Anfield Exposed – still not out

Duncan Oldham, owner of Koptalk and renowned con-artist, might be thick and wide – but it’s still not hard to see through him.

He’s actually been getting off that overpadded arse of his quite a bit recently, paying visits to Merseyside on quite a few occasions. He’s far too frightened to own up in advance where he’s going to be going though – because he doesn’t want to meet any of his leftover Koptalk members or worse still, anyone from the rest of the LFC internet world – his “rivals”. Not just owners of other sites, visitors to other sites. In fact all Liverpool fans are his enemies now.

His site’s falling down, and his last ditch attempts last week to save it with a week on Merseyside failed badly. So badly, he dumped his site.

ipodge.gifSo if you want to read any of Dunk’s bullshit you’ve GOT to pay. The other way of hearing anything from Oldham is even worse than giving money to him. The other way involves listening to the fat conman speak. Not pleasant, no matter how you look at it. He rambles on about “Liverpole” and says erm a hell of a lot. I tried to listen to a bit this morning, but my speakers detached themselves from the computer and tried to attack me until I pressed stop. It’s an awful piece of audio.

The audio in question is his podcast, and I have to apologise because it was me that gave him the idea. At first glance it looks to be doing well – it’s in the UK top 100 on Apple’s iTunes. But it’s not actually that difficult to fiddle the figures on iTunes according to certain articles I’ve been sent recently. Maybe we should try to fiddle it too! In the meantime, add our podcast to your list of subscriptions in iTunes using this link – itpc:// Another method is to use this link –

If you’ve not got iTunes, well why not get it? The iTunes software is free to download, you won’t be charged for anything you don’t want to be charged for, and our podcast will always be free.

Dunk’s still got room on his former “free” site to give a bit of bull out in an attempt to attract visitors. On his front page, beneath a stolen picture of Robbie Fowler, is this –


Liverpool face the enemy at the weekend and we’ve already started preparing for the match. We’ll have exclusive news from Melwood in the run-up to the match so make sure you log-in to the members areas or download our free podcasts later in the week.

So in other words Dunk’s planning another drive down from Wallsend to Liverpool to spend time sitting outside Melwood. I have to say that he’s getting more and more like Russel Grant all the time. “We’ll have exclusive news from Melwood in the run-up to the match”. So something is going to happen, at Melwood, at a later time, he knows that something is going to happen, and knows that nobody else will know about it until he’s revealed it to the world.

I suppose if you make stuff up all the time then that’s how your stories work. Nobody else will reveal the story before you because, well, they didn’t make it up did they?

Meanwhile, in Newcastle, Dunk’s still pretending he’s not in. Every time the benefits people knock on the door asking to speak to him they get told he’s out. “We’ve not seen him for days,” says Steve from the window of the portacabin. “@!*& off” shouts Jeannette from the bedroom window. “We’ve no idea where he is and we don’t get paid a wage no sir no way,” says Katie from behind the shredder. Then a falsetto voice is heard from the outside bog – “Why don’t you feds leave me, I mean Dunk, alone? He does this for a hobby you know, and now he’s disappeared”. The benefits man says he’ll wait, and sits down on the pile of brochures for Malta that just got delivered.

On the free forums Dunk’s having trouble trying to remember who he’s pretending to be. He got out of the outside bog by getting his mam to cause a distraction for a moment. Best I don’t go into any details on that one, as it may put you off your next few meals. Eventually though Oldham is sitting on his comfy chair at his desk in the shed, ready to once again bark the orders out. One of his members wants to know when the long awaited book will be printed, and also if it will come with a hole pre-drilled to allow it to be hung on a nail on the back of the bog door.

