Waiting – again…

Le next gem?Came across this little gem the other day.

According to the poster below, Liverpool have signed Nabil El Zhar from St Etienne. The player is 19 years old and, well, read it below.

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El Zhar signs 4yr Contract !
#1630574 – Sat Sep 02 2006 03:01 PM
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According to his official site, here he has signed for us on a 4yr contract. Basically the article translates as he was not satisfied with the contract offer from St Etienne so he has signed for us on a 4yr deal. Says that he was voted second best player in the Junior World Cup behind Messi.

Le milieu marocain de l’AS Saint-Etienne Nabil El Zhar, 19 ans, s’est engagé pour quatre saisons avec les Reds.
Non satisfait du contrat proposé par les dirigeants à l’intersaison, le jeune Marocain est parti. Ne pouvant signer dans un club français, il a pris la direction de l’Angleterre et il a signé un contrat de 4 ans avec Liverpool.

Le talentueux milieu de terrain s’était notamment mis en valeur lors du championnat du monde junior en 2005 où il avait été élu deuxième meilleur joueur derrière Lionel Messi. Après avoir fait signer les jeunes français Le Tallec et Sinama Pongolle c’est autour de El Zhar. Le jeune milieu de terrain avait auparavant refusé un nouveau contrat dans le Forez.
– – – – – –

I’ve no idea if this is true or not – nothing has shown up on Google News since the middle of August, which suggests that there isn’t anything to show up. As for the translation from French, well it’s been a while since I did any French, but it does seem to say that the player has decided he didn’t like the contract on offer from St Ettiene, so he decided to join the Reds instead.

The poster acknowledged that the information came from the player’s official site, which is at http://nabilelzhare.ifrance.com. The article was actually posted on August 25th.

So why did I call this a little gem? Well not because the article referred to Le Tallec and Pongolle, formerly known as “Le Gems”. No, it was this classic response from Koptalk as to why they’d not bothered to tell anyone, despite their extensive network of informants all around the world on all things LFC.

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Re: El Zhar signs 4yr Contract ! [Re: greglt]
#1630575 – Sat Sep 02 2006 03:03 PM
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We’ve been waiting a few days for LFC to respond.

Ah – of course.


17 Responses to “Waiting – again…”

  1. chapeau du soleil Says:

    You couldn’t make it up! Well, he does…but you know what I mean 🙂

  2. fat_boy_fat Says:

    HAHHAH. quality. Another Koptalk World Exclusive to be announced today:

    EL Zhar has done a runner from Liverpool. Apperantly he is alergic to rain and has decided to move to Real Madrid. Our Sources have tracked him on the plane, were he was met in Madrid by David Beckham and a massive press pack. Our Koptalk was their to ask him why he left liverpool, even though no one knew had been there, “What the Fuck!!! who are you? you fat twat!! Ive never been to liverpool in my life, never mind even signing for them. Ive just got off this plane because ive been to see my family in France.” (this quote has been translated by our frence translator)

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    Rafa was asked about Nabil El Zhar about two weeks ago and he denied that he had signed for LFC. But judging from that article, things may have changed since then. The player had stated that he would not sign for St.Etienne and was looking for release from his contract and stated a preference for LFC.

    The KT “official spanish translator” also seems to have done a runner. He has not been mentioned recently in the case of several reports from Spain.

    But the turnover of personnel at KT is bewildering. D_J Sydney has not posted for a while and is rumoured to have quit. And livvy, the guy who was recently appointed moderator and was a very active one, is no longer a mod having resigned, in his own words, for “personal reasons”. He still posts in the shoutbox.

    Smoovy from New York – a guy who thinks football is game controlled by a quarter-back, is a new mod.

  4. Sinon Says:

    Apparantly the free forums have closed!

  5. Mumsafan Says:

    Yes it’s members only now

  6. sawyerinsider Says:

    they’re still free though right, just need to be a member to post in the free forums? isn’t this the same server that he’s spending £10,000 a year for hosting!?

  7. Mumsafan Says:

    £30 joining fee from what I’m being told. Although I have no proof of that, just what KT members are telling me.

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    I saw a snippet of a conversation in the shoutbox involving Oldham and whoever it is who posts as KOPTALK.COM (the teenage editor Steve?) and some others. The basic theme was that telescoping the two free forums into one allows them to monitor it better 24 hours a day to prevent “spamming”.

