Dunk still hiding behind the settee – or Ste

stevewarn1.gifSo, what’s Dunk been up to today then?

Sitting on his arse in Newcastle pretending to be Steve.

What’s Steve been up to today then?

Hanging about outside Melwood trying to hassle players for Dunk’s benefit (oops, shouldn’t use that “b” word around Dunk).

Fat Dunk was once again writing everything that appeared on his one remaining website under the username “ST3”.

The fat dope thought nobody would work it out but it’s just far too obvious. And unnecessary, unless he’s got something to hide. The last time he posted as “Dunk” on his crappy site was on Sunday morning. Now he uses either “ST3” or “KOPTALK” to post. Why? If he’s not feeling at all guilty about anything why not post using his own name? Why pretend?

Someone’s got him scared. And it doesn’t take much for fat Dunk to get scared, despite all of his recent nonsense about mixing with gangsters. Or gangstas as he prefers to call them. Some posters on his site are playing the game, letting Dunk be Steve without saying anything. In days gone by I’d have said it was because they were either gullible or just too trusting. Now I’d say a lot of members are actually well aware of what’s going on, but want to get their money’s worth out of fatso for the first time. So many people have told me that although they’ve prevented Dunk from doing his auto-renew Paypal rip-off on them, they want to enjoy the remainder of their sub by taking the piss. I’ve seen some hilarious bits and pieces over the past couple of months, with people pretending Dunk’s their hero and Dunk falling for it. He’s far too thick to work them out.

With all the fuss today about Melwood, I was glad somebody remembered to ask Dunk about his hotel plans. If you recall, when he was going through one of his many mad phases through the summer he announced he was buying Chris Waddle’s house overlooking Melwood (yes, for new readers, that Chris Waddle, the one who’s got no links whatsoever with Merseyside). When he got mocked for that, he added some more bull to the fast-growing pile – he was going to open a themed hotel in Liverpool, and Gold Club members would be able to stay for free. I don’t mind telling you – I was all set for buying a lot of Gold Club memberships for £30 (or even £20 in cash) so that I could organise weekend breaks for people. I was thinking of charging £40 per night, so even one night would make me a profit. I’ve had to cancel my retirement plans though because the lazy git’s still not got round to it.
Unfortunately the stories Dunk makes up all get confused, and now he’s forgotten what he said. Remember – this is Dunk pretending to be Steve here…

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Re: The Feathers Hotel [Re: JD]
#1636844 – Fri Sep 08 2006 04:17 PM

Quote: Will you be runing a B & B from this new gaff you and dunk are purchasing?

We wanted to invite members to stay for free if they ever wanted a no-frills stop over if they were to visit Melwood but judging by some of the rubbish we’ve seen this summer with people stooping as low as to have a pop at Dunk’s family including the kids I doubt this will happen now.

It would have meant me sleeping on the sofa so they may have spared me
– – – – – – – – –

So the themed hotel was going to no-frills was it? Or was that actually a different lie? FFS Fatso. You need to start taking notes of your bull because everyone else remembers it better than you do.


My next task next week if I have time is to go back through some of the things you’ve said about your kids, and some of your sick jokes, and to pass them on to the social services departments of both local councils that are responsible for you. If there have been threats they’ll deal with them – if not then they might have a few questions for you.

Back to the light-hearted stuff now, and Dunk’s attempts at getting exclusive news from Melwood consisted of him sending Steve to shout at the players. He clearly knows they wouldn’t talk to him any more, in fact he’s probably had a solicitor’s letter telling him to stay away. So instead he sends Steve down in his Ford Ka, registration M99ACA (represents MACCA, Steve’s surname being MacNeish.) Steve shouts to the players as they are going through into the ground, as do all the members of the public who stand outside Melwood.

That shouting equals this “story”. It must be reassuring for those members still not sure of what’s going on to see this is what they are getting for their thirty quid. A teenage lad shouting at players…


Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher is hoping to be involved against Everton tomorrow even though he’s not 100% fit.

KOPTALK caught up with Carra when he arrived at Melwood this morning and he told us that he hoped to face the Blues but that he wouldn’t know until later today if the manager would accept his self declaration that he could play.

