"Steve" explains what was behind the demise of Koptalk

Somebody logged on as “ST3” this afternoon to explain why they had binned the “free” site. From now on people are not welcome at all to join in with Koptalk unless they spend money up front.

ST3   KopTalk Editor
Reged: Sep 12 2003
#1632849 – Tue Sep 05 2006 12:59 PM

We are currently making changes to the way our site operates.

With immediate effect KOPTALK is to become a members only website. The costs in providing KOPTALK.COn and the free forums can no longer be justified.

To save confusion we will have just one membership option available. This will be hosted at koptalk.con/members

We intend to concentrate our time and resources on our members who make it possible for us to exist in the first place. ALL our time will be devoted purely to our subscribers.

We will continue to provide regular audio updates to non-members on all things LFC via our free podcast @ http://www.koptalk.com/podcast


If you have any questions, please open a support ticket at http://www.koptalk.info

Thankyou for your support

An admission – at long last – that member numbers plummetted during the summer. “The costs in providing KOPTALK.COM and the free forums can no longer be justified.” The lie about numbers going through the ceiling can’t be justified any longer he means. I wonder if he committed to 12 months with UKFast? I know he’s not going to be on a plan even close to the 10 grand a year figure he quoted, but if he’s committed to 12 months there’ll be trouble brewing for him.

You’ll still be able to listen to their crappy podcast with its sick jokes though if you don’t pay. What comfort that must bring you.

There was a very similar message posted on the front page of koptalk.coN too, but that did not refer to the new location (koptalk.coN/members). That new location is currently returning a 404 page not found error. No surprise really, Dunk struggles all the time with his web servers when he starts farting around with them.

What’s more interesting is this – “If you wish to continue accessing our news items and other content, please become a member.”

In other words – pay up or push off. What a great “family” Koptalk is.


We are currently making changes to the way our site operates.

With immediate effect KOPTALK is to become a members only website. The costs in providing KOPTALK.COn and the free forums can no longer be justified.

If you wish to continue accessing our news items and other content, please become a member.

To save confusion we now have just one membership option available. For details, please follow this link –>> (Links to the stuff I posted earlier)

We intend to concentrate our time and resources on our members who make it possible for us to exist in the first place.

Membership is completely optional and we hope that our die-hard readers will continue to support us by signing-up.

For those of you who choose not to become a member or who are unable to do so, we will be providing regular audio updates on all things LFC via our free podcast @ http://www.koptalk.com/podcast

Thankyou for your support 🙂



47 Responses to “"Steve" explains what was behind the demise of Koptalk”

  1. fat_boy_fat Says:


    Stop smiling and laughing insider! 🙂

    There is not a chance in hell that this will help with new memberships in the long term. Short term maybe a few from the free forums will join up, but after that it will all go quiet. I know the only reason i signed up for the pay site was i was intrigued to find out more info that was being hinted at in the free forums!

    You thick fatty twatty oldham!!!

    Dont forget that we will still be bringing you down from the inside Oldham!! HAHAHA

  2. Peter Says:

    Dunk is being looked into by the club and this is his last gamble at crushing a few quid out of the fans before things go tits up completeely.

    Well done Bloggers.

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    I may be pushing the good news angle – but Oldham is not saying much. So I would not be overly surprised to hear he has gone to Malta for an indefninte stay. He must have a bolt hole ready somewhere until the tax and benefits investigators heat cools off a little and until he figures out a way of holding off the creditors.

    I wonder if he has thought of getting on the blower to his friend Steve Morgan or the guys at L4.

  4. Tom Says:

    This is the end. He might have got away with it had not Est and sixcrazymins started at more or less the same time but the fact that both the free site and pay site’s members have effectively decamped to free forums means he’s stuffed.

    I give it 2 months. He’ll do the sums and realise it’s not worth it.

  5. Fartbreath Says:

    Could he also be trying to hide his dodgy activities from the likes of the Premier League, the club, and so on?

    Congratulations on everything you’ve achieved so far with this blog. You’ve saved a huge number of fans from being fleeced in the future.

  6. Insider Insider Says:

    I wonder if spursarmy.coN and upthetoon.coN will relaunch?

    Someone sent me this last week and I never got round to using it. This was an example of a desperate website owner trying to start some topics in his library-like forums –

  7. fat_boy_fat Says:

    BTW i love all these new little logo things! ………. How about charging £30 a year to let members display them insider?