Ok, he didn’t actually ask all of that…

Whitey85 Silver Member
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FAO: Dunk
#1634810 – 07/09/06 10:15 AM
Was just wondering when is your book Anfield Exposed ever going to be completed?
– – – – – – – – – – –

Looks like Steve closed the thread in panic as soon as he saw it. The book is a taboo subject at Koptalk HQ. Steve was worried Dunk would start walking round the room doing his impressions of an injured ostrich again. No – Dunk was being brave. He logged on as his teenage friend to say this –

ST3 KopTalk Editor
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Re: FAO: Dunk [Re: Whitey85]
#1634875 – 07/09/06 11:07 AM Reply Quote

Not sure why this thread was closed?

The book is out this season. Where’ve you been hiding? It’s been announced all over

http://www.anfieldexposed.coN – see latest news.
– – – – – – – – – – –

(Latest news on that site tells you that there’ll be an announcement in the first week of the season. Another deadline missed then for the fat victim of exploding laptops.) Oh wait a minute, someone else has spotted it too –

nigecardiff Gold Member
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Loc: In My Head
Re: FAO: Dunk [Re: ST3]
#1634933 – 07/09/06 11:44 AM
wasn’t there to be an announcement regarding the book first week of the season, please can you direct me to this news?
– – – – – – – – – – –

Dunk explains why the deadline was missed, another promise not kept. Still pretending to be Steve though, the cowardly custard pie quaffer that he is…

ST3 KopTalk Editor
Reged: 12/09/03
Posts: 7869
Re: FAO: Dunk [Re: nigecardiff]
#1634940 – 07/09/06 11:51 AM Reply Quote

I believe it was regarding whether it would be the first half or second half of the season. Knowing the big man it’ll be the last day! It was posted on the forums but I’ll get the book website updated.

Last week I do know that he negotiated a price for some photos that he wants to include.
– – – – – – – – – – –

“The big man”? Do you mean fat bastard? Big man assumes that someone is actually big in character, and you aren’t. You can’t even use your own userid any more. Probably because of the people on your back wondering how someone who’s on the dole and not working can drive round in a Merc and spend a fortune on video and photography equipment. You actually promised this book would be out this year (not season) anyway, so no need to start moving the goalposts now. Bring it out before 1st January or you’ve broken that promise. Again.

Another option – just own up that the book was a stupid idea and you never actually expected anyone would want it. You’ve not written a word for it.

Some good points follow too…

nigecardiff Gold Member
Reged: 13/03/05
Posts: 487
Loc: In My Head
Re: FAO: Dunk [Re: ST3]
#1634982 – 07/09/06 12:23 PM Edit Reply Quote
i am seriuosly concerned about this book. i must admit i haven’t ordered it and don’t plan to really but i know a lot of people are waiting for it to be published. is the book going to be an exposee on the club? i’m not sure i want to read, or any true liverpool fan for that matter, anything that tries to put a negative slant or slur on our great and proud club.

obv. i;m getting this assumptons from the title ‘anfield exposed’ which implies an exposee of goings on and personal interactions with liverpool football club.

am i missing the point, is this more to do with your ‘rivals’? should it be renamed so not to upset our great club that we all support? and not to confuse fans of other clubs who will want to read about an exposee of anfield.
– – – – – – – – – – –

Let’s hear the answer Dunk. Oh please – stop pretending to be Steve, it’s past a joke now…

ST3 KopTalk Editor
Reged: 12/09/03
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Re: FAO: Dunk [Re: nigecardiff]
#1635081 – 07/09/06 01:41 PM Reply Quote

Why would a Liverpool fan, a season ticket holder who got married at Anfield and who spends every minute of his life breathing LFC, want to write a book putting down the club?

The book is about the site, the experiences, the myths, the rivals and so on. It’s more for people who have followed the site from day one and who have seen it progress.

From the book site: “The title of the book is yet to be confirmed and the book cover above is for illustration purposes only”.


There’s a book called “Why do I do it?” by another football website editor which is great read.
– – – – – – – – – – –

Sorry, I just need to laugh uncontrollably for a few minutes.

Dunk has no rivals, yet he talks about the “rivals” as babbles on about what’s going to be in his book. And the “myths” – I assume he means the stories he’s made up, most notably the Sol Campbell one. I also like the “spends every minute of his life breathing LFC” bit, in light of his past moans about having to use a breathing machine. Except it’s not a breathing machine, it’s a machine that blows air into his gob to stop his sleep apnoea, caused by his obesity.