Thanks to our new base in West Derby, Liverpool, we are able to observe not only every in and out at the training complex but also any outdoor activities.

The lads will begin training at 10.30am. We will update you later in the day with anything of interest that we may notice.

Look fatty – if you hade a house in West Derby you were allowed to make use of then you’d have been there too. And there’s no way you travelled from Swan Avenue to Merseyside in Steve’s Ka. You’d not fit your arse through the door for starters.

How do you dream these up Dunk? Why not put some effort in so they’ve a chance of being believed? You’re making sure any remaining members with some small amounts of belief are made to think about your odd posts…

Steve then had a look over the fence and through the holes in the fence, before phoning Fatty up so he could update their site. Fatty’s still pretending to be Steve. So how’s Steve updating the site then Oldham? Or are we supposed to believe that he’s working on a computer in the vacant possession house which despite being vacant possession still has electricity and internet connected? I suppose he makes a story up and publishes it before he’s even thought about it…

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Update #2 from Melwood
#1636465 – Fri Sep 08 2006 12:03 PM
Momo Sissoko, Jamie Carragher, John Arne Riise and Steve Warnock have all trained this morning. All of them – including Carra and Riise – took part in the matches.

The players have retired for lunch.

More later.

He was probably expecting a load of praise for that – he got stick instead…

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Re: Update #2 from Melwood [Re: Sean_Ell_Eff_Cee]
#1636484 – Fri Sep 08 2006 12:12 PM Reply Quote

Riise and Carra won’t play anyway. On another note, isn’t it a disservice to the club if we’re ‘spying’ on them ? Obviously if the club get notice of that, they will put a ban on such things.

Just a question by the way.
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Re: Update #2 from Melwood [Re: Fredo]
#1636489 – Fri Sep 08 2006 12:16 PM
Anyone can view the training ground including the public and other media sources. They can’t stop fans and the public watching them train.

Can’t stop, just preparing a fax for David Moyes (who could also watch if he wanted to)
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Re: Update #2 from Melwood [Re: kirkby1red]
#1636533 – Fri Sep 08 2006 12:45 PM Reply Quote

If it was private then of course we wouldn’t go all paparazzi. But we’re just trying to let our members and friends here know how the injured players are doing more than anything. No gossip and no info = no point.
– – – – – – – – – – – –

To be honest the good thing about it being Dunk or Steve who spy on LFC and put it on the internet is that they are such a pair of clueless halfwits that they aren’t capable of leaking anything. They know nothing about what the players are doing. They know nothing about many things really.

And at last, Oldham has admitted something. A site heavily promoted as being full of insider information and snippets of information from inside Melwood (and the Academy) needs to have those things in it. So “no gossip and no info = no point” is pretty true.

So stop your site now fatty – it’s pointless.

Steve had an opportunity to get on Sky. And when he did, a delighted Dunk recorded it and put it on his site.

(This is the Dunk who is supposed to be in hospital by the way).

Now this is the thickest most stupid response to a question I’ve ever heard. Dunk-ste doesn’t know how to answer…

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koptalks steve on sky sports news?
#1636547 – Fri Sep 08 2006 12:54 PM
did i just see steve live on ssn ???

some guy who looks like steve was jumping up and down holding and waving a new liverpool jersey in the back ground as a reporter was reporting live at melwood.

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Re: steve on sky [Re: wezo23]
#1636554 – Fri Sep 08 2006 12:59 PM Reply Quote

ha ha ha ha did you see me? we’re seeing if it recorded.

fancy sky being outside Melwood ‘spying’.

Told you didn’t I? Absolute shit from Mr Bullshit. FFS Oldham! I just feel sorry for the half-dozen members who still aren’t on to the paedo-wannabe.

It was then followed shortly after by yet another crap answer, with Dunk’s pretence of being Steve getting more and more odd by the minute…

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Re: steve on sky [Re: ST3]
#1636555 – Fri Sep 08 2006 12:59 PM

dunk was on the phone telling me to jump!!!!

If this were Steve writing this, where would he be writing it from, where would Dunk be phoning from, and who would it be that recorded the clip and put it on their site?

