Scouts going to watch NI v Spain and Finland v Portugal

In Dunk’s latest attempts to prove he’s got some kind of contacts at the club, he’s fallen back on his old favourite. His knowledge of the taxi-driver who takes people to the airport. He’s forever going on about “suits” being picked up to go for “mini-conferences” at “undisclosed” hotels.

We never get to hear any more about it.

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Liverpool scouts jet out
#1633960 – Wed Sep 06 2006 12:41 PM Reply

Two Liverpool scouts were collected from Melwood this morning to be taken to meet midday flights.

It’s not known if they were flying from Liverpool or Manchester but we do know what games they are attending.

Northern Ireland v Spain and Finland v Portugal are the games in question. Both of these are Euro 2008 qualifiers.

So he doesn’t know which airport they are flying from, but he knows where they are going! He even knows they are flying out at midday – but doesn’t know where from. Oldham – it’s more bullshit and time you stopped. You must have very little self-respect to keep spouting this every day. I’m not saying we won’t have scouts out and about at games during this international period, but Oldham – you have no information to say we have.
Talking of bullshit, here’s more crap…

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Reged: Jul 28 2003
Posts: 24260
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67 Responses to “Scouts going to watch NI v Spain and Finland v Portugal”

  1. fat_boy_fat Says:

    My 2pence worth.

    AH you ARE DUNK! Fullstop!!!

    You are trying to act and make out like your not, but you are.

    Stop pissing about and trying to cool the heat on you for a month, while you rip a few more hundred people off and then fly off to a fat camp somewhere for a year to loose weight and come back as Daniel and start!



  2. trickyd Says:

    If AH isn’t Dunk in disguise, then he’s just an idiot (great argument: just leave conmen to get on with their conning, hug a tree instead and the world will be a nicer place).

    Of course, if he is Dunk in disguise, then he’s also an idiot.

  3. AH Says:

    Hello all,

    I’m only expressing an opinion guys..

    But I do definitly agree that its not fair that LFC are ripped off by anyone…. And i conceed that it is important that someone speaks out against him..

    You guys have more experience of what he’s done than I have.. I’m very new to the whole debate, so I definitly admit that in some ways I am a bit ignorant .. which I appologise for sincerly.. As I hear more about what he’s done over the past few years then I get a better understanding of whats happened?

    But going back to my question before, What would be the point at which you felt that you had succeeded?

    Is it that you’d want the site to completly shut down?

    Or stop making money from the site?

    Or if he was going to charge people then he created 100% original content, So by that it meant he went to the football league, interviewed players, produced pictures from melwood and training ground footage.. basically rather than ripping off other sites and sources he actually did some original work or supply stuff he paid for?

    Now before I get murdered on here .. I’m not saying that LFC would even consider letting him do that? They may hate and despise him as the guys on here do.. I don’t have a flipping clue what they think about him, but I’m just asking would that be the point when you felt you’d done enough.

    Or would an appology and recognitrion of the things that he had done wrong be enough?

    I think these are fair sensible questions to ask? And NO I’m am not Oldham!! You can do your IP checks or whatever.. you’ll see I’m in West London, .. not Liverpool, Scarborough, Newcastle, Leeds or wherever the hell he is!!!

    Once again I appologise if I’ve offfended.. not my aim at all.. lifes too short !!!

    All the best

  4. Toby Says:

    Are you 99.9% sure?

  5. Andy Says:

    AH: It seems a little late in the day for questions like these.

    The taxman, benefit fraud office and trading standards, along with possibly the police and the club, are hardly going to bring legal proceedings to a halt because the bloggers say they’ve forgiven him.

  6. Spike Says:

    Love how AH thinks everyone should spend their time making the most of their own lives rather than worrying about others’, then gives up two evenings to doing the opposite.

    He’s either a saint or a friendless attention-seeker. Odds are against the former.

    Life IS too short, AH. Go and get on with yours.

  7. Redz Says:

    AH the point at which i’d be happy about fatty,is when his bollocks are pickled in a jar in the Albert.

  8. est-er Says:

    Hello Dunk/wallet/Bob McCat/Insider/Insider’s horse/mole/AH,

    How are your suits and your big cheese? You must be Dunk, I don’t know anyone who spells “you’re” as “your” with such regularity except Dunk.
    Where do you get off telling people how to live their lives? What makes you think that ridding the net of conmen isn’t positive? It might make people extremely happy and fulfilled.

    People want Dunk to go legit, they want him to be open and transparent in his dealings and some people want him shut down. I suppose as long as he is ripping LFC fans off he will be open for criticism.

  9. Red_Al_77 Says:

    I smell a rat.