Let’s indulge Dunk for a moment and pretend we believe him when he says he’d not write a book putting down the club. He’s writing a book about his site. Well if that’s the case why’s it called “Anfield Exposed” – his site hasn’t got the word “Anfield” in the name. And if Dunk’s not going to write a book putting down Liverpool then why does he go on about secret info locked away in a vault somewhere? It’s Dunk’s way – crap memory, crap lies, then he falls over into his own bullshit.

And as for anyone who’s been with the site from day one – they all now know Dunk is a conman. Nobody on Koptalk’s leftover dregs of a site has been there more than a couple of years. We’re only interested in stopping him

Another good point from another member –

RandyVanWalnut Honorary Member
Reged: 03/02/03
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Re: FAO: Dunk [Re: ST3]
#1635113 – 07/09/06 02:12 PM Reply Quote

I hope a record of all the peoples £5 deposits taken about 3 years ago have been kept?
– – – – – – – – – – –

And still Dunk has to pretend to be Steve to reply…

ST3 KopTalk Editor
Reged: 12/09/03
Posts: 7869
Re: FAO: Dunk [Re: RandyVanWalnut]
#1635114 – 07/09/06 02:13 PM Reply Quote
I hope a record of all the peoples £5 deposits taken about 3 years ago have been kept?

Of course. We’re sure nobody would let us forget.
– – – – – – – – – – –
Gold Member
Reged: 13/03/05
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Loc: In My Head
Re: FAO: Dunk [Re: ST3]
#1635115 – 07/09/06 02:14 PM Edit Reply Quote
ok thanks for clearing that up dunk
sorry just thought the title of the book was a bit misleading. maybe it should be called and advertised as “koptalk exposed” ??? just an idea, rather than anfield if it’s nowt to do with anfield.

thanks. keep up the good work
– – – – – – – – – – –
Honorary Member
Reged: 03/02/03
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Re: FAO: Dunk [Re: ST3]
#1635119 – 07/09/06 02:15 PM Reply Quote
I hope a record of all the peoples £5 deposits taken about 3 years ago have been kept?

Of course. We’re sure nobody would let us forget.

That’s alright then, just checking
– – – – – – – – – – –

Now for another Koptalk Korker. Enjoy. Over to you Dunk (in your Steve disguise)…

KopTalk Editor
Reged: 12/09/03
Posts: 7869
Re: FAO: Dunk [Re: nigecardiff]
#1635121 – 07/09/06 02:17 PM Reply Quote
ok thanks for clearing that up dunk
sorry just thought the title of the book was a bit misleading. maybe it should be called and advertised as “koptalk exposed” ??? just an idea, rather than anfield if it’s nowt to do with anfield.

thanks. keep up the good work

Dunks not here. He’s at the hospital again. They’re trying to fix him

It is to do with Anfield, Liverpool FC and the site. I’m sure the big man will decide what name he thinks is best. He may choose Anfield Exposed. It’s his choice.

Thanks for the suggestion though. I’ll pass it on.
– – – – – – – – – – –

Oh come on Dunk – what are we supposed to believe this week? Is it about LFC or not? Is it about Koptalk or not? Is it about both? Or is it just actually not about anything because it still doesn’t exist. Months ago now you said it was finished – so why do you need to keep delaying it? And you’re not in hospital, so don’t bother trying to build up towards some new sympathy initiative.

Gold Member
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Loc: In My Head
Re: FAO: Dunk [Re: ST3]
#1635166 – 07/09/06 02:40 PM
sorry steve, my mind meant steve my head wrote dunk

whats up with the big guy then. breathing troubles?
– – – – – – – – – – –

ST3 KopTalk Editor
Reged: 12/09/03
Posts: 7869
Re: FAO: Dunk [Re: nigecardiff]
#1635180 – 07/09/06 02:49 PM Reply Quote

lol am I allowed to say? Before you know it there’ll be caricatures of him with a Dyson attached to his face
– – – – – – – – – – –

Are you allowed to say? Dunk – you are talking about you. So you decide if you want to talk about you on your site. Or is it a dig at people on the blog and other sites who point out that they couldn’t give a crap about your personal problems?