Come on Dunk – I know I keep calling you a dunce and mentioning that you aren’t blessed with much up top, but even you must see how much of a dickhead you are making yourself look.

Talking of Dunk logging on as Steve and making himself look a complete dickhead, here he is logging on as Steve and making himself look a dickhead by talking about Dunk putting it on the site for him. IF DUNK IS AT HOME/KT SHED THEN WHY HASN’T HE POSTED AS HIMSELF FOR THE WHOLE OF THIS WEEK?

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Re: koptalks steve on sky sports news? [Re: wezo23]
#1636571 – Fri Sep 08 2006 01:14 PM Reply Quote

Dunk’s doing it now. He made me run to get on!!! Still recovering

So here, after a gap of 12 minutes, is Dunk-ste announcing the clip is on the site. I give up now trying to point out how stupid Dunk is making himself look. You get the idea…


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Re: koptalks steve on sky sports news? [Re: wezo23]
#1636598 – Fri Sep 08 2006 01:26 PM Reply Quote


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Re: koptalks steve on sky sports news? [Re: broccoli]
#1636630 – Fri Sep 08 2006 01:41 PM Reply Quote

I got a shirt signed for Charlotte as a surprise while I was there. She’s going to be so happy!!!!

Someone just called me saying that the usual idiots were saying I wasn’t there. Well kiss my

I’ll get the photos on later today if there’s any of interest. Hmmmmmmm gravy calling

The video has been uploaded to YouTube now – http://youtube.com/watch?v=QdgAMoHCVNc or you can get it direct from the horse – at http://www1.koptalkinsider.coN/vids/stevesky080906.wmv.


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Re: KopTalk Live on Sky today (VIDEO) [Re: Prawns]
#1637135 – Fri Sep 08 2006 10:20 PM Reply Quote

That’s not you that’s Vinny O’Connor! – he’s a toffee by the way

No I’m the escaped asylum patient in the background. You didn’t think that I was saying that I was Vinny?


72 Responses to “Dunk still hiding behind the settee – or Ste”

  1. Strange Says:

    There are two ways of doing this, with class or without. Sadly, you’ve taken the second option. I wish the person who undertook to do this, and it is a worthy endevour, had a little more class about them as it would acheive the goal a lot quicker. But hey, considering I wouldn’t be bothered to do it myself, I can’t really complain.

  2. Insider Insider Says:

    “Strange” – you were bothered enough to write your comments on here, and I do appreciate them, but I don’t fully understand them. Vague pointers to “with class or without” mean nothing on their own. Please explain what you’d be doing if, hypothetically, you’d been writing a blog like this and Dunk had started to hide behind Steve. Would you drop it at that stage? And have you written to Dunk to complain yet?

    People criticise this blog but if they don’t explain why then I can’t do anything about it. Even now, Dunk is saying that Steve is answering all the emails that go to editor@koptalk.com – you have to go through Steve to speak to Dunk.

  3. Strange Says:

    I thought I have already explained my point. You should not lower yourself to the level where you have to attack a child. Whether Dunk chooses to or not, is not the point. I would personally leave Steve out of this as much as possible, and giving out his full name, his car reg and his picure(the first two, I had no knowledge of previously) is going a too far and is unneccessary. I can see you’re not going to agree with me though.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    You use of the word “child” is pure Dunkenesque. You are trying to use exactly the same tactic he uses, as others have already pointed out. You should have more class if you want your criticisms to be taken seriously. 🙂

    You are like some others who can’t answer the well-researched, well-argued expose of Oldham and his practices, aided and abetted by members of his real and “extended” family – all of whom profit from his cons – charities or whatever – so you concentrate on what you think will be a rhetorical weak point.

    It is a nonsense to say one should concentrate solely on Oldham. He could not do what he does without the active cooperation not only of bozos like his current “editor” who sends in slander about Bellamy in order to please his “boss” but also many others involved in the site now and in the past. The bozo Steve also has no compunction about taking shots at this Blog and Est 1892 and other critics. The fact that he is chats on MSN like a pleasant simpleton does not absolve him for responsibility for his actions. He is well past the legal defintion of “child”.