  10. RedinSweden Says:

    Has anyone mentioned him being a gigantic twat yet?

  11. Fartbreath Says:

    Isn’t it just lovely not seeing a single Koptalk headline on the latest Newsnow pages?

  12. rupertinsider Says:

    I’m sure its not Dunk. However it could be someone who sees himself as a negotiator for him – negotiating the terms of surrender – as it were.

    Not Disco – he’s too dumb, giddy and self-centred – but someone more intelligent who has worked out an approach.

    If he stayed off the weed or the bottle before delivering it he might be more coherent.

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    “Isn’t it just lovely not seeing a single Koptalk headline on the latest Newsnow pages?”

    It would be such a blow to KT’s traffic, profile and prestige not to be listed in News Now, I find it hard to believe that Oldham has done this deliberately.

    I think we have to consider the possibility that he got notice from News Now that they were delisting his site as a source of LFC news as a result of all the complaints from contributors to this blog and as a result of his persistent breach of the News Now charter.

    (We were told by the News Now manager that they had a lot of complaints about him and they were monitoring him).

    Without the News Now feeds, there was no point in him having a news “rip-off” service becuase nobody would know about it, and that traffic he would not get new visitors to his free forums. So why not close the free forums down?

  14. Dunk thought I was his pal Says:

    just seen this on his site,,,,,,

    They dont accept calls fom witheld numbers…what do his overseas ‘friends’ do then? The racist fat c*nt.

    TEL: 0905 028 0723

    Calls cost 25p per minute at all times from a BT landline, which is cheaper than calling our mobile phone. If you are calling from an 01 or an 02 number, we can call you back to save your bill.

    If you prefer you can open a support ticket instead. You can do this by clicking on HELP (above top right) and then follow the simple instructions.

    Please allow up to 24 hours for a response via the ticketing system.

    You can call us between 9am and 11pm any day of the week apart from on matchdays when we do not take calls an hour before kick-off until an hour after full-time.

    Please remember that we are a fans site and we do not have the resources of major organisations so if your call is not answered, please leave it a while and try again. We may simply be out of the office.

    We do not accept calls from withheld numbers.

    If your number is withheld, prefix our number with 1470.

  15. Insider Insider Says:

    For AH’s benefit – he’s not Dunk. He’s indeed posting from IP addresses in the capital.

    As for where do we stop – who knows?

    I started the blog off posting fun at Dunk’s fake insider info, he turned it into some kind of war. He killed his own site off, all the time saying “Dunk knows best”. Without the blog he might not have done all the crazy stuff he did. Without the blog I don’t think would have started, but most of its success is down to a mixture of hard work from those behind it and of the fact that it became the place for people to go to when they left Koptalk – and they made sure they told people about it on their way out. was already thought up as an idea before the blog started. Perhaps the blog hastened things, and got a few extra people signed up by showing up in first place in search results for things like koptalk rivals, but in the main that site required people behind it who were prepared to put a lot of time and money into getting it going.

    As I see it there are three ways that this blog will come to an end –

    1) Dunk changes character 99.9% and puts right all of those wrongs, in a completely transparent and honest way.

    2) Koptalk closes down.

    3) People get bored and the blog closes down.

    I doubt it will be number 1.

  16. The Red Lion Landlord Says:

    Im certain it wont be No1, it was almost 10 years ago he was ripping people off on usenet over dodgy sky cards. Over the last decade he has just become more subtle in his money making schemes, I imagine he is already on the look-out for the next. I notice when looking back at his usenet postings on google groups (Duncan Oldham/ MrDJohnson/Mr Teflon/ManchesterUnited/Steve32392/D U N C A N/UK911 et al) that they eventually had him on the run then too. Peter Rixon and SatGod saw right through him. Remember the names Dunk?

    I know the blog mentions that Mark Lacey may be one of his many nom de plumes but I read in a post that he was actually an investigating trading standards officer for North Yorthshire County Council that was looking into Duncan in dec 97?

    Hes nothing more than a conman hiding behind a red shirt. Google Groups is great.

  17. Toby Says:

    I sincerely hope it is not number 3 because so much has already been achieved in the short space of time the blog has been active.

    We all knew it wouldn’t just be a case of publishing a few of his scams and expecting people to abandon his site. It requires constant monitoring to force him into the corner that he has now found himself in. Allowing him to escape would mean a waste of all the hard work that II, Rupert and everyone else involved with the blog has put in.

    I hold my hands up and admit I’ve not contributed as much as I possibly could have, but many of you will know that my style is more tongue-in-cheek rather than factual, and I didn’t want to send confused messages to Koptalk users stumbling across the blog. But if there’s anything I can do behind the scenes to help maintain the momentum do let me know.

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