Liverpool FC Closing In? Dunc about to do a runner?

What is going on at Koptalk HQ? While we’re all trying to second guess the fat Geordie conman, there may be a simpler explanation. He’s about to do a runner.

By closing down the free forums Dunc has surely abandoned his recruiting ground for new paying members in the medium and long term. A certain victory for this blog. We know he’s had the worst summer for signups since he started Koptalk. Thanks to this blog, and other startup LFC websites, Koptalk is out of pocket; This summer has been a disaster and his visit to Melwood last week was a last desperate attempt to convice his users.

He may be thick, but when it comes to money, Dunc(e) will do whatever it takes to keep it rolling in – and with a long term strategy for keeping the money rolling. Koptalk HQ are fighting for their survival, but how long will it last, and what if there is no long term strategy any more?

I don’t think this latest twist is an ill-conceived marketing plan. For Duncan there must be a very good reason for his shutting down of the free site, and if you believe the rumours, our famous and proud football club are finally about to come down hard on Oldham and his constant illegal activities.

His latest stunt could be one last money spinner before doing a runner. Isn’t he set to go to Malta for two weeks later this month? Maybe he’s bought a one-way ticket!

His shenanigans at Melwood last week could have given LFC grounds for legal action, and with the North East Trading Standards, the Inland Revenue and many more organisations closing in on the fat con man, maybe he’s planning on a disappearance.

I am no legal expert, but as I understand it his visit to Melwood, sticking paparazzi style camcorders and wide-lensed cameras in the faces of Liverpol FC staff and players, has upset quite a few and rightly so. His implications of having a ‘gateman in his pocket’ has also ruffled a few feathers, and put jobs of honest hard-working folk on the line at Melwood.

Pretending to buy a property close to Melwood fitted with CCTV cameras to watch the comings and goings at a private property would breach many privacy and invasion laws. Something else to upset “the suits”, and besides the daily visits to “spy” on Liverpool FC training sessions would certainly be unwelcome. What would a Newcastle fan be doing spying on LFC training sessions? Selling sensitive information to their rival clubs?

You don’t see the other media outlets such as Sky Sports or the national newspapers camping outside melwood or anfield, and neither would you see any respectable and law-abiding journalist climbing walls with ladders or wheelie bins to take hundreds of snaps of a legitimate companies private property and activities.

So did Duncan finally give LFC solid grounds for legal action? Is Dunc about to take the money and run? I think so.


25 Responses to “Liverpool FC Closing In? Dunc about to do a runner?”

  1. Chris Says:

    You obviously don’t go down to Melwood very often then do you! You will see on a regular basis before an up an dcoming match newspapers photographers taking pics from the tops of their cars trying to see who is training etc! Good post and probably valid on a lot of stuff buyt off the mark in terms of press intrusion because it goes on just get to Melwood and see it for yourself!

  2. Phil T Says:

    Every which way Dunk goes he’s now making stupid mistakes. His little mind is obviously finding the pressure is just too much, and even something as simple as ‘wanting to get away from it all’ for a day trip to Liverpool has resulted in even more stress being piled on his plate.

    We know he’s not good with dealing with stress. In fact I pity his poor doctor who is sure to have him listed in the Hypercondriac File. I’d bet Chris Waddle’s house on the fact that he’s having more and more panic attacks and is probably making life a living hell for those around him.

    The game’s up Dunk. Pack your keyboard and never darken our clubs doorstep again.

  3. Tom Says:

    It’s the end. The death star is about to implode. Or is it? Could the empire strike back, can dunc do the sensible thing and make his business activities legit? An honest wage (visits to one of HM instituitions notwithstanding) beckons Dunc. Try it, you might like it.

  4. Phil T Says:

    If I’m honest I won’t even be happy if he chooses to go legit. I don’t want that big fat black and white pimple to be associated with our club in any way.

    Koptalk is basically dead now anyway. He has nothing more to offer so why stay around?

  5. Tom Says:

    I wasn’t suggesting that KT goes legit. It’s too late for that. He’d have to start a completely different business up.