    As for the stalking accusation – it is invariably used by some who were well and truly part of the Oldham/KT cult. Now they have detached – for whatever reason – they want to control precisely how much exposure of him there should be – they don’t like too much because it makes their past involvement look a bit stupid.

  5. Insider Insider Says:

    You’ve not epxlained yourself very well at all “Strange”. First of all, why use the word “Child” to describe Steve, they 17 year old who – according to Duncan Oldham – lives alone in a house paid for by Koptalk and sits up all night modding the forums and watching porn? The child who is now old enought to smoke, drive and get married? To use that word to describe him seems a little desperate – you are trying hard to defend your attack on me but you’ve still not answered any of the questions I’ve given to you. Yes, technically Steve is a “child” until he turns 18, but you are really stretching the point to fit the attack you are finding it hard now to justify.

    The car reg – first appeared on Koptalk this summer, it was put on the koptalkblog.coN short-lived retaliatory blog, then the same photos and text were put onto both the pay site and free site forums.

    The surname of Steve. Have a browse through archive.org and you’ll find Steve’s full name from when it first appeared on the net – at least the first time it appeared to my knowledge. Part of a feature called “Kop Kids”. Steve was a kid then, he was just 12 years old.

    Photos of Steve – well they are posted all the time by Oldham – and the one in the article was taken from ST3’s avatar on Koptalk. The one in this article was accompanied by words along the lines of “rescue him”.

    Koptalk Staff – we are here to deal with Koptalk. This blog may have started out as a laugh but now the intention is to give Koptalk a final chance to clean up its act or to keep going until there’s no act left to clean up, or until the authorities clean it up for them. Dunk, Steve, Jeanette, Katie and Gianna are all names who are supposedly members of Koptalk Staff. None of them get paid, so they are all capable of walking away if they don’t like getting some stick for working for a website that encourages paedophile jokes and skims money from the top of that collected for a disable person.

    Attacking Steve. Where are we attacking Steve? That’s a strong word to use for a bit of piss-taking isn’t it? Dunk uses that word a lot. I know you aren’t Dunk (unless he’s suddenly caught a flight away from the British Isles), but you are sounding like an apologist for him, even if you didn’t intend to.

    Please show me where I ATTACK Steve.

    I’m still waiting to hear your answer on whether you’ve complained to Koptalk yet for the way they use this “child” you refer to.

    I’m also looking forward to hearing your list of attacks by this blog. If you aren’t able to show me some attacks (and make sure it’s not a piss take that he’d hear on the forums too from time to time) then I would like an apology. If you show me some attacks I’ll apologise to you.

  6. Strange Says:

    If you posted my personal info on a website like this without my permission, I would consider it an attack, whether it had been published it elsewhere or not. Maybe it’s just me, but I would consider it an invasion of my privacy. Sure you can say you’re just taking the piss, but I’m just putting myself in Steve’s position, or actually in the position of Steve’s parents. Whether he is 17 or 18, is not really relevant, the fact is that he’s young and it’s very easy for him to be influenced by an older brother(or whatever Dunks relationship to him is). I still don’t think you should be stooping to Dunks level. The more you do it, the more people will call it things like “the looney blog”, where as originally, as far as I was concerned, you were providing a fairly decent service.

    As I’ve said, I’m not defending Dunk or anything he has done, I think that should be obvious from what I’ve said now and in the past.

    Thanks for your replys.

  7. Strange Says:

    Oh, and in reply to “As for the stalking accusation – it is invariably used by some who were well and truly part of the Oldham/KT cult. ”

    That’s a cop out. You could be following him home at night, and still say this. It doesn’t mean anything, not that I’m saying you would stoop this low. Yet 😉

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    Oldham has boasted several times that Steve has been working on KT since he was 7. He has shown photos of him at a very early age – I don’t know if 7 but certainly very young.

    The 17 year oSteve, claimed a few days ago that he grew up on KT and is no longer a child. He objects to being treated as a child, as he should.

    Too bad he explains everything he does as the result of what he was “told” to do by a guy who calls himself “Daddy”.