    (There is a report on EST 1892 by Rosco of a poster who placed a list of questions about KT and Oldham on 16 different threads yesterday and Oldham closed down the entire site while he cleaned it up).

    I suspect another reason for reducing the number of forums is that the number of posts are so few in both the junior and senior forum that it is best to combine them to gain critical mass.

    As I’ve pointed out before, the relatively large number of registered users on line during prime time – 125-160 – and unregistered visitors – 30-60 – does not jive with the very small number of posts – many of which are generated by himself or his crew. The content of the posts are also noticeably “empty”.

    I suspect that the list is packed with false names – i.e. accounts created by Oldham. Very few of them – maybe 3-5 at any given time – are recognisable as posters who were members as recently as four months ago.

    It also seems likely that he has increased the period for counting visitors as being online – it used to be 30 minutes but now it may be double that – who knows?

    During UK time 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. the number online drops to 25-45. But I think this, too, is an exaggeration because there is no evidence of any activity during those hours except from Smoove – and Katie, Stevie and Oldham in the late UK early am hours.

    One other person who announced his leaving is bensuruncle – I think I’ve spelled it wrong. He was one of the new members about two months ago who objected to the Blog and became a very active KT poster. He just announced in the shoutbox that he was quitting KT and going to a new site.

    I think there is still a large number using KT as lurkers who have effectively quit or who intend to quit and are just weaning themselves off it.

  9. chapeau du soleil Says:

    It’s £30…here’s the usual bullshit to get people to sign

  10. sawyerinsider Says:

    I’ve noticed that Dunk hasn’t posted on the insider site since Sunday morning. Have the men in white coats finally put him in a straight jacket and taken him away?

  11. sawyerinsider Says:

    ha haa

    “If your membership is cancelled due to any form of abuse to another member or if you are identified as posting any form of ‘spam’, you will forfeit your right to any full or part refund.”

    I also wonder how much he realises he’s advertising the blog with his latest sign-up blurb, it really doesn’t bring much confidence in his dodgy services. Really shouldn’t be saying this, might give him some ideas, but at the moment he’s in self-destruction mode anyway!

  12. Toby Says:

    Maybe Fat Dunk missed him turning up at Melwood for a medical last week because he assumed he was a pizza delivery boy.

  13. Toby Says:

    “I’ve noticed that Dunk hasn’t posted on the insider site since Sunday morning. Have the men in white coats finally put him in a straight jacket and taken him away?”

    Maybe he’s banned himself?

    The lemmings are jumping!

  14. hoff Says:

    I don’t suppose anyone has the stats from the last month for Oldhams various koptalk sites?

    I think you’ll find that will have been a fairly serious drop off in terms of page impressions per million.

    That is one reason as to why he may be closing the free sites.

  15. Rich Says:

    Are the forums on koptalk.org? If so then there has been a noticeable hit to the traffic levels, especially compared to est1892 and sixcrazyminutes, which are both now just about ahead for the first time



    However, koptalk.com, although not at its best ever, is still getting a decent amount of hits


  16. Costas Says:

    The end is nigh for the lying scumbag, a blind man can see it.

    This is a fantastic blog, keep up the good work and keep piling the pressure on Oldham. I’ve been reading for the last few months, but things are really hotting up now. Fatty is cracking – keep the momentum going and it’s only a matter of time before this disgusting rip-off merchant is brought right down to size.

    We all need to get on to the club, the Premier League and any other party that this toe-rag is stealing content from.

    The phonecalls to employers must be reported to the police as the fat b*stard is clearly in breach of the Data Protection Act and the tactics he’s using can only be described as intimidation.

    The Inland Revenue must be continually notified that this odious pr*ck is almost certainly involved in tax avoidance until they act.

    Amazon, Blue Square and any other affiliates need to be notified about the obscene “jokes” about children that this putrid excuse for a human being is making on his podcasts. Let them know that you will no longer use their service while they support Oldham and his disgusting (and in some cases criminal) activities.

    Everyone that’s had the displeasure of being robbed by this thieving charlatan should act while the iron is hot.

    Anyone who opposes the actions of this conman ripping off LFC fans needs to do whatever they can to ensure that his site is starved of revenue and the obese c*nt is made sling his hook once and for all, instead of sullying the good name of Liverpool Football Club and its fans.

    It’s time to act. One big concerted push from all supporters of this blog and anyone opposing Oldham’s actions is what is needed now. An email, a letter, a phonecall. Do what you have to do.

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