  8. univofchicago Says:

    Hahahaha. I LOVE Rupert’s avatar…

  9. Tom Says:

    That jpg says it all really. It’s over dunk. you had a good run, you got some property and a nice car out of it but time to pack it in now.

  10. rupertinsider Says:

    Yes, I forgot to mention that his Spurs site was active as recently as the middle of July. It did occur to me that the need for a bigger server was not related to KT but to his plan to move his meat and pies wagon to Newcastle or north London.

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    fat_boy_fat: Insider will sell you one for 30, but I can get you one for 20 (10 if you send cash) and lets forget VAT.

  12. andyhanrahan Says:

    in the last week koptalk has seriously declined in its content with it’s forums lacking any bit of intelligent chat(still go there every day fuckin hooked a bit like ciggies) as for insider scoops you can forget it i’m stickin to football-rumours.com (they have a good a chance as kt)

  13. Insider Insider Says:

    If you’d like an avatar next to your name here’s what you do…

    1) Go to http://wordpress.com/

    2) Sign up. You pick a username and you get an optional blog of the same name created too, free of charge. My username is koptalkinsider, so that’s where the blog’s url comes from – koptalkinsider.wordpress.com.

    3) Do all the messing about with clicking on links in confirmation emails, pretty much like you do when you register with a forum.

    4) Go to your profile setting page. If you picked a username of datfunk you’d go to http://datfunk.wordpress.com/wp-admin/profile.php. That’s where you’ll see “My Picture” (well, not my picture, yours.) Upload a suitable one and fiddle about with it.

    5) Make sure you are logged in before leaving a comment on this (or any other ???.wordpress.com blog) and your shiny new avatar will be next to your comment. Your username works on all ???wordpress.com blogs from when you first sign in until you next sign out.

    6) Now you’ve got a blog, why not start filling it in every day?

    TIP: Don’t pick a username on wordpress that identifies who you are unless you want to be identified. This Jamie Carragher character who keeps talking about BYDFTI should pick a username other than Jamie Carragher or Carra, otherwise the whole world will know LFC’s number 23 supports the blog.

    Oops. I think I’ve let something slip there. * 😉

    * I am only joking about Carra of course.

  14. fat_boy_fat Says:

    The servers will have to be upgraded now to at least £10,000 a month ones to cope with the extra pressure on the system of dealing with all these little avatars it will have to display.

  15. rupertinsider Says:

    One side benefit of Dunk’s lack of money is that he won’t be able to pay that mad hitter 500 quid to bump us off. So he’ll have to do it himself. I feel a lot safer now.

  16. Rosco Says:

    Well well well…..

    I’m not too surprised by this to be honest. The free site was obviously the less profitable part of it for him. And after just 3 weeks SCM was getting more hits than the KT free forum. Mainly because all the good members signed up with us and he proceeded to ban some of them because of it.

    I don’t think anybody at the blog, SCM or EST can really take the credit for this. It’s all down to Dunk. You alienated us all, you banned us and you’ve obviously realised at this stage you fcuked up.

  17. rupertinsider Says:

    So what happens to his News Now links? Will they take people to the paid site where they will be denied admission unless they are members? If this is the case, we should inform News Now that their link provides nothing but a free advertisement for KT and is a flagrant abuse of News Now charter as well as a con on the public. The very least News Now shoudl do is put “Sbuscription Site” next to all the KT links. As time goes by and fewer people click them, they will lose their priority in the News Now pecking order – and perhaps be eliminated altogether.

    I suppose he might leave open a forum for the News Now links, show the stories for free, but stick his usual advertisment for his site and link to the sign up page at the bottom?

    Thatwould also be a breach of the charter but a little less flagrant. But it would cost him in terms of providing the server space.

  18. rupertinsider Says:


    He never banned me or Insider.

    We and other contributors worked on the blog to bring him and his site down and we are well on the way to succeeding. Other people came into play along the way, all of of whom deserve their fair share of the credit. In soem ways ESY 1892 is doing a lot of the kind of thing the blog was doing.

    Oldham did not bring himself down – we did – the spontaneous pro-LFC, anti-KT alliance. It started with Toby and http://www.kraptalk.com a few years ago when KT was very powerful and there was little organised opposition.

  19. Chunky Says:

    At the bottom of the page (in grey text on a white background) he’s added “If your membership is cancelled due to any form of abuse to another member or if you are identified as posting any form of ‘spam’, you will forfeit your right to any full or part refund.”

    Not sure Paypal would accept those toc’s.

