Too little too late again

Anyone who still thinks Dunk isn’t posting as “ST3” please read on…

ST3 KopTalk Editor
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LFC Audio Bulletins
#1635579 – Thu Sep 07 2006 05:54 PM

We’ve been offered a KopTalk branded LFC audio service for our members. Example – PLAY (links to

Would this be of interest to you? It’s updated frequently and it’s more extensive on match-days.

It’s a bit pricey though and we don’t know if it would actually appeal to you or not.

What do you think?
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KopTalk Editor

Reged: Sep 12 2003
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Re: LFC Audio Bulletins [Re: ST3]
#1636035 – Fri Sep 08 2006 12:45 AM Reply Quote

ok great, that answered that flmao
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Get used to it Dunk. Most of your members have left now. The ones still there aren’t posting much, just lurking. In fact if it wasn’t for this blog I bet there’d be a lot less posts as of now. People have just seen you close down your “free” site saying you can’t afford to keep it running, just after you’d spent all summer boasting about how well you were doing and how you’d be using that money to shit golden eggs for your members. Even now, posting as Steve, people can see through you.

As for that audio feed well think about it this way. You’ve just given us the link so we can all now add that into our bookmarks folder, maybe use other methods, but either way we don’t need to listen to a “branded” version of it. You “branded” version would be the same, except with some jingle stuck in every so often saying, “Koptalk.coN – LFC bullshit direct from Newcastle”. So – i’d rather use the teamtalk / sporting life unbranded version thank you. And I’d prefer you to spend your time putting the other things right. Apologise and put right the theft and slurring. Make your join-up page reflect the truth. Accept you’ve got no contacts and hope that some of your members with contacts come back to your site again. Finish (sorry, start) that book. You need to fix all of this before you can think about adding more gimmicks.

I tried to look at Koptalk.coN early this morning – it was broken. I have a good idea why too – but I don’t want to help you too much. You might want to go for a slash though.

I then tried looking at Koptalk.o*g to see if it had any information on. Nope – it was trying to redirect me somewhere that didn’t exist.

So next up I tried to see if you’d got any messages on your Koptalk.inf0 site. Something I ocassionally do without thinking, and I’m sure others do too, is type a domain name into the box on their google toolbar rather than the browser’s url box. I did. I put “” into that box and it brought me a list of results back, not the domain name. You were first in the list, but look what followed. Go on – click it and see! For real info on Koptalk, you need to use this blog.

I wonder how many (now former) members did something like this today…

And don’t forget – you promised us EXCLUSIVE news from Melwood today or tomorrow. It better be exclusive and it better be true. And from Melwood.

I’ll not hold my breath…


9 Responses to “Too little too late again”

  1. Mitja Says:

    LOL! Dunk strikes again… And misses the target as usuall! LMAO!

  2. Peter Says:

    except with some jingle stuck in every so often saying, “Koptalk.coN – LFC bullshit direct from Newcastle”.

    Laughing my fcuking ass off over here. genius.

  3. JK Says:

    I can see why koptalk manage to entice fans to part with cash. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending or taking lard arse’s side. I’m giving you my example.

    I was close to joining koptalk last month, I even contibuted to their podcast. I read about all the lies and ripping off LFC fans from this blog and other sites and I am glad not to have joined.

    Well done!!!


  4. txtoto Says:

    Whats Dunk been saying about closing his free site?

    I know he said it cost to much but his remaining members must surely have asked him some questions because it happened so sudenly.

  5. Phil T Says:

    Am I barking up the wrong tree? Steve is supposedly at Melwood. See:

    So how is ‘ST3’ posting?

  6. Jimi Says:

    Does anyone remember when the Gold Club was supposed to be limited to 1000 members? And when it reached 1000, it would be one in, one out?

    I don’t remember any reason being given as to why that changed. It just sort of drifted away and was never mentioned. Did he give an explanation?

  7. Mighty Reds Says:

    Steve was at Melwood today in a Maroon Ford KA registration M99 ACA must be a private plate, what a horrible little basterd he is .

  8. Phil T Says:

    So Dunk (ST3) is pretending that Dunk is in hospital. Typical…

  9. Lobster Says:

    i wonder if dunkin’s mother and relatives read his cocktalk website and also curious to know what they think about it, do they really condone him to do such things???

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