  6. Toby Says:

    Koptalk only exists because of the ability to fleece innocent, gullible people. If that opportunity wasn’t there it would have never been built in the first place. There’s never been any intention to provide a legitimate service to Liverpool fans. I predict he’ll move on to subscription-based dodgy satellite feeds instead.

    This latest development is just an attempt to hide what’s going on from people who have started paying close attention. Whether that is the club or the authorities I don’t know, but I’m sure Duncan Oldham is hoping its just a temporary measure until the dust settles. Let’s make sure it never does.

  7. Phil T Says:

    All I want to know now is where his book is?

    When can I expect to receive my copy?

  8. zombie Says:

    hi may i know which other site apart from koptalk has a forum dedicated to liverpool fc?

  9. Another Observer Says:

    Zombie, there’s plenty of them.

    Look at the box on the right side of this blog. Called LFC Sites, more or less all the sites there have got forums dedicated to Liverpool FC:

  10. sawyerinsider Says:

    zombie, try the links to the right. I would recommend either of Est1892, YNWA and TalkLFC as the best forums out there, with the best contributers.

  11. Peter Says:


    Thre are loads of great sites out there. Some of the more established ones are

    some of the newer ones are

    enjoy. There’s a wealth of resources out there for lfc fans. Try the above or simply type lfc into google.

  12. Toby Says:

    Try them all out Zombie. You’ll find there’s a lot of overlap, with many users frequenting multiple ones. They all have different qualities.

    With regards the book, I’m just waiting for the excuse…

    “Unfortunately we have been blocked from publishing our expose for legal reasons because we had so much dirt to dish. For a refund please email Chloe providing the original email receipt….. yadda yadda yadda”

  13. The fonz Says:

    Zombie, come and have a look at

    It is a new site set up by the old lads from Koptalk. We helped to bring down koptalk because we took all the good posters with us.

  14. Sinon Says:

    Is it just me or is it a bit sad to see KopTalk, or at least KopTalk as we know it, gone? I’ve been one of the more active participants in notifying authorities, writing letters, speaking to the ‘suits’ et al all summer…and the odd galavant into the forums to spread the word…prior to either of the new forums (est & scm) being set up.

    I was originally one of the people who received Dunk’s mail letter back in the late 90’s and one of the first people to frequent the KopTalk website – seems strange to see it ‘gone’ as such.

    …..ah, it was only a momentary lapse! Hurrah, Koptalk is dead!

    Who next? Does Fidel Castro have a website….

  15. Andy Says:

    I work at a newspaper and just spoke to the chief photographer here about the Melwood pics.

    He laughed, shook his head and said they were “very illegal”. He said he’d be very surprised if the club weren’t taking action. He also mentioned that most of the players probably have their own image rights.

    He said the only time this sort of thing can be justified is when it can be argued to be in the “public interest”. His example was if a paedophile was playing for a local team.

  16. sawyerinsider Says:

    andy: thanks for clarifying that. There must be laws in place preventing this sort of thing from happening, otherwise the press would be having a field day. To take such photos would surely require special permission, which we know Duncan never received.

    This was a last ditch attempt to save his community, which in hindsight for him failed. Such a monumental decision to ditch the free site, and its recruiting ground for new members, was surely forced upon him. Not a decision he would have made lightly.

    It is just a matter of months, weeks, or even days, before he ups sticks and disappears with the money from his mass of new recruits. And then there will be nothing to show for the 30 quids. He’s probably looking at it like – £30 from 100+ signups = £3k

    We have to remember he isn’t in this for the love of LFC and it’s fans but for the money. Whatever it takes he’ll do, he’s a conman.

  17. rupertinsider Says:

    He can get out of refunding “deposits” on the book by declaring personal bankrutpcy.

    He can’t declare business bankrupty because, as far as I am aware, he does not have any incorporated businesses.

    Declaring bankruptcy is as easy as changing your name to “Mr. Manchester United”. In fact I wonder if he has done it before? Has anyone got access to bankruptcy or public credit reports?

    I notice from Insider’s report that the house Oldham said he bought for cash is in his wife’s name and has a Halifax mortgage. (He said the money came from winning a court action against rivals – he mentioned 50,000 quid – which is a nice round number.)