  20. Scouse Says:

    Does this mean he is going to stop continually spamming Newsnow with misleading & false headlines? Every one of his ‘sensational’ headlines is platered with ‘join the gold club’ and ‘get inside melwood’ type bollocks

    If this is the case at least his potential target audience has gone down and this is surely a good thing. The problem is he’s still ripping off existing members who don’t know any better…

  21. Scouse Says:

    Just had a quick nose around, one BS ‘RED WATCH’ article on newsnow from yesterday (which there is absolutely no chance genuinelly got to #3)

    Looks like he’s removed the ‘sponsored by Amazon’ too!!

    This is really good news, well done to the blog and all it’s supporters

  22. Ste Says:

    Chunky – Paypal won’t even get into a debate about Koptalk and the like as their user agreement doesn’t cover ‘virtual or intangiable’ products. Trust me mate, if anyone should know it’s me. I lost £14 because of Paypal’s user agreement.

  23. txtoto Says:

    We’ll one guys, this can only be seen as koptalk’s demise…. its surely over…its just the fat one last efforts but it can only be downhill from here as there will no longer be new members from now and with the continues great work of this blog the existing one will see the truth as well. One month max before we can say goodbye to the fat con

  24. Andy Says:

    Rupert – I think you’re absolutely right about NewsNow. Without the free forums to dupe people into giving him money, he must be planning to use NewsNow to bring in new members. He may have some other ingenious plan to attract fresh victims, but I doubt it somehow.

    The complaint form for NewsNow is at

    If we all get onto NewsNow as soon as KT “news” stories start appearing on there again, we may be able to cut off his one remaining means of survival.

  25. txtoto Says:

    “For the 2006-07 campaign we’ll be providing frequent updates from Melwood. Get to know who’s doing what and when thanks to our new base in West Derby. We’ve also just purchased a huge van which will enable us to tour the UK and Europe following the Reds around on behalf of our members. This will be kitted out with the very latest equipment to enable us to provide mobile broadcasts and updates exclusively to you.

    Not convinced? Well don’t listen to what our rivals or the fans we’ve kicked off our forums over the years have to say, read what our existing members think! New members join every day and we’d love you to become the next member of our Red family.”

    He’s still bulshiting …but the funny thing that in trying to convince the few reds who might still want to join his site he keeps mentioning rival sites and banned members. Anyone who’s studied markteting would know thats just stupid as it will only increase the potential buyes wish to find out more on his ‘rivals.’
    If hes going to provide updates fron training session everyday ..those fans based near melwood should really visit him there and give him a lesson.!!

  26. Alan Says:

    Well done everyone who has worked on this site to dig info to bring KT down !

  27. Fred Says:

    I stated that this blog had lost its focus a little a day or two ago. I was wrong. Keep up the good work InsiderInsider – it seems like KT is finally crumbling.

  28. Ron Nasty Says:

    Good stuff.

  29. Jack Hasyorabbitz Says:

    Have you noticed how more or less every comment made on this shitty blog is by Rupert? You’re not winning me over that’s for sure. Do I belive the repetitive, churlish, bitter and unprofessional blogger or the decent, honest and insightful professional who barred you?… mmmmmmm. Hang on……. mmmmmmmm wait a min, I’m not too quick you know??………………………………………………………. errmmmmmmm…….. Dunk! I believe Dunk because you are talking shite mate! Oh yeah and if you censor this then you have no balls but it was still fun getting you read in any case.

  30. Fartbreath Says:

    Professional? Decent? Honest? Insightful? Chinny reckon.

  31. Fred Says:

    ‘Oh yeah and if you censor this then you have no balls’

    Why would your post be censored?

    At least you’re reading the blog – well done mate. I disagree with your viewpoint, but you’re entitled to your opinion.

  32. Insider Insider Says:

    Hi Jack,

    We don’t censor anyone here (with occasional well-documented exceptions, and I have sometimes added a “*” to the odd four-letter word.)

    So there’s your comment in full.

    Who do you mean by “…unprofessional blogger”? This is a site that doesn’t make any money. There are no ads, no links to affiliate programmes, no ways of making money from it. We are not sponsored in secret by a co-operative of rival LFC websites. So yes, clearly, everybody who writes for this blog is unprofessional in the sense that they are unpaid. If you mean unprofessional in the sense of having any formal qualifications in blogging, I don’t actually think there are such things. If there are let me know – I could go on a part-time course.

    Who do you mean by “decent, honest and insightful professional”? Do you mean Dunk? Seriously? It takes a lot of guts from you to come on here and face the stick you’ll now get from everyone who reads this blog.