Koptalk – the site that keeps on conning.

What the hell has he got planned for the rest of this week?


20 Responses to “Anfield Exposed – still not out”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    I wonder if the people who paid 5 quid three years ago – and all the times between – knew that “Anfield Exposed” was not about exposing Anfield, at all, but a whine about his critics.

    Notice his use of the phrase “negotiated a price for some photos”. He doesn’t actually say he paid for the rights to them.

    Its like when he buys property near Melwood, he puts in a bid for a property that is ready for vacant possession, but the bid will take a few months to process, if he decides to go ahead with it.

    (But it could be that he is figuring a way out of his book promise – steal a hundred photos of LFC greatest moments AND photos of his wedding at Anfield, and sell it in softback format – from recycled Liverpool Echo newsprint – with a 500 word forward on what a bargain membership in KT is. Maybe he could get Smoove to write the forward).

    Also notice that since the “their attacking my kids” routine backfired on him, he’s now turned to Sympathy Play No. 2 – “I need a Dyson to breath through”. Talk about Darth Vader!

    He has lots of gas to burp and fart with on his podcasts and internet radio, and he still talks like he is bawling into a gale from the deck of a shrimp boat – so I can’t believe that there’s much wrong with him that a walk around the block wouldn’t cure.

    I guess he has to go through the motions to qualify for his sick benefits and to convince everyone he is not fit for work – and hope like hell they don’t read his frequent boasts that he works 18 hours a day 7 days a week, drives hundreds of miles to sit in a car outside Melwood all day long, and that the six figures income a year he says he makes, is all unearned, unasked for donations from admirers which he gives to the Little Sisters of the Poor.

    I hope the medics give him lots of anti-pie and anti-lying jabs – that should help him sleep better. But wait a minute, hasn’t he boasted several times recently about how well he sleeps and how he gets up when he wants to?

    While I’m feeling charitable I’ll leave a message for Steve – who reads these comments avidly.

    You’ve put on a lot of weight in the last three months, lad. That’s what sitting around a shed dodging angry fans, lying, surfing porno sites and stuffing himelf with pies did for Dunkin Donuts – and now is doing for you.

    Don’t let him do this to you. If you’re on unemployment benefits as I’m sure you are, use them to look for an honest job. Make some real friends.

    Get yourself a room where you can’t hear Oldham farting. Have a game of footie. Hang out with the lads. Whatever you do get way from that blathering heavy-breathign cult-master. Stop listenting to his rants about how clever he is and how stupid his critics are – all the thousands of them over many years – give yourself some space to be your own man.

    He’s given you the use of a clapped-out car so you can be his dogsbody fetch and deliver boy and an empty title that makes you a figure of fun to most people.

    He’s trying to make you dependent on him for your shelter, food, entertainment, sex and even your thoughts. But you are old enough now to make your own decision. If you want to be another well-known liar you are well on the path to it. Don’t think a few word games will disassociate you from Oldham’s cons when judgement day arrives.

    Its not too late to put the books right with the benefits people and get yourself out of there. You ran away from them all in the summer. Why not just pack up calmly and leave again. Make Oldham pay you decent back wages for all the hours you put in for him . Then leave him to sort out his own problems with the tax and benefits people, the various bodies who are investigating him and with all the people who feel soiled by virtual contact with him over the years. Imagine how satisfying it will be in a few years to be able to say that as soon as you reched 17 years and understood what was happening you made the decision to quit. I know it will take some personal courage to give up the perks – but he needs you more than you need him.