    If he follows the pattern of other con men, he will have put most of his other assets in the names of his family to make it more difficult for creditors to collect from him even if they armed with court orders.

    We only have his word that he returned “most” of the money he illegally took in for sales of shares in KopTalk. (He said it was about one million pounds).

    It would be interesting to know who is the legal owner of all his video and computer equipment – the portakabin and the vehicles – is it paid for? Is it in his name? If it is he would need to transfer ownership – but in a way that does not look like the deliberate hiding of his assets to avoid creditors – before he declares bankruptcy.

    If the tax people demand back payments he may have to sell assets. If its a question of drawing benefits while working and making big profits then I don’t think paying back will help him. He’ll ahev to do time. If that’s the case – he would be better taking off to Malta or to be with Smoovy in the USA until it blows over.

    I can well understand why he has suddenly started to say that payments to Koptalk are donations – it might help to confuse the enquiries from the benefits and tax people.

    But he won’t get away with word games like that – you can’t state the price of membership and then say it is a donation.

  18. rupertinsider Says:

    I should have added that KT and Oldham is not a registered charity. So payments to it and him are not “donations”. He has to explain any money he receives to the tax man.

    Other LFC sites accept donations towards the running costs. In soem cases they undertake to pass on any funds that are surplus to their operational needs to charities such as the Hillsoboruogh campaign.

    In the past Oldham has played fast and loose with the idea of charities – suggesting that appeals for money for various family-related causes were charities – when they were not registered charities – and asking for donations to be sent to his business/personal bank account.

    This mixing of donations to an appeal with business and personal revenues would be illegal if the charities were registered.

    It may still be illegal, even if they were not registered, if the money donated for the causes was used for other purposes, or used as a cash-flow fund or collateral in the business or his personal life or put at risk in any way. If this occured it may represent fraud and breach of trust.

  19. sawyerinsider Says:

    if he’s looking for something overlooking the playing fields at melwood maybe he’ll go for this one

  20. Chunky Says:

    More likely to be a room to let or a garden shed!

  21. Aces_of_Hearts Says:

    Haha…oh dear. I’ll try my best not to go into a lengthy rant but I’ve always had my doubts about this fatfcuk since I first discovered KT, which was more than 5 years ago. I’ve been treated like shit once when there was a problem with my subscription. I paid and never got my membership and after many weeks of constant harassing and assistances from paypal, I finally got a refund. Even though it was a measly sum, I hate being ripped off by anyone, let alone rude fat tossers.

    You should’ve seen the reply he gave to paypal and the contents of the private email he sent me. Let’s just say if it wasn’t the fact this is the internet I would’ve chinned him if he said those things to my face in person.

    Later throughout the years, I’ve had a few run-ins with dunk and some of the sillier mods. Mainly down to the fact, I shared some banter with the lads and according to his double-standard AUP, I broke some of his ‘laws’. Needless to say, I was banned a fair share of times.

    He has taunted me once before through email, by saying I keep begging to come back to his site even though I’ve said it has a shite owner. Bollocks to that. I come back to the site not because of the site. But simply because of the fellow liverpool fans that made the site so great, cos without the fans and members, KT wouldnt even exist in the first place.

    In retrospect, I’m sad cos KT is gone ‘cos I miss the banter in there and the fact I spent more than 5 years on it. On a positive note, many of the KT posters and regulars have moved onto a new forum and I’ve just joined. 🙂

    Oh well, I”m sure I’ll get used to my new internet ‘home’, in no time.

    Adios KT.

  22. Giles Says:

    Not sure the Vader image was ever appropriate for Dunk, at the height of his powers you might compare him to Jabba The Hutt (the physical similarities are obvious)

    Now I’d put him at the Salacious Crumb level (Jabba’s cackling little twat of a pet/sidekick)

  23. est-er Says:

    I think the club has put pressure on him. I think he’s closed the free forums at the request of the club and the only reason he can continue the site is because he owes it to those who have subscribed to give them a calendar year. I suspect the club has said “you close the free forums now and the membership forums by the end of September 2007.
    Either way, it’s good news.

  24. chapeau du soleil Says:

    @Ace_Of_Hearts Care to give us a snippet of the email? Always interested to hear further examples of his distaste for his “customers”

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