    Oldham “told” him to jump up and down behind the Sky reporter – so he did. He doesn’t have to be a child to do that – just an idiot.

    Oldham is 32 and he does even more “childish” things – like pretending to be Steve, with Steve’s active cooperation, pretending to being in one place when is in another, with Steve’s active cooperation, and pretending to have appointments and telephone conversations with LFC officials and players.

    Steve does not get paid, allegedly, yet seems to have sufficient spending money. Is this the behaviour of a child? Or the behaviour of someone knowingly and willing participating in a deception?

    Does he sign on to DSS benefits – since he is not gainfully employed – and if so, does he sign on as a child or job-seeker?

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    “That’s a cop out. You could be following him home at night, and still say this. It doesn’t mean anything, not that I’m saying you would stoop this low. Yet ;)”

    Fantasy to justify fantasy. What exactly is your defintion of “stalking”. Hopefully it is a little less biased than your definition of “child”.

  10. Strange Says:

    I can’t see myself making you see any reason, as you tend to be on the offensive at every stage. Carry on in whichever way you please. I give up.

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    “The more you do it, the more people will call it things like “the looney blog”..”

    The person who uses that phrase is a well-known looney, a swearing parrot now deprived of his perch on the KT free forums, and restricted to repeating his genetically pogrammed phrases in response to “pretty polly” inducements from a handful of indulgents on a lesser known forum.

    What matters to the contributors of this blog is not what that looney says, but what effect we are having on Oldham and KT. You don’t hear him calling it a looney blog – other things, yes, but not that.

  12. rupertinsider Says:

    “Carry on in whichever way you please. I give up.”

    Predictable. It might have been more gracious to admit you arguments do not stand up to examiantion – or even to have taken up Insider’s invitation to write your own article for publication on the blog, or to have written to Oldham and complain to him about his use of the “child”, Steve.

  13. Strange Says:

    Let me put it this way, if I was a member of koptalk, as I was for a very long time, and I was pointed to this page, and a few of the others, I’d think you were firstly: talking shit, and secondly: mildly insane.

    I assume you’re aiming it at the people that are still members of the site, and not at the people that have already left? Or have you forgotten that. Try and see if from the point of view of someone that has been talking to Dunk for a few years and were reasonably satisfied with the service they got(rightly or wrongly).

  14. Strange Says:

    I have written to Dunk on numerous occasions in the past, he picks and chooses what to reply to. Writing to him on the subject would be pointless.

    As to writing an article? Why? Have you not covered pretty much everything Dunk has done in recent times already?

  15. rupertinsider Says:

    “Try and see if from the point of view of someone that has been talking to Dunk for a few years and were reasonably satisfied with the service they got(rightly or wrongly).”

    Why? We are not here to convert anyone.

    If they were users of his services for years they have had lots of opportunities to discover what he is. If they continued to use his services that is their decision. It does not alter the facts we are addressing. We are not some missionary force sent to save them or some cult-busters.

    We are saying what is obvious – what many of his former customers now say they have always known.

    You choose to apply phrases like stalking and insane to it and suggest we are attacking a child. At the same time you allude to many attempts by yourself to communicate with him iabout these practices -obviously without effect. Perhaps our method is a tad more effective?

    We are here to expose and analyse how Oldham and KT has been ripping off the good name of LFC – its owners, executives, players and employees. Along the way we show that he does this my stealing the copyright and intellectual property of others and sells it as though it were his own.

    When that is not enough he makes up false stories about the club.

    This is ripping off supporters.

    In the process he distorts the use of such services as News Now thereby interfering in the sources of information available to fans of the club.

    So much of his sales pitch – and you have bought into it – is that KT is a family centred on his own extended family . He goes to great pains to detail those parts of his private and family life which he thinks will bring him in money. We simply take his own words and show that they are self-contradictory.

    But if you are reader of this blog you know all that.

  16. Strange Says:

    I read through your “about” part of the site. It says “his site is against the owner of Koptalk. The owner of Koptalk is Duncan Oldham,” You should update that.

    I was always under the impression that this site was to get people aware of what Dunk was doing, hence “converting them”. Apologies if I was wrong. I do think someone should set up a site to do that though. Would be a great idea and would acheive something productive.