    Think about those words you used to describe Dunk. Now find me some examples where he could be described with those words.

    Decent? Can’t think of one example.
    Honest? Can’t think of one example. Pick any article where Dunk needs to show some honesty and if you do find honesty in a sentence it’s qualified with at least two lies.
    Insightful? Again – I can’t think of a single example.
    Professional? What is your definition of professional? If it’s to do with pay then Dunk tells us every day (in case anyone’s looking) that he isn’t paid.
    If it’s to do with being qualified in some way, the lazy liar hasn’t got any qualification other than, I guess, a “D” in GCSE drama.

    So – I’m glad you had fun writing the little mini-rant, but whoever you are, you’d get more respect from other readers of this blog if you could give us some examples of where we’re wrong and you’re right.

    If you’ve got any balls you’ll do that.

  33. chapeau du soleil Says:

    And, correct me if I wrong, Insider Insider was not barred.

  34. Tom Says:

    Jack Hasyorabbitz:

    Hilarious. You’re a dying breed. It’s actually quite touching to find someone who will actually stick up for that crook. Talk about blind faith.

  35. Jack Hasyorabbitz Says:

    No it’s hilarious how you’re all kidding yourselves saying that you know there have been less and less subscriptions. You’re all bitter and twisted people obviously and you’re taking your frustrations out on Dunk. When I say decent and honest I mean the fact that he will usually explain the limitations of the ‘insider’ information the site brings up. No one on KT is kidding themselves that every snippet is the word of God. If you read his posts carefully, and not with a frigging demon on your shoulders, you will see that. This site, from my brief visit, is designed purely to try and bring KT down, but maybe you should try something more creative like setting up your own LFC forums which I know several people have. It seems to me that alot of the bitterness stems from the fact that members pay subs for KT or perhaps it’s the fact that no one’s willing to pay for all the other dross and some people are a bit jealous of that. I see plenty of new users on there and old ones too so don’t try and tell me that ‘his empire is crumbling’ or some other militaristic nonsense because this is not a war, it’s a bunch of plebs blogging with each other about how they got barred, and throwing unfounded accusations round. It’s been fun guys. Nice knowing you.

  36. Another Observer Says:

    Jack, how do you then explain Dunk’s cyber squatting activities ?

  37. rupertinsider Says:

    “This site, from my brief visit….” –

    So that is your Dunkenesque attempt to escape from any responsibility for your ignorance – that you have made only a “brief visit” to the blog?

    It’s clear you have not read much of the blog, you don’t know how many contributors there are, let alone the different types, you don’t even know the difference between myself and Insider Insider.

    “This site, from my brief visit, is designed purely to try and bring KT down….”

    Duh! I’ve got to hand it to you – you’ve rumbled us. Such piercing insight. Who told you?

    “……. but maybe you should try something more creative like setting up your own LFC forums which I know several people have.”

    We have been supporting the setting up of new forums ever since the blog started. We support all other LFC forums. You on the other hand can’t seem to distinguish between the blog and these “other forums” .

    “It seems to me that alot of the bitterness stems from the fact that members pay subs for KT ….”

    Neither I nor Insider have ever paid Oldham a penny and that holds for many contributors to this blog and many of the thousands of people who have rejected KT and Oldham. But why not feel bitter if you paid him money? He is a liar and a thief.

    “…..or perhaps it’s the fact that no one’s willing to pay for all the other dross and some people are a bit jealous of that.”

    What other dross are you referring to? If the Liverpool Official Site – it charges 39 pounds and its membership far exceeds that of KT and all other unofficial, free sites put together. If it produces dross then why do people pay KT for it – because most of his best stuff is stolen from the Official Site.

    If you are referring to the other long-established sites, many people donate money for their upkeep and development. The difference would seem to be that they produce “dross” which they make freely available, whereas Oldham steals their “dross” and sells it as though it was his.

    As for being jealous – he is a guy formally rejected by LFC. I will leave others to list all the other reasons one would not be jealous of him. Start with the fact that he lives with his Ma in Wallsend, is subject to several investigations and cannot show his face at Anfield.

    ” I see plenty of new users on there and old ones too ….”

    So is this the closest you will come to admitting you are part of the KT establishment – or are their more confessions yet to come? Have you paid him money or are you one of the free-loaders? Who are these old users – can you make a list of 20? And the new users – have you seen his accounts? Don’t you think it odd that so many “online” produce so few posts? How do you know they are not fictitious as part of his con? Don’t you believe KT when it says it can no longer afford to maintain the free forums?

