drop a hint to others about the truth, how many are just completely unconcerned about supporting a website which constantly tries to debase Liverpool just to try and make a bit of money?)

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It’s not a “hall of shame”, but it’s important to contact any of these names if you’ve got an email of theirs hanging around from last year.


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