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    I installed IT Tunes and tried the podcast. After a lot of trouble sloshing through Japanese ads I came across the “fat bastard” thing. It was not obvious that the second item, “koptalk” was the Insider podcast. When I tried to play that I got a lot of short burst of interrupted buffering of adverts for the It Tunes site. I then clicked a few more buttons and got the title of the Insider podcast on the screen, but it wouldn’t play.

    The first time you linked to that sick joke tape it was all a lot simpler.

  3. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Oldham you big fat waste of space!!!!!!!!!!!!

    spending my taxes on your renforced hospital bed!!!!! Why dont you pay some taxes and pay for your own fat bed!………………. oh thats right, because you are not in hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fat prick!

    Get out of bed, waddle over to the windown and open the curtains, take a deep breath(using your machine) and Jack it all in!! Waddle (theres that name again) over to KT portacabin and shut it down!
    Its all over Oldham! you know we have won!! Stop having sleepless nights, just call it a day!
    Until you do we will be bringing you down from the inside

  4. Chunky Says:

    Has KT fell over this morning?

  5. Mitja Says:

    “Get yourself a room where you can’t hear Oldham farting.”

    LOL mate, I pissed my pants! 🙂
    Well done lads, I just love to read this blog! It’s like a detective story and I like it!
    As for Dunk… Can’t you not see that these lads will do this until you close down KopTalk.con? And to think, that you had such an easy choice to make, i.e. tell everyone that you’re a liar… Your site is getting smaller every day you fatcnut! And it’s just a matter of time before it closes down.

    But I guess you haven’t thought that out, yet, have you?

    And like rupert said, you’re a disgrace. How the f*ck do you expect people to listen to your podcasts and enjoy your burping and farting… It’s like you’re recording your podcasts in a farm next to a bunch of pigs… Forget it, even pigs don’t produce such noises as you when you drink one Woodpecker and eat 10 porkpies…

    As for your book… People and especially YOU don’t have 10 lifetimes to actually see it published. Why not say that this book was a con too and return those fans money that you’ve stolen from them? You might as well do that, because in the worst case scenario, you’ll be prosecuted… And I don’t mean by Inspector Gadget.

    And RUPERT… Don’t worry mate… I believe Steve had already left this fatcnuts’ shed… That’s why Dunk is logging in pretending to be ST3 as he’s pretending to be 10 other users (wallet etc.). And I believe ST3 cannot read this blog at Oldham’s shed, because Oldham blocked the site and therefore cannot be viewed. Steve must get out of that shed to read this (probably to a cyber caffe or sth)… But he cannot because Dunk’s keeping him in the shed for 24/7… Poor old Steve…

  6. Sinon Says:

    Hmmm, lets imagine there IS a book. Lets imagine he HAS a publicist. Lets imagine he HAS an Editor. Lets imagine he HAS an agent.

    They would be all over him for missing his deadlines again, they would be considering withdrawing publishing the books. His publisist would have wanted a draft by now so that he or she could proof read it (removing all the libelous print….i.e. 99.9% of the book) and return it to Dunk for a final re-write.

    Once Dunk returned the final draft THEN the Publist & Editor would look into the images on the front page, design, pictures etc….they wouldn’t care about pictures prior to the final draft – the words are all that matters.

    No chance Dunk has got a publicist, none what so ever. He could be publishing it himself – but that would cost thousands upon thousands. IF there were a book planned then surely his publisist or he would be putting it up for pre-order on Amazon for example? The likes of Chris Moyles’s book has been on pre-order for 6 months (that way they can estimate the amount of prints to run) so surely his publisher would have done this?

    Where are the teasters? Where are the snippets? Where are the morsels of tasty tempters to make us want this book?

    Exactly. Piss off to Malta Dunk, you thieving scumbag.

  7. AH Says:


    Hey !!

    I have a question … do you still have a subscription to koptalk?

    The reason why I ask is because I’m thinking that maybe you could get a refund? Or does he rip people off over giving those?

  8. Peter Says:

    Don’t be in the slightest bit surprised if the book turns out to be a .pdf or ‘e-book’.

    I’m sure you guys have thought of this, but it’s the easiest way out for him now – thats if he even releases anything.