    “….so don’t try and tell me that ‘his empire is crumbling’ or some other militaristic nonsense because this is not a war,…”

    He doesn’t have an empire – except in his DuncanMitty dreams. And you’re right it’s not a war – its just your common-or-garden exposure of a petty con man – a spiv who happens to have latched on to our football club.

    …it’s a bunch of plebs blogging with each other about how they got barred…”

    The others maybe plebians, but I’m a member of the Swedish royal family.

    However, given your interest in social classfication, did you know that Oldham is a member of the lumpen proletariate – in fact he is the lumpen proletariate.

    “It’s hilarious….It’s been fun etc “. Then why do you sound so bitter?

  38. Jack Hasyorabbitz Says:

    Ah maybe I’m bitter because I AM DUNK! Ha! I was going to second guess you with the paranoid comments about new users but I thought I wouldn’t insult your intelligence. How wrong I was. Of course I’m a member, why else would I have a word to say on the subject?? You think I’d come on here defending the site if I’d never seen it before, dummy?

  39. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Jack, would you agree that Duncan Oldham is a liar?

  40. sawyerinsider Says:

    Jack, do you understand why hundreds, even thousands of Liverpool fans feel they have been exploited by these lies and ripped off?

  41. Jack Hasyorabbitz Says:

    Yes I do. Because they think there might be someone out there who’s going to make their lives feel complete by paying £26 a year. That is obviously a lie but not Dunk’s fault at all.

  42. Anon Says:

    I’m keeping an eye on the following website:-


    waiting to see which house on Melwood Drive Dunk buys nad how much it costs…

  43. rupertinsider Says:

    You are not Dunk but you have at taste for his melodrama, exaggeration. I suppose that’s why you and he sup from the same cup.

    You move easily from talk of military campaigns and empires to sneering references to people paying 26 pounds to “make their life complete”. Does this mean you don’t pay? Are you part of his “extended family” or just “a freeloader”?

    Actually it is 30 pounds. Usually we are told by Oldham loyalists and marketeers such as yoruself that 30 is a little more than a penny a day and what a bargain that is for such a life-enhancing expereince. But then again – when he is found out in some lie he will say it was only a joke.

    It is little more than a couple of weeks since he said that anyone who thought he had access to Parry (after years of selling memberships on the basis that he had) must be stupid. It became an obvious 2bit of fun” only after this blog exposed him and only after his several attepts to call us liars failed.

    Why don’t you come right out and say all those who pay Oldham are suckers?

  44. Another KT Mug Says:

    I don’t think that this will be the end of Dunk’s activities. It is apparent that he is a serial criminal so it is likely that he’ll look for a new con. He will probably try to get one last hit from subscribers to Koptalk before shutting it down. When he thinks the coast is clear he will shift his focus towards the Spurs and Toon Army sites.

    Has anyone been in touch with any of the Newcastle or Spurs sites to alert them to Dunk’s activities. An advance warning could now could stop the bastard in his tracks before he gets started.

  45. rupertinsider Says:

    Most of us don’t care too much as long as he gets out of LFC.

    It would be better for him to concentrate on his Toon Army site. He would not have to bother with the Hillsborough campaign, he could quote from his daily copy of the S** without pretending he does not read it.

    He would not have to travel hundreds of miles to sit like a fool outside Melwood and come bakc with nothing except a few long distance shots and videos of manager and players trying to avoid him in the street.

    He could start all over again avoiding some of the more obvious mistakes he made at KT. And could lie through his ass about how close he is to the Newcaslte BoD, the manager and the players.

    He would start with Michael Owen and insinuate that he gets his inside information from Patridge who is engaged to Owen’s sister.

    The more things change the more they stay the same.

  46. Another KT Mug Says:

    Rupert – I take your point but I wouldn’t be happy to see other fans (regardless of who they support) being ripped off the way most of us were.

  47. tommycisse9 Says:

    after listening to your lies for over 12 months Dunk, i have decided to come out and confront you over a few issues . I would never have been able to confront you on koptalk because as you know you would of banned me or deleted my post quickly so nobody would see it.you have no respect for REAL reds fans you are a lying toerag and are only out to make a quick buck out of reds all over the world.mate everyone is onto you.its sad really because if you would of just been normal and not lied all the time your site could have really grown into something much bigger.Dunk i have caught you out a few times and you know it.by the way have you been to see Duff play yet?

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