  17. Insider Insider Says:


    You’re “arguing” here with two people, I hope you’ve noticed that.

    The only way this blog can make everybody happy is if it has 20 or so different versions. I can’t be arsed doing that, although maybe I’ll bear that in mind should I decide to start any blogs in the future about anything.

    Koptalk is Duncan Oldham. Or at least it has been from shortly after it formed when Oldham took it over completely from the guy who started it. Even now, Koptalk is Duncan Oldham.

    Six months ago there were two Koptalk sites, three if you want to split the Gold Club from the Insider, full of people who knew very litlte about Duncan Oldham. Armed with the facts about Duncan Oldham, which they learned either directly or indirectly from this blog, they left Koptalk. What really helped at two different stages was that two new sites, est1892.co.uk and sixcrazyminutes.com were set up so they had a new home to go to.

    Before those sites came along there were people who came to me, by email, saying thanks for pointing this out, but where do I go now.

    Other LFC sites are well suited to many of the ex members of Koptalk, and I’ve noticed loads of the other forums have been welcoming new members.

    This blog is found by people who search for things that Dunk rants about. Or they find it by accident. Or a friend tells them about it. As a blog it’s here just to report on a week-by-week, day-by-day, hour-by-hour basis whatever is happening in Koptalk. Behind the scenes I’ve got all kinds of people writing in to me about issues involving Koptalk, many of which I’m not going to talk about in public – not yet anyway.

    If you are who I think you are (I’ve not checked my old emails and compared your address to be fair, so I’m guessing here) then you’ve good reason to be annoyed by Dunk. The fact you are standing up for Steve in this way perhaps means that you’ve got a point – but I still can’t see it. However I’ll say this – thanks to doing no exercise whatsoever since that op, then going out for a couple of long walks today, I am totally knackered. So there’s a good chance that I’ll read what you’ve said tomorrow and kick myself as the obvious points come jumping out at me.

    One of the reasons I’ve put this particular article up is as a tongue-in-cheek way of warning certain readers of this blog all about Steve. Steve is there are Melwood, or Speke, or Anfield, or wherever Dunk sends him, to do Dunk’s work. I’m pretty certain that Duncan himself will not now visit Melwood again in the near future. I’ve not been told anything, and I won’t ask, but I get the feeling from reading between many lines that Dunk isn’t actually allowed near Melwood any more. However if the restriction applies to Dunk and not Koptalk, then Dunk can send Steve instead. If the restriction applies to Koptalk, then Steve shouldn’t be there either. So in that respect, making sure everyone who matters knows what he looks like is important too. As is making sure they know his car reg. And remember, his taking of photographs from over the fence at Melwood, or trying to take photos of them getting on and off the plane, is more of an invasion of privacy than anything I’m doing.

    Worse still, Oldham decided to try and make out Bellamy had stormed out of Melwood after having a bust up with another player and as a result was dropped from the squad for the derby. Complete bollocks, potentially damaging, typical Koptalk. If we can stop them from even getting near Melwood (we know they can’t get in) we can stop this type of dangerous and vindictive bullshit from doing harm to LFC.

    As long as Steve is doing Dunk’s dirty work Steve will be mentioned in this blog. If that’s not what you want then sorry, it’s going to happen. Maybe Steve’s parents, if they give a shit about him, will see what’s happening to their son and stop it. I doubt it though, and instead we’ve got mini-Dunk, waiting to cause trouble in his own ways for years to come.

    The site is to get people aware of what Dunk’s doing, but that’s not so easy to do. If I thought there was much mileage left in Koptalk then I’d get someone to sort us out a better site. I’ve already got a few things I’m looking at doing, but it takes time to do – and I only spend bits of my spare time on here.

    Seriously though, I mean this, if you think that Steve needs protecting from what’s happening to him then you shouldn’t be writing to Dunk or leaving comments on here should you? Get onto the social services in Walsall about him.

    I’m going to butt out of this little argument for now, I don’t think it really serves much purpose for me to keep answering it, but I’d like to know if other people see “Strange”‘s point and can explain it to me. I’m off for a bit of a sleep!