  9. chapeau du soleil Says:

    I don’t think it costs that much to publish your own book. Peter Etherington has done a few. It runs into a few grand I think.
    Difference is, Evo had actually written something

  10. est-er Says:


    Dunk being “fixed” at the hospital, must be a lobotomy then.

    As for the book if the contents will match what ST3 has written there it will probably consist of a copy of Rupert’s list of names Dunk uses for his members.

  11. wildman Says:

    I’m sure I paid him £10 on paypal about 2 years ago. What do you think the chances of a refund are?

  12. Peter Says:

    Peter Evo is probably a stand up guy though. Do you seriously think Dunk will spend a few grand? Any book of his will get slated as I’m quite sure he wont pay for an editor either.

  13. BYDFTI Says:

    Evo’s books are quality!! Used to go the game with him and his son (Ste I think?) a few times when I was younger, and me dad used to work with him. Top quality man, proper clever, and one pure game shows on TV haha!!

  14. Lobster Says:

    I know what AH stands for now……As* Ho*e
    lol…u must be Dunk/related based on all the comments u wrote.
    Pass a word to the big man please, FUCK OFF!…opps thats 2 words already.

  15. Lobster Says:

    I pity the boy Steve, he has been manipulated and exploited and yet still doesnt seem to realise it. Either he is too naive or that he is an idiot. I would hope not the later.

  16. AH Says:


    Unlike you I’m not driven by pure hatred…

    If you have a problem rather than sit on here and moan and whinge its better to talk about solutions… If you bothered to read my comment you’d find I asked a sensible question that deserved a sensible answer

    How pathetic are you mate?

  17. univofchicago Says:

    @ AH

    I understand, but also bear in mind that a lot of the blog’s contributors have been following Duncan’s shady business for quite some time now. Dunk’s lies, scams and deceit are so blatantly obvious to us. But like everyone else, it wasn’t quite obvious at first.

    Since the blog hit the high times, we’ve had a lot of people like yourself come and throw lots of questions and accusations. In almost all cases, we reply back in considerable detail. Some come back convinced, others don’t. But, in general, insider & rupert etc have been very successful in convincing people like you and that is shown by the growing interest in the blog.

    Problem is that when people like you throw questions (and especially when you throw a lot of them at the same time), it can get very frustrating and annoying for some of us because we’ve been through this so many times before. And although you may be asking legitimate questions, a few may sound somewhat unnecessary to us. That is why we keep asking people to continue reading the blog, to read “Read Me”, or even better read the whole blog. It helps us to save some time.

    Hope you understand why there seem to be a lot of “moan and whinge” to your questions.

  18. AH Says:


    I fully understand…

    I’m more or less up to speed on things now.. Regarding my point I was just asking if this guy didn’t give refunds… I know I’ve heard him say that if people try and they don’t like they can get a refund… so was wondering why this guy hadn’t done that?

    For me its all about constructive suggestions.. because some things do I do find a bit odd…

    How long has this koptalk site been conning people??

    I ask this because one guy said that he sees how he;s been conned, that this Dunk guy is a fat this and fat that.. but he said he’s still subscribed, and is still going to stick around to see the site fall?? Just a bit miffed that he still wants to do that when Oldham is producing complete garbage ??

  19. univofchicago Says:

    “How long has this koptalk site been conning people??”

    As far as I’m aware, Duncan Oldham has been conning people for long as 9 years. It’s only when this blog formed a mass following (around June) that considerable number of KT’ers (me included) finally realized the truth behind Oldham practices.

    As for your question of someone still subscribing, there are a few who do that. But its only a small minority. Most people either cancel their subscription, “ban themselves”, or continue its membership without plans to renew.

  20. waltonblue Says:

    A quick point – sleep apnoea is not caused by obesity. It’s not helped by it, of course, but anyone can have this sleeping disorder.

    I couldn’t give a toss about LFC to be honest, but this koptalk bloke sounds like king bellend.


    PS: 3-0

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