  18. Strange Says:

    Firstly, I am who you think I am. Was wondering how long that would take. 🙂

    Secondly, I thought you and rupert were actually the same person.

    Thirdly, maybe I don’t have a point, but I would be interested to see what somebody that isn’t rupert or yourself thinks. And possibly someone that doesn’t reply to every post slapping you on the back. Somebody a bit more neutral.

  19. rupertinsider Says:

    The Blog is a spontaneous reaction – not a politicial party with a constitution and manifesto. As the nature of Oldham’s scams have been exposed then the complexity of uprooting them have also been exposed. We have explicitly addressed the issue of who are target should be several times – you are not the first person to have thought of it.

    As for updating “About Us” and other sections such as “Read Me” – if we were receiving benefits from the DSS, while also receiving scores if not hundreds of thousands of pounds (depending on which of his lies you chose to believe) and if it was tax free, and we had a bozo sidekick like Steve and a Ma to work for nothing, allegedly – also subsidised by the taxpayer – then maybe we could update the About Us section. But we don’t. We work for a living and give what time we can afford freely.

    As for converting others – it is not our direct aim – but the facts speak for themselves. How many have you converted? You cannot even get Oldham to respond to questions. In our case we decide the agenda – what we will discuss – not Oldham.

    When the blog began Oldham and his bozo sidekick were boasting about record revenues, record signings of new members plans to buy vehicles, houses and hotels – a few months later they are complaining that they cannot afford to maintain the free forums and have closed them down – a first in KT history – and their traffic is at all-time low levels, and they will soon see even greater percentage falls as a result of this blog’s behind the scenes activities. Two new web sites have started peopled by former KT members and some of the other sites are reporting an influx of ex-KTalkers.

    We do not claim to have converted any of the people who have abandoned him. But many of them say that the blog helped them to understand the broader pciture. But it doesn’t matter to us who gets the credit.

    We expose and analyse and let the chips fall where they may.

    I don’t believe you are sincere – you don’t want a blog that sets out to convert his few remaining genuine members – and if you do why don’t you start one? It was too much for you to write an article for this blog even though you have been given editorial freedom.

    iI you do want to convert his flock why don’t you start with his “child” editor?

  20. rupertinsider Says:

    I should explain that my last post was written without my seeing Insider’s last post which did not appear on the Blog until I had posted mine. Nor can I edit comments that are not under one of my articles (otherwise I would correct my several typos).

    Frankly, Strange, I don’t know who you are and don’t want to know – I’d prefer to deal with your words as you write them. I assume you are an adult.

    When I reply I do not co-ordinate with Insider or any other contributor so I don’t know if they intend to reply. In this case you have probably got more replies than you wanted (or deserved).

    I replied (a) to answer your specific points and (c) to use you intervention as a means of addressing the issues which you touch upon. Sometimes I see comments similar to yours on other forums but think I should not hi-jack those fourms to respond. It is best to wait until they are raised on the blog.

    Good luck in finding someone to slap your back.

  21. Strange Says:

    I’ve thought about this, and maybe I will write an article for this blog, if I can find the time to actually word it correctly. It is a bit hypocrtitical to criticise without adding an alternative. I bet you’re waiting by your inboxs…..

  22. rupertinsider Says:

    Strange: I’ve got to give you credit for coming to the blog and making your points directly. There are a couple of others out there who take cheap shots safe in the knowledge that I won’t answer them on those other forums. (Insider does occasionally answer on Est 1892). But frankly some of them – like the swearing parrot – are not worth answering.

    I also note that some who make remarks about me, Rupert Insider, for example, are really referring to Insider Insider – and vice versa and sometimes they are referring to Right Insider or one of the other contributors. That’s why I always put my name in a prominent position on my articles and have a logo on the comments.

    If you write an article I suggest you could be Strange Insider (well, its better than being Strange Outsider).

    Also, what is written in the blog is only part of what I do. I write quite a few letters behind the scenes to people and organisations interested in what Oldham is doing or who write with questions.

    As Insider Insider has explained he gets all the mail addressed to the blog’s main address – so that takes a lot of his time.

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